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Miss Hammurabi Recap Episode 7

Miss Hammurabi Episode 7 Korean Drama recap starring Go Ara, Kim Myung-soo, and Sung Dong-il
Today’s episode is all about family and what makes a family to different people. The court case reflects what is going on in BR and COR’s lives, though I think BR is the most affected by this case in that he had the most to understand. He also had to get rid of the awkwardness of the love confession the day before which he did by swallowing his pride about it. On top of that, part of COR’s family involves the third generation chaebol who looks like a wonderful person and friend. I am not sure if COR wants to be back in that life, but it definitely looks like her friend would be happy to escort her back on his arm.

This episode was lovely as usual. I did’t have time to comment at the end of this post (things to due argh!). But I really enjoyed it, it was well done in the balance between hilarity and heart which is becoming a nice signature of this writer.

**UPDATE: Though we are enjoying Miss Hammurabi, we are dropping it due to the World Cup putting us all kinds of behind on recaps. Please forgive our soccer loving souls ^_^ .**

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“This drama’s case is a real reproduction on a real case. This drama does not want to discriminate against any particular religion.”

BR goes into work. He and COR both stutter to greet each other.

COR – You c-came?
BR – Y-yep.

He sits and they get to work but they steal awkward glances at each other back and forth all day long.

VO – Ah, I shouldn’t have done it….her and me in this little room all day?…ahhhh.

SS shows up and asks them both to eat samgyupsal together. But he feels the mood. He wonders if anything is weird in there.

Cut to dinner, everyone is at the dinner, the entire team in their court. MSS toasts everyone and coaches them through it.

MSS – I say “I love,” you say “You” then we click with the person next to us.

MSS goes through the toast but BR and COR are awkward with it and don’t do it. So DY toasts across the table with BR and winks.

The conversation turns to work. MSS says the hardest part is infighting between family members. DD thinks old people are the hardest part of the day. Cut to an older man yelling at her. He wants to see the judge! DD tries to politely explain that he cannot see the judge like that. JY says her hardest part about the job is her professor who wants to look through all her things. Maybe he is her law professor. SS tells them they have no experience, have they ever dealt with a Pastor case?

MSS – Hallelujia.

Cut back to work. BR and COR stay awkward with each other as they dress up for work.

Family members sit from left to right: Oldest, second, third, fourth. The daughter is the youngest. They all fight and argue with each other in their seats.

First – Businessman
Second – Pastor
Third – Professor
Fourth – Real estate buyer

They all argue. SS just watches them all as if it is the most boring thing in the world. SS yells at them all to stop. he tells them that their appa gave the oldest the land and no one thinks it is valid? is that right?

They all start arguing about it. the Pastor thinks they will go to hell, it is a sin, he is using a 90-year-old man and making himself rich. The oldest tells him to call him hyung-nim. DD has to separate them.

But SS tells them to just fight. it’s okay, I am the judge, just fight. I have judged for more than 20 years. I have a good way. Whoever is not honest raise their voice more. Confident people just say what they have to say quietly. Their attitude is the most important. So this is also working.

DD smiles and says that she understands.

Everyone starts talking quieter. The third one says that their father is old and his mind isn’t as good. He speaks quietly. But the oldest and fourth start arguing about who took care of the father the most. the youngest took care of the father (he is not there) for the longest amount of time. But then the oldest took the father all of a sudden even though he did not ever visit their father. He just wants to get the land because it is expensive.

The third says that there is no reason for the father to give him the land. the oldest starts yelling again and blames all the siblings for spending all the money. the second one and the oldest start arguing again. The pastor brother tells him that God is looking at him!

SS tells them to pray in their church, not there. Then he says that the inheritance is not valid because their father had dementia, okay, okay. they will take a ten-minute break to talk about it.

SS grumbles outside and said he should not have talked about pastors last night, his mouth is problematic. Let’s just take a little break. BR and COR try to go inside the room first but they bump each other. COR tells BR to go in first since he is the right side seat.

They manage to go inside.

SS starts talking to them about people with a lot of money. The families are never close to each other. Money is the problem. For instance, when a cow dies then hyenas and birds come to eat them. He always tells his wife and kids that he does not want to see those things, that is why he is a government worker. When he dies, his pension ends.

BR can’t even imagine having 50 million dollars.

Court. The daughter is on the witness stand and talks about the land. You don’t know which land will increase in value, you just buy land here and there.

Break. BR says he does not understand how he spent 50 million dollars and only has 5 million dollars now.

Court. The third kid says that spending money is the easiest thing to do in the world. his oldest brother is the best at that. he took money from appa for his businesses. the fourth says that her oldest brother always took the money and played golf all day long. the pastor says that they are all educated noble families but they came to this courtroom like people on the street because of him.

1997. The oldest is in a factory polishing a golf club. Another man tells the oldest that he has a good idea for a get rich quick scheme with a global fund.

The second kid says the oldest created a lot of businesses but lost all the money.

2015. the same guy tells the oldest that China is daebak! We should put money in China! I know a city with good relationships….

Court. the oldest tells them all that he tries to work hard, the others are the ones that don’t do anything!

Break. SS thinks money is the problem but BR thinks money might not be the problem. These people behave like humans and follow humanity. You said rich people families don’t have good relationships with family members so the rich family should not be an exemption. Poor families don’t mean that they have a good relationship either. Your own life is the most important thing. We just need to rationally give the ruling. There is not enough evidence about the halabogi giving the money to the oldest.

SS asks if COR wants to say anything. She says nothing. He laughs and says that he knows she wants to say something. Just say I OBJECT like with your name. She asks if the problem will be solved with the land? Why don’t they just have an agreement between them?

SS thinks they are behaving like this now, how can an agreement work?

COR thinks this will happen again when halabogi dies because you can’t give one of your children all the money by law. So they will be back. BR does not think the oldest will agree. He will think about ways to take the money. COR thinks that is why they have to make them understand, even though it is hard. They have to solve the problem from the route. BR thinks it is not their job to matter with their arguing life.

Court. SS tells them all that he wants to do an adjustment in this case. All the kids want a decision. SS tells them that they need to imagine that they are sharing the inheritance and write down the reason that they each have to get the money.

Break. SS tells BR that he needs to find the best way to divide their money. BR is all like, COR said they should do an adjustment, why are you asking me? SS says he is his right hand. BR is all like, ah, I see, but you are a lefty. SS looks at him and says, ah, you don’t’ know this but I am ambidextrous. He walks away but then he turns and gives COR a little sign as to why BR is opposing everything today.

COR tells BR that she can do the adjustment. He says SS told him to do it. They go back and forth with that for a moment until it is agreed that BR will do it.

Fast-forward to nighttime. BR changed into some sweats in the office to work overnight. BR surprises her but they kind of play it off. he sits and asks her how long she will be this uncomfortable. It is not uncomfortable to him, but it looks like it will affect their work. He is not happy that he made this situation between them. As judges, they should do their work.

COR says she is kind of sorry and thinks about it also. BR smiles and says it is not her fault, does she think his mind is that weak? She smiles to and says, r-right, how d-dare I do that. I won’t be uncomfortable from now on. thank you.

BR sighs and thinks in his mind that he shouldn’t have said he was sorry.

BR brings home all the Jesa food for the memorial. Umma thinks they should have made it with their heart, but BR thinks it is okay and if uncle has a problem then he can talk about it(?). he also hates that appa has a cell phone with an extra battery even though he does not do any important work.

Umma looks at BR sadly and says that he has gone too far. His father is a good person, that is why. BR tells his mother that it is a sin to be a good person without any good ability. Umma looks sad that BR describes things in that way.

Later on, BR works at his desk at home as he listens to the older people talking.

In the living room, his Uncle, father, mother, and aunt-in-law are all talking. the aunt thinks BR should marry a chaebol so they can reap the benefits. But Appa thinks they should not get in a chaebol family. Government workers should just serve the people. Uncle thinks Appa is too selfish. Umma tries to stop them all from talking. Uncle says she should stop, does she think that appa went to a good school because he is smart? No, it is because they gave him all his money because he is the oldest. He should think about making money. But now he is just hanging out with all those people that look for a fortune.

Uncle thinks Appa should hang out with people with power, then they will call him. Appa tells him to just leave if he wants to talk about all those things. Appa gets up and drops his phone. The uncle picks it up and asks appa, will someone call you? Does someone want to give you a human rights position? you can’t even say anything.

Appa gets his phone and walks off.

BR plops on his bed and sighs. then he grabs appa’s old guitar and starts playing it. he is pretty good at the guitar (much better than at the piano).

DY tells COR that her father is here from the countryside and would like a tour of the courthouse. She walks her father to the building. BW sees her walking a man around. DW tells COR and BR that he thought DY was a strange person but she looks caring. She is walking around someone outside. COR is all like, that’s her dad. DW says that can’t be her dad, the style is completely different. But COr is like, it’s her dad. DW thinks, is it her appa or her boyfriend. He is just a little confused.

Court. The kids are at it again with all their arguments. SS tells them that they all talk a lot, just tell him how it is one by one. the third son says that the second son has a lot of love, but that love is directed toward limited people. He likes women and buys them a lot of drinks. The pastor starts praying. the third son says he went to pastor school and barely made it out after failing 3 times. Now he is a well-known pastor. he made a church with their fathers land. he is a piece of work.

The fourth says that the third is the same. Their father made a deal with the university in order to send the third to a good school. But the university told them to give them too much money. It was cheaper to send him to America to get a Ph.D. then he became a professor and paid the university to become a professor there. Father didn’t give me anything!

SS says that, from the record, her appa gave her a lot of land as a birthday present in her 20s. She says that she survive by just selling that empty land. Your honor, if I tell you all that I suffer……he didn’t buy me a good backpack and he hurt my teenage heart….

This has nothing to do with the case

…..w-w-why do you do this to me? You don’t l-l-l-listen to me….I was discriminated at home because I am the only d-d-d-daughter…..(balling)

Do you have a lot to say


SS tells her to come to his office. He will listen to her while he is working. they go to his office. She starts talking about everything.

Super fast-forward montage of the fourth child saying everything. SS listens to it all and screams all the injustice at all the appropriate moments. “He didn’t do that!” ….”He shouldn’t have done that!”… all while he is really just focussing on his own paperwork.

Thank you for listening to me!…….(balling)

SS – you said everything you wanted to say? Today you can go home, thank you.

BR tells COr that this seems like such a waste of time dealing with this case. You can’t choose your own family members. People try to act like family members even though they don’t like each other. COR thinks he thinks too dryly, what do people have without family?

BR asks what someone needs besides themselves. COR tells him that family is a big value to her. She doesn’t understand why he feels this way. BR apologizes since COR is having a hard time with her family members suffering. But COR says it isn’t because of that. With her family, she can survive.

Court. The second complaint about the oldest. The oldest says the youngest served their father, he is the one that took care of appa. they all never saw abonim until they wanted money. When he was healthy they couldn’t’ say anything but now that he is weak, they say everything. the daughter yells that he visited him the most out of all of them.

SS tells them that they all loved their father, good.

Break. the judges ride the elevator, exhausted. BR looks at a family sports event sign and wonders why they have to do this on the weekend which is their own personal time. he thinks it is very family like (sarcastic).

They all walk home together. COR thinks of what BR said about living alone as a human, what more do you need. They stop walking so a family can take a family photo. BR smiles at them and then keeps walking when they are done.

BR looks out the window and thinks back to what COR said about family. She did not know why he was sensitive about family, but for her family has a huge meaning. BR thinks back to when he was a child.

Flashback. the Mom’s family asks her sister. SIster says she is taking care of their father. Umma says she did not want to ask their appa for money. Sister says Appa’s money is not endless. Appa is sitting there and asks Umma while she married to that family. he married her to that family because her husband is a smart guy even though he is poor. Do you think he will get a job again? he should learn something or do something.

Umma holds tightly to BR’s hand as her family tells her all of these things. Afterward, they go back home and Umma cries in her room. Later on, Appa gets home drunk. he brings home a woman and a boy and tells Umma that he will take care of this. He will take care of it! Appa tells the boy that he can call BR hyung. The little boy sees BR and calls him hyung. BR goes back inside his room and shuts the door.

BR gets back home, says he is home, and goes right into his room. Later on, he sits with his father and watches the news. the news says that all the top students apply for medical school. Appa thinks when young people look for money, then that country has no future. What do you think BR? We have to look at the people behind us and think of how we can all move forward together.

BR – Young people have no current. Your generation could look back and forward, but if you went to any college then you could go to a big company or be a reporter or something. You friend that went to a liberal college bought a building and your other friend became a senator. But now he is in jail.

Appa – Yoon Ba-run.

BR – JY studied for 3 years to be the lowest gongwon and DD was a National Taekwondo team reserve. they try hard to survive because we all know that no one helps. This is the world that your generation made.

SS is angry and tells all the kids that he told them to ask for rational ways to share the money, but this letter just blames everyone. Write it again!

The oldest says it does not, he just wants them to see the truth. The second one is all like, truth? And mumbles something sarcastic.

Break. SS and the other two judges go on break. SS thinks that family is going to drive him crazy. But COR says they have to hear from the youngest and one more. One more who? But then they all nod their heads in agreement.

Court. SS tells them to bring their father to court. The oldest is surprised at this. the others think he won’t bring him because all his lies will come out. But the oldest kind of sort of says that he will bring him! he is a lot better now.

Office. BR and COR try to work but BW comes in and tells them that they work too much, they need some sun and fresh air. they should go somewhere tomorrow and eat somewhere. What about the market with all the emos? Their food is great. COR tells him that they talk about his sometimes. BW is all like, who me? Well, of course, they would I am an unforgettable man. then he tells them that they should invite DY, she also doesn’t look too good.

The others smile. You care about all of us?

BW is all like, yeah, as a family, we are all family, let’s all go together. Send me a KaTalk. Then he leaves quickly.

BR goes back to looking at his computer. But he is looking up info on COR and finds out that her birthday is tomorrow. He wonders if he can give her something? In fact, he goes somewhere and buys her something. We aren’t sure what he bought her though because he has it hidden in his bag and he is hesitant to take it out. He also thinks about his lie to give it to her.

VO – It’s your birthday, I couldn’t come here empty handed….no, that isn’t it….it was at home….no it doesn’t make sense….I picked it up on the street…..no, you are crazy.

He decides not to take it out and just gives her a hesitant glance.

BW shows up at the market and is played with by the ladies. They ask him why he wore that jacket, they like the sexy look. He says he wore his dad’s jacket because their gaze last time was a little bit too much. They tell him that they won’t eat him. He tells them that he is a precious man at home. COR sits and is all like, we didn’t know, my prince. Where is the precious part? They keep jocking with him about that.

Later on, they start to eat. BW keeps looking around for DY to show up. they are all like, what are you looking for, your girlfriend? DY shows up at that moment so BW sits back down looking awkward. BR tells him he looked around 100 times. COR comments that he looked like a little meerkat looking around.

They give him a hard time about it.

One of the ajummas says that he is her girlfriend? Wow, you are good. DY smiles and says that she like peculiar things.

He says she jokes around but she says it is not a joke.

She tells the ladies that she works in the office as a typist and that they don’t get a lot of money. But DY is good at joking with them. She thinks she should just quit and start working there. All the ajumma’s love her.

COR tells BR that this is her family, not just close, but they are a real family. They lived in her grandmother’s house for many years. COR is actually the latest family member. They are really close.

Grandmother tells one of the women to come talk to her, is she really leaving? The woman says she really shouldn’t have fallen in love. Halmoni hits her and says that she gave her love to that conman? The woman is destroyed and says that she is filled with love. Halmoni tells her that she can live with her, her house is big so they can live together. The woman starts crying but then she tells Hamoni that she eats a lot.

Cut to another woman running away from a man. She is pregnant and falls on the ground. A man starts kicking her on the ground even though she is pregnant. Halmon goes to protect her, but the man hits halmoni also (maybe this is why halmoni has a little limp).

COR tells BR that enduring hardships together makes someone a real family. BR says that without sharing blood, you can be a real family, but with sharing blood, you can’t, is that even human?

YJ shows up like prince charming and gives COR her birthday gift. All the ajumma’s love him. BW asks BR if it is her birthday, BR is all like, well…~. YJ happily talks to them. COR isn’t sure she should receive this gift, but YJ just tells her that everyone can enjoy it. YJ also notices that BR is there so he says hello and introduces himself to BW and DY. YJ ends up buying food for all of them.

Cut to the meal. YJ pours BR a huge bowl of Mackgoli, but BW says he doesn’t’ drink. However, BR says he can drink it and drinks the entire thing. they all cheer. YJ then pours a drink for COR as well and starts a little happy birthday toast. Everyone clicks drinks.

BW starts to talk to DY. He asks her what she really wants to do besides being a typist. She tells him that he will be surprised if he finds out. She actually has to leave first, it’s time to work.

She leaves. BW runs outside and tries to find her. Then he sees her driving a super expensive car while wearing very not work appropriate clothing. he wonders what her identity is, Lee Do-yeon.

Back inside, BR basically passes out drunk. The ajumma tsk and think that his weakness really is alcohol. But they think he is a good guy. They start to talk to COR about him. COR says he is a great sunbae, but he is not her style. The ajumma’s tells her to give him to them.

Afterward, COR and BR leave together. COR tries to hail them a taxi while BR tries to snap out of his drunkenness. He tells her that he is sober now, she can go back inside. But she is concerned and wants to see him leave. The taxi comes so COR is about to turn to go back inside. But He stops her and gives her her birthday present. he tells her that it was pretty, so he bought it. Happy birthday. Then he hops in the car without another word and leaves. She smiles as it drives away.

Father goes to the court. He is pushed in by another man. The kids try to talk to him but appa doesn’t really know who they are. Sister starts crying. Appa is all like, why are you crying, did someone die? The oldest says he was fine yesterday. the pastor son says something about how their appa has dementia and doesn’t know anything.

SS tells the pastor to watch his mouth, his appa is int eh building and listening. the pastor apologizes.

SS tells them that they don’t talk about the youngest. The other kids say that he was adopted, he is a factory workers son. His parents died so he was adopted into the family. The kids talk badly about him. SS tells them to watch their mouth, their brother listens to them. But they say he is nothing, he is more like a servant and is not blood-related. They already found a lawyer to remove him from the family if he asks for money.

VO – Blood is stronger than water?

Son – Lawsuit? How can I have a lawsuit against Father? You can just remove me from the family.

All the kids get quiet. The son kneels to talk to his appa.

Son – Abogi, when I was young and first went to your house, I didn’t’ eat and was crying. You always brought ice cream for me. I still remember that sweet taste (speaking in Jellado saturi) it was so sweet….(crying)…I am sorry I can’t take care of you until the end. I will leave……abogi…..be healthy, please.

He stands to leave, but abogi holds his arm. He says he wants to go home. Where are you going? Don’t leave me, I am scared.

The son starts crying even more and gives his father a big hug as they both cry big baskets of tears while hugging each other. The appa gives his son a very big hug and tries to comfort him. He pats him on the back and cradles him as he cries into his chest. Everyone else sits quietly.

BR looks like he is contemplative.

You drink a little bit and just sleep, why do you join those drinking outsings. (so it must be genetic). She tucks her husband in happily then starts to sew. BR goes into the room and asks her why she married his father. Why did she like abogi?

Umma says, do you know that appa is RH- blood type?

BR asks her what she is talking about.

Umma says that when she was in college, her bus stopped. There was a big accident. People were busy looking at the accident, but a soldier ajusshi wanted to get off of the bus and help the injured people. I also left the bus. The ambulance came and the soldier told the ambulance that he can go with them, just in case they need his blood. His dog tag says that he is RH-. I thought he matters in other peoples lives a lot, but he was also cool. I followed him around. He was also handsome.

She laughs a bit at the memory.

Umma – Do you know why appa has a separate cell phone battery? Because he is a member of the RH- blood type. He is always ready to do an emergency blood transfusion. He has transferred more than 100 liters of blood. Your appa is that type of person.

BR – S-s-so, what about that boy?

Umma – What boy?

BR – back then, a woman came to the house with that boy.

Umma – Oh, that little boy is all grown up, he came to see us after he graduated from college. He was a hubae’s son when abogi was a reporter. he had a hard time after he was fired. He got cancer and died early.

BR – That is what happened?

Umma – Yes, what did you think it was?


Umma – why are you yelling? Did you think of something strange? Your appa does not have that ability, he always thinks of helping others. he may not think of us, but he always says that he will take care of it. He sent that boy to school and paid the tuition for him. You are right, why did I marry him?

She hits her sleeping husband.

Umma – BR, why didn’t you have a blind date with that wealthy girl?

Appa wakes up then. Umma tells him to sleep more. BR just turns his back on appa, but then he looks back at him and sees the two cell phones charging in the corner. It is one cell phone and the battery bank.

BR looks off.

Fade Out


BR – *coughs*
COR – You are working too hard, you feel like your case is your own case?
COR – Was it hard?
BR – Yes
BR – Is your mother really in a bad condition?
COR – Well, I am slowly disappearing from her memory.
BR – Let’s go there together
COR – It is something I have to endure by myself
BR – We can endure it together, my left side is having a hard time, so we should endure it together!

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  1. C
    June 14, 2018 / 8:31 pm

    thanks for the recap…this was another beautiful epi.

    maybe someone has already asked/answered this, but why is COR always wearing coats indoors?

    • V
      June 14, 2018 / 9:16 pm

      OMG, I did not notice this. I think this is all I will notice now 🙂

      If she is anything like me then it is because the AC is kicking indoors so she needs one to keep warm. 🙂

      If it is an Amercian TV show then it would be because she is pregnant and is trying to hide it for as long as possible. In America, Jackets + Big purses = Pregnant 🙂

    • sashaa
      June 20, 2018 / 3:58 pm

      LOL! I have seen this in a lot of korean dramas. They never take off their coats at office, restaurants etc.

  2. Sm
    June 19, 2018 / 8:08 am

    I ship Judge Jung and Ms. Lee so much it’s pretty much the reason i watch this

  3. XTN
    June 16, 2020 / 5:59 am

    Anyone know the song from the scene where DY is driving the super expensive sports car?

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