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Miss Hammurabi Recap Episode 6

Miss Hammurabi Episode 6 Korean Drama recap starring Go Ara, Kim Myung-soo, and Sung Dong-il
Miss Hammurabi is shaking into a wonderful slice of life drama that made me google the writer. If I had to put money on it, I would say that Bahrun is how the writer was as a young man and maybe as a young judge and Chaohrum is how the writer was after spending time at Harvard and then returning to Korea. That is just my guess though which is mostly based on my notion that he writes these two characters so well, especially the character of Bahrun.

This episode was wonderful and has a blossoming love story attached. I hope you love it when You watch it.

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A halmoni laughs in the courtroom as SS smiles at her. She tells him not to call her halmoni, call her noona. Everyone is all like, um…~. DD whispers that she should not call him that. But SS says that it is okay, noona *smile*.

A lawyer stands up and says the right to be forgotten is not a law yet. Both lawyers start arguing with each other. SS tells both sides to calm down. Let’s take a break.

In the office, COR says it is interesting to see a lawsuit about the right to be forgotten. BR says that a senator asked newspapers to remove a photo of him. it is not common but….~.

COR says that she never knew that being in a courtroom would be so comforting. BR tells her that she suffered a lot about all those previous things. COR mentions that they tried to so hard but nothing happened. BR tells her that they remember what didn’t feel well but forget easily what does not finish. being able to forget is a gift for humans.

BR – Someone said this great thing, ‘we can retract smiling because a lot of people stepped forward already.’

COR smiles and they say that they should go to court.

The next court case is about a senator asking for nuclear energy and how the citizens should know that this person had a different idea when he was young and radical. He did not like nuclear power back then and they have a picture to prove it.

The picture is from a protest against nuclear power. There is only one picture of it.

SS tells them that they can stop there for now.

BR looks up the senator’s background. The senator went to Harvard Law school then came back and became a successful entrepreneur and a senator. But his wife’s family is rich and helped him a lot. It is a good story and a common story. Successful people change their opinions so quickly.

Cut to BW at DY’s seat and looking at one of her framed photos of her and a man shooting finger stars at the camera. DY goes in and walks to her desk. BW apologizes and steps away just as BR goes into the area and asks him what he is doing there again. he mutters that he comes to their office too often then knocks on SS’s door.

BW asks DY who that person is. She says it is her boyfriend. DW is like, no, can’t be. then he mutters that she likes that type of man?

In the office, SS basically tells BR that people protest in college, he also protested in college. But SS is out of breath because he is working out on a bouncer. So BR tells him that he will pick a date next week.

BR goes back to his office and looks at a photo of the politician. He says he is handsome. But COR says he is not handsome, BR is a lot more handsome than him. BR gets flustered and says that this politician is famous as a flower man, but he is not your style? COR says she does not like his business-card like smile.

BR mentions that it is better than him since he does not smile all day. COR is all like, at least you know you don’t smile. BR is flustered again and starts talking about what SS told him about figuring out what the politician’s heart is and….~.

BW comes in at that moment and chastises BR for stuttering. Then he tells them that they should drink. While drinking, BW brings up their secretary, DY. She is strange. Her clothing is conservative, but sometimes she will prepare one expensive item that Gangnam people will know about. BR says, COR, you are not the only one attracted to DY.

BW is all like, huh, me attracted to her? F-you, I have high standards, I will not be attracted to those strange women! COR thinks he is behaving strangely. BW is all like, y’all are on the same side and area attracting me like this, that is the strange thing.

BR starts smiling and says, yeah, those things are strange things. You pay attention to meaningless tiny things and imagine something childish by yourself. he chuckles to himself. But then he remembers where he is and hops out of his thoughts with a cough. He tells them they are the strange ones. It’s nothing, just drink!

They all toast and drink.

BR gets to work after COR, she asks him if he drank a lot. Then she prepares stomach medicine for him, she thought he might have a hard time. So, please try some of this. She presents him with stomach medicine. he starts to drink it and she tells him that he was cute last night after drinking. he just sat in the cafe and played an unknown song. She enjoyed his ding dong ding dong music. Ding dong ding dong.

BR hops up and says he will go to the reading club! No, the library!

COR smiles and says she will go with them.

They go to the library. COR looks through the stacks. BR watches her and has a flashback of the reading club from back in the day. he hops back and forth between the past and the present as he watches her go through the stacks.

Cut to him looking at a red flower in the office. He picks a petal off and looks at it like a lovesick puppy. BW comes into the office and tells him that he has gone crazy. he will not see BR anymore because he has gone crazy. BR is all like, what are you talking about? BW tells him to look at himself.

BR looks at what he is doing and then drops the rose and tells him i-i-it n-n-not what you think it is! he fumbles around trying to explain it all but then COR comes in which makes him even more flustered. He drops his book, tries to pick it up and hits his head on the desk. He tries to tell her that he has a memory case you know judges deal with memory. BW is all like, what the? And COR is all like, hmm, our job deals with memory.

BW asks where DY is. COR tells him that she might be at another office because another secretary is on vacation. So she might be covering both offices. BW lets them know that he isn’t asking because he likes her.

Cut to DY getting back from the other office looking beat as hell. She sits back on at her desk. BW looks at her all the while as if she is a goddess on vacation from Heaven. But he tries to tell himself that she is just a typist with a bad character. SS comes up behind him and asks him what he is doing which flusters BW, he runs away muttering something which makes DY look up, she notices him run away.

COR tells BR that she will not let them leave the room without coming to an agreement. BR tells them not to lock them in. She tells him that they will be with a pretty woman, they won’t be locked in.

BR is smitten. he might have picked up another rose to pick the flowers off again because petal after petal starts falling. But then he tells himself that he is crazy and gets back to work.

Later on, BR practices his piano. But a little kid is watching him which makes it hard to concentrate. One of the little kids says he is listening to him play the piano because it sounds like he was improving a lot. BR is all like, really? He keeps practicing.

BR sits at a table with the lawyers in the politician photo case. The client only wants the photo removed, that is it. That is all he wants.

Everyone goes out drinking again and the topic of discussion is forgetting old memories. Everyone has a memory that they would like to forget. It looks like they are at the same bar because the owner comes up to them and asks him if he isn’t going to play the piano today. BR gets nervous.

But then they tells COR to play the piano since she went to piano school. COR tells them that she could and starts to play the piano. BR and COR watch her and talk about the reading club at school. BR asks him if he remembers it but BW says he quit after a couple of weeks.

Flashback. BW talks on stage to the students at a library ready club event. He picks COR to come to the stage to play the piano. COR is super nervous but goes on stage due to peer pressure. She starts to play the piano like a scared puppy, but it sounds good. BR looks at her as if they are the only two people alive. He is so into it that he drops his book on the floor. (song: Frederic Chopin – Nocturne Op. 9 Nr. 2)

BW asks BR to the stage next. BR starts saying what he prepared, it is a poem that he recites in a very dry and staccato way. The poem is a love story and talks about how the person wants to lay a carpet for the woman to step on but he can only lay his dreams for her to step on. He goes back to his seat embarrassed. But COR smiles at him.

COR finishes her song and BW claps for her as she goes back to their seat. She says it was a little awkward to play it after a long time. He tells her that he likes this song so much, it is Titanic, right? I felt like I was right there on the Titanic. Cut to BW passed out on the bar muttering something. COR asks BR if BW is always hitting on someone. She asks BR if he has ever hit on anyone. He doesn’t seem like that kind of person.

It seems like he was the same in the reading club, he never looked at her in the eye. Was she just a princess to him? He tells her that she was a good person. COR thanks him for that. She says her life was hard, she was scared and timid all the time. People say they miss their teenage years, but I hated myself the most then. I was stupid and didn’t’ know what to hate or be afraid of, like a fool. That is why I was afraid of everything and hated myself. I was so bad, right?

But when I saw you, it was so strange. You like poems and labeled music. I thought guys only like watching sexy things and games and only think about women. BR tells him that he likes those things too.

VO – I always think about women also.

COR – But you were different….that’s why….you were comfortable to me.

BR – Was I?

COR – Yes, you were a kind Oppa back then, not like now.

She drinks her beer and says she will confess to him now that she is drunk.

COR – Back then and now, all the time, thank you for helping me, thank you so much. Barun Oppa, you are the best sunbae.

She gives him a thumbs up. he tells her, of course, I am your right-side judge. The mood is ruined by BW muttering about DY in his sleep. But then DY comes in. COR says she called her to have a drink with them if she had time. She asks BW to wake up. DY wonders if she is welcomed, someone is sleeping. BW says he is not sleeping.

He hops up and says, I AM NOT SLEEPING. But then he sees BW and straightens up. She says she came because she heard that he is buying. BW is all like, did something happen while I was sleeping?

Cut to everyone toasting. COR wants to call DY eunnie but DY says it is better not to, it is better to have a little bit of distance at work. COR says, okay as if she agrees. Then they start to talk about how their all-knowing BW has something that he does not know. The thing he does not know about it DY. Why does she work, it looks like she is from a rich family, is this her hobby? BR stops him so BW apologizes and says he said it because he is drunk.

DY tells him that n rich girl would do this job, but it is better to ask her in front of her face than talk about her behind her back. She is from a super poor family and has another hobby that she does at night.

BW – At night?

DY – Yes, at night.

Time passes, COR says she has to leave so BW tells her that the Titanic was nice. DY is all like, Titanic? BW tells her that he played the Titanic. But then he remembers something. That girl is the one that he liked from the reading club! She is that girl! That person!

BR tries to cover his mouth, but it is too late, the damage is done. DY asks if COR was BR’s first love in High School? BW reluctantly says, yes, that is what I wanted to say.

Now he feels like he can let it all out so they talk about BR and his love life in high school. DY asks what he liked about COR. She says, she had long hair and didn’t’ talk, she was like a princess you like that? BR is all like, something like that but it isn’t like that. DY smiles and tells him that he has that kind of preference. But she says she is sorry, it is hard to understand how you don’t know anything about that person but fall in love with them. She looks at BW and says she has to be excused, it is time for her to enjoy her nighttime hobby.

BR walks home and thinks that DY shouldn’t have talked about it like that, he was truthful back then. he puts his earphones in and thinks back to high school.

Flashback. BR bumps into COR outside at school and introduces himself. COR is timid. Later on, he watches her in the library. She also sees him and smiles. He runs up to her outside and talks to her as they walk to class. he sits by her in the library to study. He asks her about her Grand Piano at home. She also asks him if he plays the piano. But he says he does not.

Later on, he asks his mother if he can go to a piano school. But the mother says they don’t have money for that, but they have his appa’s old guitar, he can play that. He pulls out a concert ticket and smiles. Later on, he and COR sit on a bench. He asks her how she likes her lessons, she says that she hates her lesson. He wants to know why. She says that when they have their lesson, her teacher touches her all the time and sniffs her and touches her hand….~. BR tells her that they shouldn’t’ leave it alone, did you tell your parents?

She says he is a famous teacher that her appa recruited. If appa knows then he will be disappointed, he gets very very angry and scary when he is disappointed.

It starts to rain on them so BR covers her with his bag. Then she is walked to her family car by the driver. BR looks at his tickets.

VO – It ended too soon before it even started.

BR calls JY for the adjustment to the ruling. He wants to see the senator also. COR asks him if he wants to talk to the senator. BR says yes, something you can only know by asking that person directly.

Cut to the senator meeting in the agreement room with BR and everyone. The senator has his business-card smile on and perfectly coifed hair. He tells them that he has a record for being arrested for protesting at school. He also talked about his beliefs back then in newspapers and books. That picture, what kind of useful information does it give to your viewers. The news says that pictures have a different impact than words. the senator says the impact is what they want. that is why they want his younger self. I already gave you this answer with two books and many interviews and the election campaign. All those answers aren’t important compared to one picture.

The newspaper people say that he started the trial so he has to say why he wants it removed. He says it is his picture and part of his life. He does not want it spread around. He already told them that and they are ignoring his request.

COR thinks he wants to be forgotten but we ask him to explain why he wants to be forgotten, that is too cruel right?

BW shows up at their office singing that he will catch pheasant instead of chicken. (because he wants to go out with DY, but she is not there so the consolation prize is eating with COR and BR). He tells them that it is 6 pm, they should go out to eat or go home. Br says he does not want to go out, it’s too busy. he knows that so why is he there so early. BW says he just wants to go out early. BR asks with whom?

BW mutters that he wants to go out with all of them. But they are too busy to go out so DW leaves muttering that he couldn’t’ even catch a chicken today.

Later on, YJ shows up and talks to COR outside. He tells her that she always eats on Friday at this time right? Let’s go eat. BR tells them to go eat, but YJ says he wants to eat with him too. He works with COR, right? YJ just wonders how she is doing in court. He will take them to her favorite place. COR is stunned, her favorite place?

They go to a posh looking cafe at a restaurant and eat. COR does not look like she wants to be there but eats pleasantly. BR asks if they go there often. YJ says COR ’s father used to eat often and was a regular. BR asks them if they were in the same group in high school? YJ says yes, they were in sign language together.

BR thinks that is unexpected. YJ says yes, as a 3rd generation chaebol, he should do a secret social club, are you disappointed? Everyone thinks like that. He has a sister that cannot walk, his father adores her so much and would spend all his money to get her to walk. When he saw the poster, it moved him. Being born healthy and in their family was a blessing. I know how people look at us, I want to use all my money and all that has been given to me for someone like my sister.

BR tells him that sunbae is very involved in the welfare center. But then she has to take a call.

YJ tells COR that it isn’t easy to live in a totally different world than you are used to. BR asks what happened. YJ says, if you didn’t know and she didn’t tell you, then maybe I shouldn’t’ tell you.

COR comes back and excuses herself. She leaves.

BR and YJ continue their talk with coffee. YJ wants to be friends. BR thanks him and tells him that he is not a social person. BR looks at the bill, it $620. he gives him all the cash he has which is like $200 or something. he leaves.

BR sits at her hospital bed, her halmoni is standing to the side. they both look very concerned. BR thinks back to her mother singing her to sleep and playing the piano with her. In high school, COR gets home looking sad and wet. She wonders where her mother is, but she finds her mother in the corner, she is all beaten up and bruised. Her face is red and bruised all over.

But she tells COR that she is okay.

Later on, we see the mother walk in on her father killing himself. After they come home from the funeral, everything is red tagged. They lost everything.

Umma wakes up in the hospital. She smiles and sits up as if nothing is the matter. COR tells her that she is COR. halmoni falls to the ground but manages to go to her daughter’s side and softly touch her face. It looks like the mother is in her own world. Halmoni starts crying. COR holds her and cries as well.

Then we cut to COR waling to the ajumma market. They ask her how her halmoni and mother are, does she not recognize her again? COR tells them that her mother wants to forget everyone, including her. But the women tells her that isn’t the case, someone will forget everything, but they will not forget their won kids.

BR is still trying to get the agreement. He thinks the candidates face is an iron face, he should change his plan. he asks them to excuse them for a moment, he wants to talk to the plaintiff directly.

He asks the plaintiff why he sued them when he doesn’t’ care about winning. But the candidate says he always thinks about winning because the citizens don’t like losers. BR asks him why he can’t just say it straight. he has been doodling on this memo pad, can he see it?

The politician tells him it is nothing. But he shows it to him, he drew a woman. It is not his wife though. This is the woman in the picture. It is his friend from college from the same group. they were famous together. He says he can still imagine her. She hasn’t changed and still looks like that. She died in that protest, she was hit by someone’s metal pipe. I don’t know who that person was, the police side or our side.

That is why you didn’t want to see it?

I kept it in my drawer, I have seen it many many times. The reason I kept it is the person at the end of the picture….my wife. She followed me and joined in the groups that she wasn’t’ into at all. But she liked me. After many years I realized it. I was not faithful to my marriage oath. I just pretended like I was a husband. But my wife knows who the person is that I can’t forget.

Cut to an image of his very sick wife looking at the protest photo and crying. There is no hope for her with her illness. The politician is very hurt by this and looks regretful.

He tells BR that this lawsuit is not about his right to be forgotten but about his duty to be forgotten. BR tells him that he will try to convince the other side. But the politician says that whatever the answer is, they will just say they have the right to know. If it is that important to them then I will tell them the real thing they are interested in. Thank you, I retract my lawsuit.

He extends his hand to shake hands with BR.

BR goes to his office and looks up the senator. All the articles are about the senator in variety shows and showing his abs. he is mocking the world but says he will work for the world. He contradicts himself.

COR asks BR why he started that lawsuit. BR tells her that he said he has a past that he wants to forget. COR says everyone has their own story that someone else doesn’t’ have to know about. BR tells her that he wants to know about her story. She had something hard happen, he wants to know about it.

Why do you want to know about it? Because you are my right side judge? Because we are a team?

BR – Because I like you, I want to know about you. Everything. I liked you when I first saw you when we were little. After time passed, I still liked you. Back then I didn’t know anything about you. Right now, I still like you, but I don’ know anything about you. Can I like someone without knowing anything about that person? I think I can, the mind that wants to know that person more also likes that person.

COR – What should I tell you?

BR – Just tell me the truth that you always say, like Park Chaohrum.

COR – Okay, well, thank you for telling me that. As I told you before, I never thought of you as more than a sunbae, of course, you are a good sunbae. Sometimes I had heart flutters, but it was just a thankful heart flutter for a good sunbae.

BR – Ah, it is like that…as BW always says, I am not that kind and I don’t like other peoples business

COR – I was not sensitive, like a fool.

BR smiles and sighs.

COR – It is my excuse, but I do not have room in my heart but, I can tell you. I don’t have a father, he had debt and left. My mother is very sick. My grandmother on my mother’s side is getting weaker every day. In this organization, I have to survive but I am causing too many issues. I am afraid just in case I won’t survive.

VO – You always face issues straight. You do your best when you refuse something.

COR – I don’t have room to have personal feelings for coworkers or take responsibility ~.

BR – You can stop there, I am sorry to make you tell me difficult things. Don’t worry about it, I just told you my true feelings. You are doing a good job, don’t’ think about surviving. If you really cause a big issue, you will have your right side judge that can stop you. I am sorry to someone who is suffering, I didn’t’ know anything.

BW comes in and asks them if they should drink? he came for no other reason. BR says they should drink, but he tells COR that she can go home early if she is tired. But COR says she can go.

They go to the same lounge that they went to all episode. Pretty music plays and BR and COR are very awkward with each other. The music is about unlucky lovers. COR says, the stars didn’t meet each other? BR says yes, when the stars come down, they sometimes momentarily cross and meet at one spot, but they have separated far far away.

COR thinks back to playing the piano with her mother, she sighs and says that they will never meet each other forever. BW mentions that it is a sad story.

COR gets up and starts to play the piano again.

VO – The stars met momentarily, they should be happy with that memory. Human memory is so strange because they forget what they completed but always think about the things they don’t complete. After a happy ending, some people get used to it, they don’t complete their love, and miss it forever. Which is the sweeter one? No, which is the saddest.

He looks at COR playing the piano, longingly.

Fade Out

Hammurabi is starting to give me Grey’s Anatomy season 1-2 vibes in how the storyline is starting to weave in and out of our judges lives and the cases describe issues that they are going through in their personal lives. But it is done with a subtle hand that I can dig. It is not subtle enough for you to not notice it, but it is subtle enough to not roll your eyes at how in-your-face it is.

Today’s episode showed that subtle hand in wonderful ways as we have a case where a politician does not want a photo revealed. It is not because he loved the woman in the photo. It is because another woman loved him in the photo and always followed him around until she won him over. That harkens to BR’s life. But the show ended in a bittersweet way because the politician did not get the photo removed and BR did not win the girl. Everyones reasons are valid as to why nothing happened as well which is what makes this show so wonderful.

This episode was also wonderful because the writer basically did the opposite of what we are used to by the 6th episode. Isn’t the 6th episode the first kiss episode? But this writer basically gave us a “never gonna happen” confession instead which is so wonderful. So we as an audience are left guessing, what is going to happen? His feelings aren’t just going to disappear over night, and neither are her problems.

And who is this dashing young millionaire that probably wants to sweep Chaohrum off her feet yet is the very considerate friend by her side. I bet dollars to donuts that he also followed Chaohrum around and joined groups that she liked, just to be next to her. This episode was dipped all up in that theme and I licked it up like a lap dog.

Y’all, I am starting to think that we might get an overall bittersweet ending that I might love anyway because this writer somehow will make me understand it. I would much prefer a happy ending though.

BR – Together in this tiny room, I should not have confessed to her.
DY – Let me be excused, it is time for me to go to my job
BW – It is not my style to think too deeply.
Cases – a lot of people argue
SS – You are my right hand!
BR – You are a leftie.
SS – Your chief is telling you.
SS – Hey, you guys are friends and family, money makes people like that.
SS – Fight some more, fight some more.

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  1. C
    June 7, 2018 / 4:53 pm

    If this drama ended at this epi, I would be completely satisfied. Her situation is so dire, I completely accept everything as she explained it to him. It was such a real and heartfelt scene.

    It would be so nice if she would fall in love with him over the course of the rest, though! But I can go with the bittersweet…

    So glad you’re doing Miss H…the recaps give more understanding.
    Thanks, y’all.

    • Sam(gyupsal)
      June 8, 2018 / 6:08 am

      I thought the exact same thing. It felt like it would have been a lovely season ender. I hope they continue to grow close as well.

  2. sashaa
    June 7, 2018 / 5:12 pm

    It started so light and ended with a jolt. And it was so perfect. I totally get where she is coming from.
    And I was surprised he confessed so quickly (i guess the case led to it), but his pain was so real. And being the level-headed guy he is, I can see how gracefully he will try to handle this.

    And thanks always for your recaps. Wishing you some ‘extra typing fingers’ super power!

    • V
      June 7, 2018 / 7:27 pm

      Thank you for the super powers, I feel it 🙂

      I feel like that moment he confessed was such a pure moment of ease between them. It felt so natural and right as if all the fate of that week/month/year(s) was leading to that moment.

      Even though she said no, her confession led him to know a lot more about her. It’s as if her confession of her household struggles was an even harder confession to give than his confession of liking her. But she did it because she does like him.

  3. Sam(gyupsal)
    June 8, 2018 / 6:10 am

    This drama is getting better. Its like a 8 layer cake. Each week we go deeper into our characters lives. Perhaps we will find out about Bahrun next.

    • C
      June 9, 2018 / 3:08 pm

      yes, the confession scene made me feel curious about his reaction to her story…he immediately seemed to understand the complexity of her situation and that he couldn’t help her by becoming her “boyfriend.”
      then, when he put down all that money on the table for that expensive meal that she didn’t even get to eat, we don’t see a next scene perhaps showing his empty wallet and how he just spent the rent and food money for the month, so it leaves one wondering about him and his situation…

  4. Yves
    June 10, 2018 / 7:23 pm

    My new obsession after grande Prince. Thanks for the recaps

    • V
      June 11, 2018 / 1:42 pm

      So glad 🙂

  5. Andy
    June 14, 2018 / 9:23 am

    I’m loving this so so much because it keeps exceeding my expectations. You can feel the time,energy,ingenuity and skill gone into crafting such realistic characters and breathing life into them.

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