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Miss Hammurabi’s Grumpy, Blunt, and Energetic Leads in First Released Poster

Korean Drama Miss Hammurabi Poster
Miss Hammurabi (미스 함무라비) is a law drama that is not about big law cases, it is about tiny law things that can happen to everyone, so more Judge Judy style instead of Law and Order. The writer, Moon Yoo-suk, is a judge that went to Harvard Law School. He wrote the novel Miss Hammurabi and converted it to a drama using the same characters and I’m assuming the same situations. So at least we know that the law aspect of this drama will be on point.

Go Ara (고아라) plays Park Cha-or-um, a rookie judge whose motto is to be strong against strong people and weak against weak people. Kim Myung-soo (김명수) plays the young male judge, Im Ba-run, who believes that the most important thing is to judge by the book. Sung Dong-il (성동일) plays the older male judge, Han Sae-sang, who judges by knowing the real weight of the world. Their characters are also reflected in their names. The phrase ParkChaoRum means shooting upwards, ImBaRum means the right thing, and HanSaeSang means, this era or this world or this life.

The poster does a pretty good job reflecting their characters. The poster caption at the top reads: “Judges that never existed in the world are coming!” Above Kim Myung-soo’s head it reads: #OriginalSsagaji which basically means he is the typical grumpy male lead, above Go Ara’s head it reads: #CrazyRookie, and above Sung Dong-il’s head it reads: #PresidingJudgeWhoSpeaksBluntly. So we have a miserably grumpy young male lead, a blunt older male lead, and the crazy rookie that pulls them along. I feel like our crazy rookie is going to have a hard time with these two.

Miss Hammurabi premiers on JTBC May 21st at 23:00 Seoul time. We plan on adding it to our live recapping schedule on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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