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Mini Recap: Start-Up Episode 5 and Episode 6 Preview

Mini Recap: Start-Up Episode 5  and Episode 6 Preview

Start-Up’s nail-biting episode 5 once again left me with the warm and fuzzies. This show is cut and dry in that we know our team is going to succeed, we just don’t know how they will or what twists and turns will be in their way.

Well episode fives provided a huge twist for the team when they discovered they had huge programming competition in a set of twins, found that their fifth team member doesn’t really like them all that much, and they had to build a new company in only 3 days.

Dal-mi had the idea to use the database resources to make a handwriting analysis company to spot forgeries. But her sister (and the evil twins) stole her idea and made a handwriting company to make new fonts for businesses. Her sister has a background in fonts so she used that to her benefit.

Dal-mi’s team (the two guys) secretly tell Do-san that they do not believe in her ability to present since she only has a high school degree, Do-san sticks up for Dalmi and in the end, they are all blown away by her presentation skills.

But they still lose in a twist (that I will have to save for Adri’s Highlights & Heartbreaks!). It was a gut of a twist that no one saw coming. However an eccentric character shows up who is very interested in Do-san and is impressed that Do-san made that computer program in only 3 days (it was actually less than three days. Yes, he is a bad mother*shutyomouth*).

So now this underdog team is in Sandbox with many eyes on them. From the preview, it looks like the pressure might just be getting to them.

See y’all tomorrow for our live recap of Episode 6!


English Translation

CS – We have an office now!

DM – I want Han Ji-pyung to become our mentor

JP – I will be your trustworthy sherpa.

Yoon – As sand that is put in the playground, I will help you like that.

CS – you two get together and plan to take everything!

JP – The biggest problem is that you as the CEO doesn’t solve the problem of shares.

DS – I will tell Dal-mi the truth of why you are helping us.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 1, 2020 / 9:19 am

    Thank you,V for recapping.
    I couldn’t wait until last episode.
    This drama is addictive.

    • V
      November 1, 2020 / 10:31 am

      You’re welcome! I really love this show, its hitting all the right feels for me 🥰

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