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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 9 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Meow: The Secret Boy!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Ji-eun walks to the bus stop after work and sees Doo-sik sitting there, so she hides behind he sitting area. Upbeat music starts to play as she neaks peeks at him and smiles. He is clueless.

The bus comes so Doo-sik gets up to leave. But he actually doesn’t leave and asks Ji-eun what she is doing. Busted. So they both get on the bus together.

he sits first, she sits all the way in the back so he smiles and goes back there to sit right in front of her. He tells her that she likes his back so much. She mutters that they don’t have to go home at the same time.

He smiles and asks if seh wants to go home together with him? She says he doesn’t have to worry about her. He asks if the VP told her anything? She shakes her head, no. Then tells him to sit facing the front because it is dangerous. So he does. He asks why she is sitting behind him, I am nauseous turning around to talk to you.

She tells him to just look to the front. he wonders if it is because he didn’t eat anything. She tells him to look to the front. he asks if she would like to eat dinner with him?

Cut to them going to his parents place to eat. She greats his father and the father yells inside that Doo-sik brought a customer! Umma asks who! The father asks, um, should I say this is Doo-sik’s high school friend or company sunbae hubae? But then he thinks that neighbor sounds better.

The mother comes out and recognizes Ji-eun so she asys that she came back. They call her a plant nickname that they gave her, but then they switch the topic and bring them in to eat.

The parents also watch them eating happily, lol. But they are standing right next to their table so it is super uncomfortable. The parents aren’t about to move. They ask Ji-eun where her parent are since she lives alone? Ji-eun says they are in the countryside.

Doo-sik tells them not to ask questions like that. His father asks how long she has loved alone? She says since high school. I lived with my mom. They ask about her father? She asys she doesnt have a father. They are both quiet. Doo-sik tells them to stop asking.

The father says it is okay! There is nothing wrong with single parents! (But it looks like something is wrong). Ji-eun says that is not it, it is just that he is on a ship. They think he is a captain! But hse says it is someone elses ship. Father says that is okay! It is cool! he is a sailor man! the mother says, yes! My wish is to have a strong man in my life!

She tells them that he doesn’t do it anymore, his health declined. They ask if he is very sick? Isit difficult to be on the ship? Ji-eun says no, he is an alcoholic. They are all like, um….but then she says that she was joking and hangs her head.

The father starts to laugh. The mother asks him, what is the joke? Doo-sik kind of smiles warmly.




Sol-ah and jae-sun show up with hong-zo. Her father and Step-mother are happy and relieved to see them. She tells them that the cat ran away so she went out to find it.

They go inside her parents house. Jae-sun tells Sol-ah to let Hong-zo sleep. When he sleeps, he is a cat. he has to sleep to be human again. it is like a time limit. She asys, okay and mentions that he said he falls asleep anywhere, is that what it meant? My head is all messed up now.

Jae-sun asks if he can talk to her. Do you know when you first met Hong-zo?

She says when Jae-sun opened his store.

He tells her that she did not know that the little cat that was abandoned was Hong-zo. She tells him that she put her scarf on a boy. She starts to connect it all together. She thinks that is why they didn’t connect and wonders how it could happen. Jae-sun tells her that he wants to turn it all back.


The parents and Doo-sik walk Ji-eun out, she thanks them for dinner. Doo-sik tells them to go back inside. the parents are all like, are you going to go up with her! Doo-sik pushes them back in. Then he apologizes for his parents since they are so noisy.

Ji-eun understands and then starts to go upstairs. Doo-sik asks if she is good at digesting her food? I know good medicine for it. 

But he ends up taking her to an arcade that also has a karaoke. He shows her the shooting game and tells her those are fun too. So she ties up her hair and shoots in the game. She is super duper good.

After she defeats the game, she takes her hair back down and bashfully walks away. He is super stunned.

When they walk outside he tells her that he wanted to get to know her better and break the ice so they weren’t too awkward. She says that she heard that a lot. Break the wall and get out of your shell. People gave me a hard time and asked me if I had childhood trauma. I have no trauma. I am just like this. 

he tells her that he wasn’t so considerate. But you don’t make any sound so I wanted to talk to you like this. I wanted to at least hear your voice. She says, if you wanted to talk then let’s talk in a quiet place.


Cut to a library. Doo-sik complains that she said that they should talk but we are in a library right now. I know of a lot of quiet cafes. She sees that the librarian is motioning or them to be quieter.

Doo-sik does not notice and keeps talking louder. He asks if she doesn’t want to talk to him because he is noisy? She says that is not it, then points to the librarian. He bows an apology and then walks away with Ji-eun and mutters to her that he catches on to things fast.

She finally tells him that he is not good at catching on to things. I watched you for a long time but you did not catch it. But that is why I like you. Because you don’t catch things and you look sincere.

Flashback to high school were a machine ate Ji-eun’s money. he banged on it for her and got two drinks. He gives her one with a smile. Then he drinks it and runs off. She stutters her thanks and smiles.

In the present, she tells him that he does not even remember. You shouldn’t know who I am. i was more thankful because you didn’t have to be nice to me but you were nice to me. You were sincere. So you can keep not recognizing me.




Jae-sun and Sol-ah sit together at the house. He tells her that he did not tell her one thing. She asks, what is it, are you a cat also? He says that he was abandoned like a cat.

We see a flashback of him being abandoned as a baby at the Catholic church. 

In the present, he tells Sol-ah that the only thing his mother left was this note. He mentioned that he was abandoned like a pet far far away. I can’t go back. I looked for who that person was , but I couldn’t’ find her. If she was really sorry then she should not have done it. She should have given me a chance to do something. The thing I really can’t forgive is that she didn’t even give me a chance to forgive her.

You are already looking at me that sadly, but I have three more stories of being abandoned. My current parents are the 4th adopted foster parents. I was abandoned by the other three. he continues talking about being abandoned.

he mentions that he felt like the cat was like him and thought that he would be abandoned again by Sol-ah. She says that she didn’t know, she just thought it was an excuse to run away and apologizes for saying that too easily. He says it was true, though. Hong-zo was just a little cat as well, we were abandoned the same way. But he decided to be with you and I ran away.

In retrospect, I have more memories of being together and warm than being abandoned. The cat told me that I was with him all night so he didn’t die. he was a thankful cat. You are the same. I want to be with you like that. I am not asking you to see me. I am next to you. I wanted to tell you, if you feel a little warmer, that is all I want.

Hong-zo listens as a boy in the other room.


Ji-eun is reading at the library, he puts a pink post-it on her book which says.

I didn’t ask you to look at me

We are always together whether at home or work

Of course if someone looks at me like that then I will be concerned.

She is a bit embarrassed and tells him, okay, I…

But he gives her another post it that says – I decided to look at you the same.

She asks what this means. He tells her that he is not looking at her because he is concerned. He is watching her because he wants to watch her. She is at a loss for words and asks why?

He says he just wants to keep watching her. he wants to watch her eat fish meticulously and to see her playing in the arcade and all curled up at work like a roly-poly. It’s cute.

She tells him that is nonsense. The librarian gives them a stiff look. They apologize. Doo-sik whispers to Ji-eun and says, the library is actually a good place to talk. Your voice is so loud to me right now. Let’s go out.

They both head out happily.


Sol-ah and Jae-sun eat with Sol-ah’s father and step mother. The mother says that bang Gu-pong left like the wind again. he likes the desert so he is going there again. But he left a big birthday gift, it is a big computer so her father can read your webtoon on a big screen.

Sol-ah asks, my webtoon?

the mother mutters that she wasn’t supposed to say. Sol-ah asks how did you know about my webtoon. The father says it was from that boy who smiles for no reason. 

Sol-ah asks, Go Doo-sik? The mother says that your father posts really good replies that your cartoon is so good and interesting. Sol-ah thought she had a big fan in elementary school, but i was you? She chuckles about all the little kid language that her father knows.

Jae-sun smiles as well so the father asks if he is having fun. he straightens up and says no. The father asks, so why are you sitting over there even though it is not fun.

Sol-ah and the mother laugh and tell the father not to tease him, he bought that prime choice meat. The father says it is time to take his cholesterol medicine. Jae-sun looks concerned and thinks he shouldn’t have bought meat. 

Sol-ah and the mother laugh again. the mother tells the father not to make Jae-sun cry. 

Later on they happily sing happy birthday. Hong-zo listens from outside.

Then Sol-ah goes outside to sit. Hong-zo sits with her. So they sit quietly.

SA – What are you doing?

HZ – i was just listening to all the laughter and singing, it sounded good.

SA – Where you hiding like this? I thought you knew me so well, but you were watching me like this the entire time.

SA – When we first met, you said that day was like a dream. It is so clear to me. I brought that lost kid with me, but he disappeared and I was looking for him for awhile. What happened to that little boy? I sometimes remembered him and worried about him. But you were next to me like this. You became an adult all of a sudden.

He tries to hold her hand but she retracts it. She apologizes and says that she really doesn’t know what to do and how she can accept him. The cat Hong-zo and the person I liked. They both became a stranger to me all of a sudden. Can you give me some time?

Her father comes out looking drunk. he asks her hat she is doing alone? She says she had a phone call. he says he came out because it was too warm. She tells him that it is cold out. He sits on the pyongsang and says it is so hot. Then he thanks her for his gift.

She tells him that it was not her gift. It was from a cat. he asks, what? She asks if he would like to listen to her story? Well, a cat….a cat….~. he tells her that he does not have to tell him, do you want me to take care of your cat? Why did you take a cat that you can’t take care of. Are you already tired of the cat?

She says no, it is not like that. I like it, but….

He tells her that she lives alone and works, you shuold’t have time to take care of it. yeah, it is a better place for the cat also. Don’t be trapped with the cat. Just live your life and leave it here.

Hong-zo listens from the other side of the tree.

Fade Out


Aw, sad face. I hope Sol-ah gets over her confusion of how to treat Hong-zo because that just breaks my little heart. But we all know that this show does not keep the tears or angst for long so things should be back on the up and up by the end of tomorrow’s episode.


SA – He was always with me when I didn’t even know about it.

Appa – That kind of relationship does not come so easily. Even if it is a man or a cat.

HZ – Sol-ah needs some time

SA – You said you were crying when you were sitting here

HZ – Are you sick?

HZ – What happened?

SA – I want to apologize to you.

HZ – I will be with you even though our end is already decided. I will move towards that. My choice is to do everything for you and leave.

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  1. Gia
    April 22, 2020 / 10:08 am

    I hope they won’t go with the truck of doom idea to get rid of the catman. JS would wipe SA’s tears and she will go for a trip and she will meet real L going to the army and she will be like “I’ľl wait for you!”

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