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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 9 Recap – Part 1

Time for this cat show! I really don’t have much to say about it besides it being the easiest show to watch right now without having to think or anything.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




At the train station, Sol-ah gets a call telling her that pang Gu-pong is there right now. She looks at Hong-zo and mutters that shouldn’t be, he is in front of me right now. Her mother-in-law asks where she is right now. Sol-ah tells her that she is at the train station. So her mother-in-law tells her to travel safe.

Hong-zo tells her that he is not Bang Gu-pong. She asks who he is then? But then the train horn blows so she says they can hop in the train first.



Hong-zo sits next to Sol-ah. Sol-ah thinks she might not have heard her mother-in-law right due to all the train noise. Maybe I should call her. But Hong-zo says she aws not wrong. I am Hong-zo, not Bong Ku-pong. 

She tells him not to joke. He says it is not a joke. Think about it, you also know that I am Hong-zo. But then Jae-sun comes walking in and stands by their seat. He tells them that he got the ticket in an app. I worry about you so I am coming.

She asks why he is worried about her, you don’t have to be. What about Hong-zo, he is alone at home. HZ tells her that he is right here. Sol-ah says this is all nonsense. Jae-sun just sighs and sits in the seat next to them.

HZ tells her that he is Hong-zo. She tells him to transform into a cat right now. He looks around and asks, right here? She asks why he doesn’t just say that he can teleport? Just show up at my parents house or somewhere. But she ends up saying that it does not matter who he is, since you came with me.


The VP walks in to work looking super upset. Doo-sik looks amazingly terrified at his desk, but she just storms right past him and straight to his desk.

Ji-eun changes the mood and asks if she saw Sol-ah’s newest webtoon? Doo-sik leans in to look at her phone and one of the other employees leans in too. They both think that it looks great. Everyone ends up checking it and they all think that it looks so much better. they think she listened to their comments and made it better.


On the train, Jae-sun also looks at the webcomic. He remembers telling her that she was too focused on the Willow tree man and that she should focus on something else. Now he wants to kick himself for saying that.

Sol-ah tells Hong-zo that he traveled a lot so this much be mundane for him. he says it is all new. She asks if he did not travel in Korea much? You will see the sea when we get there also. I like the sunset over the sea so much. Would you like to go with me? He smiles and says yes. Then he looks at Jae-sun.

Jae-sun pulls him away and asks him how long he is going to go with her on this trip? You should get off at the next station. HZ tells him that she does not trust him. Jae-sun reminds HZ that he should leave her.

But Hong-zo tells him that he is not going to run away like him.

JS – Why don’t you think Sol-ah believes you? Maybe she doesn’t want to.

HZ – I can’t help it if she abandons me. But i am not going to abandon her first. Unlike you.

HZ goes back to his seat. Jae-sun thinks about being a jerk

They all get off the train and walk through a traditional market. HZ and Sol-ah have a fun time. Jae-sun walks sulkily behind them. Sol-ah and HZ buy gifs for her father happily. Ja-sun keeps sulking and ruining the mood for HZ.

HZ tells Jae-sun to give him some money for his part-time job. So Jae-sun gives him money and HZ buys the gift for Sol-ah. Sol-ah asks Jae-sun if he is okay? Not uncomfortable? You don’t like meeting new people.

He says he wants to say hi to her father and wish him a happy birthday. He buys the best cut of meat to take with him as a gift.



A taxi drops them off where her fathers place is, but it looks like it is in the countryside so Sol-ah doesn’t really know where to go. She asks a cute couple of halmaes so they give her directions to the house. It looks like it is really far away. But it also might not be true? whatever the case, Sol-ah’s step mother (lol, not mother-in-law) arrives to pick them up.

But Hong-zo disappeared. The halbae’s see that he became a cat, but they also talk about how they have dementia so it shouldn’t be true. The step-mother mentions that Bang Gu-pong went to do something and will be back. So they drive off and we see that Hong-zo is a little white cat next to them.


The step-mother and the father have tea with Jae-sun and Sol-ah. It is super awkward since he is a man coming to drink with them. He asks if Jae-sun still gives Sol-ah a hard time? Sol-ah says she never told him about that. The step mother tells her that this is his specialty, he sees and observes things. 

The father thinks Sol-ah should be attracted to someone who makes her feel comfortable. The step mother says that daughters are usually attracted to someone like the father. He might look cold in appearance, but maybe he is very warm inside. Right Sol-ah? Sol-ah kind of says, um, yeah, but then says not anymore.

The father asks, you came here but the bus already left? She tells them that she will explain it when Bang Gu-pong comes. bang Gu-pong comes in right then and sits. Sol-ah stares at him, slightly confused that this guy is here and then shocked when she finds out that he is Bang Gu-pong.

She has to excuse herself. Jae-sun excuses himself too to run after her. She asks him what is going on? Why is everyone calling him Bang gu-pong, you know that is not him.

Jae-sun tells her that the person who she thinks is Bang Gu-pong is not actually Bang Gu-pong. he is Hong-zo. She asks why he is saying that as well? I have a big headache. I will think about this alone. She walks up a path to do that.


Jae-sun goes to the bus stop where Hong-zo is and tells him that Sol-ah is in shock after meeting the real Bang Gu-pong. She went off alone. Hong-so can’t believe that Jae-sun left Sol-ah alone right now. I thought you came here to be with her.

He hurries off and tells Jae-sun that he wants to be with her.

Elsewhere, Bang Gu-pong takes Sol-ah a shall and tells her that his mother wanted him to check on her. 

Meanwhile, Bang Gu-pong and Jae-sun run everywhere looking for her. They run along the coast as well. Hong-zo tells Jae-sun that this is the first time he has seen the sea, he wanted to see it with Sol-ah. 

Jae-sun apologizes and says that he should have taken action instead of watched them. He pulls off the leather collar. HZ asks him what he is doing?




Sol-ah sits with the real bang Gu-pong in disbelief. She wonders who that person was then? Bang Gu-pong asks, who? She tells him that she doesn’t know. He was in the same house and we ate together and talked together. She starts to cry.


At the sea, Jae-sun asks, what do you think if I threw this away and left you here. You will never see Sol-ah anymore. You will live as a normal cat.

HZ tells him that he heard that when they abandon the animal you raise, they usually abandon them far far from home so they will not come back again. So meeting Sol-ah and being together is all from you, you made it happen. If you didn’t pick me up on the street, I might already be dead. So throw it away, you deserve that.

Jae-sun asks, do you think everything will go back if I throw it away now? Do you think Sol-ah will come back. Hong-zo tells him, if Sol-ah comes back, do not run away this time and do not worry about being abandoned. Jae-sun tells HZ that he is also afraid of being abandoned. 

HZ asks him if he is throwing it away or not? 

Jae-sun pulls his arm back to throw it into the sea, but he stops himself and gives it back to Hong-zo. But as he tosses it to Hong-zo, Hong-zo catches it, but it bounces off his hands and falls into the ocean. They are both shocked.


bang Gu-pong tells Sol-ah to stop crying. I ran out of tissue. She asks for one more for her nose and sniffs. He tells her that he does not know what is going on, but is this about Hong-zo? She asks if he knows about Hong-zo? He says yes.

She asks, do you know the human or the cat?

he asks what she is talking about?

He tells her that it was a human. He said his name was Hong-zo. She tells him that the name she called him wasn’t his name. It is all nonsense, but – he is not human, he was a cat, does that make sense?

Bong Gu-pong doesn’t look surprised, he says he believes her. You know you see a lot of things while traveling. I heard similar stories. She asks if he heard this kind of nonsense? 

He says that a cat fell in love with a mouse. That does not make any sense right? She tells him it doesn’t matter. He keeps talking and says, love is like a miracle.


Jae-sun looks for the bracelet and tells cat Hong-zo that he can’t find it. Don’t look at me like that with those eyes. It is not that I threw it wrong, it is that you did not catch it. Can’t it be something else besides that ring. Why don’t you look for it. Don’t talk to me with your eyes!

Jae-sun keeps looking for it and then finally sees it on a branch so he gets it. But cat Hong-zo is gone.


Sol-ah walks by herself up the path. Jae-sun runs to catch up with her. She asks how long he knew? I was closer to him. he tells her that she was probably too close to him. She says that she still does not understand. She knows that he is not Bang Gu-pong, but Hong-zo? I can’t believe it.

Jae-sun shows her Hong-zo’s collar and says that Hong-zo came with us. he usually puts it under his clothes. I tried to throw it away. she asks why? He explains what happens and says he didn’t mean for it to happen. Anyways, he is a cat now wandering around.

Jae-sun tells him that he said he becomes a human. Jae-sun tells him that he can’t now, not without this. She asks if that is like Lord of the Rings? He says it is not the ring, it is you. It is all about your belongings. He needs you to be human. Love is a miraculous thing. We need to find Hong-zo, it will be dark soon.

She tells him that she thinks she knows where he is.


She walks to the beach and sees Hong-zo looking at he water. She walks to him slowly, he walks away from her and hen sits right at the water line on the beach.

She keeps looking at him in wonder and confusion and thinks about being at home with Hong-zo. She remembers that boy Hong-zo and cat Hong-zo had the same eyes. She also remembers all the nice times that they spent together as cat and boy Hong-zo.

Cat Hong-zo becomes real Hong-zo again so it is hard not to believe he isn’t a cat now. She sits right next to him.

HZ – It is colder than expected. I thought it would be sweet like peaches. 

HZ – How can fish live, they should be cold.

HZ – I didn’t know it was you.

SA – Did you really want to become human because I am here?

HZ – *nods*

SA – That was true?

SA – You….

SA – You are Hong-zo?

HZ – *nods*

They both continue sitting next to each other on the beach.


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