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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 8 Recap – Part 2

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 8 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Meow: The Secret Boy!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Jae-sun drinks a coffee on his deck and wonders if Hong-zo left yet. 

But actually, Sol-ah and Hong-zo are looking at her comic. However, nothing is there in her comic. She smiles and says that she did not make anything because she did not have any inspiration, so you should stay one more day. Inspiration doesn’t just come, I need to go out and see people and gave inspiration so that I can have good output.

She tells him that she feels sorry that she is making him wait, but it is also not like they spent all day together, we just saw morning and evening so let’s spend the rest of the day together.

They go out into the neighborhood. The first stop is to get a cell phone for Hong-zo. She tells him to fill out the paperwork. he doesn’t want one but she says it is her decision to give it to him.

So he has to fill out the form. He starts to write Hong-zo on the form. She asks if he is joking? He starts to say that actually he is…~. She asks, is that why you couldn’t tell me anything, is it because – you have bad credit? It is okay, don’t say anything. I can get it under my name.

She starts to fill out the paperwork. But she tells him to pay the money, she will give him her name.

They go out afterwards and walk around the park to take photos with his new phone. he asks if she is inspired yet? She says no, she needs to walk a little bit to be inspired so let’s walk some more.

The keep walking. He keeps asking if she is inspired. She thinks for a moment and says that walking with him like this makes her hungry. So they go eat something at a ddukbogi place. She loves it and says inspiration comes from ddukbogi. he asks if she can draw now? She tells him to stop talking about drawing. Just eat ddukboki.

They walk around the city park again and Hong-zo’s eyes fall on the bench. He takes a photo of it so she asks why? He basically says that he likes this bench and we see a flashback of them sitting on this bench together before she knew who he was.

he tells her that the first time he saw her was around here. She asks, not when I fell from the roof. he says he saw her first, from the beginning. We see a flashback of her putting the scarf on him. She asks how she was?

He says it was like a dream, but he lost her. After that, it was still like a dream. But actually, it wasn’t a dream.

She tells him it was a dog dream. You know I am a dog. She hurries off. he takes a photo of her walking away.

She turns and tells him to hurry up and come.


Sol-ah comes out of her bedroom, Hong-zo is sitting int he living room. She stretches and tells him that today is the day. We can spend the day together!

So she goes to work and laughs as she gets text messages and photos from Hong-zo. She texts him back and sends him photos of her day. he sends her a photo of his morning coffee. But he made like twenty of them, lol.

Jae-sun comes in and asks if he still hasn’t left yet? Should I send you off? Hong-zo sighs and says that he will do it.


Doo-sik plays with Ji-eun and asks if she is coming with them? Ji-eun says that she is busy with work. the other tam members don’t like that she is not coming with them and thinks that she will say that they ostracized her.

So they leave. The boss comes out and tells Ji-eun that she needs to finish the wedding invitation tonight. Doo-sik is the only one that hears this. Then the VO leaves as well.

Later on, Doo-sik asks if she knows someone getting married. Ji-eun closes her computer quickly. He asks if the VP asked her to do it? She says no. But he says that he saw her do it, it is not the first time.

The VP comes up and asks Ji-eun if she is finished with it. Come out. But Doo-sik says that he is talking to her. The problem is that she is doing too much work right now. The superior is giving her personal work to do and she doesn’t complain at all. 

She doesn’t even know what is official and what is not official. Calling her during work so she can’t even eat lunch and has to work on a strangers wedding invitation. Why does she do all this? You should say something, that is why she abuses you like this. 

She won’t say anything even if people say that you are a parachute or something. You should just say. I WONT DO IT. Just say that. The team members come back in and overheard this. He says that if Ji-eun told her that she would have given the work to me, my dream is working on wedding invitation. He leaves bashfully.

The VP walks off angry and embarrassed.

Ji-eun runs after Doo-sik. He says that he just did that but I can’t see anything now, I am in desperation mode. She apologizes. He tells her that she needs to apologize to herself. You love drawing so much. Don’t follow behind me, are you looking at my butt? She jokes and says that he found it out. 




Doo-sik hangs out with Jae-sun and asks if he needs another part-timer. I need a job. You took our part-timer and my parents sales went down. Jae-sun tells him to take him back. 

The conversation turns to Sol-ah and how she likes Pang Gu-pong. Doo-sik is pretty happy about that. Jae-sun thinks he should stop them. He is also a little drunk. Doo-sik asks if Jae-sun likes Sol-ah now? Jae-sun says he will protect Sol-ah even though he is more embarrassed now. I am the only one that can protect her now.


Outside, Hong-zo and Sol-ah sit on the rooftop while she draws. he says it is cold so they should go inside. She says she is okay and sees a cut on his wrist, she asks what happened and when? He tells her that he is okay.

She mentions that Hong-zo also got injured on his left paw. Then she smiles and says that she feels like he is Hong-zo, she imagined it. She has never seen him holding Hong-zo, when you are around Hong-zo is not around and I think your eyes are similar and that you behave like a cat also. I didn’t want to date anyone like a cat. i only wanted to date someone like a dog. But now I fell in love with a cat again.

He apologizes and says he is a cat. She thanks him for being a cat. You said we can be together only today. I feel like Hong-zo said that. We think about tomorrow tomorrow and live today today. Cats are like that. If I live like a cat then everyday is so happy. Hong-zo tells her that he hopes that today does not end. She asks him to just live like a cat them.

You can open your eyes everyday like today. Let’s live only for today.

They both look at each other. Jae-sun sees them both looking at each other as he drunkenly walks up the street. He yells her name and then we cut to the three of them going inside his place.

he asks why Pang Gu-pong is following them, you shouldn’t be here. then he almost passes out. she has to pt him in a chair. Jae-sun tells her that she does not know anything. He is….he is….a….

She asks, who did you drink with, Ko Doo-shik?

….Ko Doo-shik! (he forgot what he was about to say, lol because Koyangi/cat and Ko Doo-shik sound alike). He tells her that he is Ko Doo-shik, he is not a human at all!

Sol-ah tells him not to talk bad about him.

But then her mother-in-law calls and tells her that it is her fathers boyfriend soon, would you like to come up here? Actually, we registered our married in the courthouse. We didn’t have a wedding, but we would like to have dinner together. But you don’t have to come if you don’t want to.



Jae-sun asks what the phone call is about? 

Hong-zo is serious as well. Sol-ah says that she wants them to come there. Jae-sun tells her that they should not go any further, they need to stop here before she finds out everything. He looks at Hong-zo.


Sol-ah is about to head to her parents. She tells Hong-zo that she bought his ticket also. But she needs to stop by work, see you at the train station.

He tells her that h cannot go. I know the ending. It is because I am me, you will get hurt because of me. So, I wont see your webtoon.

She asks if he really has to leave?

He tells her that she does not know this, but it will be difficult for you when more time passes. 

She tells him that he doesn’t know. She might regret this forever since today will not come back.


She goes to work. All her colleagues ask if she is going to her parents? They tell her to go ahead and leave. Doo-sik asks if Pang Gu-pong is going as well? She says that she doesn’t know. So she heads out.

She goes to the train and rolls her luggage around the platform. She calls Jae-sun and asks for a favor. Hong-zo is alone at home so can you check on him? Jae-sun asks, what about Pang Gu-pong?

She tells him that she wants to go with him.

Jae-sun goes to her home and looks for Pang Gu-pong aka Hong-zo. But he is not there, so Jae-sun thinks that he left.

Sol-ah waits at the train station for him. She looks around waiting and waiting. Then she sees Jae-sun on the platform.

JS – Sol-ah

SA – Kim Jae-sun

JS – Stop waiting for him, he left. I will be there with you.

SA – What?

JS – I gave you a hard time for a long time, I don’t deserve it but don’t get comfort from somewhere else. I will do it.

SA – Jae-sun

JS – I will never leave you alone. I will be with you.

Sa – Pang Gu-pong….

JS – he left, stop talking about him.

SA – he didn’t leave.

They both look up the train station and we see Hong-zo walking up to them. then we see a flashback of Sol-ahh telling HZ that she thought about the results and thought about taking the obvious route or not. He ask if she drew? She tells him that even though the ending is obvious, I wondered if I could find my own way.

She shows him her webcomic.

SA – This cat is you. 

He looks at the comic and then looks at her.

SA – I like you. It isn’t me that is avoiding and hiding. If I like someone, then I should like them. I have to like someone in an amount that the entire world knows about it because I am a dog person. you can choose.

At the train station, Hong-zo keeps walking up. Jae-sun asks what his plan is? Hong-zo tells her that this is his choice. Then he tells Jae-sun that he will tell her everything.

Sol-ah gets a call from the ajumma saying that Bang Ku-pong is already there. She looks at Hong-zo wondering, huh? Pang Gu-pong is there already? He shouldn’t be, he is in front of me.

She stares at Hong-zo in confusion.

Fade Out


Everything is good with this drama. it is just adorable and I like watching it for no other reason than to just watch a drama where I don’t have to think and thinks, for the most part, make perfect drama sense. It is just fun. I think she is finally finding out that her Hong-zo can turn into a boy in the next episode! Or at least that is what the preview makes us believe. I am here for it.


English Translation

SA – You came, that is enough for me, whoever you are.

HZ – You knew it, I am Hong-zo.

JS – Why can’t Sol-ah forget you/trust you?

HZ – I am not running away. 

JS – This is as far as you can come.

SA – What happened?

HZ – Sol-ah, listen to me.

SA – How long did you know about it?

VO – I shouldnt’ just watch it happen.

SA – Hong-zo? I can’t believe it.

HZ – Love is a miracle like thing.

HZ – I didn’t know it was you.

SA – I really like you. Can you give me some time?

JS – I want to take time back.

HZ – What are you doing?

JS – I shouldn’t just think, I should act.

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