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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 8 Recap – Part 1

And we are all caught up! I am so happy that this drama might have a scary moment coming up but then we realize that that scary moment wasn’t actually scary at all and might have actually been beneficial, lol.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Sol-ah wakes up under her covers and talks to Hong-zo kitty cat who is also under the covers with her. She tells Hong-zo that she wanted to kiss Bon Gu-pong but then Bang Ku-pong kissed me, what can I doooooo?

Then she jokes with the cat and says, you, you did it! What can I dooooooo. Ah, the biggest problem is that I am like this nowwwwww. 

She buries her head in the sheets and Hong-zo scurries off. But then her covers come off and boy Hong-zo is right in front of her. She leans in for a kiss, but it is her imagination.

Outside, Jae-sun paces in front of Sol-ah’s place and wonders if he should tell her or not. He thinks he should but then he thinks he should not. Hong-zo comes out as a boy and wonders why Jae-sun is out her so early.

Thy start to have an argument on who went to school with her and woke her up early and what does she like to eat and all those things. Hong-zo tells him that she doesn’t like that food she used to like anymore.

They go into a conversation about what she likes to eat. Hong-zo says she likes eating his food. Jae-sun says that he does not know what park and what bench she likes to sit at. HZ tells him that he does not know what cheek she sleeps on. he tells her that she sleeps straight, looking at the ceiling.

Feeling like he won, Hong-zo turns to go inside. Jae-sun tells him that Sol-ah doesn’t know who you are. Do you think you can just know everything while hiding in her place and sneak peaking on her?

Sol-ah comes out right then so Jae-sun asks if she sleeps with Hong-zo? She says yes, Hong-zo always sleeps in my bed so I do that. Jae-sun asks about Hong-zo’s neutering surgery. Maybe we should do it now!

Hong-zo hurries her back inside.


Inside, Sol-ah peeks out of her room and looks in the kitchen when Hong-zo is cooking then tries to sneak out. But he tells her that it is breakfast time. I also have coffee. He smiles and shows her the coffee. She is a bit embarrassed and says she is okay.

So he goes up to her and asks if she doesn’t feel good? Why aren’t you looking at me? She covers her eyes and tells him that she does not know how to see him. We have to think about our parents, they just started their new life together.

he pulls her hands down lightly and says that he has to tell her something. She takes off running and says she has to go to work. he yells that he will tell her later!

Hong-zo goes to the park by the river and tells the old halmoni cat that he will tell her his real self, then they can be real. he starts to walk away. But then the halmoni touches his shoulder! She can turn from a cat into a human too.

She points to a bench and says that she found love a long time ago. The scene changes to a scene from the near past. A young man is sitting on the bench and she says that she also loved a person like he does.

She runs to talk to this guy and they share earbuds together. But he drops his earbuds and then the old woman ends up picking them up. She is an old person now, but he is still young. He thanks her and walks away.

Hong-zo asks what happened? She tells him that cat time is much faster than human. I am an old woman now, he does not even recognize me. He asks what she is talking about. She tells him that he will get old first and he will leave first.

He asks, Sol-ah will be left alone?

She tells him not to get caught up. Just be next to that person as a quiet cat. If you want to stay, just stay next to her as a cat. Don’t be like me and never ever tell her. Cats time is so fast and love is a moment.

She leaves and Hong-zo looks worried about what the future holds. he imagines him and Sol-ah happily listening to music on the bench, then he imagines her alone. 



When he goes home he tells Jae-sun that he is a cat that can’t do anything without Sol-ah. He fells sorry about that and tells Jae-sun that the worst thing is he will die before her. What should I do? I wanted to tell her everything.

Jae-sun listens and then tells him not to tell her anything. Just leave. You leaving first and Sol-ah being left alone has already been decided. I know what it feels like to be abandoned and left alone. It is like sinking into bottomless water. You don’t want Sol-ah to go through that.

Hong-zo asks, so leaving her now is the best thing I can do? Jae-sun tells him that he also does not want to show her that he is getting old. Hong-zo doesn’t like that he will have to disappear without saying anything like Jae-sun did.

Later on, Sol-ah walks home and sees Hong-zo on the roof again. She is shocked to see him up there again, but also blushes because they kissed up there. He asks her to join him.

So she bashfully goes up to the rooftop and sits. He helps her so she doesn’t fall. She touches his chest reflexively. She asks why his heart beats so fast? he wonders, does it? Maybe that is why my time goes fast. Does your heart beat slower than mine?

He reaches out to touch it and she hits him away. She wonders if he asked her all the way up there to do this? What do you want to tell me? He is a bit sad and doesn’t talk so she asks a bit softer, what do you want to say?

He says, one more day.

She asks, what?

He tells her that they should be together for one more day. I will be next to you only today. 

She asks, what about after today? What happens tomorrow then? 

I am going to travel.


Bolivia. The desert. 


I am sorry. 

She says, oh, it is for real. You are really leaving. But why are you going there? Is it because it is farthest from me? She looks at him for a moment, pleading with her eyes. But then she says that they are family, family is first, you don’t have to go to the other side of the earth.

He tells her that that is why he wants to be with her today. Just today.

She tells him that the day has almost ended. We are not that high, but I see a lot of things I have not seen before. So you saw all these things all along.

She pulls out her sketch book and starts sketching.

What are you drawing?


She starts to draw the sunset.


Hong-zo looks at Sol-ah’s online comic. She stops him. He asks if the cat is him? What happens later? She tells him that she does not know. She just stopped there. By the way, I am not going to put a kiss scene. Because when people kiss, they come back from the dead from the poisoned apple. And frogs become human. But when I kiss people, I become alone. That is funny right?

She starts to head to work. He stops her and asks if she is going to keep drawing? I want to see it.

She says that she will also miss him. Goodbye. She heads out but pauses for a moment outside to think.




Hong-zo tells Jae-sun that he told her he is leaving. He says that he thought he would be with Sol-ah if he could drink coffee. Jae-sun tells him that coffee makes you more tired. Caffeine just uses future time, so your time is getting shorter.

Hong-zo says time without Sol-ah doesn’t matter anyway and asks if he can stay there a little longer.


Sol-ah works hard with the trio. Ji-eun asks her if she wants some more coffee. Doo-sik asks, why don’t they go out and eat. But Sol-ah is not listening to anyone. Doo-sik hits the desk to wake her up from her work and tells her that they should just go home. Then he tells her that she is one or the other, she likes working or she does not want to go home.

After you got your grades you used to stay in art class until late. Sol-ah doesn’t answer to Doo-sik motions for Ji-eun to head out with him. She grabs her coat and they both quietly leave.

They both walk home together.


Doo-sik tells Ji-eun that Sol-ah is so into work. It is so boring to me. That is why Nalshim (Note: nalshim means overnight and is also the company name) make us stay overnight to work. hey, you should say something.

Ji-eun says it is not that Nalshim, it means “someday we will rise” nalshim. He says yesterday is like today, today is like tomorrow. She tells him, that is why I like it.

She tells him that today they have things to draw like yesterday and tomorrow they will have things to draw like today. He asks if she has anything she wants to draw of her own?

She says that some people super rise and other people do little things. Not dried up, even if it is a few drops, it comes out everyday. I am like that. He tells her that she is good at talking. You make me embarrassed for complaining.

he starts to walk again. She kind of lags so he tells her to just come, quickly. She asks if he feels uncomfortable about her? He tells her that what she is doing now makes him more uncomfortable. She says she likes it back there behind him.

He walks to her and says that she should tell him more since she is talking now. What is your relationship with the VP? Does she hold a weakness of yours?


At work, Ji-eun thinks enough time should have passed for Bong Ku-pong to have gone on his trip.

At home. Hong-zo sits outside waiting for Sol-ah. Jae-sun tells him that he will go to her so just stay inside.

Jae-sun goes to Sol-ah’s workplace just as she walks down the steps. He says that if he did not come to pick her up then she would stay overnight. He also tells her that he heard that he is leaving. He also wont be happy about it.

She understands all that. So Jae-sun tells her to send him away, then he can wrap up his heart. She asks, what? He is not gone yet? Jae-sun tells her not to be too happy in front of him. She says it is kind of awkward.

They walk home together. She goes into her gate and sees Bang Ku-pong waiting. he drank like 10 coffees. He says he has been waiting for her all day. She touches his face and tells him that he is too cold, lets go inside!

She makes him warm milk and asks why he is still there. He tells her that he wanted to see her webtoon. She tells him that he can see it anywhere if he has the internet available. He says that he wants to see what is coming before anyone else.

She says at least she can make him wonder what it coming. He tells her to draw it for him. He will see it and leave. She tells him that she is a little tired today. But she looks at the clock and says not that much time is left.

He tells her just until today. So they wait for midnight to strike. Just as it is about to hit, she falls asleep on his shoulder suddenly.


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