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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 7 Recap – Part 2

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 7 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Meow: The Secret Boy!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Sol-ah and Hong-zo eat something together at the river. It looks like they are eating the peaches. She tells him that he should have told her that he was looking for peaches. He says that he fell asleep.

She asks where? You didn’t even come home.

He tells her that he fell asleep on the street. She asks if he has that disease where he falls asleep anywhere? he says it is similar. So she files that away. Then she tells him thank you, my mom will enjoy it. He says it is just a can. She says it tastes good.

He cleans a bit of peaches from her lip which makes her stop moving like she is frozen. She looks at him mesmerized. Then she hops up and yells, I have to go to the hospital to pick up Hong-zo! She runs off.

He catches her and tells her that he brought him home! He is at home!

So they go home and Hoong-zo has to quickly turn back into a cat. She happily spots him and gives him some cat food to eat.

She chats with him about if things were hard for him and how things are good now. her mother-in-law calls so she answers and they chat about her mothers memorial fr a second and then the mother-in-law asks if her son left? He usually leaves right away.

She says he is still there. The mother thinks that is strange but she is happy that her son is getting along with her well, are you uncomfortable with him? She says no. The mother says that is strange, but maybe he will not have his traveling fever anymore. 

She changes the subject to her father and says that he changed. He is starting to write poems again. She thanks Sol-ah for being in her family and then they hang up.

Sol-ah wonders, family? Are we family? No, we are not getting married. We are not blood related. At least he has started writing poems again. it is nice that appa found happiness.

But she starts to think of bang Ku-pong and thinks that it is nice to have someone waiting with her at home.


Hong-zo and little Dae-sun lay out on a hill with the old cat. They talk about why cats sleep a lot. Hong-zo says he does not want to sleep if he does not want to sleep. The little boy tells him that his grandmother drinks coffee when she doesn’t want to sleep and it keeps her awake all the time. Hong-zo sits up quickly. Coffee?

Meanwhile, Ji-eun goes downstairs to Doo-sik’s parents place to eat. His parents think that Ji-eun looks pretty sad today. She is just pocking one fish around. His appa tells his wife to speak quieter, she can hear you.

Then Doo-sik comes in and tells his parents that he is hungry. He came to eat. Ji-eun sees him and looks like she is about to die of embarrassment.

Then Doo-sik sees her and asks, are you eating? Why are you eating in my parents place? His parents ask if he knows the upstairs renter? He asks, what are you talking about? Do you know my parents?

Ji-eun runs away so the parents say, oh no, she is running away again?

She runs all the way to her upstairs apartment and buries her head in her bed in embarrassment.

Downstairs, Doo-sik fills his parents in on who Ji-eun is. His classmate and his coworker. The parents feel so bad that they did not give her more free food and better service. He also tells them about his eraser.

Outside, we see Ji-eun peek in just to give them money for her food that she lays on their counter and slips out again.




Doo-sik talks to Sol-ah about Ji-eun. They basically talk about how Ji-eun likes him and has liked him for a long time. He wonders if she moved to their store upstairs on purpose and came to work on purpose to be with him.

Sol-ah says that if she knew it was his parents store she would not just sit there and eat. Also, she came to this company before you. He thinks, oh yeah. But it will be kind of awkward to see her again.

She goes home where Hong-zo tells Sol-ah about coffee. He can drink it and not fall asleep. he looks so proud of himself that he has this solution. He gives Sol-ah the coffee and says that he can be with her all night and not sleep at all if she wants it.

She starts to cough up the coffee. He asks if she is okay? Did I make a mistake? She says that she is going to sleep at her friends place today! Then she runs away.

She goes to Ji-eun’s place to sleep. Sol-ah also brings ddukboki as a thank you.

Hong-zo goes to Jae-sun’s pace and tells him that he can drink a coffee. Jae-sun thinks that cats should not drink coffee. Hong-zo tells him that he is okay eating human food when he is human. But Jae-sun still does not want him to drink coffee.


Ji-eun asks Sol-ah if she is not with Jae-sun? Are you in that kind of relationship? Sol-ah says it is better than with a guy that stays in the same house as them. You know, that kind of relationship. By the way, you saw him. Do you remember, at the bench in front of the company. You gave him food because he was hungry.

Ji-eun says he was crying so that made me cry. We kind of made a connection. Sol-ah pleasantly thinks he is that kind of person. But I shouldn’t like him.

Ji-eun hands her a single ddukbogi. Sol-ah takes it and thanks her for listening to her story. Ji-eun says well, actually you are here to listen to my story too? You heard everything about the eraser right? I know that you came here with the ddukbogi to comfort me.

She starts to eat and sniffle. Sol-ah starts to sniffle to and says that the ddukbogi is spicy. they both start to blubber cry over the ddukbogi.


Jae-sun starts to make a cat tower for Hong-zo. But he thinks that he doesn’t have to make one since his entire house is lika  cat tower. Then we cut to Hong-zo who is sitting on the roof.


Ji-eun and Sol-ah go in to work together. Ji-eun is her usual quiet self. The boss comes in soon after and tells Ji-eun that she has a lot to do so work hard.

At the coffee shop, Hong-zo is sleeping on a tiny table. Jae-sun asks him, aren’t you going to work? Are you working? As a cat, Hong-zo thinks that he is working. But he looks so sleepy.

Then a lot of women come in and super love Hong-zo so they take a ton of photos of him. Jae-sun tells him that he is doing a good job actually, then heads back to the counter.


Ji-eun gets a call from the client who says that she really loves the changes they made. Sol-ah and Doo-sik high five. But then the client gives her some changes that she would like her to make. They are amazingly detailed changes like changing the font color and something else with the title and tons of things. So Ji-eun says that she will talk to her group about it.

Doo-sik tells her that she should have said no. They will make a ton of changes and then tell them that they actually liked the original better. Ji-eun sys okay and then quietly goes to get some fresh air. Doo-sik sighs and sinks into his seat.




Ji-eun goes outside and sees Hong-zo sitting on the bench so they chat for a moment. She asks if he wants her to get Sol-ah. He says no, he will see her later. 

Ji-eun sees a halabogi passing out taekwondo flyers, but people are dripping them so she starts to pick them up. it looks like she designed these flyers. So she picks them all up with Hong-zo’s help.

Doo-sik also picks one up and is about to throw it away. She yells for him not to throw it away and then says that she likes the work she did on it and she wants to keep liking it. He asks, do you mean your drawing or…

Then he mutters that she is so heavy. He starts to pick up more flyers for her. Hong-zo looks on and smiles.


Ji-eun asks Doo-sik to change something on page 14. He sighs and says he cant’ then gets up to wash his face to wake himself up. Sol-ah is also working hard with them.

Ji-eun tells her that she saw Bang Ku-pong, he came to see you. She asks, really? When? *heart eyes*. Later on, she goes outside and wonders why Bang Ku-pong was crying outside on the bench. She sits on the bench to think about it and sees a little shadow puppet so she knows that Hong-zo is behind her.

She asks if he is doing it again? you should come in front of me. Then I can tell you to sit next to me. He says that he didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. You can sleep at home comfortably. I can leave if it makes you uncomfortable.

She asks if he is going somewhere nice? With whom? He says it is someone that he likes. She stammers, okay, so you came all the way here to tell me that? he nods and walks away. She wonders what is going on, so he likes someone?

She heads back home and looks in his room. He is really not there. But Hong-zo is there and peaks out from under the bed. She happily smiles and picks him up.

They go to the kitchen together so that she can make Hong-zo something nice to eat. Then she wonders why Bang Ku-pong is bang Ku-pong. 

HZ – Ugh, she is asking why again.

SA – Hong-zo, this is a secret, don’t tell anyone, but I hope Bang Ky-pong is not Bang Ku-pong.

HZ – You want me to be Bang Ku-pong.

SA – if he is not Bang Ku-pong, then I am okay with anyone…

HZ – Even a cat?

SA – ….hopefully just a cat. But I can’t like him. If he is not Bang Ku-pong then I can confess to him even if he likes someone else. Just don’t go anywhere, stay with me. I would say that to him. if he was not Bang Ku-pong.

he goes to Hong-zo and says, I will do it like this! She picks up Hong-zo and kisses him. Hong-zo hops out of her arms and runs away. She runs outside to find him. 

She is shocked to see human Hong-zo on the roof. He asks her if she would like to come up there? Cut to him holding her hand and helping her onto the roof from the balcony.

They both sit quietly. She is a bit awkward to be with him, but he is not awkward at all.

SA – You said that you are going somewhere nice?

HZ – This is that place.

He looks at the full moon. She looks around wondering if this is really it Then she looks at Hong-zo.

SA – Where is the person you like?

He looks at her.

SA – Hey, bang Ku-pong.

HZ – I am not Bang Ku-pong.

She starts to blush.

HZ – Hong-zo.

She looks at him curiously. Then she starts to lean in a little bit. He also leans in and kisses her.

Fade Out


No complaints about this show, it is soft and quirky and even the scary moments aren’t really all the scary in the end. We are almost all caught up, look for our recap on episode 8 coming up soon!

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