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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 7 Recap – Part 1

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 7 Recap – Part 1

We are playing catch up with Meow: The Secret Boy! So today will be filled with posts about this drama. It is a cute show that will not have you stressed at all, so I recommend watching while folding your clothes or cooking or something like that.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Jae-sun tells Sol-ah that they should go. They are still standing outside at the park by the river. Sol-ah tells him that she thinks she can be his friend now. She really would like to be his friend. 

Then she tells him that she will wait for Bang Ku-pong, you can go home. Jae-sun tells her that he won’t come. He didn’t come yet. She tells him that he promised her, he will come. Jae-sun asks if she is sure? She says, yes.

So Ja-sun walks away.

Elsewhere, we see that the man has brought Hong-zo to his house. His house is filled with cat things.


Jae-sun continues to walk back. He walks right by the bag of canned peaches and stops to look at them. he remembers Hong-zo asking him if he knows where he can buy peaches. He looks around and sees that the collar is on the floor. He knows that without this Hong-zo cannot transform into a human. He takes off running to look for him.

Hong-zo is put in a cage in the mans house.

Sol-ah keeps waiting for him.

Jae-sun runs back to her and tells her that he found Hong-zo’s collar on the street. You should go home to see if he is at home, maybe something happened. I will look around.

She runs home to look for him.

Jae-sun stays out looking for him.

Sol-ah runs all the way back to the park to see if Jae-sun found him. She didn’t see him. She is worried and wonders why he got loose. Jae-sun thinks that someone did it. It should not have come off easily. We can find him in the morning.

She yells that they have to find him now. But Jae-sun thinks that if someone decided to kidnap Hong-zo, it will  not matter to find him tonight, they need to look int he morning. This time, I will look for him with you, we will find him. He is not like any other cat.


They ask a lot of people if they have seen a cat. They are passing out flyers passionately but it is a difficult job. Sol-ah tells Jae-sun that Bang Ki-pong also did not come back all last night. She hopes something bad did not happen to him as well.

Cut to the evil mystery guy who is at his car dealership. He tells his boss that he has to go home early.

Elsewhere, Sol-ah and Jae-sun see other flyers with people who are looking for cats. Jae-sun thinks that is actually really strange. Maybe someone is kidnapping cats?

They keep looking around and end up talking to a woman who makes small pretty fairytale like cat homes. They ask her if she has seen anything suspicious with cats? The woman says that a guy comes there to feed cats, he is a nice guy.

Jae-sun asks if he ever takes cats with him? She says that she has seen him take cats with him. Sol-ah and  Jae-sun look concerned but the woman says he takes them to the veterinarian hospital to treat their wounds and neuter them.

Jae-sun wants to know why he does that? City hall does it for free. The lady says that he just likes to spend his money on cats. He even brings cat food for them in cans. Jae-sun checks out the cat food and Sol-ah asks if they have his contact information.

Cut to the cat man who has cages and cages of cats in his house.

Jae-sun and Sol-ah go to the mans mechanic workplace to find out where he lives. But the boss says he cannot give away his personal information. Sol-ah sees another flyer but she is looking at it because the Korean is wrong on it. There is a grammatical mistake so she wants to fix the error because she does that at work all day.

The boss tells them that they need to go to places where cats hide. Like car engines. They love to hide there since it is warm.




But we see that the bad guy actually goes car to car to find cats who are hiding there. 

It is nightfall now. And actually Jae-sun and Sol-ah see this guy walking around all the cars. They remember him and ask what is up. He notices their flyer and says that they finally lost that cat, I told you to watch it.

Jae-sun tells him that the cat is not lost, someone kidnapped it. The man says, well, okay, maybe he found a better owner. Just don’t pay attention to it like you always do.

Jae-sun stops him from walking away and asks what is in his bag. The man asks what he is doing? Do you think that I stole your cat? You are the ones that put the cat on the street and yet you are blaming me? It is just trash, not cats.

But Jae-sun sneezes so he knows that there are cats in that bag. The man takes off running. But he drops the bag so they see that there are cats there and keep chasing after him.

he manages to elude them and gets back to his place huffing and puffing. But Sol-ah starts to call for Hong-zo, so Hong-zo starts to meow. Sol-ah hears him and starts to focus on where the sound is coming from.

The evil man holds Hong-zo to keep quiet.

Outside, Sol-ah remembers the typo on the mechanic flyer and sees that same type on one of the buildings. She thinks Hong-zo should be in there.

At the same time, a woman knocks on the mans door and tells him that his cats are way too loud. The man tells her that kids cry all the time upstairs too. she says that the tenants complain that it smells and is noisy. He tells her that it is not as smelly as humans like you ajumma. He closes the door. She knocks on it and calls him crazy but he doesn’t open.

Then we see Hong-zo is a person again! Somehow he is a human inside the apartment complex. The man asks how come he came inside? HZ asks why he is doing this? The mans ays that he rescued them. HZ tells him that he is locking them inside like an object. 

The man sys that they could die outside, there are so many ways to die. They might die if they are abandoned. HZ tells him that not all of them are abandoned. You are stealing them. The man tells him that those people don’t deserve to have cats, that is why I did it. They adore cats and then abandon them on the street when they are old and sick. 

Hong-zo asks what made him collect them all? He says that he likes them all. He likes cats, that is why I want to be with them.

Sol-ah and Jae-sun get to the mans door and tell the apartment woman that this man kidnapped their cat. 

Inside, Hong-so tells him that he needs to let all the cats go. He starts to open them. But the man grabs a knife and tells him that he is nothing without his cats. They start to fight for a moment and Hong-zo is cut.

The apartment woman hears the commotion and opens the door. Sol-ah runs in. Jae-sun does as well and sees Hong-zo in the corner so Jae-sun pulls her back. HZ transforms into a cat and Sol-ah turns back and sees him there.

But the bad guy might have seen this happen.

The apartment woman asks what is going on here! The man is stunned and wonders, did a man just become a cat?


The veterinarian bandages Hong-zo up. He says that his wound was pretty serious and he was dehydrated so it is better to stay hospitalized there for now. He tells her to give him something with her smell on it to calm him down a bit. So she gives him something and also gives the veterinarian HZ’s leash.

She heads home looking lonely and walks around her room. Inside Bong Ku-pong’s room is empty so she thinks that he might have gone traveling. So she thinks cat people are like that, they are never there when I want them.



But as she goes downstairs she sees Hong-zo standing there. Het ells her that he is sorry that he made her suffer like that tonight. He wanted to go to her and be with her.

She asks what happened? Where where you? he doesn’t answer at first. She asks if he cannot say it? He thinks to himself that he could not tell her. he says that he couldn’t do anything, he wanted to come to her but couldn’t come to her.

She mutters that he is talking nonsense. He says he is sorry that it happened on her moms memorial. She says she is used to it because she has cat-like people around her. Her mother was the same. She had cancer but didn’t tell her anything until she died. Everyone has their own nightmares. Do you know what my nightmare is? When I ask people something, no one answers me and they all disappear. You are the same. Why am I around cats.

She walks to her room and wonders what Bang Ku-pong could have done tonight, but she thinks it is nice that he didn’t leave far away. Then she wonders why she is thinking of that.


Hong-zo goes to work at the cafe. Jae-sun is talking to the veterinarian and tells him that Hong-zo made it home somehow. he looks okay so I will wire you the hospital bill. He hangs up and asks Hong-zo why he didn’t stay in the hospital? You just sneaked out.

Hong-zo isn’t saying anything. Jae-sun wonders why him.

HZ tells him that Sol-ah said the same. Why cats? Jae-sun asks him what he is talking about? HZ tells him that he disappeared without saying anything. We both made a promise and did not show up. We both did the same thing to Sol-ah.

Jae-sun says that his why was different than his. I know your secret and I was the only one that could rescue you. But you are the cat who didn’t even know how to say thank you.

Hong-zo kind of feels bad about that. He clears his throat and says this is awkward but, thank you. Jae-sun asks why it is awkward. HZ tells him it is because he was the one with Sol-ah.

Jae-sun tells him that he should not say it like that. Of course I am with Sol-ah.

Hong-zo says that he hates that he couldn’t do anything inside that cage. He is actually nothing without Sol-ah. I told her I would be with her. I didn’t know that being with her gave her more pain.

Jae-sun asks, um, are you talking about dating her in front of me? Are you consulting dating her in front of me? You are not that close to Sol-ah to hurt her. Hong-zo asks where all the cats went?

Cut to the veterinary clinic where all the cats are. HZ asks why they are still in cages here? Jae-sun says he will take their photo and find the owners. I will find a foster home for the homeless ones.

HZ asks how long they will be with him? Jae-sun says one month maybe? HZ asks if they will be released after one month?

A woman comes and tells them that they need to euthanize them in that case, but we should try before that. Hong-zo thinks that what that man said is not all wrong. 

Hong-zo looks at the old cat that is his friend and tells her that he is sorry he is late.

He ends up giving the cat to the little boy and the halmoni who owns the cart. Dae-sung thinks that the cat should have been scared. Hong-zo says no, they actually had a lot of fun because all the neighborhood cats were together.


Sol-ah isn’t really doing anything at work and just holds her phone. So Doo-sik tells her to call someone if she wants to call them. Sol-ah mentions that Ji-eun is gone. Maybe her cold is lasting a long time. Doo-sik looks a bit concerned. Sol-ah asks, did you call her?

Doo-sik asks why? She tells him that they are classmates. They both sit and wonder, why me? Then they wonder why they each are wondering why me. Though Sol-ah is wondering why cat like person?

She ends up calling Jae-sun and asks if anyone is next to him? He says his part-timer is. He asks if they have come kind of secret? She says no and then hangs up.

She keeps calling him and asks if he is alone? He says his part-timer is there. She asks if he has anything going on, he says he is working. they hang up.

She calls again. he asks if she is looking for Bang Ku-pong? Do you want to talk to him? Well, he actually isn’t here right now. he might have gone to Bolivia or a dessert. 

Sol-ah is a bit shocked and goes to the cafe to see for herself. She sees that he really is not there. She tells Jae-sun that she is there for coffee for only a  moment and then asks if Bang Ku-pong is really not there? Jae-sun asks if she is nervous, just in case he disappears without saying anything, like me?

He walks around his counter and gives her the peaches. he tells her that Bang Ku-pong was looking for peaches that night. She remembers telling Hong-zo that her mother liked peaches. So she thinks, ah, he didn’t come because of what I said?

Jae-sun asks, why him? You said you would be my friend if you had another person. I do not give you my permission for it to be him. I am saying this because I told you I would be your friend if you have another person. But not him. I cannot accept him. I am only giving this to you because it made me mad that you are having a hard time because of someone else.

he goes back to work. She thinks about it and then heads home holding the peach can.

As soon as she steps through her gate, she sees Hong-zo welcoming her back. She asks, so you didn’t disappear? He smiles.


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