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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 6 Recap – Part 2

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 6 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Meow: The Secret Boy!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Jae-sun hires him as a part-timer at his coffee shop. Hong-zo tells him it is animal cruelty. Jae-sun reminds him that he said he would do anything he said. I can pay you. Hong-zo tells him he cannot work full time. I cannot work like a human, I have physical limitations.

Jae-sun asks, really? What if you improve your physicality? Do you have anything else? Hong-zo says he has one more thing and steps closer to Jae-sun. Jae-sun sneezes. Hong-zo tells him that is not his weakness.

Jae-sun tightens Hong-zo apron and tells him not to leave his sight. Hong-zo asks, is that what you wanted? To keep an eye on me? he scoffs.


Ji-eun, Doo-sik, and Sol-ah gets to work at the same time. Doo-sik thinks that Ji-eun hates him and says he really doesn’t like it. He was okay when it seemed like she hated them both. So he asks all their sunbaes if they like him. They are all like, yes, yes. See, Ji-eun, you are the first person who said that you don’t like me. I will make you like me.

he goes about the day trying to get her to like him by changing the paper in the printer (though it is a toner problem) and getting her a coffee (though she had her own) and holding the door for her (though she had to run to get through it). He thinks it is difficult. Sol-ah pats him on the back. 

But then Ji-eun asks them both if they would like to share her lunch together?

She brings out her lunch that is plenty of food for the three of them to snack on, though probably not to get full on. Sol-ah excuses her self to the bathroom. Doo-sik helps Ji-eun get her silverware. But then the eraser falls out. She picks it up quickly and hides it.

So now he really wants to see it. She keeps hiding it and says he should not see it. Meanwhile, Sol-ah eats ramen alone and wonders if they are talking. In the room, Ji-eun tells Doo-sik that she likes him and drops the eraser accidentally. She runs away.

He looks at the eraser he had in high school and wonders why she had it.




Hong-zo watches Jae-sun pour milk in a coffee cup for coffee art. Jae-sun sneezes messing it all up, so he tells Hong-zo to wash it. Hong-zo complains about that, Jae-sun tells him that he is trying to help him out by not telling his secret.

They both start to talk about things like being embarrassed. But Jae-sun isn’t able to finish when Sol-ah comes in looking for Hong-zo. Jae-sun tells her that he is here. But then they both realize that she means the cat so they both say that he is at her home!

She asks if they just became good friends? Do you work here now? Jae-sun quickly tells Hong-zo to go home so they both leave together.

But then, he sees that mysterious man looking at Sol-ah’s place. So he goes outside to ask him why he came again. Sol-ah and Hong-zo walk up on him as well. The mysterious man says that he didn’t do anything wrong, he just came here to see the pretty legs that look lonely. 

Hong-zo and Jae-sun step closer to him and ask what he is talking about? The man tries to clarify what he is talking about. But he fails. They tell him not to talk to a house where a single woman lives. But she is also not single, I live with her too.

The man says that this is a misunderstanding, I am talking about the cat, not her. The cat that lives here that looks like it might be a but abandoned. I saw it a few times wandering on the street dangerously.

Jae-sun sneezes. Sol-ah says that is her cat. He sys he knows, he saw the cat at the clinic. Flashback to the clinic when Sol-ah was getting the cat looked at after eating garlic. So the man says that he ate milk and garlic, I wanted you to be a bit more responsible.

Jae-sun notices that Hong-zo and Sol-ah are holding hands. Hong-zo tells him that that cat is healthy enough. The man tells him that people believe what they want to believe. he walks off.


Later on that night, Sol-ah lays in bed thinking about what Bong Ku-pong said about how she is not a single woman living alone, I live with her. She thinks she feels strange about it. Then she gets up and asks Hong-zo if he would like  some food. She gives him some snack food.

Then her father calls her to check on her. he tells her that tomorrow ~. But she says that she knows about tomorrow. he says she will make the memorial dinner. Sol-ah tells him that is good, though she seems sad about it. He apologizes for leaving her alone. She says she is not alone and they hang up.

She leaves her room and Hong-zo is standing there with milk. She tells him that she actually wanted to drink milk, how did you know?

Later on she washes dishes. Hong-zo asks what she is doing? Aren’t you going to sleep? She says that she has to clean things. He asks, are you making things to clean? She keeps cleaning and reaches high up to the exhaust to clean it.

He takes her rag away and starts cleaning it himself. She is surprised, but lets him. Then he asks, is this good? Any more? She tells him she has one more spot.

Cut to her going to his room, but his room is super clean. She asks if he even sleeps in here? It does not even look like a humans room. He tells her that she has seen it so she can leave. But she keeps looking around and finds a small piece of car fur. So they start to clean by the window.

After polishing the glass he tells her that is seems like they are all done and asks her what happened. She keeps cleaning. He asks her what it is, tell me. Why don’t you want to say anything? If I press the button, will you say something? he presses her nose

This is exactly what she did to him.

She asks him, how did you know that? that is a secret between me and my mom. He says he heard it when he was young. The first person he remembers said it to him. She thinks he is talking about his umma. He doesn’t correct her.

She tells him that tomorrow is her mothers memorial. They always celebrate at home, but this year appa is doing it and your mom is helping him, so I have nothing to do.

Hon-zo asks, why are you cleaning this late then? She says she always did something ever since middles school. She would clean the house and make the food and take care of appa. But this time she feels a little empty for it to pass like every other day.

he asks, why don’t you go somewhere you can remember her? Some place memorable?

She thinks about that and says that the place she lived with her mother is owned by someone else now. Perhaps I should go to the river that we walked together. She looks out the window and thinks that it is cold. Her mother likes peaches but her memorial is in the winter so I can’t put any peaches on her table. But anyway, bye.

She walks out. He follows her and says that they can go there together, to the river, I can go with you.




Hong-zo cleans around the coffees hop. Jae-sun curiously asks why he is doing things that he didn’t ask him to do? Hong-zo says he is taking a half day off. Jae-sun mutters that his part-timer is taking a half day off without telling him? Who says that cats can’t repay a favor. 

Hong-zo tells him it is important for him to. Jae-sun asks, really? I am the one that you should be thankful to. You were freezing on the street and I took you in. HZ tells him that he does not remember.

Jae-sun tells him that he was abandoned also, four times. HZ is surprised that man can be abandoned just like cats. Jae-sun explains it to him. HZ asks, where you scared to be abandoned again? You should have told it to Sol-ah.

Jae-sun mentions that he was scared to tell her that the cat abandoned on the street was just like him. It would be a pitiful Casanovas excuse. HZ tells him that he can say it to Sol-ah. She will embrace you. Jae-sun tells him to forget about it. Why am I talking about it anyway.

HZ touches his shoulder. Jae-sun starts to sneeze. HZ looks at his hand and tells Sol-ah that if he was him, he would be with Sol-ah anyway. Jae-sun tells him that it is not as easy as he thinks to be with someone. Especially because you are a cat.

Then a crowd comes in so they have to get back to work.


Ji-eun takes the day off which makes everyone wonder why because she never misses work. Sol-ah thinks that Doo-sik should call her. but everyone else thinks that Sol-ah should go. Sol-ah tells them that she can’t it is her mothers memorial day.

Sol-ah goes to the river to wait for Hong-so. But Hong-zo is super busy with this huge group of mothers and kids that came in. Sol-ah keeps waiting. But the crowd eventually leaves so he starts to head out. Jae-sun thinks that he might go to sleep and turn into a cat. Jae-sun asks, do you know where I can buy peaches?

On the river, Sol-ah calls Jae-sun to see if Pang Gu-pong is there? Jae-sun says that he left awhile ago. Where you his important appointment? She tells him to tell Bong Ku-pong to call her if he sees him, though she knows that he does not have a cell phone.

Elsewhere, we see Bong Ku-pong running everywhere looking for peaches. Sol-ah keeps waiting. It turns dark. She keeps waiting happily.

he finally gets peaches and heads to meet her. But he looks a bit tired. he finally walks to the river. She sees a person walking to her and smiles. But it is not Hong-zo, it is Jae-sun. He is carrying flowers.

She asks why he is here? he says he flowers are for her mother’s memorial. She is happy he remembered.

Elsewhere, Hong-zo keeps walking to the river. But he is too sleepy. He tells himself that he can go a little farther.

Sol-ah keeps waiting for him. Jae-sun waits with her as well. She thinks that something might have happened to him. Jae-sun asks if there was a reason why he had to come. She says it is nothing like that.

He asks why she is waiting. She wonders in her head, yeah, why am I waiting for him? I have Lee Jae-sun next to me. But strangely I am not happy or soleda (pitter patter) at all. 

She thinks about Hong-zo holding her hand and telling that man that he is with her and stays in the house with her. Jae-sun tells her that they should go. Sol-ah tells him that she thinks she will be able to do it.

He asks what? 

She tells him, she thinks she can be friends with him. She thinks she can be a real friend with him. Then she turns to keep waiting for Hong-zo.

Hong-zo takes a break on a bench and almost falls to sleep. He thinks that he has to keep going. But he falls to sleep. His clothes all bunch on him and the canned peaches roll out of the bag.

Then a man comes up from behind him and picks him up.


In a flashback, the mystery man comes in for coffee so Jae-sun apologizes for the misunderstanding. Hong-zo is back as well. Jae-sun asks if he is a cat? I sneeze a lot around him. Hong-zo looks at him and says, he smells cats, not just one.

In the present, we see the mystery man walking away with Hong-zo. He looks evil.

Fade Out


Yep, still adorable and light and fluffy. Nothing I would necessarily recommend to anyone unless the really like cats and want a very light show to watch. Hopefully it remains this way because I like it so far.


English Translation

HZ – Sorry I couldn’t keep the promise.

SA – Did something happen?

HZ – I wanted to come to you

JS – Are you this nervous because of him?

SA – He promised he would be together with me.

JS – Maybe being together makes him uncomfortable.

SA – He was crying.

HZ – I will look at her alone.

SA – What are you talking about?

JS – Someone took him.

HZ – You are nothing without Sol-ah.

HZ? – He said he will be with her.

SA – Do you know what my worst fear is. I ask around, but no one answers and they all disappear.

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