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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 6 Recap – Part 1

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 6 Recap – Part 1

In a pretty funny turn, Hong-zo managed to dodge a zigzagging bullet with that last episode. But Jae-sun did find out that he is not the real Bong Gu-pong (or should I say Bong Cruise, lol). Which makes me wonder what he is going to do about it. But not a lot, because this show is all fluff and fun. I have a feeling things will work out.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Inside the house, Jae-sun asks, who are you? He is holding Sol-ah. She mutters that he is Bang Gu-pong and then says she is about to throw up so he runs her to the restroom.

Later, he tucks her in bed and then asks Hong-zo what he is doing over there. Hong-zo says he brought a water. Jae-sun tells him that he has to check to see if he is Bong Gu-pong or not. I saw someone who said he is Pong Gu-pong, it does not seem like he should lie. Can I see your ID?

But Hong-zo just lowers his head. Jae-sun says that he feels strange about him. You are pretending to be someone else. Who are you? I’ll call the police. Hong-zo tells him, I am Hong-zo. Jae-sun asks, what? Then sneezes.

Sol-ah wakes up and starts grunting for water. Hong-zo hands the water over to  Jae-sun, he gives it to Sol-ah and she passes out again. Then Jae-sun runs around to look for Hong-zo. he sees him walking into his bedroom so he follows and opens the door. But he only sees the cat looking back at him.


Later on, he starts to connect the dots with Hong-zo and thinks that when he is close to him, he sneezes. Hong-zo hides and looks at him from around the stairs.


Sol-ah wakes up and gets a shock when she sees Jae-sun sitting right outside her place. She asks, why are you here! He says that he was worried about her, you drank a lot. She asks, did you stay over night? What about Bong Gu-pong? Did he already leave?

The cat hops in her arms. Jae-sun looks at it and says, I don’t know.

Jae-sun makes breakfast for her. She asks, what about you? He says he is okay and looks at the cat. She tells him that this is good, Bang Gu-pong likes to eat breakfast, but he skipped it again.

Jae-sun asks, was it a little weird? She tells him it was very weird. He warns her to lock her door, but she says that she knows Bang Gu-pong. Even if he changes his name. Jae-sun tells her to be careful, he could be someone who is not what you think. He also wants her to come to his place after work. He will keep the cat during the day.

She asks why. He tells her that he needs to confirm something.

On the walk to work, Sol-ah thinks she sees Ji-eun and calls her name. Ji-eun holds her ears and keeps walking. So Sol-ah runs up to her. Ji-eun apologizes for being so drunk last night. They go to work together and talk on the upstairs deck.

Sol-ah tells Ji-sun that Jae-sun was sitting outside her door all night and made her breakfast. He is also looking after her cat. Ji-eun wonders if this is like a couple raising their pet together? This is a good thing. You two resolved your misunderstanding and are moving forward.

Sol-ah feels strange about it though. She liked him for a long time and it took a long time to get over him. She doesn’t want to go back. Ji-eun thinks it is all connected now. Sol-ah knows that she is strange. Perhaps she should just be friends with him.

Ji-eun asks if it is possible to be friends with someone you like? Sol-ah thinks it is after time passes. But Ji-eun doesn’t think she can do it, even if time passes.

Doo-sik comes out asking what they are doing. They both quickly turn around and look at the view. He asks them what this sudden coldness is when he showed up. Ji-eun excuses herself. Doo-sik asks Sol-ah what is going on and why did they drink without him. What did you say?

Sol-ah remembers that Ji-eun likes Doo-sik and she should not tell him. She will quit no, I will kill myself. Sol-ah immediately agrees to not say anything ever ever ever.




Doo-sik sits at his desk, still wondering about Ji-eun and Sol-ah. She tells him it is nothing. Sol-ah and Ji-eun chat secretly to see if Doo-sik notices. Sol-ah assures her that he never notices anything. 

Doo-sik asks her if she said that he doesn’t notice things? See, I notice things. Should I quit? Ji-eun tells him that she put all his work on his screen He sees tons of post it notes there. Then Ji-eun slowly walks out.

The other sunbaes ask Sol-ah if she became friends with Ji-eun? Sol-ah says yes, they talked and became friends. She is also not a parachute, I confirmed it. The sunbaes don’t believe it, they think she would say no, of course.

Sol-ah asks who told them? If you tell me then I will confirm it. They each say that a different person said it of the three of them. So they kind of realize that they made it up themselves.


Meanwhile, Jae-sun tries to figure out if Hong-zo is actually Bong Gu-pong. He stares at him on his kitchen table and wonders if he is looking at him too. But then he sees a man walking around the outside of Sol-ah’s place, so he asks him who he is.

This man says he is looking for someone who lives there. It is a good deed. I am not a suspicious person. Jae-sun sneezes and wonders what is going on. He goes back inside his place and sees that Hong-zo is gone. But when he goes to the yard he sees Bong Gu-pong, so he tells him to stop and asks why he is coming from back there?

Hong-zo takes off running so Jae-sun reluctantly runs after him yelling at him to stop so they can talk. Hong-zo thinks he finally outran him so he stops running. But Jae-sun takes a shortcut and catches up to him. Hong-zo starts to run again and gets to a dead end. Jae-sun knows this is a dead end.

When Jae-sun gets to the dead end, he doesn’t see Hong-zo there at all and can’t believe that he hopped this huge fence. He leaves. But actually, Hong-zo didn’t hop the fence, he was hiding in a box nearby as a cat.

Later that night, a person picks up the cat in the box and brings him to their house. Ah, it is Ji-eun that picked him up! She happily takes him out of the box to walk around her place so he can adapt and get comfortable.

Elsewhere, Jae-sun tells Sol-ah that her cat is missing.

In Ji-eun’s place, she tells the cat that she knows that it is hard to get comfortable with other people. She looks at Doo-siks eraser where he wrote art genius Doo-sik. She tells the cat that she held this eraser for 10 years and can’t even throw it away.

Hong-zo remembers her telling him about her 10 year one-sided love. She tells him that she will be brave like him (the cat) but then she notices that he has on one of those school rings.



While talking to Jae-sun, Sol-ah gets a call from Ji-eun about the cat. She says that she found him alone in a box on the way home. While she is talking, Hong-zo puts the eraser in Ji-eun’s purse. 

Ji-eun takes Hong-zo back to Sol-ah and gives it to her at the coffee shop. Sol-ah asks if she wants to stay for a coffee, but Ji-eun happily says that Sol-ah and Jae-sun can be together. She heads home.

She asks him what his important thing is that he wanted to talk about. He starts to think about how she said she put her scarf on a little boy. He tells her that the reason they didn’t work out is because, well, it sounds dumb but….um, I will drink some water.

He grabs some water, some of the wood starts to fall that is next to them. He starts to tell her that he feels dumb, but you gave your scarf to a boy, this boy might have become a cat. 

The wood falls, it is about to hit Sol-ah, Hong-zo turns into a boy and covers her so she isn’t hit. Jae-sun sees it.

Sol-ah is super shocked. He asks if she is okay. He says he is okay. She asks if he is okay? Jae-sun notices his necklace, it is the same as the cat. He mentions it. Hong-zo runs away and Sol-ah runs after him. She says she will get her cat later. Jae-sun mutters that she doesn’t have to.

At home, Sol-ah wonders how he showed up so quickly. She gives him an icepack for his shoulder and says he is like a cat. He shows up and disappears suddenly. Don’t leave here like a cat. He says he is not leaving.

He will stay here. He can seem like he is gone, but he is still here. You might not understand me. She asks what he is talking about, he also talks like a cat. She tells him, when you feel like leaving, just tell me and leave. Don’t just leave. He says okay.

Later that night, he sits on the roof and touches his necklace. Then he sees Jae-sun comes outside. he motions for him to come talk to him.

Cut to Jae-sun and Hong-zo talking. Jae-sun made the necklace so he knows that it is the one he made, he asks him if he is really a cat? Is the cat I gave her really a human? He starts to mess with Hon-zo’s hair and then sneezes.

Jae-sun says that he can’t figure this out, how can a human become a cat? Hong-zo tells him that a cat became a human. Jae-sun thinks this is nonsense, are you from a secret research facility or something? Hong-zo tells him he only knows that Sol-ah makes him human. When he is with her, he becomes human.

Ja-seun says she is not here now. Hong-zo tells him that her things make him human. But don’t tell Sol-ah please? Because if he does, he won’t be able to be with her.

Jae-sun asks, do you want me to let you stay with Sol-ah? Now I know who you are and I don’t even know if you are a cat or a human or a monster. Hong-zo says he does not do bad things. Jae-sun asks, why Sol-ah? Is it because you want to be human?

Hong-zo explains that he didn’t want to be human, but Sol-ah makes me human, so maybe Sol-ah needs me, because she is alone, because of you. I will do anything you ask me. If you want me to stay a cat, I can stay a cat. But let me stay next to Sol-ah.

They both hear Sol-ah calling Jae-sun to tell him that she is back for Hong-zo. So Jae-sun goes out to the coffee shop area and asks if she is okay. She says she is fine. She asks for Hong-zo. Hong-zo comes walking right up to her as a cat.

She picks him up and asks what he wanted to tell her. He looks at the cat and says it is okay, don’t worry about it. She tells him okay, let’s just stop talking about what happened before. Even without that misunderstanding, it won’t work. You will continue to look for excuses and I will continue wondering about you.

he tells her that he does not have an excuse this time, he has a reason. She tells him it will be something that he won’t be able to tell her. He says, yes, he cannot tell her what he wants to tell her. But I will tell you something else, I am sorry. I am sorry I misunderstood you and didn’t tell you things and left you alone. I am sorry about that.

She asks why he is saying that now? We are friends.

He says that he has actually never been her friend.

She says, I know. You know and I know. But even though we know each others hearts, it didn’t work out anyway. That means that it doesn’t work. 

He asks, then can we be friends now? I don’t think it will work out for me. If you have someone else then I will really be your friend.

She takes a moment to think and then leaves. He lets her go.


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