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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Meow: The Secret Boy!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Cut to Hong-zo giving Sol-ah her cell phone back. He also tells her that he has something to tell her that he couldn’t tell her before. She asks what it was? though she is nervous to hear it.

Hong-zo tells her, I am not Bang Gu-pong. She asks, huh? What are you talking about?

He walks away. She is all like, um? Can’t he just say that he is dating Eun Ji-eun? Why is he denying it?

She goes upstairs and starts to wonder about Eun Ji-eun. She thinks to herself that she thought Ji-eun was a quiet cat, but she is already in our kitchen? Ji-eun thinks that Sol-ah should hate her. Sol-ah wonders how long they have had this sticky relationship. 

Ji-eun thinks that Sol-ah thinks that she is the one that told the VP about their relationship.

Doo-sik looks at them both and tells them that their meeting is not going anywhere. Let’s talk about the weather or something light.

SA – Ji-eun, you are dating someone right?

DS – Um, maybe something like smoke or something.

SA – Do you have anything to tell me?

JE – Well, not much

SA – you like someone around me.

JE – *nervous* Can we stop talking about personal things at work?

DS – It is getting more awkward. I will go wash my hands.

he gets up to leave. Sol-ah asks Ji-eun, why don’t we become friends after work from today? Let’s be friendly since we are running a project together. You can pick the location, I will go anywhere.

Cut to the coffee shop. Sol-ah sighs, why this place? 

Inside, Jae-sun sees cat Hong-zo inside the house and starts to pet him. But he has to get back to work. Hong-zo turns into a person and gets his scarf.

Sol-ah tells Jae-sun that she is here, he tells her that Hong-zo is also inside. Hong-zo hears this and puts the scarf in a very visible place then hides. She sees it. Jae-sun wonders why this is here?

She also wonders why this is here? This is my scarf, how come you have it? He says he picked it up. You threw it away. She tells him that she never threw it away. he says, you may not know, but that little cat you abandoned it Hong-zo.

She says she does not know what he is talking about. He sys that she wrapped that cat with this scarf and threw it away. She tells him there must be a mistake. I wrapped a scarf around a boy. That day we were supposed to meet, I saw him outside in the cold.

We see a flashback of Sol-ah seeing little boy Hong-zo by himself by the river. She wrapped the scarf around him and walked him to the apartment complex to help find his parents. But she lost him and was looking for him. 

He asks, so you put it around a boy? She asks, why was Hong-zo inside this scarf? She tells him that he might have been a good boy. He was also cold but he put the scarf around Hong-zo.

Jae-sun says that he does not know what is going on. Sl-ah tells him that she understands why he did that to her.

He tells her it was his misunderstanding. She says it was not a misunderstanding. Because it was you Jae-sun. It was you. You do everything alone. You think alone and you end things alone, that is it. You never ask me. That is you and how you treat me. So you talked about this scarf just to fish me. You should have told me back then. You should have been angry and yelled at me. I asked you to tell me.

He tries to say that he didn’t know h would have this kind of misunderstanding. She tells him that is just an excuse. You were afraid of opening yourself to me and saw an abandoned cat so you used it as a good excuse to push me away. You pushed everyone away from you like that, just in case you loved that person. 

She takes her scarf from him and leaves. Ji-eun runs up and says that she is late. Sol-ah realizes that they were supposed to drink coffee, but she doesn’t awnt to. So Ji-eun says she can drink next time, she starts to leave.

But Sl-ah asks her if she drinks?



They go to a bar to drink. Ji-eun surprisingly drinks so well. They have so many bottles that are gone and Sol-ah has switched from Jongdaemal to banmal so they are talking like friends now.

Sol-ah is super happy to talk to Ji-eun. Ji-eun thinks that it is good that she resolves her misunderstanding. Sol-ah thinks that after knowing it, it feels like someone poured cold water on me. He is alone like this also. It was all my fantasy to think that we share out emotions.

Ji-eun is still very composed and wonders why Sol-ah is telling this to her. Sol-ah asks, is this so pitiful that you can’t hear it anymore???? Ji-eun says no, it is just that it is a secret story. Sol-ah tells her that they need to share secrets since they are friends. She pours Ji-eun some more to drink.

Ji-eun drinks it all right away. Sol-ah thinks that Ji-eun is super good at drinking. Ji-eun says that beer only makes her full, not drunk. So Sol-ah asks the owner for soju and mixes a drink for Ji-eun.

She asks Ji-eun what her relationship is with the VP so that she can share her secret. She thinks people misunderstand her at work. Ji-eun says she is not a parachute and she never told her about her webtoon. Sol-ah asks what they talk about all the time.

Ji-eun takes another drink. Sol-ah says that it might be difficult to say? So let’s talk about men. You have a man right? Ji-eun says she has someone just like Sol-ah. It is old and one-sided and we aren’t together. It has lasted since high school.

Sol-ah is amazed, that long? You should know him well. She says no, I haven’t seen him after graduating. I just met him coincidentally after graduating and now I see him everyday. We are together but I don’t feel like ew are together.

Sol-ah says yes, he is like the wind. Actually, I saw you two on the bench. Ji-eun thinks back and says he is not that person. that person was a stranger. Sol-ah asks, why did you do that for a stranger? Ji-eun says that she thought he was hungry so she gave him something to eat. Sol-ah asks who the man is that she likes?

Ji-eun drinks even more. Sol-ah mutters that she is the one that talks alone. Then asks Ji-eunif she would like to go? She starts to stand up. Ji-eun blurts out Ko Doo-sik!  then happily says, I like Ko Doo-sik. She giggles.

Sol-ah is so surprised to hear it and sits back down. 

Cut to them both looking super drunk as they walk up the street looking for a taxi. Sol-ah puts Ji-eun in a taxi and then says that she can walk home, she lives close. She drunkenly takes a photo of the license plate, but take s a selfie on accident. So she has to try and get things together to take a photo, but she might never have done it. She tells the taxi driver that she took a photo of his license plate and then says goodbye to Ji-eun.

Sol-ah tries to walk home straight and looks like a model as she walks but also looks like a drunken fool. She’s trying to make it work though. She tells herself that she doesn’t look drunk at all. She hangs her bag up on a railing and checks all its contents for her wallet and cell phone and scarf, then starts to giggle and puts on the scarf.

She says she has everything and takes off, leaving her bag on the railing.

She continues walking like a drunken fool and commands a table to move out of its way, it moves like magic. She happily looks at her magical hands and then walks away.

But she is about to fall on some people eating, lol. the entire earth starts to rotate around her. Hong-zo rights her so she thinks she has excellent balance! She keeps walking.  He keeps walking behind her to make sure she gets home safe. 

She stumbles around, he keeps her from hitting the wall so she cuddles up on him for a moment. he is holding her bag so she takes it from him and keeps walking.

VO – Maybe I won’t stand in front of you anymore. Maybe I just have to look at you from behind. Will it be okay if I am this far?



At home, Jae-sun thinks about what Sol-ah told her. About how the cat was a good excuse to him to push her away. You push everyone around you away like that, just in case you start to love them. he looks out the window and sees Sol-ah walking home. 

Sol-ah gets inside and sees that the light is fixed. Then she looks at the mail. One of the pieces of mail is shocking so she yells for Bang Gu-pong to come out.

The real Pang Gu-pong comes out and stares at her. They both look at each other, stunned. Though she is more stunned than him.

Outside, Hong-zo tells the little boy he befriended that he is saying goodbye since he might not be able to come out anymore. The boy asks why? Hong-zo says it is because he lied. The boy wonders if he is goin to jail because he lied?

he continues and says that there are some lies you can say. Don’t you know about white lies? You lie because you like a person, that is not lying. that is just being polite. Halmoni told me. it is always like that between people.

Hong-zo tells him that he wouldn’t have to lie if he was human. But he has to lie to be together.

Back at the cafe, Bong Gu-pong walks into the cafe and asks if he is closed? Jae-sun asks if he just came out of that house? That is my friends place. Bong Gu-pong says he lives there, he is her new step brother and the son of the owner.

Jae-sun is so confused, so that means that you are?

Bang Gu-pong tells him his name. He also says that it is good that you are her friend. I will give you the price of the coffee. That is for being family. Jae-sun asks if he really is bang Gu-pong? 

he tells him yes and then leaves.

ja-sun is super confused, then sees Hong-zo walking into the house. 

Inside, Hong-zo goes in, Sol-ah tells herself that has just drank a lot and is still shocked. She sees Hong-zo and tells him that he is not Bang Gu-pong, why did you hide like that?

He apologizes. She is still super shocked and wonders how he cannot be bang Gu-pong. he says that he wishes he is Bang Gu-pong.

She asks why he did this? She shows the mail in front of him. 

On the mail it says that he changed his name from Bang Gu-pong to Bang Cruise. I like your name! I want to keep calling you that.

Flashback to Bang Gu-pong talking to Sol-ah. She got the impression that Hong-zo and the real Bang Gu-pong are dating. So she does not know that he is the real Bang Gu-pong, she just thinks that he is the boyfriend.

But then he says that he is going to stay with his girlfriend so she thinks, are they just friends then???? He says that she looks so happy. You can tell him that he does not have to leave. The person living with you said that he will leave.

In the present, Sol-ah tells Hong-zo that he said he will not leave. You changed your name and will leave to another country. What? Bang Cruise. Don’t you know that Cruise is Tom Cruises last name, not his first name?

Hong-zo is so confused.

Sol-ah tells him, to me, you are Bang Gu-pong, no matter what other people say. So can you be Bang Gu-pong? Can you not leave?

She passes out. 

Jae-sun comes in right then and catches her right when Hong-zo tries to catch her. They stare at each other.

JS – You, who are you?

Fade Out


Aw, they found a cute way to get rid of the real son. This episode was cute.


English Translation

SA – Just like a cat. Disappears, comes back, disappears.

JS – Wasn’t he strange?

SA – He understands me well.

JS – What is your identity?

HZ – If I tell you that I will be with Sol-ah…

VO – Are you close?

SA – How do you know?

HZ – The first person I remember

SA – Are you going to leave all of a sudden, like a cat?

JS – Why Sol-ah?

HZ – I only know one thing, Sol-ahh makes me human.

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