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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 5 Recap – Part 1

All I remember from last week was that the real Bang Gu-pong showed up which should cause all sorts of issues to crop up for our little household. But will they reveal that our cat boy is a cat boy so soon?

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Sol-ah happily lifts up Hong-zo and gives him a nice collar with her lucky ring on it. She even adds him to her comic. Hong-zo turns into a boy and tells Sol-ah that she likes Hong-zo and Hong-zo like her. She is all like, um, okay, thank you. She walks off wondering what is going on, especially with her heart which is starting to turn towards him.

Across the street. The real Bang Gu-pong goes to the coffee shop and says that this is the first time he has seen it here. He asks for a drink of water. Jae-son says that he is closed so Bang Gu-pong tells him that he will come next time.

He goes to the house and comes in through the window then starts to go upstairs to his room.



Sol-ah goes to Bang Gu-pongs room to find out if he is awake to tell him about the hot water heater. But she sees a person with long hair in his bed and thinks that this might be a woman so she runs off.

She starts to sneak out after getting ready. Hog-zo asks if she is going out already? She asks if someone visited him? Um, I am going to work, see you. He asks if they can go out together? She wonders if he is leaving her by herself? He asks what she means.

She tells him, well, you are a man. Then she leaves in a hurry.


At work, she thinks about the woman with long straight hair and starts to mutter about how she thought Hong-zo was different. But then she gets a message saying that Jae-sun wants to see her.

So she goes to his coffee shop. he apologizes to her for going too far last time. He says that Doo-sik told him that you were looking for the cat. I didn’t know that. But now I know that you shouldn’t have just let the cat outside.

But when he turns around he sees the cat behind them both and thinks, you shouldn’t….did you let the cat out? Sol-ah says it is strange. I always lock the windows but he always gets out. Maybe he thinks his territory is around here?

He tells her that it is dangerous so she should take him home. She says okay and is about to get him. But he tells her to wait, if you try to hold him all of a sudden then he will run away. I will hold him for you. You have to do it slowly.

He starts to slowly creep up on the cat but it runs away. he says that he will catch it for her, you can go home. So he starts to look around his place for the cat.

he finds it and starts to look for cat food for it in some bookshelves and accidentally drops the red scarf that belongs to Sol-ah. Boy Hong-zo shows up and grabs the scarf. He says it is his. Jae-sun tells him that it shouldn’t be. Then he sneezes.

He thinks that Hong-zo might be looking for the cat and says he will call Sol-ah. Hong-zo tells him not to do it, just let the cat be inside or outside. Jae-sun tells him that he found this cat when it was just a tiny little kitty. It was abandoned.

Hong-zo starts to think about this and thinks that Jae-sun thinks that Sol-ah abandoned him. He asks who abandoned the cat. Jae-sun says it is all in the past.

Jae-sun thinks about finding the cat with a sign that says, if you need it then you can take it. It was the night he was supposed to meet Sol-ah on a date. He did not meet her that night.




Sol-ah works on her comic webpage and thinks about the night she unloaded on Jae-sun. Then we see that Hong-zo is also thinking about this and thinks that she abandoned him.

He goes to talk to her and asks about her comic. He asks if the willow tree boy and the girl will resolve their misunderstanding? She doesn’t really want him to be looking at her comic, but she does start to think about the answer to that question. he asks if they will be happy if they resolve their misunderstanding. She says that she doesn’t know.

He asks, you want to know why he closed the door all of a sudden. She says that the important thing is not the reason. She wants him to tell her about himself, not about her. Then she mentions the girlfriend. 

he shakes his head, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. She asks, you don’t like that person? So you have a free spirit and your body is also free? Okay, well, you are the owner of the house. But at least you should have told me.

He asks what she is talking about. She tells him that he really does not talk about himself. I have told you everything. I may talk a lot but I don’t tell myself to just anyone.

He doesn’t say anything so she tells him to stop looking at her cartoon and leaves.

He goes outside and talks to the old cat he met. He tells this cat that ten years is a lifetime to a cat. Is that long time love because of me? Is their misunderstanding because of me? Maybe I should tell them that it was a misunderstanding. I should do that for Sol-ah. I should tell the truth.

That night, the real Bang Gu-pong goes to Sol-ah’s room to tell her that he is back. But there is a sign on the door that says, “Bang Gu-pong, this room is off limits to you.” He wonders what that is all about.

In her room, Sol-ah looks for Hong-zo in her sleep and wonders where he is. Hong-zo reaches his head over to her so she can pet him. She does and then falls asleep

That morning, Hong-zo sees Bang Gu-pong changing the front door light and looks at him in surprise. Bang Gu-pong also looks at him in surprise. He thinks that he came out of Sol-ah’s room so that must be why that room was off limits last night.



He walks up to him to introduce himself as Pang Gu-pong. The son of the owner of the house. But Hong-zo does not shake his hand and just keeps staring at him. So Bang Gu-pong sneaks away to take a shower.

After his shower he settles in to eat breakfast at home. But then he has to go to the bathroom. Sol-ah comes out and sees the breakfast all prepared so she asks Bang Gu-pong if this is his food. He says no. So she thinks, is this for me? Is this your apology? Thank you. She happily sits to eat it.

After she eats she checks to see if there is any hot water. But there still isn’t any. So she thinks that there is some upstairs because Hong-zo’s hair is nice. So she goes upstairs. he tries to keep her from going upstairs and blocks the door but she pushes him out of the way and goes into the bedroom.

But she smells how gross it smells since the real Bang Gu-pong is on the toilet so she tells him that he should have said that! Then runs out. The real Bang Gu-pong comes out and bows to Hong-zo then goes downstairs to see that the yolk on his eggs has been eaten.

Hong-zo waits impatiently for Sol-ah to come out and tries to keep her from seeing the real Bang Gu-pong as she gets ready so he is extra helpful to her and guides her in the right directions for her to not see him. He practically forces her out the door, but she keeps forgetting things so she keeps coming in to get each item she forgot. He tries to find it quickly for her, but she decides to put her lipstick on slowly in the living room.

He tells her she looks really good, you are so pretty, go go go go, goodbye. He pushes her out again. But then he sees that she left her cell phone. Bang Gu-pong comes down then, he wants to introduce himself to Sol-ah but she has already left.

he talks to Hong-zo a bit more and says that he won’t tell their parents about him, don’t worry. Hong-zo says that he didnt’ want to hid it from the beginning. I like her and want to be with her. Bang Gu-pong says that he understands. You can hide it and keep it a secret, but if you hide too much then you won’t be able to say anything.

Hong-zo says that he will stop, he will leave. Bang says he doesn’t have to leave, he didn’t mean that. But Hong-zo just apologizes and heads out.


Sol-ah gets to work saying that she left her phone at home. They all look at her and motion to her lips so she checks her face and sees that she put the lipstick all over her check as well as her lips. She screams and tries to fix it. he gives her an energy drink and says it was buy one get one.

Ji-eun comes in, he gives her an energy drink as well. She looks like her heart might flutter away. Then the boss asks to talk to her alone.

She talks to the boss and gives her a secret envelope. Doo-sik sees it and wonders what is up. She sees Doo-sik and looks super nervous. He goes back upstairs. The boss looks at the envelope, it is a wedding invitation so the boss gives her a lot of extra work and says that her nephew is getting married so can you change the names on this card? She tells her yes.

Upstairs, Doo-sik starts to ignore Ji-eun or at least not look at her. The VP comes out and tells Sol-ah that the person who wanted them to draw him thinks that his picture is a disgrace for a man with hair loss. (She drew him with a super shiny head, lol). 

Another employee says that Ji-eun actually drew it. The boss tells her that Ji-eun is busy with an important project so Sol-ah should do it. She leaves. Ji-eun runs after the VP and says that she can do it since it is my work. But the VP tells her no, you have your important project to work on now.

Everyone starts to wonder about the connection between Ji-eun and the VP. Then Ji-eun comes in and sees that her energy drink is gone and Doo-sik is drinking it and looking at her. He drinks the entire thing then tells Sol-ah that she can’t eat lunch today. Sol-ah says she is fine, he can go eat if he wants.

Elsewhere, Hong-zo walks around as a Boy and asks the street cat he befriended how long it took for her to get used to being on the street? He says that he used to be on the street in the beginning. He needs to resolve that misunderstanding because that misunderstanding started because of him.

He was actually a street cat, so that is how they got that misunderstanding. I need to resolve it and I shouldn’t hide myself anymore. He walks to the company and looks at the building.

HZ – It is strange, I am hungry but I feel like my heart is empty. 

He sits on a bench and just so happens to sit by Ji-eun. She looks awkward because she just heard everything. So she offers him her juice drink. He tells her it is strange, maybe there is a hole in this?

A tear goes down his cheek. He looks at the cell phone and thinks that Sol-ah should have had an empty heart for 10 years. Ji-eun asks if he is talking about her? he says that it should be hard, it is so empty, it should be difficult.

She tells him not to cry, you are making me cry. She starts to sniffle.

Inside, Sol-ah finishes up fixing the drawing by putting a hat on the man, then looks out the window and sees Ji-eun and Hong-zo crying and talking on the bench. Ji-eun tells him that 10 years is a long time. He wipes a tear away.

Sol-ah thinks that long straight hair was Eun Ji-eun?


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