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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 4 Recap – Part 2

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 4 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Meow: The Secret Boy!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Sol-ah goes into Hong-zo’s room when Hong-zo is still a cat. But he turns into a human right as she opens the door and wakes up. They both go downstairs. Sol-ah wonders where Hong-zo is, she got all his favorite things. He asks if she packed all his things? She tells him no.

So he grabs a little box and tells her that he needs her things to come back. But then he changes it and says that the cat would like her things since they were together for awhile. So he starts to put things like her cell phone and computer and bra. She thinks he is super crazy and pushes him a away.

He asks what if he comes back? She says that cats don’t come back. He asks what if it happens? She says that she would need to send him back again. But she can’t talk anymore because she has to go to work. She asks him to find Hong-zo and says that a lot of people don’t like cats.

he mutters that she also doesn’t like cats.


The design group is all in a meeting, but Sol-ah is not paying attention. Doo-sik tries to cover for her. Then the other workers try to cover for her. The VP continues talking and says that Doo-sik and Sol-ah can go with Ji-eun to work on a certain project. Sl-ah is not listening. So the VP asks her if she is thinking about the next episode of the willow tree boy?

Sol-ah pops up and looks around. The VP says that she envies her, she can work and do what she wants. When do you post the next episode? Sol-ah says she gave up. haha. The VP tells her not to be too depressed , you have good technique. Everyone does not have to be creative, some people have to support behind the scenes. So the three of you should get going.

The three of them go to a nice Chinese restaurant to eat. Sol-ah hesitantly apologizes to Ji-eun for not recognizing her from that art club. But now that I do it is comfortable! Like we are all friends! Doo-sik says that Ji-eun looks uncomfortable. Let’s say each others name between us. he sys her name, but he says it wrong. Sol-ah whispers her name is Eun Ji-eun. So he says her name and smiles. She nods. he apologizes. 

But then he tries to lighten the mood and sys that she really doesn’t eat, can I help you? He starts to take some of her food. Ji-eun has a cartoon bubble thought that this is like an indirect kiss. her cartoon face grow so flushed. She has to excuse herself to the restroom.

Sol-ah tells Doo-sik that they should have just let Ji-eun eat her lunch she brought. Doo-sik thinks that being comfortable is actually weird for Ji-eun. Maybe she told the VP about your webtoon. Sol-ah doesn’t think so.

Doo-sik asks her if it is difficult to forget Jae-sun? She says it isn’t like that. they keep start talking about the blind date.

Cut to Hong-zo working at the restaurant. His job right now is fanning the barbecue. The father comes up to him and tells him to do a proper job and stop worrying about what he is worrying about. You can tell me. is it a dating thing? 

Hong-zo says she is sending him away. So the father starts to talk about how this is dating, that is always the problem. I knew it. Hong-zo mutters that of course she would send him away. He hasn’t done anything. it could happen.

The father asks him if he is a cat person. Hong-zo says he is a cat. When can I be a real human. The father tells him that he is far away from being a real human. Then the mother hits Hong-zo on the back and says that he should have told her! Our part-timer is Seol-ah’s step brother. If you are family to Seol-ah then you are family to us. I can’t abuse you anymore. But we are so busy so I even need to borrow a cats hand (like a last resort, it is a Korean saying).

The father gives Hong-zo money. He says that money doesn’t make you human, but you need money to function as a human. This is  part of your salary, an advance. Hong-zo is so happy, this means that he can eat ddukboki now. So he goes right to a ddukboki place to eat it. But he doesn’t really know the best way to eat it. Does he want rice or not? Hong-zo mentions that she never told him that.




At home, Sol-ah looks around for Hong-zo but he is nowhere to be found. So she goes outside to look for him and leaves the yard to try and find him. She wonders if she should as Jae-sun, but his place is packed. She thinks she will just looks for him on her own.

She walks the streets looking for him.

he is actually headed home, but he is super tired. He probably needs a nap.

he crosses the street but almost gets bumped by a car. it screeches on its breaks.

She hears it and turns around. But Hong-zo is fine, he already walked across the street and she did not see him.

He keeps walking and sees a little milk box that is like a cat rest area that someone made. It is a little cat house. Hong-zo sees it and wonders if he should rest there. But a suspicious person watches him from the shadows.

Sol-ah keeps looking for him and overhears some girls who said that they saw a dead cat, so she asks them where it is. They say that he was buried by the security guard. So she runs to the site where it was buried and looks for it. She finally finds it and and looks so sad as she kneels in front of it and starts to dig it up and get all teary. 

She gets to the box and opens it. All the while thinking about Hong-zo and all the fun she had with Hong-zo. But this isn’t Hong-zo.

The security guard asks her what she doing? She says that she is looking for her cat. She heard a street cat was here. He tells her he buried it and asks if this is her cat. She says no.

Cut to Hong-zo sitting with a random guy, maybe the mysterious guy? He tells Hong-zo that he thought he was someone who tried to harm cats. Hong-zo asks, what about the cat? the mans ays that people say that they are noisy and dirty and unlucky and weaker than humans. A lot of people throw them away. I just wanted to treat a street cat that had a leg injury. it is hard to survive when the cats are abandoned. And it will be cold soon.

Hong-zo goes home. Jae-wun rings the bell and asks if Sol-ah is inside. He has to take the cat. Can I come in? Hong-zo keeps him from going inside. Jae-sun tells him that the person who wants to adopt the cat is waiting. It is already past time. So I will take the cat and leave.

Hong-zo tells him that he is not taking it.

Jae-sun tells him that he is done talking to Sol-ah. HZ tells him that cat is not here anymore. Cats are like that, when they are ready to leave, they leave. He heads back inside. Jae-sun starts to call after him, but then starts to sneeze. 

Inside, Hong-zo thinks that when he falls asleep, he becomes a cat, so he will be abandoned.




Jae-sun sees Sol-ah walking back and asks he what happened. The person who wants to adopt this cat waited for a long time. She tells him sorry. He asks what happened. She says that she lost it. Hong-zo.

He asks when? She says she doesn’t know. She didn’t see it this morning.

He asks, you had no plan at all? She tells him it always disappears and comes back. He tells her that he told her to be careful leaving the door open all the time.

She says it is her fault. He tells her that not being caring is also abandoning. 

She asks what?

He tells her that she abandoned it again. She asks, what are you talking about? Why would I abandon Hong-zo? Are you, do you think that I have feelings toward you? Do you think that I abandoned a cat because it belongs to someone you loved? You really think I am that far on the bottom. He says it is not like that. She tells him, I didn’t abandon Hong-zo. I abandoned you Lee Jae-sun. She storms off.

When she goes inside, she thinks that she shouldn’t have accepted this cat. She wipes a tear and says that cats are cats. But then she sees Hong-zo inside the box to be adopted. She picks him up and starts to hug him and cry and cuddle.

VO – I am a dog, I cannot help it. I am a dog who loves cats.

Later on, Boy Hong-zo and Jae-sun eat the dukbogi that he bought for them. She happily starts to eat it and says that she would have eaten it earlier if she wasn’t looking for the cat. he asks, you were looking for him?

Sh says yes, I was looking everywhere for him but he was sleeping in the box. He asks why she was looking for him since she doesn’t own him. She tells him that there is a saying that cats do not have owners. Hong-zo says that people made that up to not be responsible. She thinks that might be true. He asks what she thinks? She thinks about it and says she does not know.

That night, Jae-sun sees a posting that Sol-ah made about her missing cat Hong-zo who enters and leaves balconies all the time. Then he gets a call from the person who wants to adopt the cat. She tells him that she is recently pregnant. So she wont adopt the cat anymore. She hangs up.

This makes him think about a family who gave him back to the orphanage after they became pregnant. it looks like this happened to him several times throughout the years. the nun tries to comfort him after each time. But it gets harder and harder as he ages. So she just sits with him.

In the present, Jae-sun reads the note left with him. It says, “I’m sorry”.


Sol-ah meets with Jae-sun and tells him that the cat was on the bookshelf. She is sorry. But she is sorry because she will not give him the cat. he says that she hates cats. She tells him that she likes Hong-zo. She happily looks at Hong-zo and scratches his neck. Hong-zo also behaves well with her.

That night she starts to write in her webcomic again. She added Hong-zo to the webcomic.

VO – I think I have something I want to draw.

She starts to draw Hong-zo.

Cut to someone coming back from the airport. He accidentally drops his passport. Two ladies pick it up. They ask, Bong-Gu-pong, did you drop your passport? Bong Gu-pong? 

He turns around.

(So the travel writer son is back!)

Fade Out


Another happy light and fluffy show that is joyful to watch. No complaints.


JS – Did you just come out from that house?

HZ – [You] liked him for ten years?

JE – Yes, it was a long time

SA – No room for me.

HZ – Maybe I won’t be able to stand in front of you anymore.

SA – You really don’t talk about yourself

HZ – I want to be with you

SA – What is the thing you can’t say?

JS – You gave the scarf to a boy?

SA – Hong-zo was in this scarf?

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