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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Sol-ah plays with shadow puppets with Hong-zo cat. Her shadow puppet is a dog, but she grows sad as she realizes that she is not a dog anymore.

She looks at her comic, on the screen it says that she paused her upload. But she mutters that it is embarrassing since no one is waiting for it. She would like to eat rice ddukbogi. The cat runs upstairs and then Hong-zo boy comes back and asks if she would like Rice ddikboki.

She thinks that is a big coincidence but she has to go to work. However she does thank him for last night before she heads out.

After walking out, she looks at the coffee shop sadly. Jae-sun comes out right then so she awkwardly waves and talks about the weather and the wind, but then a leaf or something slaps her in the face. So she wraps it up and hurries off feeling stupid.


Hong-zo leaves the house as a cat and looks at a sign at the coffee house. He is looking to hire. So Jae-sun asks him if he is looking for work? But hong-so tells him he doesn’t want his help, then he walks off.


At work. Doo-sik asks Sol-ah why she is not uploading anymore. She says she is done with all that and she would like to go on a blind date actually. he tells her that she has done this a lot, but she says that she told him also. She will not follow him like a dog and will not like cat like men.

Doo-sik asks what kind of man she wants? She says she wants a dog like guy. Someone who only follows me and waits for me (this is almost like her saying that she wants to date a son of a b, lol). 

Outside somewhere, Hong-zo walks around and smells barbecue fish at Doo-sik parents restaurant. The father asks him if he would like to come in? he goes in and the mother tells him to sit! Cut to all the food that Hong-zo ate sitting on his table, but he has no money. So the mother tells him to call home.

He doesn’t take the phone so the mother says that she thought he was a good guy but you do this? The father tries to stick up for him. But the mother stops him and says he will make him a proper man. Cut to him working at the restaurnat which is a boon for the place because a lot of women go there to eat now.

Doo-sik shows up that night as well and remembers him from the bedroom when he was drunk. He asks him if he is from their high school art class also? He doesn’t really say anything. Doo-sik notices that the retaurant is super packed and tells him mom that they have a ton of customers due to this guy.

The mother says that she didn’t even have a chance to sit, she wishes that she had someone to massage her back. Hong-zo starts to massage her back but she tells him not to do it since they have customers around. But it looks like it feels really good so she lets him do it.

The father comes out and says that one of the fish spilled on the table so he will throw it away. But Hong-zo starts to eat it happily. This signals to Doo-sik that this kid could be a dog like man.


Doo-sik goes to the cafe and asks Jae-sun if he will date Sol-ah or not? You shuold not give room to her. Jae-sun says he will not. So Doo-sik tells him that he is giving Sol-ah a blind date. Don’t regret your decision.

Cut to the blind date. Sol-ah is all dressed in a bright red dress and ready for her blind date. Sh is standing at the top of the steps and asks DOo-sik where her blind date is. He tells her that he should be there soon.

She sees bang Koo-pong walkg up (Hong-zo) and asks if he has a blind date here too? Good luck! So Hong-zo waits on a ledge while Sol-ah continues to wait for her blind date, not knowing that her blind date is Hong-zo. But then she figures it out and asks if he is the dog? The part timer? You work at that fish palc?

He nods. She sighs at her misfortune and tells him to forget about the blind date, lets just eat lunch. Come on.

So she walks ahead and he follows behind her. She tells him to stop following behind her sohe starts to walk ahead of her. She tells him to walk with her. So he walks by her side.



Montage of them walking up the street happily as she does all the talking and pointing. They get to a kimchi chigae event booth and decide to try and win the guessing game of what is under each of the three items. But Sol-ah is bad at it.

Hong-zo looks like he knows though. She does it three times, on the third time she misses once again. But Hong-zo knows which one it is. So the man asks if he would like to try. Sol-ah says yes, he is doing it!

So the man mixes the things up, Hong-zo gets it. The booth guys does it really fast this time, Hong-zo gets it! So they win some pretty big gifts. No wait, he wins all the gifts! LOL. he carries them all away in a huge bag.  She carries one of them.

They happily walk off and try to find a restaurant to eat at. Hong-zo becomes transfixed with a sushi train at a sushi place, so they go in there. She has to teach him how to eat at one. You take the plate, not just the sushi off of the plate.

She happily chats with him and says that she was jealous of friends who had siblings, but now I have something like that. But he can’t respond because he ate a lot of wasabi so his senses are burning, he has to stop a moment. She takes the wasabi off of his sushi.

He finally gets it together and asks her if she is still going to draw the Willow tree boy? She says that she has realized that what she likes is different than what other people like. He tells her to try it again. She isn’t so sure about it and asks him when he is leaving again? Are you going to save up part time money and then leave?

He asks why he would leave? She mentions the travel writing stuff, he says he doesn’t want to do that. So she asks him what his dream is then? But Jae-sun calls her right then. She does not accept the phone call.

Later on, they happily go back to their house. Jae-sun is waiting outside and asks them where they went. Solah tells him she was on a blind date. He sys he called her. She tells him that sh didn’t realize, she was having so much fun and didn’t look at her cell phone. She raises her new toy.

He mentions that that is a cat stuffed animal? You hate cats. She tells him she has her pick of animals, look at all these that Bong won for me! The point is I am fine. Let’s go. Jae-sun says that he has something to tell her. She says she has nothing to tell him. They keep walking off and Hong-zo pushes him out of the way with the bag.

But Jae-sun continues and says that he has someone to take the cat. She turns around and asks who. he tells her it is someone who likes cats. I shouldn’t have asked you to begin with, sorry. That person will take the car tomorrow.


Sol-ah and Hong-zo go back inside. he asks her if she is really going to send away the cat? She sadly says she has to, she was just the temporary watcher of the cat. Hong-zo is sad to hear it. Sol-ah mentions that getting the cat was a strange relationship with Jae-sun so this could be a good thing. But I need to buy cat snack treats since he is leaving tomorrow. She hurries off to do that.



Hong-zo thinks about being abandoned by the girlfriend and then being abandoned by Jae-sun and being taken in by Sol-ah. he thinks about if he is human or not and sighs.

So he goes to meet with his friend, Dae-sung, the little boy. Dae-sung has a cat with him that he is petting. Hong-zo tells him that cats do not have owners, they just decide who to stay with. This cat has decided to stay with you.

Dae-sung thinks that is cool and wonders if that means he can take this cat home with him. But Hong-zo says no, this cat is used to living outside, he will visit you. the boy runs off to get cat food.

hong-zo keeps talking to the cat. He calls him a liar and says that people choose, not the cat. halmoni, you are also abandoned like me. The cat grumpily looks at him. Hong-zo thinks that he will be abandoned again. humans make all the choices, there is only one way. To become a real human.

Dae-sun comes back with dried anchovies for the cat. Hong-zo asks him what he can do to become a human. The boy says, well, my halmoni told me old stories.

Cut to hong-zo rying to eat 100 garlics (which is an old Korean story where the bear became human but the tiger gave up). Hong-zo eats almost all of it, but gets sick. He turns back into a cat and passes out.

Sol-ah comes home and rushes him to the vet. The vet asks if she is feeding strange things to this cat to see him again? But he says it is a joke because she looked so worried. It is not so bad, just give medicine and play with him when you have time. He might be causing trouble to get your attention.


Ji-eun and Doo-sik reach for the same drink (twice, lol) at the convenience store. Then they realize each other are there. So he tells her that she can take it. She says that he can take it. So he takes two. But they are all gone.

So she leaves sadly. But when they get outside, we see Doo-sik holding out the drink to her. She is so nervous and says she is okay. But he puts it in her hands. She thanks him super quietly and bows and then walks off quickly. He tells her that he will see her at work!

She hesitantly bows again and walks away fast. Doo-sik follows her so she turns around. He says he is going the same way. She says he doesn’t have to take her, she can go home alone. He says okay, goodbye, but he keeps walking in that same direction.

She walks a bit and asks why he is following her. he says he is going in the same direction. She thinks he is super kind and happily walks to her place. He wonders if this is too weird? I really like in this neighborhood. Maybe I should walk first?

So he tries to walk ahead of her but she starts to run and yells, don’t follow me! he stops and mutters, but I didn’t do anything. She keeps running and passes by Doo-sik’s appa, Min-joong. Doo-sik walks up and tells him that he thinks someone really hates him. But Ji-eun is actually super happy to get the drink and giggles pleasantly at home as she looks at it.


Sol-ah brushes the cat and tells him that she never even had time to do this. You should be super pretty to get love. But we cut to Hong-zo messing up his hair later. he tells himself if he does not sleep then he is human. So he tries to stay awake.

Sol-ah looks for cat Hong-zo as boy Hong-zo stands there trying to stay awake. He tells her that he will not leave there, he wills tay there. She asks, what about your dream of being a travel writer. He says that his dream is to be a real human. She looks at him strangely but then they both sit for a drink. She tells him that milk is the best when you can’t sleep.

Hong-zo starts to make a dog shadow puppet. She shows him how to properly make one and fixes his fingers in the right way. Hong-zo asks how to make a cat. She says that she does not know how to make a cat. She wonders if she should et a dog after sending away the cat.

Hong-zo stands up and storms off angrily. he goes upstairs and tells himself that he is not sleeping!


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