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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 3 Recap – Part 2

Meow: The Secret Boy (Welcome) Episode 3 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Meow: The Secret Boy!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





The little boy from the last episode walks around the neighborhood teaching Hong-zo how to read and speak Korea. Though Hong-zo is distracted by food all the time. The little boy, Dae-sung, asks him if he has money. HZ says no. The boy tells him that he can’t buy it, we need to teach you manners first. You shouldn’t ask to buy things, that is rude. Asking people to hug you is also rude.

They end up going to Doo-sik’s parents place. The parents know Dae-sung so they let them eat for free. Dae-sun explains to Hong-zo that this is jung among neighbors, which is why they can eat there. Dae-sun tells the owners that this is his friend, he is teaching him manners. So the mother thinks that Hong-zo is probably a good rare type of person so she tells them to enjoy and tells her husband that she likes this guy.

At work, Sol-ah checks home many people have seen her webtoon, 1000, 2000? But it is only 17 people, lol. She counts up all the people, so it is all the people she knows plus 3 people she does not know.

Doo-sik tells her to stop shaking her leg. Sol-ah tells him that she is not shaking her leg. They notice that Ji-eun is shaking her leg so they are worried that she noticed that Sol-ah was not working. Doo-sik asks Ji-eun to buy her a coffee at his friends place. He a coupon for a free coffee. She looks a bit disappointed that it is only a coupon, but thanks him with a nod.


Later that night, Sol-ah bumped her head because the entrance light didn’t turn on. She can’t see the bump though so she hopes someone else can look at it. She asks the cat if he worried about her, but the cat runs away. 

She notices that the cat likes the light from her mirror so she starts to shine it everywhere for him to chase and thinks cats are cats. If a cat hugs me because I am sick, then it is not a cat anymore.

Across the street, Ji-eun actually goes to the coffee house with the coupon and gives it to Jae-sun. He asks if she needs anything else? She shyly tells him no.

In the other house, Sol-ah continues to work when Hong-zo shows up. He tells her that he wants to see her drawing. She tells him no, she needs to focus and don’t stand behind me either. So he stands int he corner in front of her. She sys she didn’t ask him to stand in front of her either. So he sits right next to her.

She mutters, can’t you just go away? Your room is on the second floor. So he goes upstairs.

She gets a call from Doo-sik just then telling her that Hye-yeon and Da-som from work want to go to the coffee shop too so they are going. We all know you live across the street so come out. She sighs and yells to the cat that she is going out.


Sol-ah shows up to the coffee house. Ji-eun doesn’t know if she should say hi to her or not and hesitates to stand or sit or stand or sit. She ends up sitting.

the other workers come by as well so they all sit at the same table. But Ji-eun is still in the corner watching them. No one notices her.

the workers start to talk together about how Sol-ah, Doo-sik, and Jae-sun used to go to school together. They talk about Sol-ah was bronze in class, Jae-sun was sliver, but who was gold? Ah, Ii kind of remember, that sunbae that was one year older than us! But hyung!

Doo-sik and Sol-ah happily clap. But Jae-sun says the gold is sitting right over there. They all look at her. Sol-ah and Doo-sik were way off, lol. The workers are all like, whaaaaaat, Ji-eun???? How long has she been there?

They ask Jae-sun how he knows her? he says they were in the same art class. I didn’t know that you worked in the same company. Sol-ah and Doo-sik didn’t realize that she was the gold student in the class. Ji-eun tries to talk and says she wasn’t the gold. So they wonder, if she wasn’t the gold then she was….~.

They all look at her. Ji-eun stutters and stammers and says that she was the Grand Prize winner. They are all super shocked. She is definitely not a parachute.

Flashback to art class where Ji-eun sat in the back of the room.

In the coffee shop, they pull Ji-eun to the table and sit her between Sol-ah and Doo-sik. Doo-sik asks why she didn’t tell them that she was in the same art class. She mutters that she did. But we see a flashback where she only said these things in her head. We also see how she has the same ring as the others as well. She tried to show it to them so that they would see it.

Doo-sik finally sees it at the table and shows it to everyone. He says that she wore glasses? She tells him that her eyesight is perfect. So he says braces then? She says she has good teeth. So he asks if she moved to another school? Hye-yeon speaks up and says that she doesn’t remember all her classmates either.

Meanwhile, Sol-ah looks at Jae-sun and says that this is the Jae-sun that she likes, he watches everything and notices details that others miss, like a cat. he should have seen my webtoon.

Da-som and Hye-yeon tells Sol-ah that she should post the next webtoon because they wonder why the Willow boy closed his door. So he doesn’t like her? But they even kissed. they keep talking about the willow boy and the girl and if he likes her or not like her and how she keeps banging on the door because she does not accept that he doesn’t like her. They think that she should stop hanging around the cave door.

Doo-sik tells them that he likes the kind of girl that take care of him. Ji-eun tries to give him her macaroon, but he eats one on his own and doesn’t notice. DS also asks Jae-sun if he saw the webtoon.



At home, Hong-zo reads the webtoon.

Int he coffee shop, Jae-sun tells Sol-ah that he wants to story to change. You are obsessed with the willow tree boy. But she can do different things. I want that to happen. The coworkers agree and think the story is a bit cliche right now.

Doo-sik tells her that she has more clicks and replies. They all look at his phone. But there are mostly bad replies because the guy doesn’t want to open the door. But they think that the drawing is good. The table grows awkward because the replies are all bad. Sol-ah excuses herself and goes back to her house.

The light is fixed. She takes a moment to look at all the lights and then sees Hong-zo reading the webtoon. She tells him it is all cliche, the woman meets the man and gets saved. But Hong-zo says that the willow boy is the one that is getting rescued. To rescue the Willow tree boy who is trapped in the cave, she goes there everyday even though it is winter and bangs on the door.

She asks him if he would like to have a drink? So she drinks beer and he drinks milk, lol. he looks at the milk. She tells him it is lactose free milk for the cat. is that okay? He takes a sip. Milk gets on his upper lip giving him a milk mustache. She laughs.

She asks him about traveling and where he stays the most. He says the window. So asks the best places he has been to. He says the rooftop. She says he knows things. I thought you were the dumb guy of the neighborhood. He asks if that guy that came is the willow tree guy? She mutters that he knows things that he shouldn’t know.

That night, Jae-sun reads er webtoon and thinks about their kiss. It is just like the kiss in the webtoon. He told her that he would pick her up after work. He made her a nice leather wallet that he was taking to her that night. But he saw her scarf on the street. He stops and looks at it. It looks like that made him think of something.

She calls him but he does not answer. She texts him but he doesn’t respond. So she waits by herself

In the present, Hong-zo asks her if he disappeared even though they promised to meet like the Willow tree boy? She asks how much he wants to know. He wonders why he didn’t give an explanation or anything.

She tells him that he had another woman, that was his explanation and greeting. Hong-zo asks her why she is that kind of person. Sol-ah explains that sometimes Jae-sun leaves but comes back to where he should be. Hong-zo tells her that she is the one that came back.

She thinks they are like planets, they cannot get away from each other. Hong-zo tells her that she also cannot become closer to him as well. You just circle around each other. She tells him that is true. I was like a dog. Purposefully thrown away but wagged my tail and came back.

Hong-zo tells her that he will let her stand in front of his door forever, he will not let you in or appreciate the person that comes back.



That night, Sol-ah goes to talk to Jae-sun outside his place. He asks her what happened. 

SA – Why did you let me stand in front of your door.

JS – Come in.

SA – Just do one thing, let me in or kick me out. If you are a friend then do friend things. Don’t check my temperature or give me medicine. DOn’t be a boyfriend. If you are sick of being a willow tree boy, then don’t behave like one.

JS – Lets talk inside. It bothered me that I talked about your webtoon like that.

SA – Yeah, you should have been clear. The kiss was a mistake. Just cancel it. You should have told me that. Then I would understand. Why did you say that I was the only one?

JS – You are special, let’s go back to where we were.

SA – Like before? It won’t happen. And actually, Ii have this thought. Because I am where I am all the time and are only looking at you, that is why you happily ran away. Because I am the place you can come back to. I have known you for a long time. No, I thought I knew you. I thought I could protect you, but it made you run away more.

JS – it is  not like that

SA – What is the reason then? Why not me?

JS – Your scarf.

SA – What?

JS – The scarf you were always wearing, where is it. Did you throw it away?

SA – What are you taking about? Are you changing the subject?

JS – Nothing.

SA – Why did you stop, look at me. Tell me, don’t run away. Why not me? Why can’t I be something to you? Tell me. Tell me so I can understand you.

JS – Just stop.

SA – Your silence used to be comfort, but not anymore. I am not going to be a dog anymore. I am not a dog.

She walks away. He looks regretful. He sees the white cat and walks to him and tells him that she abandoned him.

Flashback to that night where Jae-sun saw the little cat wrapped in her scarf. He says that she abandoned him. There is a note next to the cat that says, if you need then take this with you.

So Jae-sun took the cat and didn’t call Sol-ah back.

Sol-ah cries in her house that night as the cat strolls up to her.

VO – It is not a cat if it hugs you because you are hurt.

The cat goes away. Sol-ah keeps crying.

But then the boy Hong-so puts his arm around her.

VO – As a human, I can hug.

She looks at him and then cries into his shoulder.

In a flashback, a baby is abandoned at a Catholic Church. he is left with a note. In the present, Jae-sun still has this note.


Okay, Meow The Secret boy is starting to grow on me a little bit. Perhaps because it is such a silly show and I don’t have to think too hard while watching or recapping it. I also really like Ji-eun’s super shy character. She is so adorable. I really want her to overcome her shyness a tiny bit so that she can be one of the team.


English Translation

HZ – How can I be a real human?

DS – I will give Sol-ah a blind date

JS – What kind of man?

SA – Someone who only like me, like a dog

SA – Someone who only looks at me and waits for me and only follows me.

JS – there is someone who can take the cat.

HZ – What if it comes back

SA – Send him back

HZ – There is only one way

JS – What do you mean?

HZ – Cats are like that, when it is time to leave, it leaves by itself

HZ – What is your choice?

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