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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 3 Recap – Part 1

The fluffy fluff continues! Y’all, this show is so light it floats away.

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Hong-zo walks right in to Sol-ah and Jae-sun standing in the kitchen. They are shocked to see him. Sol-ah tells Jae-sun, see! He is following me! Hong-zo tells him to leave. Sol-ah is shocked once again and says that people will think that he is the owner of this house!

Sol-ah gets a phone call just then from Bang-sil about her son. She asks if he is there yet? She got mail from him saying that he is going home. He never uses the door, only the balcony, so don’t be surprised by him. Also, he isn’t like me, he has pale skin and is pretty shiny. You might be surprised. He also doesn’t have a cell phone.

Sol-ah tells her that she thinks he is here and looks up and down Hong-zo. Then she gives him the phone and says it is his umma. He shakes his head. But she gives him the phone and says that he made her worry. The mother talks into the phone, Hong-zo doesn’t know what is going on. He listens though as she talks about having zippo (dried fish). 

The umma also tells him that he and Sol-ah are the same age though he was born earlier. So he is her oppa.


Jae-sun leaves the house but he looks back at it worried.

Inside the house, Sol-ah tries to talk to Hong-zo. She realizes his name is Pang Gu Pong (fart in Korean). He tells her not to call him that. She tells him not to use banmal with her. We need to keep a little distance with each other. You didn’t introduce yourself and were watching me. You went to far with this game. I don’t like this house and it wasn’t my choice to live here and you just showed up so you shouldn’t just kick my friend out.

He tells her he is not her friend. But he speaks in chopped sentences. She tells him that he is like an older brother that controls the little sister. Fine, if you want to use banmal then lets use it Bang Gu-pong.

She goes to the door, the light turns on and off at the door in a strange way. When she turns back around Hong-zo has turned back into a cat. She picks him up and looks aorund as the lights flicker on and off again, spooking her.


Sol-ah tells Doo-sik that she thinks Hong-zo is a cat – a cat like person. She wonders why cat like people are always around her. They are sitting in Jae-sun’s cafe.

Doo-sik asks what is o n her clothing, you smell bad. Flashback to Hong-zo making zippo with her clothes iron. He also makes zippo with her curling iron. She tells him that if he is hungry then they can eat breakfast together. He makes zippo with the toaster.

Doo-sik thinks he is a funny guy. She tells him that he is like a little kid, she has to take care of him.

DS – You took care of you father until now. Now you are taking care of your fathers girlfriends son. That is why you always attract a cat that you ahve to embrace and no one embraces you.

Jae-sun comes up and tells her to take the umbrella that her brother guy left. He gives the yellow umbrella to her.

SA – see, he just does whatever! ah, I need to find another house.

DS – No, you shouldn’t leave, let me see what kind of guy he is.

DS asks Jae-sun if he has time this evening. JS tells them that the will close the store a little early then. So DS thinks they can go to her palce and make SA a bit timid. SA is happy about that.



Back at the house, Hong-zo looks through all the son’s things and puts on some clothes. He thinks that he is not Pong Gu-pong. Sol-ah comes in and tells him that her friends are coming over so she is cleaning, lets clean together and go to the grocery store. She starts vacuuming which makes Hong-zo run away.

Outside, she tells him what to do with a lot of boxes int he yard. But he just wants to sit inside the boxes. So she tells him that she will go to the grocery store. he hops out to go with her.


They start shopping but it is mostly Sol-ah shopping and Hong-zo following around and picking up random things to look at them. However, he sees the fresh fish section and grabs one for her. he drops it right in the cart. She is super shocked and tells him that there are already packaged ones! So she hesitantly picks up the live fish and throws is back into the tank.

He keeps saying that Hong-zo likes fish or Hong-zo likes this thing or that. She wonders how he knows what Hong-zo likes? But she shakes it off and goes to pay. However she has to pay for everything herself because he has no money.


That night, they prepare for the evening in. Jae-sun is the first to come in. He sneezes because Hong-zo turns back into a cat and runs up to him. But he runs away. Sol-ah mutters that he is difficult to love. Doo-sik comes in next and asks where he is!

Sol-ah asks what he is doing. Doo-sik tells her this is the first impression. Then he yells for Sol-ah to come out! Lol, he even made himself huge with lots of clothing under his clothing. But he finds out that HZ is not there so he drops all the clothing. They start drinking soon after and end up having a fun night.

Cut to them joking around the coffee table. Doo-sik mentions that Jae-sun still has the ring he made in their art class. he has it on right now. As they talk about all their good memories, we see Hong-zo peaking around the corner looking at them.

Doo-sik is pretty drunk and tries to find the bathroom. HZ runs off to his room. Doo-sik accidentally opens HZ’s door and sees Hong-zo, he closes it really quickly. But then he realizes that he has been here the entire time???? He opens the door again but only sees the cat, so he thinks this is from the alcohol and runs off to the bathroom.

In the living room, Sol-ah thinks that they are back to normal again as friends. She thinks about the ksis again and we finally see what happened after the kiss. She smiled and he told her that she should go to work. She blushes and says something just happened. He tells her to go to work, I will see you this evening and pick you up, he also smiles. She is super happy and they head out together.

But he didn’t meet her that night. She waited for him at a playground but he did not answer her text messages.

In the present, in the living room, Sol-ah tells him that it was the coldest day. The person that she was waiting for didn’t come. He apologizes. She asks if he is trying to make it like it is nothing? Like nothing will happen in your life? You ran away to another woman and ran away from that woman. I am right, right? You ran away? I knew it. You ran away from home also.

But she tells him thank you for coming back anyway. for coming back to me. He doesn’t say anything. She thinks that something could happen between the two of them. But he tells her that to him you are Kim Sol-ah. She wonders why he is saying that again. He says it is enough to me.

Hong-zo listens in and thinks back to Jae-sun saying that to Doo-sik. Jae-sun continues and tells her that she is Kim Sora, you are the only Kim Sora.

The two guys head home, Sol-ah cleans. Hong-zo voices over.

VO – People’s word makes people understand each other but also makes people misunderstand each other.

Sol-ah is happy with Ja-sun’s words and thinks that she is the only one to him. But Hong-zo thinks in his mind that this means that to him you can be nothing. She notices Hong-zo looking at her and asks how long he was standing there? He says a long time. She tells him that he should have said hi to them. He goes back upstairs.



Later on, Sol-ah thinks about either submitting her webtoon or not submitting her webtoon. The cat is right next to her. She pulls out the ring she made in art class and tells Hong-zo that this is her lucky ring. She puts it on and submits her webtoon.

But she is super  nervous and thinks that she doesnt want anyone to read it. Human Hung-zo watches from behind her.


Doo-sik tells Sol-ah that he saw her webtoon, the unstoppable willow tree boy. Of course I know it is you from the title. I saw it and my parents saw it and their friends just to increase the clicks, you are welcome.

She goes in to work and all the other workers saw her webtoon as well. They joke that they want her signature. Everyone reads it at work. Sl-ah asks Doo-sik if he is crazy. Doo-sik says that he is just heping her. Ji-eun is also reading the webtoon. So everyone is reading the webtoon.

When the VP comes in, she asks Ji-eun if she would like to have a morning coffee with her? So she goes to have that morning coffee. Doo-sik and Sol-ah secretly watch and wonder if she talked about the comic. After the talk ends, Sol-ah and Doo-sik asks Ji-eun if she talked about the webtoon?

Ji-eun looks at the ring on Sol-ahs finger. Sol-ah asks her if she told the VP. Ji-eun asks why she should tell her? Is it because I am a parachute? Do you really think so? Sol-ah hangs her head.

Later on, Sol-ah and Doo-sik walk around the balcony walkway area outside. They think that she must not be the parachute. Sol-ah sighs and thinks that it is so hard to understand cat people. Then they start to talk about Jae-sun and if he knows about the webtoon. But Doo-sik tells him that Jae-sun didnt respond to his Katalk recently.


Sol-ah bashfully goes to the coffee shop to talk to Jae-sun. he has a pretty full house so he is busy. She corners him at his kitchen area and asks if he saw her webtoon. But he notices the cat and asks if she left her window open. Hong-zo is right behind her. He tells her that it is dangerous to leave things open when a cat is around. then he goes back to work.

Sol-ah goes home and talks to Hong-zo about her webtoon. She asks why the willow tre boy closed his door all of a sudden. Hong-zo cat doesn’t say anything. She tells him the he is her first reader you have to help me out. 

On the webtoon, the character says, “why isn’t he opening the door?”

So it looks like she is trying to find out what comes next in the story.

that night, Hong-zo boy reads the webtoon but wonders what it means.


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  1. Adralyn
    April 1, 2020 / 8:44 pm

    I am so glad you are recapping this one. It is just adorable. I hope it stays so cute like it is in these first episodes.

    • V
      April 3, 2020 / 5:02 pm

      I’m glad your reading along, Adralyn! This show is fluffy and cute and a perfect happy watch so far.

  2. Andrea
    April 11, 2020 / 7:34 am

    Can anyone please help me with the BGM/OST that played at 45:16 of Episode 3?

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