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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 2 Recap – Part 2

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 2 Recap – Part 2 #Welcome #MeowSecretBoy

This is part 2 of our recap for Meow: The Secret Boy!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Sol-ah wakes up looking perfectly fine. Her first thought is if Hong-zo is okay so she starts to look around her bed from him and finds him sitting behind her. She smiles happily and playful music starts to play.

She fixes him breakfast happily. He eats it all up. Then she gets a text from Jae-sun to see if she is okay and to open her door. Medicine is on her door so she happily runs to look at his house then she goes back inside to take the medicine.

Hong-zo turns back into a human and looks at her, smiling.

Sol-ah takes her medicine in her bedroom while she is looking across the street at Jae-sun’s place. She mumbles to herself that it is a nice view then sees Jae-sun come out and start to sweep. She hides momentarily but then peeks out again. he sees her and asks if her fever is okay. She bashfully says yes.

Hong-zo looks at her sadly as a human.


Sol-ah happily work at work. She tells Doo-sik that she has a secret that she is not going to tell him. He begs her to tell him so she says that she started her webtoon again. he asks if she is going to quit this job? She smiles but does not answer. he says he is already lonely. I want to get out of this post-it hell.

Ji-eun comes in so he stands up really quickly so she can put her post-it there. But she says that he wanted her to say these things in person, so this time I will say it. She says something work related with a sign and tells him to change the wording. he says that he will do it right away. She aw-shucks off and sits happily at her desk.

He sends  it to her but he made a big mistake on it. So she has to talk to him again. She hesitantly tells him what she wants him to do. She wants him to change the word. But he erased everything and only put the word. So she tries to explain it to him. Sol-ah looks on and laughs so much. all the other employees come as well and laugh. Ji-eun looks so sorry for him. 

The VP comes up and tells them that they need to separate personal life and work. They all get back to work. Sol-ah keeps laughing, Ji-eun keeps looking guilty. Doo-sik tells Sol-ah that she is so happy, what happened last night? She starts to tell him about the house she moved to.


The cat boy walks to the coffee leather shop across the street. He is holding her umbrella and wonders why Sol-ah was crying and laughing because of this guy? Then Jae-sun comes out and asks him what he is doing? But he coughs and the cat boy disappears. But the umbrella remains.

Suddenly Doo-sik shows up and asks if he and Sol-ah are okay? It was so stressful to be between you and her. It has been 10 months that she was counting you dating another woman. Tell me what happened between you two.

The cat walks on the cafe rooftop.

Doo-sik asks what Sol-ah is to him. Jae-sun says that Sol-ah is Sol-ah and you are Doo-sik. Doo-sik is all like, what the f? I thought you would say some kind of poetry, but it means nothing? But you just say she is Sol-ah and I am Doo-sik? Are you calling the attendance? Listen, she moved right in front of you so take care of her a little bit more.

they both go inside his cafe. Sol-ah walks right by then as well and sees Hong-zo on the rooftop. She immediately thinks that is dangerous! Hong-zo! Hong-zo, did you just look at me! Is it because I called you Hong-zo?

She starts to think that he is in trouble so that is why he notices her, okay, I see hat you are in trouble so you can come to me. But wait over thee for now! Don’t move! She looks around for something to get him with.

inside, Doo-sik starts to talk to Jae-sun about Sol-ah and how she is super girly, they just don’t know it because they have been friends for a long time.

Outside, Sol-ah gets a ladder and climbs to the rooftop to get Hong-zo, but he has moved to another spot. 

Inside, Jae-sun sees the ladder and wonders if he put it there?

Outside, Sol-ah takes her dumb butt right on top of that roof. Then she sees that Hong-zo has made it back to the ground. So she starts to climb back to the ladder with her heels and of course, falls.

This looks bad, until we see that Hong-zo has turned into a boy again and catches her bride style. She is taken aback, but then hops up and starts to call Hong-zo’s name again. She looks around and doesn’t see him. Then she sees him running off. But she wonders where that man went and thinks that his eyes were a little….

That night she looks at Hong-o’s eyes and think that the mystery man’s eyes look like Hong-zo’s eyes. She wishes that she had a chance to thank him and wonders where he lives.



In front of Doo-sik’s parents place, his parents see Ji-eun walking and looking at the ground as she walks. The mother comments about it and says that this woman looks at the street and walks again. The father thinks that he has never seen her around. The mother says that she is always like that, she looks so depressed all the time.

they keep working on cleaning up and tell each other that they did a good job.

Ji-eun gets home and sits on her floor. She pulls out a little box and looks at a rock inside it that says “Ko Doo-sik art genius”. So it looks like she loved him for a long time. She wonders why she can’t tell him.


the cat boy lays with Ji-eun and is all sprawled all over her as a boy. She wakes up and sees him sprawled out as a cat. But she thinks that she had a man ghost laying on her in her dream.

Later on, she tells Hong-zo goodbye and goes to work. Hong-zo looks around the bathroom and grabs her toothbrush and then puts it inside his pocket.

Sol-ah goes to a gom-ok-pang street vendor’s place and buys one. She talks to a little boy there who said that he was saying hi to hyung. She turns around and sees the mystery man standing behind her. She jumps and then tells him that she did not tell him thank you. So she does.

He picks up something on the floor to eat, she stops him quickly and says that it was on the street. you should eat this one. So she gives him what she just purchased. She tells him that she will see him around because she lives in the area now. Goodbye.

But he follows her on the bus. The bus driver says he has to pay but he has no money so he tells Sol-ah that he rescued her. She thinks this means that he wants her to pay for his bus ride, so she does. 

They both ride the bus together, him sitting behind her. She feels awkward. the song that starts playing is “Don’t look at me like that…”. He touches the stuffed chain on her bag which makes a squeak noise and makes her think that this is the most awkward thing in the world. She tries to pleasantly take it away but he pulls it. Then he mutters that he rescued her (lol, I would be headed to the police station).

He follows her to a vending machine and picks something for her to buy him and says “I rescued you”.  She says okay and gives it to him.

He keeps following her around and accidentally bangs his head on the automatic door at her workplace. She asks if he is okay? He says, “I rescued you.” she tells him that he rescued her but this is my workplace so you need to go. Okay? Then she pleasantly goes inside.

But she mumbles to herself that he looks good but he might be the town idiot.



Hong-zo walks back as a boy and sees everyone putting a card on the bus scanner.

VO – I am human looking, but without her I cannot even hop on the bus.

he walks away holding all the things she gave him, like her stuffy and the drink and the food. He eats the snack as he walks off. The sun starts to set. it looks like it took him all day to walk home. he finally gets home, super tired.

VO – I have a time limit staying as a human. If I pass out from being tired…I am a cat.

He passes out and becomes a cat then says that cats sleep a lot.

Ji-seun gets home and sees Hong-zo passed out and also sees that the window is open again. She thinks that it was opened last time. She is a bit spooked.

She goes to the bathroom but does not see her toothbrush. She looks spooked once again.

That night, she works on her webcomic. But she sees shadow and jumps. She tries to work again, but she is too scared and keeps hearing noises. But it turns out to just be the cat. She lets out a sigh of relief and thinks that she is just sensitive because she lives alone for the first time.

But she sees her stuffy on the ground and screams and runs out of her house. She runs to the leather workman’s place and bangs on his door to let her in then tells him hat someone is in her house.

So he goes over there and she hides behind him as he looks around. She tells him that the window keeps opening, her cat can’t open it. He thinks that she forgot to close it and tells her that she doesn’t even realize that she is not wearing clothes.

Ji-eun puts on her robe and thinks that this person has a fetish! Jae-sun looks under the bed and sees Sergei with the toothbrush, so he tells her that he is the pervert.

But Ji-eun shows the little stuffy and says that she gave it to the neighborhood fool. What about this? Jae-sun does not know what she is talking about and says that only they are in the house right now. Only you and me.

She thinks he is misunderstanding something since she called him this late in her underwear.

He shakes his head and starts to leave, she asks him if he would like to stay to eat ramen but then she says that he should not misunderstand that! It is not really ramen! It is jajang ramen! He says okay so she runs to make it.

he tells her that he wants to give her something as well, something he made. it is nothing though. He hands over his gift in a little box. But then he sneezes because Hong-zo is around. She takes Hong-zo outside and tells him to stay there a bit because this is an important moment. Then she runs back and opens her gift. It is a leather bracelet. She puts it on.

He tells her it is not for her wrist. So she thinks it is for her ankle? She starts to put it on. But he says that it is a cat necklace. It is for Sergei.

She tells him that she changed his name, he is not Sergei anymore. He asks why? it will be confusing, what is his name? She says that she is not telling it to him. Since he will be adopted I will jsut say the name myself.

Jae-sun thinks that the cat will be confused. But she says no, he comes when I call him. So he tells her to call him. She call Hong-zo…(Hong-zo means blushed/flushed like when your cheeks get red).

She looks at him and mutters that she said his name. he tells her that her cheeks are also Hong-zo (flushed). her pot starts to boil so she runs to stop it and burns herself a tiny bit. He puts her hands under the faucet and runs water over it.

Then they both look at each other. It looks as if they are about to kiss.

But then Hong-zo walks up as a man. they are both surprised to see him. Sol-ah hides behind Jae-sun.

Fade Out


Okay, this show is really not going anywhere and definitely moved into creepy territory with that bus ride. But it is still an easy watch and recap so we will continue with it! 


English Translation

SA – I think he is a cat.

DS – He could be a real pervert

SA – he is like a little boy, I feel like I have to take care of him

JS – I told you, you should be careful, it is dangerous.

DS – That man?

SA – I really don’t understand him

JS – Do I need to say more? You are the only one.

HZ – The guy that came before, the willow tree boy…

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