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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 2 Recap – Part 1

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 2 Recap – Part 1

The first episode was nice and fluffy, so let’s see how this second episode goes. I still feel like this show is just skating the line to being creepy and inappropriate, but so far it hasn’t crossed it. Possibly because the cat is so clueless to being a human and the overall show does not take itself seriously at all which is pretty nice.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We open to a moving van. Sol-ah is moving to the southern part of Korea and leaving Sol-ah in the girlfriends home to house sit. The girlfriend gives her her house key, pleasantly. She is thankful that she is taking care of her house because of her son. Her son is not at home because he is a travel writer. But he comes in rare;y so she did not want to leave it empty.

Her son lives on the second floor so you can have the entire first floor. She also seems like a really good person. Sol-ah tells her father to find a hospital nearby when he gets to the countryside. He asks if she is worried about him, she tells him not to worry unnecessarily.

They keep saying their goodbyes. Sol-ah is worried that he is hurrying to move when he is not the kind of person to move quickly, his heart even moves slowly. He tells her to draw things that she wants to draw. She says that is the thing a poet would say who does not write poetry. You should start to write again appa.

They both tell each other to take care of themselves in an arguing kind of way.


Later, Sol-ah rides to the new neighborhood. She thinks it looks familiar and then sees the coffee and leather crafts shop. The mover parks right in front of it. She asks if this is the right address? The mover says it is across the street. So she is moving right across the street from her crush, lol.

She is immediately worried that Jae-sun will misunderstand her and wonders if she should say hi to him. But she hides by his gate while she is thinking this so its not a good look. he comes out momentarily and calls her. She quickly picks up the phone. He asks why she sounds like that, are you crying?

Then he starts to talk about the cat and that she moved. Where did you move to? What is the address. She whispers that she will tell him later.  They hang up and she stares at the little white cat.

Cut to her going to the cafe. he gives her a lot of cat food and is only concerned with the cat and asks her why she took it, it makes both of us uncomfortable. She asks, what? I am doing this for you. Do you misunderstand something? Do you think I will ask you for something?

He says that is not it. Are you thinking of something? She tells him no and mumbles that that is not it and how he does not have a lot of friends and this is a favor. But then she mutters that she should not have to explain herself, I am the only one for you, no no no, not like that, I mean i am your friend.

She keeps digging her hole deeper and finally says that taking care of that womans house is enough stress, why do I have to explain all this. She grabs the cat food to leave.

he apologizes and says that he did not know that her abogi passed out the other day. Then he says that he will help her carry all of this out. But she tells him that she has it and starts to carry it out herself. He follows her and tells her that he can do it but she keeps telling him no! I can do it! Then she tells him that she did not know that he was so sticky.

He keeps following her to the street as she walks to her place. She keeps telling him to go back inside. He finally does it as she walks down the street.  But she doesn’t live that way, she actually lives right across the street so she has to run to her place when he is not looking. However he starts sweeping outside so she is stuck hiding at the end of the street.

The cat watches her from the second floor and wonders why she isn’t coming home and thinks that she is suffering so much.




Sh finally gets home and gives her cat the cat food while telling herself to calm down. then she opens up her pain brushes and remembers her father telling her to draw whatever she wants to draw. Later on that evening she sits at a desk with a drawing pad thinking about what she should draw. But she is hesitant and does not draw anything that night.

In the morning, she gets all ready for work and tells the cat that she is going out. But the cat doesn’t listen to her so she curses at it a bit and then heads out.

He turns into a human again and sees that she left her cell phone. Though he doesn’t know what it is. Then she comes back in so he has to run away. She pours him some water and turns on several lights. She tells the cat not to drink too much and yells that she might come back late, don’t get into trouble. But she comes right back and sets up a computer for something the cat should watch and then heads out.

He runs after her with her cell phone though he manages to stay just right behind her as they run for at least half a mile, lol. He puts her cell phone in her purse as she hops in the bus. She does not notice. He watches the bus drive off and then heads back to the house. He also wonders why he is a cat inside the house when she is not around.


The VP comes to Sol-ah’s desk and says that she must be so tired since she had to take the day off yesterday and now it is the weekend. Sol-ah tells hre that she moved yesterday. But the VP mentions to Ji-eun that she is moving so she can take the day off. Ji-eun says she will do it after she finishes her work. But the VP gives all the world to Sol-ah. 

Ji-eun stands up and says that she will do it. But the VP tells her to leave. Everyone looks on thinking that this is pretty messed up. Ji-eun looks guilty, but she has to leave since the VP told her to. Doo-sik mentions to Sol-ah not to think about it, that is the parachute and you are a worker.

So Sol-ah stays at work late working on all this work that she has to get done. meanwhile, the cat is at home waiting for her and wondering when she will be back.

She finally finishes and has to go home in the morning when it is pouring rain. Meanwhile, the cat boy is outside with an umbrella and wonders why he is not changing back to a cat? Is it okay to be in the front yard? He leaves through the gate and still does not change into a cat so he wonders if he is still a human?

The yello umbrella he is holding blows away in the wind and he turns back into a cat. When he walks to it, he turns back into a human and holds it again. He wonders what is going on. He lets go of the umbrella ad is still a human. He slowly starts to back away from it and then turns into a cat again. he picks it back up and turns back into a person.

So he thinks that it might be her things and her scent that turns him human as well. He starts to walk to the bus stop. She is already out of the bus and running up the sidewalk with her bag over her head. She almost runs into him. He smiles and holds the umbrella over the both of them.

But actually, it is not him that she sees, it is Jae-sun who is also holding an umbrella over her. They walk off together.



Jae-sun asks her if she lives this way? She says no, not this way, that way. But she is confusing so he asks her again. She kind of points, over there. So he says he can take her. But she does not want him to. He tells her that she is being suspicious, where do you live? 

Cut to the two of them standing right in front of her house. She tells him not to misunderstand. The person my appa married lives in this house. If I knew that she lived here then I would no have moved. He tells her she is being strange. She says that he has misunderstood it. That is why I hid this from you.

But he says no, and he lightly touches her cheek with the back of his hand. He tells her that she is warm, you have a fever.Her cheeks blush. She remembers his kiss by the Han river. The cat watches all of this as a person. He looks sad about it.


Ji-eun looks for the cat. He coms running up to her all wet. She wonders if she opened the window? Then she thinks that he did not eat any of this. Should I give you milk? She pours him some milk that he laps up. Then hse asks him if he would like o change his name from Sergei? I don’t call you that anyway.

She starts to wonder what a good name would be. How about Hong-zo? you are Hong-zo when you are with me, okay Hong-zo? Okay, Hong-zo? Hong-zo ya? He runs off.

She sighs and starts looking through some artwork. She opens one container and finds a drawing she worked on that makes her happy.

Flashback to when she made it in art class. Jae-sun was in the same class. His father called him while he was working on his artwork and he speaks very politely to them. Ji-seun tells him that he is super polite ot his parents. He tells her that he only knew them for three years after getting adopted. She looks embarrassed.

So later on she apologizes to him and says that she was just joking. She sits next to him and says that she actually does not have a mom and her appa is depressed. he barely moves, it is like he has stopped in that time. he asks why she is telling him that? She thinks that it is fair to tell him. He asks if she will just be quiet about it?

She reiterates that she made a mistake, that is why sh wants to share her secrets so they will become closer. He tells her that she is noisy. She says that she does have a habit of talking to herself, she is like that with her appa and she keeps talking about things. He starts to leave but he actually sits the opposite way on the bench.

She asks if she can keep talking? He tells her to shut up so she does. But then she keeps talking. He pulls her scarf over her face to keep her from talking. She is instantly in love.

In the present, she thinks that she found that drawing from that day – Of the willow tree boy. 

She continues thinking of this drawing and says, we are not facing each other so we are not forced to say anything. He can just stay next to her and he can stay next to him. Dont’ try hard. Just bein there is okay. The quietness is not awkward but actually comforting. She keeps working on this drawing and smiling along as she does and asks Hong-zo what he thinks about it. But then she thinks that cats don’t know anything.

The cat hops on her computer, she says, how dare you without my permission. He starts to step on the computer keyboard which shows kekekekekekekek, so she asks if he i laughing at her cartoon? She is amused and pulls him off the keyboard. Then she coughs a bit and goes to bed. She looks pretty sick.

She wakes up a bit later, looking miserable, and wonders where she put the fever medicine. Then she sees the ca passed out after drinking the milk. Perhaps the mil went bad? She runs and grabs him and then runs off to find a veterinarian in the middle of the night.

She finds one and shows him her cat that threw up and is sick. He asks how long he has been like this. She says one hour. The veterinarian says that the cat might be lactose intolerant. She needs to give lactose free milk from now on.

She waits while Hong-zo sleeps in a little kitty incubator. She also thinks about the night that she got Hong-zo from Jae-sun. She remembes saying that she hates cats and now looks sorry about. She tells Hong-zo that she is sorry that he is like this because of her.

Later on, she takes him home all bundled up and lets him sleep on her bed while she kneels next to him.

She falls asleep like this. He wakes up as a boy and looks at her.

VO – You said you hate cats, why?

he opens the window and gets rain droplets from the window to put on her head. She is now sleeping in the bed. he keeps getting water droplets and putting his hand on her forehead to cool her fever.

VO – Am I a human only when I am next to her? Why am I human?


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