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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 12 Recap – Part 1 (FINAL)

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 12 Recap – Part 1 (FINAL)

Okay, we are back for the final episode. I have no clue how they are going to make this show work were they can stay together, because nothing has been set up to do that. There is also no consistency with the magic of him turning into a cat (clothes sometimes disappear and sometimes dont) so I dont think they actually thought about it. But lets see?

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Meow: The Secret Boy

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The bad guy and Sol-ah fight over Hong-zo. Cat Hong-zo falls to the ground and the bad guys grabs him and gets into his car. Sol-ah runs and hops in the car too and grabs Hong-zo.

Jae-sun sees this and runs after them.

While in the car, Sol-ah tells the bad guy that he only paid a fine last time, but this time it will be different! He says all his cats died because of them. She said no, they went to good houses. He yells for her to put on your seatbelt!

They keep yelling inside, he keeps yelling for her to put on her seatbelt! She pulls the parking break so the car stops quickly. He yells that he does not want to fight her. She says she does not want to fight hime!

Then she starts to pull his hair.

In front of them are Doo-sik and Ji-eun. Their car suddenly stopped so they are trying to figure out why. They also think the car behind them stopped because of them so they motion for them to drive ahead.

But the car behind them, Sol-ah keeps pulling that guys hair until he lets her out. She gets out and Doo-sik and Ji-eun see her so they get out. The cat man runs away. Jae-sun comes running up right then.

The cat man runs around a corner and sees Hong-zo as a human. HZ tells him that he is not trapped with Sol-ah but he was trapped in his cage. Then Sol-ah turns the cat man around and punches him. She tells him that she told him that it would be different this time.

She picks up cat Hong-zo and all the other guys run over and worry about Sol-ah.



They take Hong-zo to the cat. The vet says that the cat has inflammation and high liver numbers. It can go up with stress. Sol-ah asks if he has any problem with his heart? His heart was beating quickly.

The vet says that cats hearts beat quickly. For now just rest and feed him well. It will be dangerous if things get worst.


They all go to Sol-ah’s home. Ji-eun makes her a tea and they all comfort her and offer to stay there tonight. But Jae-sun says that he will stay the night so they can go.

Doo-sik asks where Bang Gu-pong is. Ji-eun says he is not Bang Gu-pong, he is Hong-zo. Then Hong-zo transforms in front of everyone and Doo-sik freaks out. I think he is the only one that doesn’t know so he is flipping the f out like a normal person. he says he saw this first when she moved here!

Ji-eun asks, you say this first but realized it last? Doo-sik can’t believe that he is the only one that didn’t realize this. Sol-ah tells Jae-sun that he can leave as well, his father will worry about him. Doo-sik is still so stunned, he can’t believe he is a cat and not a dog. Ji-eun pulls him out. They all leave. Jae-sun looks like he wants to go back in though.

Inside, Sol-ah rets her head on Hong-zo’s lap as he sits on the couch. He says he is not there when she needs him. She says he can always be with her, he does not need to transform. The doctor says you are okay, just tired. You should be fine after resting, so why not just stay as a cat for now, okay?




Sol-ah gets word about Jae-sun’s father has died so they all go to the funeral. Afterwards, Sol-ah and Jae-sun sit on a bench the way they used to.

Jae-sun tells her that it has been awhile since they sat on a bench like this together. Are you going to say anything? She tells him that he is the one that talks a lot now. Before we would sit like this and not say anything for an hour.

He agrees and says that he says things now, finally, it is too late? When I needed to say something I didn’t. But now I am ready to say things. I have a lot of things I want to say but no one is listening.

She tells him it is not too late. You gave your father the last present. He mentions that the end came like this. If I came back earlier, it could have been a better ending. I made him wait too long. The time we spent together was too short.

She says okay, just let everything go. There are still a lot of people who can listen to you. 

He asks how Hong-zo is. Tell me. She mentions that he always wanted her to shut up before. He asks, can he transform anymore? She says that transforming into a human baes Hong-zo sick. As much as cats being tortured.

Ja-sun tells her that Hong-zo said he used his time in advance too much. Maybe that is why he can’t be human anymore. She says it shouldn’t be. He says he thought he had more time with his father and with her. She thinks that is nonsense. Then – then Hong-zo spent all that precious time just waiting for me?

She remembers him waiting for her as a human. She told him it was too difficult and to not wait for her.

She cries pitifully on the bench with Jae-sun and says that he waited for her. I told him not to wait for me. if he waits for me then I cannot focus on my work. I told him I would use the rest of our time preciously. I told him that.

Jae-sun walks to the other side of the bench and puts his arm around her to comfort her. She says she is the one that should comfort him. She keeps crying and he keeps his arm around her.


Sol-ah goes back home and sees Hong-zo in bed. She tells him that she is really sorry.

The next day, she gives her VP her resignation notice. Her boss thinks that she is quitting her job too quickly, she was about to give her her next project. Do we need to renegotiate your salary?

Sol-ah tells her it is time that she needs, not money. The VP tells her that the company that wanted to come back liked her design the best. I didn’t want to tell you, but you can consider this your parting gift. Have fun with your webtoon, I will add bad comments because you quit like this. She smiles. Sol-ah smiles too.

Sol-ah tells Doo-sik later on that she is sorry to quit since he joined this company because of her. He says no, I came to meet Ji-eun with fate. He asks if Hong-zo is really a cat man that can jump high and see at night? Does he use Human restrooms? Sol-ah smiles and says goodbye.

She gets home and tells Hong-zo that she quit work to focus on being a webtoonist. I also want to read books and eat healthy and quit coffee. So, what can we do first! I have a lot planned!

But she goes to sleep, she looks so tired. Hong-zo tells her that the sun already came up. You should wake up too. You said you had a lot to do. She tells him this is part of it, morning meditation. He tells her it was morning a long time ago.

Later on, she falls asleep again reading a book next to him.

At another time, she falls asleep in front of the computer and decides to go to sleep. She tells Hong-zo that he should warm up her bed like a cat, come in! She moves over so he can hop in.

Later on, he holds a coffee for her to drink it after she fell asleep again. She tells him not to drink it! He says it is for her. You should go out of the house, all you have been doing is sleeping for days.

She tells him that if she sleeps then he will sleep. She pulls him to her and cuddles to sleep. They both smile happily and go to sleep.

But then she starts crying. She says that his heart pumps s fast, that is why your time goes by fast too. It should pump a little slower. But he might already be sleep (but not a cat?) so he does not hear her.

On another day or later on that day, they both chill out by the couch. She works a bit but mostly eats fruit. Her phone rings, it is the webtoon person so Hong-zo answers.

She reluctantly answers as well and tells him that she is working so hard on the webtoon! But then she steps away and says that she can’t give an interview because her webtoon is not over, I am sorry.

She hangs up and Hong-zo wonders why she is not giving an interview. they are your fans so you should give an interview. You should call him back. she agrees and calls him back to do the interview.




Jae-sun asks Hong-zo why he is there instead of with Sol-ah? He tells him that Sol-ah has an interview. Jae-sun tells him that he cannot drink coffee, Sol-ah told me. 

Hong-zo tells Jae-sun that his time being a human is shorter and shorter. Sol-ah should stay as a human, but because of me she quit her job and stays at home. I did not do this for her to do that.

Jae-sun puts an arm around him like a friend. Hong-so tells him that everyone hugs him. Jae-sun tells him to do anything. Hong-zo asks, do you pity me? If you pity a person then you can give them money. Also, when people quit then they give them money as well.

Jae-sun playfully tells him he is a thug, go away.


Sol-ah is still trying to pick the proper clothes to wear for the interview. Hoong-zo comes back in and asks if she has changed again? He adds a scarf to her newest outfit and tells her to smile. But she takes it off and says that she will stay home. Lets watch dramas, my favorite one ends today!

But he adds the scarf again and tells her that she looks pretty with it. You should go. They talk back and forth about if he should go with her or not. He wants to and she doe snot want him to. She hugs him and says he should stay like this with her.


But he ends up going to the interview with her which is in a high end looking bar. She asks him if he feels okay? He tells hr that he should have asked her that. She tells him not to worry about her, I am a professional.

A woman comes up and asks if she got the question sheet? Hong-zo gives it to Sol-ah. The interviewer also tells her that they will take her photo first. So Sol-ah goes over to take the photo and then have the interview. Hong-zo watches.

She poses nicely for the photo. But then she notices that Hong-zo is gone. She looks around for him and her photos look uncomfortable. But Hong-zo is fine, he was going out to find her something nice to wear. It looks like he went to a jewelry company.

Sol-ah looks so uncomfortable during the interview because she is worried about Hong-zo. So she stands up and says she can’t do the interview. I have to go! She runs out.

he is right outside so she asks him why he left? He says he bought this for her (he shows her a necklace) and says he wanted to help her. She tells him that interview is all done. He sees the interviewer and camera man leaving looking slighted.


Sol-ah tries to give Sol-ah thins. She tells him to just sit with her. She also tells him that he was a human for too long. She tells him to go to bed. He says to take this and shows her the necklace. She gave him a necklace so he wants to give her a necklace then he quotes Grey’s Anatomy(?) and says, “You are my person.”

So now he says that this is his mark so wherever she goes people will know that she is with him. She is a bit happier and asks what is written on it? Is it a cat sound like meow? He tells her it means cute and pretty and lovely. That is what it means. 

He gives her a mirror to looks at it. She says it is pretty and thanks him, but he has turned back into a cat and is looking at her.


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