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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 11 Recap – Part 2

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 11 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Meow: The Secret Boy!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




They finally end their meeting. Sol-ah rides the bus home and is shocked to see that Hong-zo is waiting for her at the bus stop. He tells her it is dark and rainy. But she is worried about him because he has been outside in the cold all night.

he wants to give her her gift but before he can she tells him that he needs to go home. You came to my work to see me as well. He asks her to spare a little time. She says that she knows that she did not spend time with him but she will later. 

He tells her that he won’t have time later. 

She says that she wants a lot of people to see her webtoon, she does not want to be a joke. I hope you support me. I also don’t want people to say that they do not work because of a webtoon. But if you only wait for me then it is difficult for me. You said you had things to do. What I am saying is don’t wait for me.

Flashback to Hong-zo asking the old cat if it is true? I have a limited time to be human?

in the preset, Hong-zo tells Sol-ah that waiting is a cats job, but you don’t want me to wait? She says that they are getting too wet, so you should take the umbrella.

He tells her that he wanted to do all the things that he could not do for her. She tells him that he is doing enough. Now, let’s go home before you catch a cold.

She leads the way home, he puts her gift back inside his pocket and sadly follows.


Jae-sun spends time with his father who is a bit sicker. he does not look too good. The little cat is with them.

The father uses the cat that Jae-sun made for him and gives him some money. Jae-sun asks him if he would like to go anywhere or if there is anything he wants?

The father says no, he went everywhere and ate everything. He did everything he wanted to do. The one thing he couldn’t have, he has now. 


Sol-ah works all night and then calls for Hong-zo. But he does not come so she looks for him. He is sitting on the couch as a cat. She tells him that she is sorry, just give me a little more time.


Later on, the design team goes out for drinks and talks about work and stuff. They might also be drinking to congratulate Sol-ah, Ji-eun, and Doo-sik’s project.

Sol-ah is a bit sad though because the webtoon manager did not contact her yet.

Meanwhile, Jae-sun rungs the bell at Hong-zo’s house and waits outside. But no one comes out. he is about to leave, but has a feeling that something might be wrong, so he goes inside.

He says he is inside and sees Hong-zo on the couch. He is sleeping but looks sick.

In the bar, a woman says that cats do not show that they are sick because they are afraid of being abandoned. They keep talking about those things.Then Sol-ah’s mirror breaks. They tell her that is a bad sign.

She picks up her phone and then takes off running up the street and all the way home. But Hong-zo is doing fine on the couch. She stutters, I got it! They both stand up quickly, you got the website thing? She nods so they both hope up to try and hug Sol-ah. 




Doo-sik hangs out with his parens and her place. His mother gives him some food to give to Sol-ah to congratulate her on being a webtoon cartoonist. Ten they joke about how heavy this food is and how she needs acupuncture.

Ji-eun comes in right then so the father says they should head out with the dduk. So Ji-eun and Doo-sik get in the car to go somewhere and take the dduk with them to give to Sol-ah.

The mother says she worries about them. He says not to worry about their son. She says she is not worried about him, she is worried that their son with give that agasshi a hard time.

He tells her that she thinks deeply. She angrily asks him if he is going t make her a narrow minded person! They joke about it and bicker about it and then Doo-sik drives back up.

Ji-eun runs a design for their store up to them and says that she made it for them. The father says that they like the sign board that Doosik made. But the mother says that she hates it because it only shows the bone. The father says yeah! I hate it, it is bad!

Doo-sik is all like, um…what?

Then they say that this new design is really great, thank you JI-eun. She is happy that they like it. they start to talk to her a bit happily.

Then we cut to the cafe where all the friends are together to congratulate Sol-ah about her webtoon. They have balloons and streamers and are setting up for a nice party.

But then Hong-zo comes outside because he knows that the cat loving bad guy is outside. He asks him what he wants. The bad guy tells him that he wanted to confirm something. I think I saw something and she knows what I saw as well right? Should I confirm it with her?

Hong-zo tells him not to touch her. The bad guy gets back inside his car and tells Hong-zo that he knows her job is as a designer. He drives off and Hong-zo runs after him and hits his car. But he is gone.

Back inside the party, the employees have shown up now so it is a proper small celebration for Sol-ah. they pop a bottle of champagne and everything. But Hong-zo is not inside so she goes outside to find him.

He is still in the street looking p and down it. She asks what he is doing here? You are like a cat pretending to be a dog guarding the house. He finally gives her her leather made present and congratulates her.

She is shocked and happy to receive it and asks if he made it? He says it is for her cell phone since she always leaves it. She is surprised that he really had something to give her.

He tells her that waiting is a cats job, so I will stay here. But she pulls him inside and introduces him to everyone. 



They know him as the coffee beggar guy. They ask him if he saw a cat on the bench with him? I saw it twice. But then you were sitting there.

They joke that he is the cat. then they start to joke about how it would be hard to date a cat and ask what his job is. He says he does nothing for a living. they ask how old he is, he says one year. They are all like, wow, you are really a cat. 

Things are a bit awkward. They think that he is Bong Gu-pong. She says he is not Bang Gu-pong, he is Hong-zo. They are all like, huh? He is Hong-zo? So she stands up and says that this is the guy that noticed my webtoon first and liked it first and supported me to keep drawing. And he is the person I love.

They all clap and toast to Sol-ah for a job well done.

But Hong-zo is sleepy, he is having the hardest time staying awake. Jae-sun runs off and gives him a coffee. But it might not work so he asks Hong-zo to bring the cake for them. Hong-zo walks off. He tries to drink the coffee but he drops it and becomes a cat.

No one heard it at the table. Sol-ah asks Jae-sun how his father is. He says his father is better. then they talk about how Doo-sik and Ji-eun are going to the coast to see the sun rise. The sunbae says they have to leave quickly because it gets crowded, so he grabs Ji-eun to hurry off.

Sol-ah walks to the back and sees Hong-zo’s coat on the ground, then she sees Hong-zo around the corner looking tired as a cat. She kneels and asks what happened. Can you not transform?

She runs with him to the front and tells them that she is sorry but she has an emergency. She tells them they can stay there and runs off with Hong-zo the cat.

But she runs right into the bad guy. He tells her to give the cat to her. He tells her that he lost all his cats because of her. She tells him that he is crazy. he says people tell him that, but I only love cats. I saw it transform to humans, I can’t believe it, people say I am crazy. I want to prove that I am not crazy.

he tries to grab Hong-zo and yells for him to transform! Hong-zo falls on the ground and looks at them super cutely. The bad guy grabs Sol-ah and tells him to transform.

Fade Out


Okay, this show was never really big on story, but it ran out of the tiny amount of story it had about two weeks ago. Still an easy watch, just don’t think too hard about basically everything.


HZ – I wanted to hug you

SA – You don’t have to be human

HZ – DO you want me to be a cat?

SA – Being human makes Hong-zo sick?

HZ – Sol-ah should live a human’s life but she is sleeping like a cat next to me

JS – You can’t transform?

HZ – My time I can stay as a human gets shorter and shorter

SA  – You should be with me

JS – Too late?

SA – He is a cat most of the time now.

HZ – This will be the last time

SA – You said that you are human when you are with me.

SA – I will be with you.

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