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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 11 Recap – Part 1

Alright, we are in the home stretch. There is nothing really to look forward to with this drama but there is also nothing to really complain about besides the premise which is strange. But I knew that going in.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Sol-ah takes Hong-zo to the vet, he says the cat looks okay, nothing is wrong. But she says something is wrong, he is not changing anymore.



Sol-ah takes Hong-zo back home, he is still a cat. She tells him to rest and she will get some milk. But she drops the milk and boy Hong-zo picks it up.

She asks what happened, why didn’t you change back earlier? He says he was sleepy. She asks if he is okay now? I was worried. He says he is okay now, I slept all night, I’m okay. Let’s go out.

But she says no, let’s rest.

He tells her that what she said is to treasure any moment, so where should we go? She says she has somewhere she wants to go with him.

Cut to her covering his eyes and then uncovering them at a huge aquarium. He asks where he is? She tells him it is the sea, its warm right? He sees a diver in the tank so Sol-ah tells him that he has an oxygen tank.

Hong-zo think that is amazing. This diver can live in another world. He says his oxygen tank is …. she tells him Me! He says coffee. She hits him and says it’s me! So they playfully laugh and hold hands.

He asks if she wants to go anywhere? She tells him there is one place. They go to a bag store. He tries on a bag that she picked out for him and she picks out a bag for herself. So they buy two bags and go home.

At home, they sit on the rooftop and play with each others hands and giggle.

Then they go inside where she works on her webtoon then she starts to read comic books with Hong-zo. They happily read and roll over each other on the floor.




Ji-eun, Doo-sik and Sol-ah drinks together at Doo-sik’s parents house. But Doo-sik tells them that they have to wait for the others. Then Hong-zo and Jae-sun show up. Doo-sik’s mom hits Hong-zo on he arm playfully and says she heard that he works for Jae-sun now, you traitor.

But it is all playful. They all sit together to drink and eat.

Doo-sik has an announcement, he is dating someone! The parents awkwardly think that it is Sol-ah. They are so happy. Sol-ah has to tell them that it is not her. Doosik says it is Eun Ji-eun! She is the woman I like. Sol-a tells them that she has someone else.

Doo-sik stands up and says that Ji-eun is the one. He makes her stand up and says she is a good at shooting guns and making cocktails and she is serious at work and is pretty. He keeps talking about Ji-eun, she is super embarrassed.

Hong-zo, Sol-ah, and Jae-sun walks home together afterwards. Jae-sun tells him that it is not easy being a normal person and staying next to her right? Sol-ah is on the phone so Jae-sun tells Hong-z that it will be hard for him to be with Sol-ah as a human because Human’s have human things.

But then Sol-ah gets off the phone and says that someone say her webtoon! A webtoon company manager. They suggested to me how I can make it better! I might be able to post regularly! 

She runs up and hugs Hong-zo super tightly. She thanks him. He tells her that she did everything! You did it! 

So she goes home to work on the comic diligently and he makes sure her coffee is filled. The next day he makes her a coffee for the day, she hurries out happily but has to come back 3 times because she keeps forgetting things. The last thing she forgets is a kiss. She tells him to wear his bag since it is a couples bag.

So he wears his bag out to hang out with Dae-sung. Dae-sung says he is supposed to wear this bag with his girlfriend. But Doo-sik tells him that she is at work. Dae-sung also tells him that he should put something in his bag. They chat about things to put in the bag like school supplies. HZ says that is good that he has things to put in his bag and a place to go to.

Dae-sung says he envies hyung because his bag is empty and he can go anywhere. Then he runs off to speak to his grandmother. The cat halmoni is still there next to Hong-zo. So HZ tells the old cat that he told her everything and she still accepts me. 

But the cat must have said something because he asks, what does that mean? Is that true? He looks concerned.

He goes somewhere outside and looks at his hand and gulps. Then he looks at Sol-ah’s building. He looks sleepy. He turns into a cat (but his clothes disappear too). Some girls see him but look away and then see Hong-zo the boy. They wonder what happened, there was a cat there right?

But Ji-eun saw him turn into a cat and back into a person. She dropped her thinks in shock. Hong-zo walks over to the other employees and asks for one of their coffees. They say its fine and give him one and a macaroon.




Ji-eun tries to talk to Sol-ah but Doo-sik happily asks her what she wants to say. Ji-eun gets flustered and gives him some work to do to give to the VP. Then she tells Ji-eun that she saw that person turn into a cat. Sol-ah asks, when?

She says he is still there and points to the bench outside the window. One of the employees tells her that a man begged for a coffee with his good looks and sad eyes.

Sol-ah runs to the window and says she knows him then says she will step out for a bit. She asks him why he is here? he says he wanted to see her so he could be with her a little more.

She tells him that he should not ask strangers for coffee and tells him to go home because she has a lot to do. He says he understands, humans have human things. So I will go as well. He goes to the coffee shop.

Jae-sun asks why he is here? We are closed today so I can work. HZ tells him that he has a request. Teach me.

So Jae-sun starts to teach him how to make leather items.

Jae-sun asks why he wants to learn this so Hong-zo tells him that he wants to know how to write Sol-ah’s name in leather.

Back at work, Hi-eun and Doo-sik pass post-it notes back and forth to each other. he wants to hang out later. But she tells him that he has to see what is going on. He wants to write something back but he starts to yell that she said she liked him because he is a bit clueless. Are you already breaking up with me?

She is so nervous and embarrassed. She tells Doo-sik that he really can’t read things. So they go outside and she tells him that he really needs to read the room a bit better.

They get into an argument about how inconsiderate he is even if he doesn’t mean to be inconsiderate. He needs to think of others. Her example is that she told him not to tell his parents about them. He says he wanted to brag. She mentions Hong-zo and Sol-ah. Doo-sik is super clueless about the situation and says they are not real brother and sister, it is okay.

He apologizes. She kisses him quickly so they are both giggly and happy.


Hong-zo keeps working on the leather item he is working on. He is tired. He tells Jae-sun that he thought leather worked looked cool but it is no fun, just like you. 

Jae-sun smiles and says that human things are like this. 

Then they continue to work on the leather things and find the right kind of leather to use together. Sol-ah also works hard at work. Then she works hard at home on her comic and doesn’t have a lot of time to talk to Hong-zo so he just sits with her as she works.

He is super bored at home with her working so hard at night on her comic and with her at work in the daytime.

Hong-zo tells Jae-sun that it is difficult to be with Sol-ah as a man and that he was right that it is not easy to be human. he thought he would be happy if Sol-ah was happy. But he is sad.

Jae-sun tells him that it is like that sometimes to be next to someone. Sometimes you feel trapped or controlled. Hong-zo tells him that he understands now. he tells Jae-sun that he lived well up until now. Jae-sun tells him not to brag and just finish his work. He also tells him he will not see him for awhile, he will be with his father. So he will have the place to himself.


the employees see the cat on the bench again. But when they go to show the other people in the room, they go back to look and it is Hong-zo sitting there. Sol-ah goes to see what is going on and then goes outside to see Hong-zo.

She asks him if he is okay? Are you sick or anything? He says it is nothing like that, I am just warm. She tells him that he looks cool today. Are you going to seduce someone (jokingly). they happily chat a moment then she goes back inside.

Inside, the VP tells them all that they have a meeting with a client tonight, they all need to attend.

Sol-ah has to reluctantly tell Hong-zo that they have an urgent meeting so you can go home and I will go home as soon as I finish. He tells her not to worry about it, then walks home alone.

It stats raining on him. He tucks his gift away to not get wet.

He calls Sol-ah while she is in her meeting, she sees it but does not answer. She texts him though and says she is still at work.

He is standing outside with an umbrella and waiting.


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