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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 10 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Meow: The Secret Boy!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Sol-ah and Ji-eun go sit on the bench where Hong-zo was crying. Sol-ah tells Ji-eun that he understands why he was crying now. She remembers him telling her that he is not Bang Gu-pong. She tells Sol-ah that she saw only what she wanted to see. He said he was not Bang Gu-pong when I saw him.

Ji-eun asks who he is then? Sol-ah says it is her cat. he is human. Ji-eun is all like, um, huh? That is nonsense. Does he live with you? Sol-ah says not anymore, I kicked him out. Ji-eun asks if she is talking about her cat or the guy?

Sol-ah asks what she can do, can I really love a cat?


Meanwhile, Hong-zo looks sadly out the window at the coffee shop. But then something bothers his eyes sight so he rubs his eyes a moment. Mystical music starts to play. 

That night, Sol-ah looks at the coffee shop sadly and then starts to go into her own home. But then Hong-zo shows up and tells her, welcome. She says that the door is closed already? He tells her that Jae-sun is with his parents. He found a home for an abandoned cat and helped a human.

Sol-ah asks him how he did that? She could not even do that. She thanks him.

HZ – Don’t you eat? You don’t look too good. Did anything happen at work? Are you sick?

He steps to her but she steps back a little.

SA – I am just a little tired.

She awkwardly turns and goes inside her place and looks at all the pictures that Hong-zo took on his phone. We see a flashback of him taking all these photos. One of the photo is of the empty bench that they sat at together. He said that the first time he saw her was there.

She starts to put two and two together and realizes that Hong-zo has always been by her side even when she did not recognize him.


Sol-ah sleeps. Hong-zo goes into her room and sees that her hands are very cold but she doesn’t have a fever. So he puts a warm bowl of water next to her and tucks her in. then he looks at her sleeping.

She slowly wakes up and sees him there. She asks, on that rainy day where you with me secretly as well? He apologizes. She asks how many times he was human without her noticing him? How many times did you sneak peek at me? How much have you looking in me?

He is quiet and then says, well the amount that you realize that you are alone.

She remembers all the times she felt alone and Hong-zo was there.

Hong-zo tells her that she was always in pain but never said she was hurt. 

We see more flashbacks of her taking care of Hong-zo and running him to the Vet.

He says that he should at least take care of her.

She asks, are you really human in front of me? He nods. She asks why? Why are you human next to me? He says he does not know. Maybe because cats an’t hug you. I have to be a human, then I can hug you.

She asks, then what are you doing now? You are a human right now with arms and eyes.

So he hugs her lightly and pats her shoulder as she sleeps in bed. She smiles and sniffs away her tears. He smiles and looks at her.

She jokes with him about a drink she had in a bottle, did you throw it away? He apologizes. She teases him and tells him she had a heating pad too, did you not see it when you were sneaking peeks at me?




Doo-sik goes over to Ji-eun’s place to hand out with her. She already ate the food he brought from his mother so he teases her about it. He also tells her not to be so polite.

He hands over the eraser as well. She smiles. 

He says what is mine is all yours. The eraser and my heart. So, today we can stop our progress here, oppa is considering you since it is probably your first time.

She says it is not her first time. He is shocked and asks, did you do it before? She asks, do you mean dating? She nods. He asks, how can you-who liked me-you had my eraser-.

She says eraser is eraser and dating is dating. He smiles, yes yes! You are old enough!

She smiles and asks, are you not leaving? He says, I am leaving! But he stops and asks, how long did you date that person? She tells him bye bye bye and ushers him out with a smile. He reluctantly leaves. She happily looks at his eraser and giggles.


Sol-ah and Hong-zo sit together at home on the couch. Then she shows a shadow puppet and has him guess. But he doesn’t guess so she tells him that it is a cat. She also starts to ask him all that he saw about her. Did you see me picking my nose? And dancing when I was full? 

He asks, was that dancing? She tells him that he knows everything about her. She asks, is there anything else? Is there something that I don’t know about?

He thinks for a moment and says there is something she does not know. She asks, what? He says, I am a cat. She tells him she knows. He says that means – I am going to leave you first. Cats time runs faster than humans.

She asks, so you only live the amount of time that a cat lives? 

He nods.

She says, but you can turn into a human. He tells her that she remembers him last winter, I grew this much already so what do you think I will be like in a couple years. One day I will be gone first.

She imagines a happy moment of drawing with him around, and then him disappearing. She tells him it is a long time later, so why talk about it now.

He says he will be with her even though the end is decided. I will move forward even though we do not have a way. My choice is that if there is anything I can do for you then I want to do that for you.




Hong-zo makes a coffee but he has blurry vision. He tries to shake it away and spills the hot water. Jae-sun comes running up to see if he is okay and gives him a towel. He asks what he did last night.

HZ tells him that he told Sol-ah everything last night and needs one more favor of Jae-sun. Jae-sun tells him that his allergy medicine is running out soon. Then he tells Hong-zo that he should really sleep. HZ says he is fine.


Sol-ah finds out from Ji-eun that their client wants them to continue the project, so it is good news for their team. the VP comes strutting in and asks to see the three of them.

So they go drink in a cafe. The VP asks if they think they won? Ji-eun says no. The VP says it is not that you are great, it is just that you do anything they ask. But, I wasn’t like that. In case you misunderstand me, I really like you Ji-eun. I also pity you since you are like an island all alone. Asking favors sometimes makes relationships better and builds personal relationships also. We eat together sometimes with that as an excuse so I thought you guys were a friend to me but it was one-sided so I am sad.

She stands to leave. Ji-eun gives her the invitation and says she wanted to finish it for her. The VP looks at it and says that she has good eyes on evaluating people. Would you like to drink another sweet drink? No. Order cake? No, not that. Eat out?

Ji-eun says no to everything and asks for money instead. The amount that I worked. The VP is all like, huh? Ji-eun says that she feels that she can tell her this because they are friends.

The VP chuckles and Doo-sik and Sol-ah smile. The VP says, see, I evaluate people well. If things are too easy then it is not fun so let’s cut things off cleanly, how much?

She puts the amount in a phone and shows it to the VP. The VP smiles and says that they should have a discount between them. 


A mysterious car follows Ji-eun at night. But it passes right by her without stopping.

In the coffee shop, Jae-sun looks at a leather wallet he made. There are initials on it that might be his fathers initials. His father sends him a photo of the cat. Jae-sun tells Hong-zo that he will go home and asks him to take care of the store.

HZ says they have a guest. It is your guest.

The ex-girlfriend comes in, she was the one driving the car. She tells Jae-sun that she is taking Sergei back. Jae-sun asks why now? She says that her friend is opening a cat cafe so she is going to give the cat to her as a present.

Hong-zo says he is not going. Then he turns into a cat. But the girlfriend did not notice. She calls for Sergei to come to her but he does not come. She asks, is he already old? You were super cute when you were little. I am sorry to abandon this cat, no one would want it.

But Sol-ah comes in and says it is her cat now and his name is Hong-zo, not Sergei. thank you for abandoning Hong-zo. Maybe Hong-zo was smaller and cute before. You only had Hong-zo for a year, but thank you for watching him. I will be with Hong-zo now and Hong-zo will be with me until the end. We choose each other so don’t be sorry.

She takes Hong-zo back to her place. She teases and asks if he was so sad with what she said? Should I be jealous of her?

In the coffee house, Jae-sun says that he likes to stick around Sol-ah because she will need me in the future.

In her house, Sol-ah tells Hong-zo that he can become human to hug her. Are you embarrassed because I am watching you? She covers her eyes. But he stays a cat. She asks why he doesn’t transform. She asks, can you not transform anymore?

Fade Out


I don’t think this show has any story, lol. But it is so easy to recap so we will see you next week for the finale!


HZ – Maybe I used up too much of my time.

JS – It is not easy being with her as a normal human, right?

SA – i am with you, that is all I want

HZ – I have become more greedy, I want to be with her

SA – You saw my webtoon?

JS – Humans have human things

HZ – I am too into it, I am a little sad because I am too into it.

SA – Why are you here like that?

SA – I told you to go home and wait. Why aren’t you listening?

HZ – Can you just look at me even if it is just for a moment?

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