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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 10 Recap – Part 1

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 10 Recap – Part 1

This episode might be all kinds of sad for our leads. But from the preview it looks like they ended up smiling in bed together sooo its a win? I think this drama is only twelve episodes so next week is the finale week!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




At home, Sol-ah mutters in her sleep and says Hong-zo’s name. She moves her hand around to look for him. But then she realizes that he is not there and sits up looking sad.



Ja-sun cleans all the cat hair from a throw rug in his coffee shop and sneezes and sniffs. Hong-zo give him a drink. Jae-sun mutters that this is killing him then tells Hong-zo that he should have left him there.

Flashback to Sol-ah talking to her appa at his place. he told her that she could leave her cat there. She asked him if he is writing poems again. He ells hr that her last webtoon was pretty good, it seems like you understand cats better. that kind of relationship is not easy. You can come by often. Sol-ah says she is not leaving it there. her papa tells hr that she will come see her cat and see him as well.

In the coffee shop, Hong-zo tells Jae-sun that he is not leaving because he has nowhere to go. Jae-sun sneezes and tells Hong-zo that he should have thrown his collar away in the sea! A-CHOO!


Doo-sik calls Ji-eun and tells her that he wants to see her so they should get together. Then a gaggle of girls runs up to him, but they are disappointed that this guy is not Hong-zo, they leave. Doo-sik’s mom says that he kind of understands them, so just look after me.

Meanwhile, Ji-eun has gotten all pretty and is about to go inside Doo-sik’s parents restaurant. Sol-ah sees her outside of it so the two of them go inside. Doo-sik’s parents are so happy to see Sol-ah and gush over her.

They pull out their seats to chat with Sol-ah. Doo-sik says that Ji-eun also came! But the parents are super into Sol-ah and chat her up about her father and all that. Sol-ah gives them some food that her appa wanted to give them so they open it and are super happy. It is go-shal-lee plant.

Doo-sik tells them that Ji-eun’s nickname was go-shal-lee (because this plant looks sad). Sol-ah asks if he gave her that nickname? Doo-sik happily says that his mother did. The mother is all embarrassed and tries to pack up quickly and change the subject. 

The parents hurry off to let the youngsters talk so Doo-sik asks how the trip went to her parents. Sol-ah says it was so-so. Then Doo-sik also blurts out that they decided to date! Sol-ah is so happy for them and congratulates them.


Later on, Sol-ah smiles and walks home. Hong-zo is outside and asks her what is happy? She is at a loss for words when she sees him. it is awkward an they both try and say something but they talk at the same time and don’t really know what to say. 

Sol-ah finally says that she was happy at someone else’s happiness. They part and she goes to her house. He watches her sadly.


Doo-sik goes over to Ji-eun’s house. he gives her the go-sal-lee plant but it is all cooked now. he says his mother made some, it is cool right? Lets eat it together and I can hold your go-sal-lee hands.

She tells him that go-sal-lee doesn’t mean cute hands. My gol-sal-lee means that you were boiled too much and became too soft. She thinks that I am too cooked.

He says that isn’t it, I will ask mom. But Ji-eun tells him not to tell her anything. She will be disappointed if you tell her that you re dating me. You can come back next time when I clean up. She pushes him out and holds the go-sal-lee plant.




The VP apologizes to the team for giving Ji-eun too much work. Everyone is at a group meeting when she tells them this. But she still looks upset and tells Sol-ah and Doo-sik and Ji-eun to stop working on that product, it is not good enough. She throws the art paperwork on the table then leaves.

Doo-sik asks, did she just take our project from us? That’s messed up. Ji-eun says it is true that they had a changed request over and over again. Sol-ah thinks that she should talk to the VP about it.

So she goes to her office and tells the VP that she went too far to take their project. Butt he VP tells her that they think their work is no fun. Do you think I give Eun Ji-eun all the important work and you all the boring ones because she listens to my request? No, it is because she enjoys things, it doe snot matter if it is a big company project or a little wedding invitation. You on the other hand do not have any willingness.

Sol-ah asks, what is willingness, to endure everything you give and do everything you ask? So if I have to be bottom, then that is willingness? I was truthful while working and tried to finish all the work that I do even if it was boring or fun.

The VP tells her to just leave. So Sol-ah tells Ji-eun that she doesn’t listen to me so you should tell her. But -Ji-eun says she can’t and is working on the wedding invitation. Sol-ah asks why she is doing it? This is why she takes advantage of you!

Ji-eun wants to do it though because she started it. Doo-sik comes in so Sol-ah tells him that Ji-eun is still doing this wedding project. Doo-sik tells Sol-ah that Ji-eun does things in her own way. Don’t mess with her. if I tell you that you are irresponsible about your cat, would you be happy about that?


Cut to Sol-ah walking home looking bummed. 

Hong-zo is also bummed at the coffee shop. Jae-sun tells him that he just has one cat left that has not found a home. It is because this cat is old. Hong-zo asks, so there is not enough time left before euthanasia? You should keep it.

Jae-sun sneezes and says it is difficult to find a new owner, it isn’t easy.


Sol-ah goes about her usual routine of putting water in the cat bowl, but then realizes that Hong-zo isn’t there anymore. She sees a shadow and looks out the window. But she is all alone.

She goes to his room and looks around. The doorbell rings so she runs to the front. it is Jae-sun. He made soup for her and says that he used that as an excuse to check up on her. Eat some and go to work. He leaves.




Work is awkward because the last design team got kicked off the team. Ji-eun looks sad. She texts Sol-ah to see if she would like to eat lunch together? But Sol-ah brought the wrong cell phone. Doo-sik stands up and asks if they would like to eat lunch together. But Sol-ah says she doesn’t feel good, they can eat together.


Hong-zo gives some coffee to a women at the coffee shop and tells her she looks like a good person, so – would you like to raise a cat? But the answer must be no because Hong-zo sulks off. Jae-sun wonders how Hong-zo lived before he came.

Butt hen Jae-sun sees a news article about a person retiring. it looks like it is his father in the news? Flashback to the very wealthy looking man telling Jae-sun that he sent him to law school but you are a leather worker now? Jae-sun apologizes for not meeting his expectation.

His father is upset about it. Jae-sun says that he won’t take his money. His appa yells that he is not giving him anything!

In the present, Hong-zo and Jae-sun go to his fathers house with the last cat for adoption. Jae-sun thinks that he shouldn’t have come. Hong-zo asks if he is running away again? Jae-sun looks at the cat and says no.


Ji-eun and Sol-ah talk outside on their terrace. Ji-eun thinks that Sol-ah is upset with her because she didn’t answer her text. Sol-ah says that she actually didn’t have her cell phone today, this cell phone is someone elses.

So the misunderstanding is cleared up. Then they start to talk about Doo-siks eraser  and we see a flashback of the four of them in art class passing around the eraser. But they drop it and Ji-eun picks it up and keeps it to herself.

In the present, Ji-eun says that the worst thing about not doing anything is there is a lot of accumulation of unanswered emotions. Me and the VP had a misunderstanding. I pretended to be a good person in front of her but I hated things in my heart. I did not do anything but I was jealous of someone without them knowing and blaming them. I hated myself the most.

Doo-sik sees them talking and decides to let them keep talking. Sol-ah tells Ji-eun that she (herself) pretends to be righteous and responsible. The person who owns this cell phone is someone I cowardly pushed away. A cat.


Jae-sun and Hong-zo wait for Jae-sun’s father in his wealthy house. The maid comes in and tells him that his father needs more time to prepare. Jae-sun tells her that he will just leave. But then his father comes wheeled out. It appears that he is a lot sicker than expected.

Jae-sun asks what happened with his father. his father says that nothing happened, I am fine. I can run and walk and everything. I am just sitting here because I do not want people to tell me things.

Jae-sun yells, why didn’t you tell me! The father asks, have you even called me? You once bragged that you are opening your own leather workshop. Jae-sun asks if that is why he didn’t come. The father asks, are you still angry because I didn’t come? You don’t even come to the house. Jae-son retortS and says he was kicked out of the house.

The father asks what he wants? Are you just curious about how I am?

Jae-sun says it is not like that. The father asks who this person is. Jae-sun says he wanted to ask him about a cat. Hong-zo puts the cat on the coffee table. Jae-sun tells his father that it is an abandoned cat.

The father says, it is old like me. You came back after all these years to tell me to take care of a cat? An old cat that does not have much life left? That kind of difficult request? Jae-sun tells him it was his mistake. It’s just~. Bt he grabs the cat to leave.

The father tells him, stop. It’s okay. It is the first time you have asked a favor of me. You are so smart and never rely on me at all. Now you came back to your father, thank you for asking. His father is all choked up. Jae-sun is all choked up as well.

His father tells him that he has been waiting for him.

Jae-sun sheds some tears and says he is sorry. Then he cries and gives his father a big hug. His father is all teary too. its a happy crying time.


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