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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 1 Recap – Part 2

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 1 Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Meow: The Secret Boy!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Sergei manages to open the door to the bedroom and makes his way through the living room by tiptoe. He gets to the front door and opens it into the balcony walkway outside. But things are way too loud so he hurries back inside and shuts the door.

The father hears this and walks out of his room outside muttering, Sol-ah? His eyes are basically closed as he looks at the front door. Sergei turns back into a cat and runs around the room secretly and quietly. 

The father pours himself something to drink and starts to wake up a bit as he drunks it and walks around the living room area.  Then he gets surprised by the at and pours his drink all over himself and falls to the ground.


The father (Soo-pyeong) tells Sol-ah that he was so surprised this morning. She is filling up a bowl of food and says that she showed him the cat last night. He thinks about it and remembers her coming in to his room, she was holding the cat but he didn’t even look in her direction so she scoffs that he didn’t even look at her.

He changes the subject and tells her that they should not put an animal in the house without much consideration. There is a ring at the door. A realtor is there to show the house so Sol-ah asks if he is selling the house?

Appa calmly says that he is going to the countryside with “her”. She asks how he can make this decision without her? What am I to you appa? I did not want to say this, but you don’t know how the world is running, she is taking advantage of you. You just write poems at the culture center and she is taking that away from you. Don’t get married.

The cat thinks to himself, I was kicked out and adopted and the person that adopted me is about to get kicked out.

Sol-ah leaves angrily, the father holds his chest as if this was too much stress for one morning. Then he looks at the cat who is straight chilling.


Doo-sik tells Sol-ah that she should congratulate her father and his girlfriend as an adult. It is nice that he is getting married again. He might have been considering you, he just could not say it so easily. 

Sol-ah does not like how the girlfriend, Bang-sik is doing things and thinks it i snot considerate to just drop a bomb on her. Ji-eun leaves a post it for them saying that she changed the color from hot pink to Indian Pink and then walks away. It is strange.

Sol-ah mutters to Doo-sik that he is also so considerate and then grimaces and rolls her hair away.

Doo-sik asks Ji-eun is she hates him? I went to the dentist and gargled my mouth. Why not hot pink? Is it because you know I like hot pink? Do you hate me so you hate hot pink? The VP steps in and says that she told her to do it, is there a problem? Doo-sik changes his tone and says it is great. They all laugh at him.

Doo-sik starts to talk to himself about how hot pink is great. it is rich and good. There is no push or pull and no some, it is just if I like you or don’t like you! The camera scrolls to Ji-eun who has all pink thinks. The post it notes are all pink. Doo-sik starts to see them all in a sparkly light and mutters, I like you, I like you, I like you as he looks at each one.

Meanwhile, back at home, Sergei tries to open some cat food.



Sol-ah asks her workmates if they would like to raise a cat? They all have their own excuses as to why they do not. One guy has a little baby, one person doesn’t like cat hair, another says they are only cute when they are young. So it is a no from everyone.

They ask her why she doesn’t like cats. Sol-ah says they are not like dogs. They do not come when i call, they just show up whenever they want. Doo-sik thinks they are cute, they show up on your feet suddenly. Sol-ah thinks they just show up when they want. I can’t trust them.

As she talks, we see Sergei walking around the kitchen.

SA – There are no robbery dogs, but there are robbery cats, do you know why?

Sergei keeps sneaking around the kitchen and house.

SA – They are too guarded.

Doo-sik thinks that means that they are afraid. So-ah thinks it is because they are suspicious. 

Sergei opens the door to the fathers room, he is rolling on the floor as if he had a heart attack.

SA – They think that people are their butlers who serve them. Wr are their automatic can openers.

Sergei inspects the father.

SA – I heard that dogs save people, but not cats. Cats will never protect people. They are selfish betrayers who only think about themselves surviving in critical moments.

Sergei carries the father out of the apartment piggy back style. He carries him down all the steps and into the parking lot. A security man comes to him and asks what happened! Did you call 911? Cut to the ambulance showing up. But Sergie turns back into a cat so they can’t find him. The slippers are still there and the tuna cans are all on the ground. He is looking at them on the curbside.


Sol-ah gets word that her father is at the hospital. She heads there and sees her father in bed reading a book. he is doing perfectly fine. So she asks him what happened! I heard that you passed out!

he tells her that she did not need to come, but she said that she is the only one to come. However she hears the ajummas footsteps. Her eyes grow wide and the curtain is pulled back revealing Bang Sil. She smiles delightfully and tells her that it is unexpected to see her here.

The doctor comes with his chart. It looks like they are putting in a pacemaker. Bang Sil tells her not to worry about it, it is an easy surgery. She seems like a really nice ajumma. Later on, SooPyeong asks Bang Sil who called 119? I don’t remember leaving the house. She says that the guard did it. Soo-pyeong says that it is only him and the cat at home.

Sergei is currently under a trashcan. He becomes human again as people walk past. He looks at his hands and wonders what is going on. Then he sees Sol-ah walking up to him. He stares at her as she walks past him and starts to follow.

She pulls out her cell phone, Doo-sik is texting her to see if she is okay? Sh says he is okay. He asks if she is okay alone? Should I tell Jae-sun to visit you? She tells him not to do it and sulks. Then she puts her phone away and keeps walking.

He keeps following her and an English song plays.

She walks to the place she always sits at by the Han river. He sits there as well, facing the other direction just as lee Jae-sun does.


The music cuts off. She wonders why he is sitting next to her and asks if it is Lee Jae-sun? Don’t look at me, my face is all messed up, I am okay, my father is okay, ajumma will be with him tonight. They are going to the country for him to recover. her name is bang Sil. She smiles a lot. Appa also smiles around her. Why am I saying this?

Sergei is about to leave, but she starts to talk about the cat that disappeared without saying anything. Maybe they think it is considerate to disappear, would I worry about him if he says that he is sick? Would I be burdened? If I didn’t know until the end, I would be kicked out without knowing why. I would be angry at appa and yell at him. But appa is sick. His heart runs slower than others, I did not even know that. 

She keeps talking and says that that is why she hates cats, they leave without noticing and come back without comforting her. You left without noticing and are coming back to comfort me. I am okay, just leave. Go. Just leave.

Flashback to Jae-sun and Sol-ah sitting on the bench in the daytime.

VO – He really came back? Bo-dul (willow) dolyoung (young man). 

He looks at her and she smiles.

In the present, she is turned away from Sergei and talking so she does not know that this is not Jae-sun.

SA – When I tell you to leave, you come. When I wait for you, you don’t come. Do you have any reasons like appa that you couldn’t tell me? Am I talking alone again? Say something. Okay?

Her phone starts to ring, it is Jae-sun. So she turns around to see who is next to her and sees the cat. She answers Jae-sun’s phone call and is so confused that he is not sitting next to her right now. H says that he has been in his shop. She asks, are you telling me that you did not hear what I said at all?

Jae-sun asks if Sergei is really okay to be with her? She is confused why Sergei is sitting next to her. Jae-sun thinks that maybe she cannot have him right now. She asks if he is sorry to her since she is keeping that woman’s cat?

He says that is not it, he is just nervous that she is keeping the cat. If you open doors even for a moment, a cat can disappear. You will never find it. She tells him, if you worry this much you should just look for a place for someone to adopt the cat.

He tells hr that he is looking for one, so don’t throw it away this time. She ask, what? What is he talking about. Who threw away who? I should be the one to say that.

He thinks in his shop and she looks at the cat. She wonders how it got out? Can’t you answer me? Why aren’t you answering me? If I touch right here, will you answer me? She touches him on his nose.

He remembers her doing the same thing to him when he was a little boy. She also put a scarf on him and asked him what his name was and how old he was. But he did not say anything so she says that she will touch the button so he will say something. She touches his nose and he smiles.

She buys him a lot of fish bread or something and says that she will help him find his mother. She is at the apartment complex. But this boy sees a leaf and starts to run off trying to grab it when she is preoccupied with mail. He is dressed exactly how he is dressed now.

But he turns into a little kitten when she is looking for him.


In the present, Sol-ah tells the cat that they were kicked to the curb together, so that is at least nice. She goes to sleep and the cat hops in bed with her. She pushes him off. But he hops in bed again. She tries to go to sleep.

He looks at her.

VO – This person makes me a human.

He turns into a human and looks at her sleep.

Fade Out


This is a cute show that might be perfect for people who are cramped indoors and avoiding the peril that is the news. I had a fun time while watching it in that it was really just like a webtoon come to life. Do not expect too much from it and you might have a fun time with this first episode.

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