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Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 1 Recap – Part 1

Meow: The Secret Boy Episode 1 Recap - Part 1

Here is the first recap for Meow: The Secret Boy! This show appears to be all fluff, so it might be a nice escapist drama from people wanting something cute to look at while they are inside all the time.

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We open with pet owners talking to the camera about how they raised their cats and dogs as well as how they came about being a shelter parents of an animal. These animals are so cute.

Then we switch to a magic scene of snow falling on the Han river at night. A woman(Kim Sol-ah)  asks a man (Lee Jae-sun) to give her the cat. But he says it is not for her. She asks why not? He tells her that she hates cats. She says yes, I hate it.

But she ends up taking the cat home and tells it that he should be thankful. I will take a shower. The cat hides under the bed and she takes off all her clothes and goes to take an angry shower and complains about how much she hates cats.

All her clothes are on the floor, he reaches a human hand out from under the bed and grabs her bra and pulls it back under the bed. Meanwhile, she is still complaining about how much she hates cats.



Its morning, Solah is still sleeping, but someone is banging on her door to wake her up. She squints and goes to the door. Ko Doo-sik is at the door and gives her breakfast. Then he happily tells her that he has good news! I was awake all night because of the good news and I decided to come here, what do you think it is!

Solah – (There are two kins of people, dog like people…)

He looks like a dog and says that his mouth is so itchy, I have to say it. Then he says that someone is back. She shuts the door in surprise.

Solah – (A cat like guy…)

Flashback to the Han river where we see a glimpse of Jae-sun and Sol-ah in a romantic stare in the morning.

In the present, Sol-ah thanks Doo-sik and then closes the door quickly to get ready. She talks to herself about how he is back, while she gets ready.

When she is ready, she bangs her head on the way out and tells her appa she is leaving. Her appa is sitting in the living room reading.

SA – (We have a Persian cat who never moves from a nice sunny spot).

She talks to her dad and starts to put on some swimming things or workout things on him. he says he is not doing it. But she tells him that he needs to do something, anything! He says that he has one thing he wants to do. She tells him to do it! Anything!

So he takes off the swimming hat and says, marriage. She mumbles that she will not get married. He says he will get married. She asks is stunned as Persian music plays.


Doo-sik works at the design house and is given a post it by another girl (Eun Ji-eun) on what he should be doing. It seems like she is shy. A cat drawing shows up on her face. But then Sol-ah coms in with drinks for everyone. She gives Ji-eun one as well and tells her to have coffee together, don’t be alone.

But the other coworkers secretly wonder why Sol-ah is inviting Ji-eun to their group, she wants to be alone and she eats so slowly. But Ji-seun and Sol-ah are standing there now so they hear everything. Ji-eun goes to sit back to her seat. Sol-ah feels bad. The other workers says that Ji-eun is a parachute so she doesn’t have to work too hard.

The boss comes in soon after looking all fabulous. Sol-ah sits at her desk and sees a post it note from Ji-eun who wrote that she kinds refuses non work related kindness. Sol-ah looks at her, but Ji-eun hides her face with her hair and hands back the coffee.

SA – (The cat the betrays you even though you are nice to that person).

Sol-ah drinks from both drinks.



Sol-ah and Doo-sik walks home through a neighborhood of houses. They talk about how Sol-ah’s father wants to get married now. Doo-sik thinks he can look for his own happiness and she can look for her own happiness as well. Then Doo-sik mocks her by calling out Jae-sun’s name as if he is right behind them.

She turns around surprised, but then gets angry at him. He says that Sol-ah and Jae-sun argued for a long time. The new person only lasted one year. She says it was only 6 months. He smiles and says that she was counting the days. he asks her if something happened between them?

Flashback to the Han river where she was drawing and he gave her a coffee. He asked her why she was always sitting here? She smiled bashfully and told him that he knows she is here so he always comes to sit here, how long will you do this? He asks what? She says, we are not sitting next to each other.

She waits for a moment then tells him, what am I to you? 

But in the present she tells Doo-sik, noooo! They playfully talk about how she is bad but not that bad. Then he says that he is coming. Sol-ah does not believe him and starts to talk about how Ja-sun will stand here with brooding eyes and a deep voice and say nice to see you again.

But he is standing right behind them with his groceries and with a deep voice says, Nice to see you again. She turns and runs away.


The cat is in the apartment.

VO – I had that dream again, my first memory. In my memory, I was….human.

We see him as a little boy. Sol-ah is an adult and presses his nose. She asks if he will make a sound if she presses it. He starts to smile.

VO – Maybe it was not a memory, maybe it was just a dream.

The cat looks out the window and wags its tail.

Meanwhile, Sol-ah still runs home but stops and turns around and things about a pine tree and her name. They are similar. 

She thinks about her and Ja-sun on the Han River again. he tells her that her name is Sol-ah, you are Kim Sol-ah. She blushes. He asks why she looks like that? She asks, what? He smiles and asks if she an also blush? She is confused and then rubs her cheeks in embarrassment. He leans in and kisses her. She is stunned.

In the present she thinks, and then you don’t call me anymore and date that rich woman! If I go back then I am not a dog, I am a crazy dog!

But, she goes back and peeks over the fence of Son Namu company. Doo-sik comes out and playfully asks why she is out there. then he pulls her inside. The inside of this place is a coffee shop so  Jae-sun says hello and brings some drinks out to a few guests.

Sol-ah sits at a table with Doo-sik, looking uncomfortable. Jae-sun brings them a drink and says they can drink and leave. Sol-ah asks why he said that? How can he be so cold to us? Doo-sik tells her that he may appear cold, but he waited for you the entire time like that. He motions to Jae-sun who is looking out the window as if waiting and waiting for her.

Doo-sik tells her that he has been like this as if he is still waiting. But then he realizes, hmm, who is he waiting for? Doo-sik hops up and runs to Jae-sun to ask who he is waiting for. Ja-sun says they might not come. So Doo-sik asks if he is waiting for that woman! He says no. 

Jae-sun shows him initials LRB. Doo-sik tells him that he does not know English that well, what does this mean? Jae-sun says it is his father. Doo-sik asks if he still does not want to see him? You quit law school a long time ago to be a leather workman. That was over 6 or 7 years ago. It should be okay now.

Sol-ah is watching them from her seat and mutters that she should be the one with emotions, why is he like this?



The little cat tries to open the door and leave and says that as a human he could do that. Another woman comes in and calls him Sergey and asks if he wants to go out that much? Then she puts him in crate and takes him to the coffee shop/leather workin place. She tells Jae-sun to take him because her future in-laws do not like cats. She leaves. This woman is Lee Roo-bi.

Jae-sun sighs painfully and touches the cat crate.


Doo-sik is inside his parents fish place possibly asking about if they can keep the cat there? But the parents says that they cannot because the cat hair will get over everything and the patrons won’t like it.

Sol-ah and Jae-sun sit awkwardly outside the fish place. He holds the cat. But then he leaves quietly. Doo-sik comes out and asks where he went? Then he asks why Sol-ah doesn’t just take it? Solah does not want to take that woman’s cat. But Doo-sik says it is Jae-sun’s cat, he gave it to her and now he has it again.

Dol-ah is not feeling that, but Doo-sik convinces her because of Jae-sun’s personality, he will not be able to ask anyone. So she mets with him at the river on the snowy night and reluctantly meets with him to talk about the cat.

She asks what its name is? No name? Nabi (Butterfly) or Yeongi (kitty cat)? He says Sergei. She si all like, Sergi? What the heck? he tells her the name is Sergei Lawmalinoff. She is all like, what? Why is this cats name so…. Did she name it?

He tears up, she asks why he is crying over a woman? He says he is not crying. It is not about a woman. I have cat allergies. She sighs and tells him to give it to her. He says no, you hate cats. She looks at the cat and says yes, she hates them.

She goes home with the cat, it hides under the bed and she takes off all her clothes to shower while telling the cat that it should be thankful.

The cat looks at the bathroom door from under the bed and then reaches out from under the bed and grabs her bra. He stands up from under the bed as a human boy and looks at his hand that is holding the bra. He is surprised as he turns his hand back and forth.

He is wearing all white and somehow still looks fluffy. He wonders if this is a dream? Did I really become human? He starts to walk to the bathroom door. Sol-ah gets out of the shower and starts to walk to the door as well.

He reaches for the handle, she also reaches for the handle.

He turns it, she also turns it.

She comes out of the bathroom and we see that he did not reach for the bathroom door, he reached for the bedroom door. He looks at her and looks around. She does not notice him. Then she looks at the door and sees that the cat is there. He has turned back into a cat.

She is all dressed and tells him not to get too comfortable with her place. I will find another person to care for you. Then she hops in bed to sleep. The cat hops in bed as well. She pushes him out. He hops back in her bed. She tries to push him out but he refuses. Then he finally hops back down and runs off. She sighs and goes to sleep.

He looks at her as a human again while sitting on his floor.


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