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Memories of Alhambra: Episode 6 Live Recap

Memories of Alhambra Recap episode 6 starring Hyun Bin and Park Shin-hye

Ack! Just realized I did not post episode 6 on here from last week and we already just finished live recapping episode 8! This show is really moving forward y’all! I love it so much.

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Hee-joo walks slowly and quietly to the hostel. When she gets home her grandmother greets her and asks if he is okay and that she thought he would be in acoma. She is so happy that he only has a broken leg. But she alo asks why Hee-joo is so wet and what else has happened.

Hee-joo tells her that his wife came, he is not fully divorced yet. Grandma thinks that is great, at least he has family members around.

Cut to Yura at the hospital. She waits impatients in his room and then goes out to see what happened. But then Jin-woo gets hauled back inside frantically by his people. Yura wonders what is going on.

While Hee-joo walks up to the room, Yura starts to talk to someone about how Jin-woo has some things going wrong with him, it isnot just a head injury! Should we cancel the lawsuit? But she sees Hee-joo and gets off the phone to talk to her. She asks if the secretary told her to like to her? DOn’t do those things.

Hee-joo asks what she is talking about. Yura looks like she is about to do something to Heejoo. But the secretary tells Yura to stop, what are you doing? She is the one that is helping the most. Yura hits Jung-hoon so hard he hits the ground. But he hops up and tells Hee-joo not to worry, she is like that. You should go home otherwise you will be in more trouble.

Yura goes back to the hospital room as Jin-woo slowly wakes up. She greets him softly. Then the secretary comes in. Jin-woo asks if it is a dream, tell me it is a dream. 

JH – It is not a dream

JW – F**k.

Yura starts to talk about his schedule and her schedule and how the secretary is the biggest problem. They keep bickering.

But then Jin-woo hears the guitar again.

He turns his head, everyone is gone from the room? It looks like he is alone.


Hee-joo tries to sleep but she keeps thinking about Jin-woo pulling her into that half conscious hug in the rain. He muttered for her to just stay there a little bit, do you think I am crazy? I think I am crazy.

She gets up and starts to drink wine in the kitchen. But then there is a rapping at the door so she goes to it.

HJ – Whose there?

No one answers so she opens it. Jin-woo is outside. He has his car behind him.

JW – You didnt’ sleep

HJ – What…did you drive here by yourself?

JW – I told you you are responsible for involving her.

HJ -Did you really run away because of your wife.

JW – Can you pack things for me? My contact lens? I can’t go up. Can you hurry?

HJ – ….okay, wait a second.

JW – No, I will wait in the car…the car is safer.

He hops right back into the car.

Hee-joo calls the secretary and tells him that the sCEo is here. The secretary is all like, he is there? He was taking a nap so I went downstairs, but he dissapeared. How did he get there? HJ tells him that he drove there and asked her to pack up. The secretary says he will be there, if he speaks nonsense then just agree with him. The doctor says that he is having PTSD hallucinations.

HJ – Hallucinations?

JH – Yes, I think he is seeing illusions and sounds and a ghost is following him and trying to attack him.

Flashback to the hospital room. Jin-woo tried to leave but passed out. Yura and Jung-hoo ran back into the room.

JH – We had to give him a tranquilizer.

Jung-hoon further explained that he slept for a while and to not instigte him or things can get worse. I will be there soon.

Hee-joo sighs and frets, but then she sees the contacts.

Outside, it starts raining again.



Jin-woo sees the rain all around. He rolls down his window and tries to touch the rain. I’m not suere if he could touch it or not It doesn’t look like he could touch it.

Screen: The enemy appeared.

he hears the Alhambra music and Hyung-seok appears all bloody with his sword. He stands right in front of the car and waits.

Jin-woo locks the doors and waits.

Hee-joo runs down stairs with his things and knocks ont he window. But Jin-woo just holds his hand out for her to stop as he looks at Hyung-seok. They keep looking at each other and then the time ends. 

Screen: the fight is cancelled.

Hyung-seok dissapears.

Jin-woo looks at his empty spot and then rolls down his window.

JW – Did you find the lens?

HJ – Here it is

JW – Thank you so much.

Jin-woo puts the lens in and logs in. It is his 59th time logging in. He starts to look all around the town on his screen to see all the safe spots he can go to.

he is about to drive away and tells her goodnight but she tells him that he must be F’ing with her, how can she have a good night sleep after seeing hm drive off like this. After watching you, your secretary has the hardest job in the world, you need to give him a lot of money, he might die with stress and not fullfil his life. You will get into a car accident with a tranquilizer. Are you insane?

JW – I am insane, I told you I am crazy now. Do you also have a disease? You have to get angry and then you can speak. You are like a rapper when you are angry.

HJ I am serious. Can you cancel the house sale? I don’t need that money, just take it. Why are you putting me into this rollercoaster ride? it was nice to have $10 million, but what will happen? How can you drive away. How can you give me this hard time? I was okay without money. We would be happy with one tenth of the money. DOnt give me stress and cancel the deal

JW – I can’t cancel it because it is a company deal.

HJ – Can you at least open the door for me?

JW – *unlocks door* I will be happy if you go with me, I was scared by myself.

They drive off together.

HJ – Do you know where you are going?

JW – I know

HJ – how do you know without navigation?

We see that he actually does have navigation with his lens.

he pulls over to a building and gets out to hobble to the door, but it is closed. Hee-joo asks wht he needs from here so he asks if she knows this store? Can you call the owner? Hee-joo says she knows him and calls the owner. But he does not pick up so she thinks he might be at a bar.

Jin-woo breaks the window with his cane and tells HJ to tell the owner about it, but he does not have time to wait.

he goes inside and an AR person appears.

AR – Hey, you are followed by someone. Welcome to the best weapon shop. I think I can give you something that you need. WOuld you like to pick anything?

Jin-woo looks around, the shop turns into a weapons shop right in front of his eyes. Weapons are everywhere. JW hobbles over to a spear, but it is very expensive. he is too low in level. He has to increase his level. Another spear is too expensive, his level is too low. 

AR – Just look at yourself and find something cheaper.



Outside HJ calls the owner. She says that her customer made a mistake and broke your window.

Inside, Jin-woo’s level is too low to get most things But then he sees something cheap at the bottom. 

AR – Good choice, this is good for a newbie like you.

Jin-woo keeps it and continues looking around. There is a bo and arrow but his level is too low. Then he sees something like a ninja star. he buys that. Practice mode starts, so he can throw it to a target. A target shows up but Jin-woo misses. He continues practicing.

Outside, HJ tells the owner that she will wait there. But she peeps inside and then heads in. She sees Jin-woo moving his arm as if swatting something away that is far away.

HJ – Um, what are you doing?

JW – Practicing.

He keeps trhowing the ninja star but it looks like he is swatting something.

Jin-woo shakes her head and goes back outside. But inside, we see that Jin-woo got the target. Success.

But the Alhambra music starts.

Jin-woo turns around and sees Hyung-seok there. Hyung-seok passes right through the door (ah, he must be allowed in this store!). Jin-woo throws the nija stars at him, He misses the first one but hits the second and third one. Then he sees a door.

Outside, Hee-joo continues to wait. The owner runs up to her looking very happy and nice.

owner – What is the problem Hee-joo?

Inside, Jin-woo gets out his dagger and hides in the other room. But he opens the door and pulls out his dagger. HS comes around so JW stabs him in the back with his dagger and then pulls out his sword and stabs him.

Screen: You won, you killed Dr. Cha’s dead body, you killed him one minute ago.

JW – I killed him again.

Hee-joo comes in. HS’s body disappears. 

HJ – You said you wanted something? The owner is here.

JW – You can buy something.

Soon we see Hee-joo leaving with something huge. She thanks the owner and hops in the car with Jin-woo.

HJ – Where do you want to go?

JW – I don’t want to die, but I hate killing also.

HS shows up outside the car.

JW – It doesn’t matter if I kill, it doensnt work. Can you just drive? I am most comfortable in the car.

He stares at Hyung-seok waiting for him in the rain.

Hee-joo starts driving away and Jin-woo falls asleep. At a red light, she chekcs his forehead and covers him with a blanket.  The light turns green so she drives off (Maybe inside joke in Korea. If you start dating someone then they say “green light” so it could mean that her feelings for him have deepened).





Byung-joon goes to the park where his son was found. he thinks about what the ambassador said in how the time matches and Jin-woo fell from the 6th floor. It shouldn’t be an accident. BJ asked him if he thought JW killed his son?

BJ also thinks about when he met with SOo-jin. SJ apologizes to him for not protecting his son. BJ tells her that she is always saying sorry to him. You shouldnt’ have followed your desire. What did you say when you got married? You will live happier than others because of your sorryness to me? But what is the result? One died and the other became disabled forever. My only son lost his friend and company and father and became an alcoholic and died in this foreign country because of you! Well…..maybe it is not your fault, but I will not comfort you, ever, I do not pity you at all. And the family members decide whether we should do a thorough autopsy. You and I are the only family members, but there is a possibility that the autopsy will pint at Jin-woo. What do you want to do? Do you want the autopsy?

Int he present, Sun-ho shows up. He just got to Spain one hour ago. he tells him that Jin-woo took a tranquilizer because he had a hallucination. BJ nods. He tells Sun-ho that Hyung-seok was found dead over there. They walk away.


they go to a cafe and sit quietly. BJ is relaxed but Sun-ho is sitting at attention. BH thinks that they shuold not waste time. Reporters will start to spread rumors. the truth does not matter, there is no better mackjang than this. Sun-ho agrees. BJ says that he talkes to Soo-jin. Een if they do not do the autopsy, Hyung-seok will not come back. there is also a thin possibility that it will find out the cause of death. But doing the autopsy will spread the word that this was a homicide. 

In the flashback, BJ told Soo-jin that he was sick and tired of rumors because of them. Do you want an autopsy? She holds her belly and says no.

In the present, BJ asks if Sun-ho would like an autopsy. SH thinks about Yang-joo telling him that CEO Cha said he crushed Hyung-seok, he hoped that he did not use actual violence. It bothered me actually. Sun-ho also thinks back to JW telling him that he would have stabbed HS if he had a knife.

BJ – So what odo you think?

SH – Well…that kind of suspicioun in nonsense.

BJ – So lets cover it up. You can take care of Go Yura first, she is the biggest headache.

SH – Yes.

BJ – When Jin-woo recovers, send him to America right away. He needs to undergo his rehab.

SH – yes, I will do it.

BJ – Lets eat.

VO – Hyung-seok’s death was covered up like that. While I was drugged, everyone left Granada.

Jin-woo is sleepingn in bed, only Hee-joo is with him.

VO – Soo-jin….and the professor…..

Reporter storm when they got back to Korea.

YR – I dont’ know where he is, they snuck him out!

VO – ….Yura also….

Sunho sees Hyung-seok and cries at the sight.

VO – And…Hyung-seok…..

Hyung-eok is taken back to Korea as well.

VO – During that time, I volunteered to sleep longer (sleeping pills) because I knew Hyung-seok would not show up while I am sleeping. Sleeping is the best resting place. To forget about the fear, I just kept sleeping.

Jin-woo sleeps in his hotel room.



Jin-woo wakes up to Sun-ho. He tells him that he has a lot of work to do, I need to leave to Seoul. Jin-woo kind of nods.

SH- Do you have anything to tell me?

JW – What?

SH – Nothing, just…

VO – No one asked me what happened between me and Cha Hyung-seok. If they asked me then I woulk have answered. I killed Hyung-seok. But no one dared as me about it. Maybe they were afraid of the truth.

The secretary is there and tells Sun-ho that his airplane is here. Sun-ho tells JW to cheer up, he will call him.

VO – Hyung left. When I was awake, it was just us there.

He looks over and sees Hee-joo sleeping on the little chair next to him. She is a bit cold and rubs her arm but stays sleeping. Jin-woo hops out of bed to warm the room a little and cover her with a blanket. then he watches her sleeping for a moment before hobbling to the kitchen area.

this looks like a house, but it might be a hotel. There are so many drugs on the table. But it looks like he is all out. He hears a sound and goes outside.

Min-joo is outside on a little river outside his room and greets him like he is the best thing ever. She tells him that the hospital decided not to give him drugs anymore. She also says that seh loves this house so much, can I bring my friends here? 

he sits and tells her that it looks like she is on vacation instead of taking care of a patient. the sister says that he only needs eunnie, he is the one that held her hand and would not let her go.

JW – Did I?

Flashback to Jin-woo holding Hee-joo’s arm as he laid in bed. 

JW – Where are you going? Just stay here, I am afraid to be alone.

HJ – Yes….I am not leaving, I will be here.

She was going to get something but she sits back on the bed and asks her little sister to wash the towel.

MJ – You said my eunnie couldnt go anywhere because you asked her to stay, she even slept here. Why are you looking for eunnie?

JW – I don’t know.

MJ – You should know.

JW – I am telling the truth, I don’t know why I did it.

MJ – Why are you training my sister like that.

JW – Training her?

MJ – yeah, you are making her heart weak. You are really good at training, you are the King of it. that is your nickname, I just made it up.

JW – Do you think I like that name?

Mijin is all like, why not? And then asks about Yura. She is so pretty but she broke her image, very different than TV. 

JW – Did you meet her?

MJ – Yes, she came to our place before.

Mijin tells JW all about the flashback where Yura came to the hostel drunk and yelled at Hee-joo and hit her but people stopped her. She was about to kick her. I hate her. Why did you marry her? She is not a good match to you at all. Why did you marry her?

JW – I don’t know.

MJ – Why can’t you remember anything?

JW – I just did it because I was angry.

Jin-woo goes back inside and looks at Hee-joo still sleeping on the tiny sofa chair. he closes the door as he hears the front.



Sang-beom comes in and asks if he remembers him. JW says he does, you are just like family right?

SB – Where is Heejoo?

JW – Taking a nap

SB – She should be tired after so many days.

SB asks if he is okay and asks if he can take Hee-joo with him. Today is her birthday. i worried about whether she had to stay here on her birthday, I wanted to throw her a party. I delayed it but today is her birthday now. Honestly, Hee-joo is not your caregiver but she is working hard. It happened in the hostel and she had a hard time because she feels responsible for it. She has a soft heart.

JW – She didn’t have to.

SB – You are the one that held her. You only looked for Hee-joo.

JW – Maybe it was the drugs. I might have thought she was my secretary.

SB tells him that she couldnt’ leave or eat or sleep because of you. JW explains that he feels better now, you can take her with you. SB smiles and says, that’s good. But it does not look like Jin-woo wants Hee-joo to leave.

Hee-joo wakes up in the other room and sees that Jin-woo is gone. She runs around looking for him and finds him in the kitchen eating. 

HJ – I thought you went out alone.

JW – Happy birthday.

HJ – How do you know?

JW – that guy just like your family told me.

HJ – Huh?

SB comes back in at that moment and says that he wants to take her out for her birthday. HJ says that she can’t leave but JW says it is fine, I am sorry I didn’t prepare a gift for you. it take a bit of convincing to get Heejoo to go. 

Finally, she walks outside the resort but she looks like she does not want to leave. SB mentions that he is crazy right? HJ asks who said that? SB mentions the doctor and JW’s PTSD hallucinations. then he hops in the car.

Inside, Jin-woo sits quietly in bed. He looks over at the seat Hee-joo was sleeping in for a long moment and then calls someone.

JW – it is me, are you downtown know? I need to send you something.

Later on we see jin-woo sleeping on the couch. He wakes up to a sound and slowly looks around. He gulps as he sits up a little and looks around more frantically.

The camera spins a bit which adds to this ominous mood.

VO – When the effect of the drug went away, my fear came back.

he gets up and starts looking for the sleeping drugs, but he is all out. he hobbles around the kitchen and finds the wine, but it is all gone as well.

He manages to try and sleep in bed as he basically hides under the blankets.

VO – Is this a mental disease? There is no sign of anything, but I know that it is time for him to show up again.




Elsewhere, Hee-joo gets ready for her party. She applies makeup but she looks at her phone and calls Jin-woo.

JW – Hello.

HJ – CEO it is me, I am just checking.

JW – Nothing happened.

HJ – Are you really okay.

JW – Of course.

HJ – What about your secretary?

JW – I asked him to do womthing, he will be here soon.

HJ – What are you doing?

JW – Watching TV

HJ – Bored?

They keep talking back and forth about little things. She says that she can come back but he tells her that seh does not need to come back. Don’t come. he hangs up quickly. She looks out the window and then starts to head out. But the door rings.

Someone is at the front door with a super huge bouquet of flowers (roses?).

Card – Happy birthday, thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Yoo Jin-woo.

HJ – What is going on, He just hung up the phone call like that. *smiles*

In the hotel, the Alhambra music starts to play as Jin-woo sits in the shower. Hyung-seok shows up suddenly.

VO – He came.

Hyung-seok has his sword out and walks around the shower looking at Jin-woo. he is still all bloody.

JW – Hyung-seok…how long are you going to follow me?….can we just stop? I really just want to quit…do you really have to kill me? *a tear falls*…how long should we fight?

thunder rings out and Hyung-seok flickers. he keeps looking at Jin-woo in the shower.

The secretary shows up cluselessly and looks around for Jin-woo. It looks like he has a tiny gift bag with him. He puts it on the coffee table and calls CEO over and over again. then he sees himin the shower so he opens the door and kneels next to him.



JH – What are you doing here?

JW – Let’s leave. 

JH – What?

JW – I feel good now. I don’t want to affect her anymore.

JH – why not stay here longer and get better? SH said you can come next week.

JW – Find a train ticket, not an airplane ticket. Lets go to barcelona first in a train.

Jh – Train?

JW – I don’t know what kind of crazy thing I will do in an airplane. I think a train is better. I can hop off anytime.

JH – When are you leaving?

JW – Toay.

Cut to HJ’s small and lvoely birthday party at a bar. Her friends are there and it is a fun event.

At the same time, Jin-woo heads out in the car.

At the party, Hee-joo excuses herself for a moment to call Jin-woo. 

the secretary asks Jin-woo what he should do. We should tell her that we are leaving right?

JW – Call her later and tells her that we had to leave suddenly.

JH – Should we do that? She will be sad.

he answers the phone and talks to Hee-joo politely. She tells him that she wants to bring Jin-woo some food later. JH tells JW that she is coming to the hotel later, we should tell her. But JW dos not respond.

So JH tells Hee-joo the truth, they are leaving now.

Hj – Huh, leaving?…..oh…yes….when?

She runs out. Sang-seom sees her and wonders where she is going.

Cut to Hee-joo running all across Granada. She makes it to a main street and hails a taxi quickly.


JH asks Jin-woo if he would like a coffee. he heads out as they sit on the train.

VO – I left Granada like that…scared and running away.

Hee-joo shows up on the platform and runs to the train. Jin-woo sees her running.

VO – I did not have room to think about someones heart…but….

Hee-joo keeps running along the train as it starts to chug away. Jin-woo keeps looking at her running and looks for him. But she can’t keep up as the train leaves.

She sinks to the ground and cries.

Jin-woo thinks for a moment in the train.

Hee-joo keeps crying.

Jin-woo looks a bit hesitant to leave.

Fade Out



Today’s episode was mostly flashbacks as we got a little taste of Byung-joo’s past as well as Jin-woo’s spiral into crazy town though he actually isn’t crazy but I guess he literally is crazy since he is the only one who can see these things. It’s a tough situation.

It looks like the next episode will be firmly back in Seoul! Not only that, it also looks like the game is about to be released to the public and that they are testing it out at all the major landmarks in cities. Plus, Hee-joo bought herself a large townhouse and Jin-woo showed up at it. that is all in the preview which is below. I can’t wait to see how this progresses when the game comes out to the public!

And yet, are they still going to release it with all that Jin-woo knows about the game? Does he think it is only for him and won’t affect everyone else? Or does he want to see if it will affect everyone else which will prove that he is not crazy? Ooooooo, I can’t wait to find out!


Grandmother – Why does Yoo Jin-woo live like that without notice?

YJ – the first fights started at all the landmarks in big cities *someone is fighting at King Sejong’s statue*

BJ – I did not expect you to come? Do you still see allusions?

JW – No, if I see it continuously, no one can live like that. *but he sees them*

VO – You are keeping secrets from me, what did you do in Seoul?

JW – Can I tell you one more strange story?

JW – How is Jung Hee-joo? I haven’t heard from her in awhile.

VO – It has been awhile since Hee-joo and her family came back to Korea.

HJ – Excuse me, how did you get here?

JW – How have you been?

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