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Memories of Alhambra: Episode 5 Live Recap

Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin are in the rain in Memories of Alhambra Live Recap Episode 5

This is Patreon First Look Drama! We recapped this one bright and early Saturday morning to see just how Jin-woo survived that fall. I kind of side-eyed their logic but I also thought, okay that could happen. Saturday’s recap is below!

It’s early and we are ready to get this show popping! Is anyone up with us or are you reading later on? Either way, welcome!

How crazy was the last ending, right? I must say, it will fall into Kdrama logic to see how Jin-woo survived that fall, but the shock of him falling alone is worth it. THAT WAS SO SHOCKING. I cannot believe they actually had him fall. I thought he would dangle off the ledge for Hee-joo to save him, but nope, over he went due to an ex bestfriend-current enemy-current zombie who lives in a game now. I love it.

I wonder if he had a lot of lifes left in the game which is why he didn’t die in real life? Or maybe he was level 5 in the game so the fall sent him to level 3 or 4 instead of killing him? There is a lot of strange interconnected things going on that I’m excited to find out about!

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Shorthand Chart: Memories of Alhambra Character Chart

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Hee-joo is packing in the hostel. She has her Amazon boxes filled and is dragging them to another room, the office. She looks at it and thinks there is so much to throw away. Then she looks up the stairs and gets an idea. She heads to her sister and Grandmothers room and says that she will take a blanket to the 6th floor. The sister tells her she is super kind…very super kind…this is the first time you are like this. HJ just says, what are you talking about? Little kid.

She starts to head up with the blanket but thinks that she might be thinking too much, did I go to far? Maybe I went too far. She goes back to her office to continue packing. Then gets a call from Korea.

HJ – Hola?

VO – Bonita hostel? I jin-woo there?

HJ – Who are you?

VO – Can I talk to him this late? He is not picking up the phone.

This woman is the ex 2nd wife. She is pretty drunk and is trying to talk to Jin-woo but Hee-joo keeps telling her that Jin-woo is alseep because you called so late, who are you? Yoo-ra tells her that she is the ex-wife! I need to talk to him! Don’t you speak Korean! Hee-joo tells her okay and then starts to head to the stairs. She looks up and wonders if he is sleeping. Then she wonders about Yoo-ra, she is not like that on TV, but her manners or horrible.

Hee-joo heads upstairs slowly.

But then she stops and looks up. However she has to hop back as Jin-woo’s body falls to the first floor. Hee-joo shakes with fright and looks over the rail at the body, then up at the 6th floor. She calls, CEO? But then realizes that he might be the one on the first floor right now. However she is frozen with fright.

She continues upstairs to see if the CEO is there. She peeks around into his bedroom to look around. It does not look like he is there. So she runs out and looks at the man on the first floor. her cell phone is shaking in her hand. Yoora is still on the line. Hee-joo runs down all the flights of stairs.

She gets to the bottom. There is no blood on him, it also looks like a piece of furniture might have broken his fall a little bit. Hee-joo sees the very expensive watch, it is him.

She runs to the hostel area and asks for the medical student to come out. There is someone injured! He fell from the 6th floor!

The students run out and start to give Jin-woo CPR and other medial things. Then the grandmother wakes with all the commotion and sees what is going on. 

Outside, Yang-joo calls Jung-hoon and asks if he is with the CEO! You should go there now! I think something happened to him! The secretary is all like, what? What happened to him? But he sees the ambulance driving toward the hostel and takes off running.

The news in Korea is all about Hyung-seok and his cause of death in Granada, but the polcie say that there is no sign of homicide, it is just an accident. The news also mentions Jin-woo and how Hyung-seok was an icon for successful venture capitalists. He was a co-founder of J.one holdings…

Sun-ho talks to someone on the phone as he looks at the news and asks if Jin-woo left yet? It will be super noisy soon. But then he is alerted to the situation.

Meanwhile, Jin-woo kind of wakes up a little in the ambulance. he asks her if it was raining? She says it wasn’t. He asks if she played the guitar? The Memory of Alhambra? But the ER people don’t want Jin-woo to tlalk, he passes out again.

he wakes up and passes out several times, once on the way to surgery, once in surgery, once in recover to see Grandmother and hostel people there, and another time to see the secretary there talking to the police about how it is hard to fall from that stairway because the rail is so high. Then another time to see his secretary crying in the chair.

he finally wakes up from the touch of his former best friends father on his cheek. The father tells him that he will see his son and come back, he hasn’t even seen him yet. Byung-joon leaves along with the secreatary people.



Jin-woo is sent into a memory of Byung-joon slapping Hyung-seok in front of Jin-woo after HS yelled at him for ignoring him. BJ tells him that he does not have to follow on his side because he is his son, how can I follow a person that is bankrupt. You are the one leaving the company, you are the betrayer.

HS takes a look at his father and then a look at Sun-ho and Jin-woo who looks concerned about the entire situation. Then Jin-woo looks at the father.

Cut to university hospital in Korea. Jin-woo is in the rain looking at his wife. Hea sks her why she is crying, he is the one that should cry. But then Hyung-seok shows up and asks why he is there. HS has an umbrealla for himself. He asks if JW has anything else to say to his wife. Oh, you didn’t here it yet? We married last week. How is my aboji? Then he addresses Soo-jin and tells her to hop in the car. Soo-jin walks to the car along with Hyug-seok. HS puts away his umbrealla and shares her umbrella with her.

Jin-woo watches them, angry. But there is a honk, it looks like sun-ho drove up to get him. Sun-ho ends up driving Jin-woo away.

SH – Why are you all wet without an umbrella?

JW – If you didn’t call me I could have had an accident. If I had a knife, I would have just stabbed him (or them?).

Then we cut to JW happily stabbing Hyung-seok in the game, but then we cut right to zombie Hyung-seok getting the best of JW in the hotel. HS pushes Jin-woo over the rail. But Jin-woo was able to hold onto the rail on like the 4th floor and thenfall again and hit the rail on another floor. When he hits the bottom his screen shows that he is too far away from his enemy and he is not dead yet. HS dissapears and Jin-woo passes out.

Jin-woo wakes up in the hospital. Itis raining outside. he left arm looks broken and his left leg looks broken as well so he can’t move. He tries to log off from the game, it is still raining. To his right is his cell phone so he tries to grab it, but he can’t really move due to all the pain. he pulls his shirt up to see that he probably had major surgery on his internal organs.

Flashback to the fight where he was stabbed in the belly. he tries to move again but can’t.


In the mortuary, Byung-joon gets a look at his son. he looks saddened and very affected to see him there, but he is also standing like a stone. His fist is clenched. The secretary gets a call from JW so he walks out. SH asks what happened? I thought you were sleeping?

JW – Is Cha Hyung-seok dead? Can you confirm that he is dead? He came to my room with a sword.

JH – I am at the morgue in the hospital with sonsaengnim. DOn’t you rmemeber? CEO cha died in the morning and you fell from the 6th floor at 1am. Hee-joo went up there, no one else was there.

JW – Wait…so….that was really the game? I had a stab wound

JH – You were never stabbed.

Flashback to Jin-woo getting rolled over at the hostel, there was no stab wound.

JH – Your fractured bones were the problem.

JW – What about my stomach dressings?

JH – Your intestines broke due to the fall so they had to do emergency surgery…CEO, are you talking about the A/R game?

Flashback to the secretary talking to Sun-ho or Yang-joo about the game. he thinks it has something to do with it. But the secretary tells Yang-joo that his lense was still in his room, he was not wearing his lense and there was no lense on during surgery.

JW – What? I wasn’t wearing the lense?

JH – DOn’t you remember anything? You weren’t drinking, you shuold feel numb due to the painkiller.

The father comes out and asks the secretary if he is awake? Can he talk? ….. at least this is good, I thought I lost both of them.



The secretary feels something is a little not right and follows the professor up to Jin-woo’s room.

In the room, Jin-woo starts to remember taking out the contact lens. He laid in bed and started to look at his cell phone. In the present, he see the rain outside his window to the left. But Hee-joo is talking on the phone to his right, she tells someone on the phone that she does not know what to do, he only has his secretary here.

The little sister is there and sees Jin-woo wake up, so she runs to him to see if he is okay. Hee-joo looks at him and says she will call the nurse. She leaves The little sister tells JW that it wa daebak, I thought you were dead. Your speed reduced because you hit tang tang tang on the stairwell, that is why you surived. 

JW – It looks like you are having fun.

MJ – You only have a broken arm and leg, no head injury.

JW – Do I really not have a head injury…is it reaining outside

MJ – Yes

JW – I am happy that it is really raining.

He starts to use his cell phone, Minjoo tells him not to use it. But he just mutters that it is okay. So she goes outside and tells Hee-joo that JW is using his cell phone. HJ goes inside and grabs JWs cell phone from him and then tells him that he should not do that! You have fractures!

He is all like, why are you so angry at me? HJ tells him it is because he fell and scared her….when is the nurse coming? She leaves again. Jin-woo asks what happened to Mijin’s eunnie. 

MJ – Maybe she likes you

JW – She likes me? We only met for 2 days.

MJ – Eunnie cried a little bit because you were injured, it hurts her heart a little bit. Why? Because she likes you, that is what I think.

JW – that is sudden.

MJ -I have a good sense about this. What about you, do you like my sister?

JW – Do you want to be cupid between us?

MJ – Yes, my eunnie is too much for you but she liks you and she is rich now. You make a good couple.

JW – *coughs* as you know, ajusshi is getting a divorce and I am sick and tired of marriage.

MJ – What, my eunnie is dumped..

JW – What about your brother? No contact?

MJ – No, no no. Do you not like my eunnie? Why aren’t you answering?

JW – *smiles*

Hee-joo comes back in looking upset and tells Jin-woo that the doctor came. 

Elsewhere, Byung-joon learns that Jin-woo’s left leg will not be 100%. Rehab might help or might not, the secretary is figuring it out. Jin-woo does not know right now, only he and Hee-joo know.

Outside the room, Hee-joo tells the sister that she can go home now. The sister is all like, okay. Then she tells Hee-joo that ajusshi is sick and tired of women, he does not want to see women anymore. hee-joo is all like, what? The sister just shrugs and says that she is telling her that.

Then Hee-joo goes into the room and tells Jin-woo that his wife called their hostel number. JW looks a bit annoyed and asks how she knew that number? HJ does not know but says it is because he did not answer. I told her that you had an accident.

JW – You told he that?

HJ – Yes, you were in critical condition so I should tell her that. She is shooting a pictoral in Spain.

JW – She is in Spain?

HJ – Yes, that is why she is coming here.

JW – Where is she?

HJ – She is coming, she just arrived.

Jin-woo starts to tell the nurse that seh can move, I have to leave. Where is a wheelchair? i need something. Hee-joo, you take care of her, you called her. I am already having a hard time, I don’t want to be in hell as well. 

HJ – Are you joking?

JW – I am not joking, give me my cell phone too.



hee-joo goes outside and asks the nurse if Jin-woo can ride in a wheelchair? The nurse says no, never. So HJ asks if he can change his hospital room. The nurse says she will look into it. HJ pleads with her to hurry.

In the room, Jin-woo hears the rain get a little louder and then he hears the Memories of Alhambra. On his phone he sees that it says the enemy has come. He covers his eye with his hand but still sees the message. He is all like, what in the world is going on?

There is a knock on the door.

ALl the music stops.

JW – Who is there?

Another knock.

The door opens, it is Hee-joo. Jin-woo breaths a sigh of relief. But then he sees the shoes and sword of Hyung-seok walking to the door and we get a glimpse of HS’s bloody face.




HS’s image flickers as he turns his head to look at Jin-woo.


HJ – What?


Hee-joo closes the door right away. HS is standing right behind her.

JW – Do you hear the guitar sound? The Memories of Alhambra?

HJ – No, why are you asking me that?

JW – Am I the only one that can hear it? Did I go crazy?

Screen – Because of the obstacles, your fight is delayed. Get space and avoid obstacles. If you wait too long then the fight will end.

60 second count down pops up….59….58….57

HS waits outsid ethe door with his sword by his side. Hee-joo looks around and wonders if she is really okay.

HJ – Are you okay? I will come in.

JW – DON’T OPEN THE DOOR! Don’t open it…just wait a little bit.

She lets go of the handle and looks around frantically as she wonders what she should do. She looks at her cell phone and then sees Yura walking up the hall. Oh no, what should I do? She decides to run to yura and tells her that she is the one that just talked to her. But the hospital is not right there, they moved the hospital room. It is this way, this way…we need to take the elevator.

She leads them away.

Back at the room, the countdown is at 10 seconds…9…8…7…6…5…4…

But then someone opens the door at 3! 

It is a patient that has the wrong room! HS comes in with a fierceness! He swings his sword at Jin-woo. Jin-woo has to jump out of the way, but it hurts him so much t omove. The patient is all like, what are you doing? But Jin-woo just tries to get out of the way and tries to put obstacles in the way of HS.

he is able to get out of the way and toward the door. he almost gets out o the door and close it, but HS stabs his sword through the opening and cuts Jin-woo.

VO – If there is a desperate enough time to die, this is the time.

he is able to close the door and says something about the moment that he has to accept.

Screen – you are delayed because of obstacles.

We see HS on the other side of the door. But then the patient pushes the door open and calls for help. HS comes out and comes right at Jin-woo. He swings his sword right at him!



Meanwhile, Hee-joo is riding the elvator with Yura and her person as they talk about why Hee-joo is there and why is that old man there? he should be with his daughter in law who just became a widow. The elevator opens, Hee-joo tells her that the room is 905. I have to leave.

Yura goes into the room but it is another persons room so Yura finds out that she has been had and leaves. The secretary apologizes to the family in the room.

Hee-joo takes a call from Sang-beom who wonders why she is still there. She tells her that she just saw Yura. i think she will pull my hair if I see her again. But she sees that Jin-woo left the room. The nurse says he went away on a cane, but he shouldn’t, it isn’t good for his rehab.

Cut to Jin-woo trying to hobble away from a slow stead walking Hyung-seok. But he gets cut over and over again on the back as he tries to get away. 

In the hospital room, Yura talks to Byung-joon and Jung-hoon about where Jin-woo is. They don’t know what is going on. Yura tells them that he ran away, he took another patients cane and left. How much does he hate me to run away with a body like that? I heard his leg is all broken. This is a super black comedy. Should I laugh or cry?

Byung-joon asks if she is drunk? how can you be sarcastic and laugh about him and his leg? If he dies you will get all the divorce money. Which one is better? Stopping the divorce? What should I tell the public? You came here with all those happy emotions, but he only has a broken leg? You look dissapointed. Why are you here? You know he hates you. This is not good for the patient.

Yura tells him that she is the family member. But Byung-joon tells her that a 20 year friend is better than a one year woman. Yura says, you are better than me? You didn’t even contact your son for years. Take care of your daughter in law, I am next to Jin-woo. take care of your own family, okay?

Byung goes outside and asks what happened. Jung-hoon says that he does not know, HJ is not picking up her phone, I will look for her. Then some other people show up.

Cut to Jin-woo trying to survive outside in the rain as he is being shredded by Hyung-seok. He is able to sit on a bench.

VO – That moment I realized, the reason Cha Hyung-seok died is homicide, he was killed. He died with too much bleeding from me stabbing him, like I am now. I killed him. As proof, I am about to die in the same way. Our death will remain as a mystery forever, but we know. We killed each other and got our revenge.

JW closes his eyes as he waits for the final blow.

VO – We killed each other as we always wished in our true heart.

HS is in mid swing….but then Hee-joo shows up ….CEO!……and HS stops.




Hyung-seok is paused as Hee-joo stands in front of Jin-woo. She is crying as she looks at him sitting in front of Jinwoo.

Screen – The fight is stopped because of an obstacle.

JW – Oh, your leg!

She turns to run off to get the doctor.

HS lifts his sword again.

Jin-woo grabs Hee-joo and pulls her back to him. He hugs her and tells her to stay there for a moment.

Screen – If the fight is paused too long then the fight will stop.


HJ – What is going on?

JW – Just stay like this for one minute….

Hyung-seok lowers his sword.

JW – I am strange right…you don’t understand me.

HJ – Yes.

JW – Do you think I am crazy?

HJ – *tears up*

JW – I think I am crazy.

ALl the while, Jin-woo looks at Hyeong-seok as he waits for the countdown to end.


All Jin-woo’s wounds disappear.

Jin woo looks at Hee-joo.

JW – That’s it. *passes out*

Hee-joo grabs him and calls CEO several times as she looks around.

Inside, a lot of doctors run down the hall. Jung-hoon tells Byung-joon that they found him, they found Jin-woo. Everyone runs off outside.

BJ looks at the scene of Jin-woo passed out with people around him, and remembers the ambassador officer saying that they found Jin-woo’s finger prints on Hyung-seok’s neck and collar. Jin-woo already said that he held his collar. There is no wound, only a finger print. So what do you suspect with a finger print only? The polcie say that the autopsy report is around the time he met Jin-woo. They start to talk about the fall from the 6th floor. The professor asks if they think his son was killed by his friend?

Someone says that he does not mean that. The ambassador says that the police need to investigate it more.

Byung-joon looks at the scene of Jin-woo and then tells Jin-woo that he is sorry.

Someone asks Hee-joo what Jin-woo was doing ont he ground. Hee-joo says that she does not know.

VO – There are something you can understand when you go crazy together.

Cut to Se-joo on the train.

VO – Why Se-joo did not come, what he was afraid of…now I understand.

On the train, Se-joo heard the music and saw the thunderstorm.

VO – Maybe he was followed by a person that only he sees.

Jin-woo got to the train that day to meet Se-joo, but he was not there. The train left.

VO – Se-joo, did Se-joo die in that moment?

A dead body is on the ground at the train station? It is Se-joo and he is holding a gun. But Jin-woo cannot see him and the gun flickers as if it is in a game.

Fade Out



Wow, so it looks like you don’t need the contacts to see the screen in the game and you need to put obstacles in front of the enemies in order to stop them. But it looks like that might only stop them for that fight, not for the entire game? So the best thing is to keep peolple around you at all times or to lock yourself in a room until one minute passes. All things I would be doing.

But I wonder if Hee-joo is a kind of “cheat” in the game? Like maybe all people don’t work, only her? Or maybe you can somehow level up with her easier? I need to know more about how she fits into this game!


JW – Can you pack my luggage?

HJ – Huh?

JW – I should have my lense case upstairs in the room, can you get it for me?

HJ – What are you doing!

JW – Please explain this to the owner, I don’t have time now.

BJ – Family members should decide if they want a thorough autopsy.

BJ – There is a possibility that the results of the autopsy can point at jin-woo

HJ – I am telling you seriously, can you cancel the house sale contract?

HJ – I don’t need that money, can you just take it back?

JW – Let’s leave. 

JH – When do you want to leave?

JW – Today.

JH – Hee-joo is calling. What should I do?

JW – Just call her later, tell her we had to leave because we had an urgent reason.

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