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Memories of Alhambra: Episode 4 Live Recap

Memories of Alhambra Live Recap Episode 4

We wake up at 5:30 am to get this recap going at 6am and I am happy to say that it is worth it so far. This show has gone full on thriller and I love it! They have also kind of gotten the romance kick started a little bit on his part, but it seems like he will fall in love with her avatar image first? We shall see!

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We open at early morning. Soo-jin wakes up but her husband is not there beside her. So she sits up and looks at his empty spot on the bed. Then she checks her cell phone. No messages. She walks around the room and then decies to go out on the balcony to look around. She still has her cell phone and it is still dark out. She looks worried.

She checks her husbands secretary team, he did not contact them at all. They think he might be in a bar but she thinks the bar is closing now. He apologizes and tells her that he should have checked who he meets more thouraghly. 

She remembers her husband asking her if she saw Jin-woo. Jin-woo told her that divorce is difficult the first time but it is easy the second time, at the airport. She is flashing back between each event. Her husband told her that he did not mean it. She has another flashback to Hyung-seok yelling at his father and throwing something. He tells his father that no one will know that he is his father. Then we cut to Jin-woo in the rain with no umbrella. He asks his wife why she is crying, he is the one that should be crying. Cut to Hyung-seok telling Soo-jin that he is not angry at her, she should understand him, she is the only one on his side. Cut to Hyung-seok telling SOo-jin that she can go to bed, he has to meet someone, you don’t have to know.

She is pulled out of her thoughts by the secretaries talking. They wonder if Jin-woo is sleeping on the streets. One of the people is Soo-jin’s sister, Soo-kyung. She upsets LSJ by calling Woo-jin her brother-in-law, but she apologizes and says that it was her habit. She asks her sister to call him. You have his number don’t you? I erased it. the sister grabs her phone.

meanwhile, someone is running in the park and sees Hyung-seok on the bench. He stops running and asks him if he is okay, but HS just collapses over, dead. The runner screams for help.


Grandmother runs into Hee-joo’s room and tells her to check the money again. See if it is still there, I had a dream that it all disapeared! Just check! Maybe they tricked us! Hee-joo just rolls over and says that he is a famous person, that won’t happen. But she does sit up with a quickness and check her account. Grandma asks if it is not there, is it not there! Is it gone! No, I knew it, I knew it!

But Hee-joo tells her that it is all there. Halmoni. because of you my heart dropped! See, all the money is here, $10,000,000. It is not a dream halmoni, we are rich now. They both hug as Halmoni tells her good job, good job.

The camera fades away on their happy hugging. Then we cut to the kitchen. Hee-joo tells two guests that they have meat in the fridge, they can cook it. It is free service today. The guests are all like, what? Really? hee-joo tells them that she feels good today, so just enjoy!

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Hee-joo leaves in a car, it looks like she is taking her little sister to school and happily telling someone over the phone about how their business is closing, sorry, we aren’t taking anymore appointments. Then she hangs up and asks Min-joo if she wants to get a new car? they car is so old now, they can get one. Min-joo is all like, okay, sure.

Hee-joo tells her that she will go to a dealership and then drops Min-joo off. After that, she happily walks up the street smiling and greeting everyone she passes. She stops at a flower shop and talks to a flower merchant about the flowers and how they are expensive but she can afford it, now so okay. She buys several flowers and happily walks to her guitar shop with them.

She goes inside and sets her flowers down on her bench so she can get to work. We see her grabbing a vase for her flowers and some water and then filling the vase with the water. She actually makes more than one vase. She delivers one to one bench and puts the other on her bench. then she looks at her guitar that she is working on and thinks about Jin-woo.

VO – Goodbye Hee-joo, good luck with your guitar. You play classic guitar right?

HJ – How did you know, I haven’t played in awhile

JW – WHy did you quit? You are more attractive when you play

Hee-joo wonders how Jin-woo knew that she played the guitar. She pulls out her phone to look him up when someone comes in. It is Jin-woo. Hee-joo is startled to see him. She deops her cell phone so he picks it up and sees that she googled him (lol). He tells her that he is not that good in pictures right? I am better in real life. She is all like….right.

He tells her that he went to the hostel but she is not there so he came here. She asks him why he is there, his secretary said you did not have to come back. He says that he has something to take care of. HJ tells him that she is happy, halmoni wanted to meet you. WJ asks her to come with him somewhere, he needs her help. Are you busy?

She ends up leaving with Jin-woo. Her friend sees her leaving and wonders where she is going. He also wonders why that guy is still there.

Hee-joo asks why he needs to while they drive off. He tells her that he needs a translator. She tells him that is her specialty, you don’t have to pay me, I don’t have to work for that little money anymore……that is a joke. Jin-woo tells her that he was surprised that she changed so much in that one day, I wondered if you were the same person renting out that dilapidated room where the windows don’t open.

She clears her throat and then asks why he is back. He tells her that someone he knows died. They stop talking.

The taxi drops them off at a location.

JW – Can you tell the driver that we will be back in ten minutes?

HJ – *tells the driver that they will be right back*

they go inside a building. JW tells Soo-kyung that they are there, so she says ‘brother in law?’ and lets them in. Hee-joo is a bit confused that someone called him brother in law. JW says that is just her habit. He then tells JW that the wife is pregnant and passed out. there are two women and they dont’ speak spanish so they should be nervous. Can you stay with them?

HJ says yes. He knocks on the door, the sister opens immediately and starts crying at the sight of JW. They go inside, JW tells her that Hee-joo is an immigrant there so she can help you. the sister starts to talk about how they went to sleep and everything was okay, this happened all of a sudden. they called their little brother but they could not tell mother, however, she already heard it.

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Jin-woo opens the door to the wifes room, she is laying on her back. He asks why no one is there? The sister says that she requested someone who can speak English. the nurse left but only spoke Spanish. JW walks to Soo-jin’s side and asks why she is not in the hospitla. The sister says that they think it is better for her to rest at home. Jin-woo says he can go to the hospial and check him. He heads out.

Hee-joo is in the living room. He asks her if she will be okay waiting there? She says she is though she looks a bit uncomfortable. He says he has to go to a certain hospital. She tells him that that is the biggest hospital, it is 10 minutes by car. The sister comes so he says goodbye and to ask Hee-joo if she needs anything. But then the wife comes out as well and asks why he is there, he called someone, you talked to him last night didn’t you, I didn’t feel good when I saw you at the station, I thought this might happen. Are you happy now? You wished this would happen! How much did you wish for this! What did you tell him before he died! Why didnt’ you just tell me! (stop eunnie! Stop) We are not happy everyday! He drank every night! (eunnie stop! he came here to help, don’t release your anger on him!).

Jin-woo watched the sister pull his ex wife back inside the room. Then he asks if Hee-joo has a boyfriend? Even if you have a boyfriend, don’t get married. I married twice and it both ended bad. He chuckles a bit and then thanks her and says that he will call her. he walks out.

Hee-joo walks to the balcony and sees Jin-woo driving off in the taxi. She thinks about what Jin-woo told her about googling him and seeing that he is divorced twice. In the first marraige my wife had an affair with my best friend.

Hee-joo looks back at the hotel.


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Jin-woo rides off int he taxi, blank faced. They arrive at the hospital. Jin-woo gets out and is met by his secretary, Jung-hoon. he tells him that there is a person from the embassy there. he took a walk because he woke up early and saw so many people and aan ambulance. he thought it looks familiar.

Flashback to him seeing Hyung-seok on the ground about to be carried away by the ambulance. 

I checked his identity because he did not have his passport on him. The doctor thinks it is a brain hemmorage or something like that. Jin-woo goes into the room and identifies the body. Then he is met by someone from the embassy. They greet each other with pleasantries and then the embassy guy says that Jin-woo is the last one to talk to him so the police want to talk to him. They do not suspect him, they will do an autopsy. They need to interview you for a report incase you met him.

JW – Yes, I met him. I met him at the park before I went to the airport. Who do I need to talk to?

Cut to the office team. they tell him that he did not need to tell them that he talked to them. But Jin-woo says that the polcie will know about it eventually so they should know now. Jin-woo is at a cafe talking to his team now. they are worried becuase of all those rumors that died down now. They think he should come back, don’t stay there too long, it will be too strange. And it is not good for Soo-jin. With you two together in Granada, it is already bad for gossip.

Sun-ho hangs up with Jin-woo. yang-joo is there and wonders what this is all about. Jin-woo said he crushed Cha, he was super happy. And now this happened? Maybe it happened when they played the game? You cannot use your fist, maybe that is what happened. SUn-ho stands and tells him to watch his mouth. But Yang-joo tells him that he is just worried about what he said about crushing him.

VO – The doctor said it is strange, the cause of death is not a heart attack, it is bleeding todeath. It is as if he drained all his blood somewhere, He does not have any outside wounds. I don’t know, maybe we cansearch him better and see if there are any needle holes. that is why we have to do a thorough autopsy.

Jin-woo remembers that conversation with the embassy guy but then hears a Spanish guitar playing. It catches his attention. His secretary comes to the table and says that Sun-ho wants him to come back right away. Should I buy the ticket? I also think you should. Jin-woo asks him what the title of that song is? The secretary tells him that it is Memory of ALhambra. Jin-woo says that he alrady has a hard time thinking and this song makes him think more.

The secreatary tells him that this song is the song that everyone knows. Everyone tries to play this song. if you can play ALhambra, then everyone will respect you. it is a difficult thing blub blub blub blub. *mimics playing it*

JW – Hey, don’t do that.

The secretary stops and says that he should support this artist. JW tells him that he always illegally downloads thing and doesn’t support artists. But Jung-hoon tells him that today is different….this meaningless life. He walks up to the performer and gives him some money then he listens to his song until the end.

But when he turns around after clapping, the boss is gone. He searches for him.

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Jin-woo is walking around the park near that location and walks all the way to the police crime scene. He looks at the bench were he last saw Hyung-seok and then looks at the field as he remembers what happened last night. then he puts in his eye piece.

He logs into the game.

screen – 58th time logging in, level 3

He turns to the bench, Hyung-seok is still there, all bloody, his sword in his hand.

VO – It seems like his blood is all drained, that is strange right? He does not have any outside wounds.

Jin-woo crosses the police tape to get a better look. He scans the body to look at all the blood. Then he tries to touch him, Hyung-seok flickers. 

Screen – you killed him 12 hours ago.

VO – what did you say to him! What did you say to him! Why is he dead! You wanted this to happen! If you wanted to say something, then call me!

VO – You should have already guessed why I called you. All the excuses you make make you really a betrayer. Because betrayers always focus on excuses because when the true self is revieled then that person is really bad…..*they fight*…..ah, should I give you a good excuse, not your bad excuse? You released your anger toward your father to me with the worst dirty excuse as if you are some kind of great person or something. *he kills him and HS falls on the bench*

But then a dog runs up to Jin-woo. he is pulled out o fhis thoughts.

SCreen – A new enemy has appeared.

Jin-woo looks around, Hyung-seok is gone from the bench, but he is now in front of him again, fully alive! He pull sout his word and swings it at Jin-woo. Jin-woo quickly materializes his sword and slices Hyung-seok.

Screen – You win. Your defense and attack has increased, you are level 4.

Hyung-seoks body dissapeared again.


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Cut to the office. yang-joo walks around the offices when a woman runs up to him and asks if he knows what happened? Hyung-seok has died in Spain! yang-joo can’t believe that this is already all spread around. But then he gets a call from jin-woo.

Jin-woo tells him that the dead uses became a dead game character, is that possible? YJ is all like, I don’t know? JW wants to know if this is a setting int he game or if Se-joo is manipulating things. Find it out. then he gets a call from Granada station. he left his bag in the train.

But JW says that he did not take the train. The woman says that she found his number in the train. the train is from Barcelona to Granada. JW realizes the sifnificance and tells hre that he will go pick it up.


Cut to Hee-joo talking to Sang-beom about what happened. they talk over the phone as he works at the guitar shop and she is at the hostel. He says that he suspects Jin-woo. But Hee-joo wonders how it can be him? he is here for manners to check this out. they start to get into a bit of a tiny argument because Sang-beom does not like Jin-woo and thinks this chaebol should go to a 5 star hotel and not your hostel. Why did he buy your hostel and then ask you for a favor? He is hittin on you!

Hee-joo says no and then hears Jin-woo says that he has no intention of hitting on her. I am here I don’t have a reason to hit on her.

Hee-joo is shocked and then hangs up.

JW – Does he think I am hitting on you?

HJ – No, that oppa is just like that, he talks like that.

JW – SOmeone asked me to give this to you.

HJ – Aw, yeah, you went to the place *he hands her something*

JW – I am sorry that I hit on you. *smiles*

HJ – Don’t do that *embarrassed*

JW – Can I use your computer? I have something urgent.

She takes him into the office to use the computer. JW asks if this computer is good? I don’t think this one will work, do you have anything else? Hee-joo thinks and then says that her brothers computer is better. they start to talk about her brother a littl ebit, He hasn’t come back yet but he will be the happiest that they sold it and will be super excited that you bought it.

She turns to leave but then tells him that the room is a bit dirty. He tells her that he has no expectations that it would be clean. they head to the room.

halmoni is watching TV with the sister when Hee-joo tells her that the CEo came. She hops up with a quickness to greet him happily and merrily. She tells him that it is nice to see you! Can I give you a hug? Thank you so much! How can I pay for this? She gives him another big gradmotherly hug and tells him that love has come back to her in her old age. I can’t believe this, even though you are super rich, how can you spend money like this. I don’t know if I am dreaming or not.

Jin-woo tries to smile as he is smothered with hugs. The little sister then tells Ajusshi that she is sorry she made him wash the dishes, I did not know you were super famous. Also, why are you divorcing Go Yura? I like her. (his wife is an Idol).

JW – You are very straight, you come at people suddenly.

HJ – *embarrassed and shocked*

She pulls Jin-woo away to the room. They go inside. HJ immediately comments about the mess, but Jin-woo sees all the game characters on the screen. The computer is HP Omen computer (gaming computer). HJ tells him that her broter uses good computers because he is crazy about computers. Jw says this will work, can I use your cell phone? My batter is out. She tells him he can and puts in the password. It is a pattern password so he sneak peaks it. 

But he tells her that she gives her phone away too easily. HJ tells him that nothing is there. He is all like okay, I can see everything, He starts to do whatever he was doing but she is still there looking at him so he tells her that he has company secrets. She understands and leaves.

Jin-woo silently locks the door and then looks up Hee-joo’s messages thta she sent to her brother. he screen caps the conversation and sends it to himself. Then he starts to look around the room.

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Flashback to talking to the Granada station person.

VO – There was a memo in your bag, that is why I could contact you. It went to another city and then came back because of this ticket. 

It is the brothers bag. Jinwoo tells Sun-ho that the brother was on Granada train but he did not come back. He should have been there and come out, I was at the train station then and he did not come out. 

SH – Do you think someone was chasing him?

JW – Chased? Who? No one – .

JW remembers the secretary talking to him about something.

VO – He offered me $10,000,000, that is good money, but he is a bad guy so I don’t want to do it. Lets meet at Bonita hostel, I stay there sometimes.

VO – I don’t know, maybe we will see a needle hole, then it will be a homicide case. There is a thin possibility.

Jin-woo looks through the brothers room at all the notes. he takes pictures of it all. One of the notes says “Marco”. He then searches the computer.

Outside, Hee-joo packs everything up in an Amazon box (lol). Grandmother wants to know what is taking so long, I wanted to talk to him. HJ says that she can talk to him tomorrow, he is staying here tonight, his secretary moved all his things in. Grandmother wonders why he is staying here, he is rich, strange guy. There is nothing good about this place. But she then stands and says that she will go to bed. Good night.

hee-joo continues packing and mutters that she will throw everything away before they move out. Jin-woo calls her name, she runs to the room and gets her cell phone back. He tells her that from now on, she should not give her cell phone to anyone else. People who don’t know anything are brave, but you will regret it later. Don’t you know how scary the world iS?

She says yes, and then thanks him for worrying about her. She smiles. He looks at her sincerely for a moment. It looks like he has a bit of feeling for a moment. But then he smiles and shakes it off. He tells her not to trust him, he is not a good person. I worry that you will hate me later. Goodnight.

he walks off through the kitchen and then heads upstairs. he calls A on the way. 

A – Yes CEO?

JW – I will send you an address of someone, his name is Marco, can you check on it?

A – Did something else happen?

JW – Jung Se-joo disspeared, it is not that he is not coming, he dissapeared. I do not know where he is now or why he is not coming. Cha Hyung-seok contacted Se-joo in a different route. Fidn out who that person is.

A – Are you saying that HS’s death is related to the game?

JW – I dont’ know. It is all messed up. I need to know why the deal fell through even though HS was going to give him 10 million dollars. If that is the problem thenit meas that Se-joo had the problem. (is in trouble).

Jin-woo lays in bed and thinks back to what SH said about how they might have made the deal too quickly. I don’t feel good about it. But then JW gets a messae from Byung-joon (HS’s father). he is listed as Professor Cha in his phone. 

He thinks about it for a moment and then answers.

JW – Hello

BJ – Jin-woo, 

JW – Yes professor

BJ – I heard you are there now

JW – yes….where are you?

BJ – On the way to the airport, morning flight.

JW – Alone?

BJ – Yes, I will be there alone. I don’t need that woman at all. Maybe she is happy. Maybe she is punching her calculator now….Hyung-seok. Did you see him?

JW – Yes.

BJ – How was he?

JW – On the outside, he looked clean. We have to do an autopsy to see the cause of death.

BJ – that stupid guy, he drank 2 bottle of wine and could not sleep for 2 days. He will be a father soon, how can he drink more? He came to see me recently and made a lot of trouble while drunk. *sigh* I don’t like him until the end. Okay, how long are you staying?

JW – Until you come.

BJ – Okay, thank you. See you over there. 

JW – Safe travels.

Jin-woo hangs up and puts the phone down on the counter. Then it starts to rain.

he looks outside at the rain, a Spanish guitar starts to play. He turns his head from the rain to the sound of the Spanish guitar.

Then he gets up and looks outside the window at the raging thunderstorm. Someone knocks on his door. 

JW – Who is there?

he goes to the door and opens it. A person is there but we do not see who it is. But then we see that the person has a sword. OMG, it is dead Hyung-seok! he is back!

Jin-woo looks at him for a moment and then turns to get his cell phone. he calls someone as Jin-woo stands there at the door with his sword. Jin-woo asks him to check the monitor. But yang-joo is driving now. JW tells him to check how it is possible.

But HS just comes into the room and slices Jin-woo across the arm. It looks like it really hurts! Jin-woo is really cut and is really bleeding! HS slices at him again and cuts him across his gut. Blood shoots out of Jin-woo. He falls on the bed and checks his belly. He is definitely bleeding a lot!

HS moves to attack again, but JW is able to gt away! he stumbles out of the room as yang-joo yells, CEO, are you listening to me? But Jin-woo can’t respond. ALl he can do is grab his sword and try to defend against Hyung-seok. But Hyung-seok pushes him against the rail to the hotel, he is about to push him all the way off the rail so he will fall 6 floor to his death.

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Downstairs, Hee-joo gets a call.

HJ – Hola, yes this is Bonita hostel….what?….

Hee-joo walks to the stairs and looks up. There is nothing there. She wonders if he is still not sleeping? She heads upstairs calmly with her phone in her hands. But then a body falls to the ground! She hops back in fear and breathes several times. She is scared to look over the railing. But she gathers her courage and slowly looks over the railing at the body that is now on the ground.

Then she looks up and calls, CEO? Her breathing is shallow as she looks back at the body at the bottom of the rail.

Fade Out

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What? Did this show just go the zombie route? Computer zombies? That is scary and funny at the same time. Your game is about to kill you, yo! This show is definitely not a romance fantasy, it is a thriller with a man and a woman in it.

Also, was he wearing his contacts and earpieve? He wasn’t logged in right? So does that mean that he can now just see what is going on in the game? But maybe he needs to put his contacts in in order to get clues on how to beat the game?

Also, it looks like the body was Jin-woo’s and he is still alive, lol. It would have been weird if he died this early on and became a zombie character, too.

I am so confused. I still love it though. 


HJ – Please come out!

JW – Hee-joo, you did not play the guitar right?

HJ – Guitar?

JW – Is Cha Hyung-seok really dead? Check if he is really dead.

JH – I was definitely stabbed and had a cut, but how come~

JH – Cha died yesterday

BJ – Jin-woo knows?

VO – No, me and Hee-joo

HJ – Hello?

Jw – Do you hear this guitar sound?

HJ – No.

JW – The memory of Alhambra, do you hear it?

HJ – I will go in.

JW – Don’t open the door!

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