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Memories of Alhambra: Episode 3 Live Recap

Memories of Alhambra Live Recap Episode 3

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We open in spain with that glorious font that I love written on the screen. We are in Granada, Spain and at Alhambra castle. More shots of the city and the street. The amera really gives us a feel of Granada as Jin-woo walks through the crowded city streets looking for something. he is in a market and his head is going every which way as he looks for something.

Ah, but there is a midevil soldier walking around! Jin-woo keeps walking and it looks like he spotted him so he is following him. In his video image, he has a cut on his cheek. He peeks around the corner but is afraid that something will pop out in front of him.

JW – I see the pattern of the game a little bit. I alsways see something in an area of the game like this.

His office guy tells him to just go! Go! But JW tells him that he does not want to die again. It is different than just sitting at home and playing a game. This game is so difficlut, I had one ramen and died 45 times!

Office – games are like that, first you have to use your body since you don’t have money. I think even CEO Cha did it too.

JW – Are you telling me that Cha Hyung-seok did it but I am just complaining?

Office – Just play!

JW – Shut up!

He starts walking again, but then a bunch of arrows shoot at him. There are assassins or soldiers on the rooftops shooting at him. Arrows are coming from all over the place. They graze right by him. The office tells him to run! You don’t have any defenses! Run!

Jin-woo keeps unning and tries to hide behind flower pots, but an arrow goes right through it. The office tries to coach him through it. But then an arrow pierces his shoulder and he falls. Yang-joo tells him to stand up, you are not dead yet. 

Suddenly more arrows shoot at him, he’s a gonner, but they all stop in the air right before hitting him. It looks like something is going on? The screen is buffering. This is his chance to run! So he could have been dead but he lucked out with the buffering.

Yang-joo tells him he is lucky that the server buffered at that moment.

Jin-woo happily walks away, but then it starts raining. Jin-woo walks under a building to avoid the rain. But actually everyone else is walking around happily, so it looks like he is the only one that can see the rain. He puts his hand out to touch the rain, but it looks like he does not get any drops on him. 

He logs off, and all the rain is gone, it is a fine day again. He chuckles for a moment and then logs in again.

It’s raining.

Yang-joo – Wow, I thought it was really raining! Is this the game’s affect?

Jin-woo looks behind him, he is at cafe alcazaba. he decides to go inside.

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He goes inside and the computer screen tells him to welcome to Alcazaba, this cafe is for the users. You can sell and buy equipment and get quests. he walks around and sees three pirates ata table toasting. They are NPC characters (Non player characters that just give quests). Yangjoo wonders where these players are from . The screen shows that they are from Mala street. YJ wants him to alk to them so he can get a Quest. Jin-woo doesn’t know what he should say, Korean Spanish?

Yang-joo tells him to just say whatever. So Jin-woo goes up to the guys and says something. They all turn to him and tells him to go away! You young guy, I will kill you! The words are all translated on the screen. It looks like he has to wait until level 5 to talk to him. He cannot get a quest becuase his level is too low.

Jin-woo sighs and says that they don’t even talk to him. A cafe person looks at him like he is so strange. Jin-woo just decides to sit at a table. he asks for the menu. His office team tells him to order a certain thing. Yang-joo tells him what that restaurant is famous for.It is the best for a certain snack food in Spain (truss?) It looks like he should order truss and hot chocolate. Jin-woo tells him he will order it okay, lets just be quiet while I eat.

But then he hears music from a Spanish Guitar. He looks around and sees an image of Hee-joo playing the Spanish guitar in the rastaurant. She looks very magical and beautiful as she plays. She is sitting with a flowing scarf over her head and shoulders. Jin-woo walks up to her and stares at her for a moment. He calls her nam, Hee-joo, but she does not respond.

His screen says that he met a new character, a guitarist. He says, hello Ema. Then she looks up and smiles at him. He is mesmerized.

Cut to a guitar competition. A little girl is playing the Spanish guitar on a stage.

VO – The reason Hee-joo came to Granada is for the spanish guitar. Her father was a no name guitarist. He was too excited about his daughters tallent that was better than him. 

We see Hee-joo and her father at competitions (her) and at performances (him). The father wants to take Hee-joo to Spain he thinks she is much more talented than him so they should support her and move to Spain. It will be better than right now. He tells the entire family, inculding the grandmother.

The entire family moves to Spain to enroll Heejoo in a music school there. They pack up the car and drive off, then they land in Granada.

VO – They sold all their possestions and moved to GRanada 12 years ago.

They bought the hostel.

VO – But the first year was the only year they were super hopeful.

Hee-joo goes to the school

VO – As soon as she came, Hee-joo realized that she was not a genius.

Hee-joo’s mother passes out at home.

VO – Her mother died after one year.

Her father is a drunk now that his wife died.

VO – He became nothingw without his wife.

He gets into a car accident after driving recklessly.

VO – He drunk for several years and then followed his wife.

Hee-joo is older and has to raise her little siblings.

VO – Hee-joo became head of the family, she quit school and worked.

Hee-joo gets everone ready for school and then works at the hostel with her grandmother. they dry all the clothing on the rooftop.

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We see all of Hee-joo’s odd jobs like being a travel guide around Granada and Alhambra hotel.

VO – Hee-joo worked very hard, she did not take any breaks.

We se Hee-joo at night time doing the books for the hotel.

VO – The amazing thing is, even though she is working so hard, her debt grows.

Hee-joo sits back in the hostel and looks at a photo of her and her father and then her and her family when they were happy. She puts her head in her hands and sighs.

VO – Her dream went far away. She is only living day to day now. Her dream will not be possible anymore unless she has a magical event.

Hee-joo gets up from the couch, someone is ringing the door this early. She gos out and it is Jin-woo standing there on the first day that he came to the hotel.

VO – At that moment, I visited her.


Hee-joo sits with Jin-woo.

HJ – What? You want to buy our hostel?

JW – Yes, just sell it to me, I will pay you well. I searched about it and it seams like you wanted to sell the hostel. You don’t want to pay the bank more. Here. I wanted to buy it. I made a sales contract.

He shows her the contract. She is still shocked. He tells her that this is a funny suggestion. You see the money part is empty, if you sign this now then I will give you 10 million dollars. But the only deal is that you have to sign it right now. I will send all the cash to your bank account. After ten minutes delay, the money will go down by a million dollar each ten minutes. SO if you wait ten more minutes then it will be 9 million. Like that. The money for the hostel is worth one million, so if you wait too long this contract does not mean anything. If you don’t sign it, it is nothing. This contract is only valid for one hour and 40 minutes.

HJ – Wait, I don’t understand, why do you want to buy this house? You know how dilapidated it is. 

JW – Timing is important in business. That place is not important for you, but it is for us. I will not tell you why it is important. It is a company secret. If you do not like the deal then i will find another building. If you want to sign, then you should hurry.

Hee-joo looks at the contract, it does not look like she has even had a chance to read the contract. She has her pen out. But she has not signed it, she is thinking about it and it looks like she is pressured a bit. She asks, are you really Yoo Jin-woo or do you just have the same face? My father has been conned before like this.

he gives her his passport and it shows that he is Yoo Jin-woo. he tells her to search google, she will see many many different images of him there. She thinks about it a bit more and then gets up. He grabs her arma nd asks if she is leaving?

She says that she needs to make a phone call, she has to talk to her family. This is all they own, she cannot just decide. He tells her that it will be 9am soon, the time will start then.

She walks away, his secretar comes up and sits at the table to ask what he thinks? JW thinks that she will sign in 30 mintues if she is not stupid. But the secretary wants to know why he wants to buy that house? It is not worth anything.

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Jin-woo drives off in his car and finds out from A that Jung Sejoo does not own anything. Bonita hostel is the LLC. He just has to buy the hostel and then everything will be done. You don’t have to talk to Hee-joo. The three patents are in the hotel and the owner of the LLC is Jung Hee-joo. (SO it looks like the hostel is teh LLC?). 

Jin-woo tells Sun-ho that they should buy it now, there is no time to waste. They need to come up with a good price. Too much and she will suspect things, not enough and she will not sell. JW asys that he will offer a good amount of money and push her with time. They need to do this as quickly as possible.

Hee-joo goes into the bathroom with the contract and tells herself to calm down as she talks to her Halmoni on the toilet. halmoni is in th emarket. She talks in Korean to the Spanish merchant and the Spanish merchant talks in Spanish back to her. They are two Halmonis haggling over the price of something. But she is not picking up the phone.

Hee-joo tries to call Se-joo but he broke his cell phone so she can’t actually call him. She calls her sister, she is playing soccer in gym class. She does not know what to do. Then she gets a text saying that she lost 1 million dollars already.

She starts to freak out but thinks that it is okay, it is still 9 million dollars. She talks to a realtor ont he phone and asks if she has any plans for realestate on that property? The woman says that no one has any plans on increasing the property in 10 years. But I have a suprise, I am marrying Diego! He-joo tries to talk about realestate but her realestate person starts to talk about her wedding.

JW text: Another 10 minutes has past.

Hee-joo stats to freak out a bit more, she calls her friend. But he is too busy making a guitar.

Hee-joo is left alone with this choice and wonders how everyone is gone! But then her little sister calls her. HJ tells her that someone wants to buy the hostel, the little sister wonders what stupid person wants to buy it? that ajusshi? They start to talk about this but Jee-joo thinks she needs to be careful. Her little sister yells that she is stupid! You already lost 2 million dollars!

Hee-joo thinks that is true, I will go. 

She tries to get out of the stall, but she is locked in. She knocks on the door and speaks in Spanish to sasks if anyone is out there? The door is locked! Please? Anyone? She is really locked in.

She wonders what is going on and tries to find a solution. So she hops on the toilet to look over the stall to see if anyone is out there. But then she slips and drops her cell phone in the toilet. So now she is locked in with no cell phone. ARGH!

Outside, Jin-woo and the secretary wonder if she is really stupid? What is she doing? The secretary wonders if she is talking to CEO Cha? JW tells him to call her. No answer. So he goes inside and asks if there is another door for the restroom. But this man says that he speaks no English.

So Jin-woo goes to the bathroom and knocks, then he says that he will come in. He peeks his head inside and hears a clanking sound. it is from the last stall. Then the door falls on the floor and Hee-joo screams. She falls on top of th door and looks like she knocked herself out.

Jin-woo walks to her slowly and then taps her on the shoulder but he is hesitant to touch her. The secretary runs in and is immediatly like, what in the world! JW tells him to call someone. The secretary runs out. JW sits up Hee-joo and she slowly wakes up and asks what time is it? He tells her so she says that she lost 7 million? Can you discount 3 minutes? I couldn’t come in because the door was locked. You are a chaebol so you can do that right?

He smiles, all you want is 3 minutes? She nods and then passes our again.


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HEE-joo wakes up somewhere. the secretary is there and tells her that the CEO has an urgent matter and left. But you said that you would sign the contract. Can you sign it later, if you are dizzy then it is okay.

HJ sits up quickly and says that it is okay. His CEO put the money on the contract. HJ tries to straighten out her eyes and then sees that he put $10 million on the contract and says that there was an accident with the door so he did not reduce any money. You just need to sign it and everything is done. 

She signs her name on the document, but she is still a bit frantic and confused. The secretary claps and tells her congratulations, I envy you! You have 6 months to move out, so don’t worry. I have to send a fax right now but you can rest. ALso, we fixed your cell phone so it should work now.

Hee-joo trembles as she tells him thank you. She smiles in disbelief and holds her copy of the contracct with her. Then her halmoni calls her. Her halmoni wonders why she turned off her cellphone after calling her. HJ says she will tell her later. She checks her phone becuase a ping came in, it is her bank account, the money has been transferred to it. All $10 million dollars.

She runs out and calls hr grandmother to tell her that they are rich! Really really rich! they don’t need to think of money anymore! She runs all the way home, happily.

VO – Nothing good happened to Hee-joo after moving to Granada, but today, magic happened that changed her life. And…

She stops running and sees Jin-woo standing and looking at something in a window of a cafe. It is the cafe from earlier.

Jin-woo is looking at the computer image of Hee-joo as Ema. he is mesmerized. His screen says that he can talk to her after level 5, try to level up.

Hee-joo happily looks at Jin-woo through the window, he looks at her computer image in the restaurant. But she dissapears and the real hee-joo shows up happilu. She tells him that she saw him in the window. He snaps out of it and asks how her head is. She tells him that it is fine and she really wants to thank him for actually being a real person thta bought her place. CHaebol’s arent cheap as they say.

he tells her not to worry about it. But she says that it is a good dead because no one would pay that much for the house. Jin-woo changes the subject and asks if Hee-joo plays the guitar? The classical guitar? It sounded good.

She tells him that she has not played it in awhile. how did you hear me play? he tells her that he told her this is a magical city. Then he says he has to leave, because he sees a medieval person walking around the street. HJ wants to buy him soemthing to eat but JW says that he has to take care of a guy first.

he head out and gets his sword handy. Hee-joo looks at him.

VO – The magic that started in her life wasn’t only money.

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Cut to an expensive looking hotel. SOo-jin is there, she is very pregnant and looks out the window. Then she walks to the living room area of the hotel and asks her husband how he is doing. He is drinking but he looks at her lovingly and tells her that she should sleep, she should be tired from the train trip.

She gets up to go to bed, but then he asks if she met Jin-woo there? He forgot to ask her. She asks how he knows? She met him in the morning at the train station. We just said hi to each other. She starts to get flustered and looks a bit worried. Hyung-seok asks if they did anything else besides just saying hi?

She starts yelling and says that she had nothing else to tell him except saying hi to him! She looks very worried and startled and maybe a bit scared? he goes up to her and holds her hand. He tells her that he is in competition with J.One, that is all. Was there anyone next to him? Did he say why he went there?

She tells him that she did not ask him. So he softly tells her, okay, you can go to bed. He walks away and answers the phone. A man says that he is at the home, they broke in but it looks like he is not there. Maybe they are really betrayed. Hyung-seok asks who got betrayed? Marco or us?

the guys says that they only dealt with Marco, they don’t know anything else. Hyung-seok calls them useless, but then Jin-woo calls. he tells the guys to find something and then he calls Jin-woo back.

Jin-woo is walking outside somewhere and tells Hyung-seok that they need to fight somewhere now. You told me to call you.

In her room, Soo-jin tries to get comfortable but seh hears a door. Her husband has left. So she calls him and asks what is going on, who are you meeting? he tells her that she does not need to know it.

She watches him from the balcony. He walks away in his suit and pulls out his sword. he walks through a bustling street and keeps walking until he gets to an open field near a building. His scren says that an enemy came.

Jin-woo is sitting on a bench massaging his thigh and sees Hyung-seok.

JW – You came.


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JW – You came? Wow, it was so difficult to move two levels up. This is not for humans to do.

Jin-woo stands up and pulls out this super big sword. His sword is magnificent. 

JW – How do you like it? I just got it. It is the sword of an assassin. 300 point. To get this I fell into a fountain several times. I am sorry to call you so late, but today is the only time becuase I am going to Seoul in the morning. Let’s wrap it up.

HS – Did you get your deal?

JW – Of course, i am going to Seoul now. You should expect that I got the deal. that is why you look so bad. I called you to give you a chance to get your revenge on me. You lost in real life but you can win in the game. that is the fun of the game right? You know, you can ignore your current life and run away from your life and turn your life over in the game. I am giving you that chance. I told you to take care of your wife and not waste your time. you are in this nice place. Just tour with your wife. You waste your time for nothing.

HS swings his sword at Jin-woo and they start to sword battle. 

Fight scene, they are both level 4 and swing their swords at each other. They are about similar fighting styles and they cut each other.

HS – Jin-woo, how long have we seen each other alone? Many years right? Sometimes we see each other at ecents. I wanted to tell you one thing when we eet each other. Now I have this chance. You still think I took your wife from you? No, that is not it. She was so unfortunate because of you. that is why I rescued her. If she lived with you longer, I worried about a bad thing happened to her. I know you hate us, but you need to see the truth. When you had your second marriage, people will know whose fault it was. If you failed once, you should regret in the bottom of your heart. But you just blame other people. that is why you are failing again. The third time and the 4th time. We dont’ need to see how all those marriages will go.

JW – That is why you are an asshole. DO you know that all the betrayers say the same thing as you. “I did it for the citizens” what you just said is the proof that you are a betrayer because they always think of excuses because they are really bad in real life. You warned us when you ruined our company. You wanted to hav a company with more vision but you are seperating from me becuase I am ruining the company. So how great is your company? What kind of vision did you show the people you brought with you besides becoming a king? You have too many F’ing excuses, that is why I am calling you a son of a B. COme on.

They fight again.

JW – Should I give you a good reason? Not just an excuse. You release your grudge on me that you have against your father in that dirty way. You lie to everyone else. If you made that as an excuse, at least I would understand it.

They start to fight with their fists now.

But the screen says that it is illegal to have physical contact, so we will decrease your level and experience.

They both get decreased to level 3.

IN the office, Yangjoo is sleeping.

They pull out their swords again and starts fighting. HS gets the upper hand and hits Jin-woo’s sword away.

Jin-woo is able to get the sword back and pulls it up, he stabs Hyung-soeok right in the belly and slashes him several times for good measure. One last slash and Hyung-seok is dead. Jin-woo has received his enemies level and experience.

Hyung-seok sits on the bench, he looks dead for real. Jin-woo gets a call that his plane is leaving soon. It is from his secretary.

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Jin-woo walks away ad calls his office team to ask if they saw it. yang-joo asks, see what? Jin-woo says the time he killed Hyung-seok. Yang-soo is just waking up and asks, did that happen? Did you win? Ah, it is 6am, did you really win? Jin-woo says yes and happily walks away.

He gets to the airport and walks in. His secretary is there with Hee-joo. HJ tells JW that she thought they would not have a chance to see each other anymore. I thought you were busy since you didnt’ call me. How was your meeting, you said you were going to trash someone?

JW – Yes, I trashed him.

HJ – Well, good for you…

But it is time for Jin-woo to go so he says soemthing to the secretary (call the cleaing agency?) and then starts to walk to his plane. He gives Hee-joo a smile and tells her to continue playing ehr guitar. Hee joo looks at him as if remembering something.

The secreatary stays with Hee-joo. She asks if he is going to come back to Granada? JH tells her that it depends on the situation but he does not think he will come back by himself.


Jin-woo rolls his luggage into his home and breathes a happy sigh of relief.

Later on, he hops out of the shower and sits in bed. He texts that he arrived and is so tired so he will talk to him tomorrow. He curls up in bed. His secretary tells him to have a good rest, he will talk to him tomorrow.


Tomorrow comes, Jung-hoon calls him (his secretary). Jin-woo is still sleeping in bed and hears the phone ringing. It takes him a moment to answer. He has 16 missed calls. JW shrugs and goes to the kitchen for a drink before calling his sevretary.

He calls the secretary to tell him his wake up was too early, his flight isnlt until 11am. But the secretary tells him that there is toruble. CEO Cha Hyung-seok, he is dead.

JW – What?

JH – He is dead, he passed away!

JW – How?

JH – I don’t k now! I came out for a morning walk. he was found dead in the park early in the morning.

Flashback to a runner running on the path and seeing HS on the bench. He taps him. HS is dead sitting on the bench and falls over. His eyes are still open. No wounds on the body.

JH- He was dead when the runner found him. On a bench. His eyes were still open.

Jin-woo looks like, what the F? Did I just kill someone?

Fade Out

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I you checked out our live recap then tell us how things went in the comments! I assume everything went okay. But OMG what was that ending! It definitely looked like Cha Hyung-seok was dead after jin-woo stabbed him and sliced him a few times for good measure. But that is an absolutely HUGE change of events for this story! 

It is also so freaky how the dead body is still dead on the bench in the game! What do you think about how this show is going so far? I don’t know what is going to happen – I love it.

Theory time, I think Jin-woo stepped into the real part of the game when it rained inGranada. Do y’all remember that part? All of a sudden it started raining but it was only in the game, not in real life. I think that is the glitch that turns the game into a real game where you can die.


HJ – Why are you here?

JW – Someone is dead.

HJ – Who is dead?

JW – Someone I know

Police – You are the last person the dead man contacted.

VO – My CEO said he just crushed the other guy.

VO – Hello, this is granada station

JW – He got in the train but he did not leave the train at Granada station. 

VO – Maybe he was followed by someone?

Caption – You have a new enemy

JW – Can I use your PC? I have an urgent thing to take care of

HJ – My brothers computer is a really good one.

JW – Can I use that?

JW – Find out if this is a setting in the game or Jung Se-joo is doing something remotely

JW – Don’t trust me too much, I am not that good of a person

JW – Hello?

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