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Melting Me Softly Ratings Update for 3rd Week

Melting Me Softly Ratings recap for week 3
Melting Me Softly Ratings recap for week 3, image @j0i3n2a9

Melting Me Softly was able to improve their opening ratings of 2.48% in episode one to 3.17% for episode two and then on up to 3.16% and 3.2% for episodes 3 and 4, respectively. Not bad considering they were moving up.

But last week they had a drop to 2.06% for episode 5 that rebounded a little to 2.48% for episode 6. I think the drop has to do with watchers exceptions of hoping the the drama will have something really wonderful and fun happening, but once it didn’t produce after three episodes, they decided to bail. We shall see if the lure of kissing for today’s episode (episode 7) brought in more viewers. Because we are all watching this show for the romance part right?

The Melting Me Inside post on DC Inside (Korea’s Soompi, but huge) is noticeably very quiet with comments only in the 500s. Only a few posts trickle in each day and they are always from fans who mention that they keep watching in the hopes that something will happen to keep them interested. We shall see if today’s kiss is enough for them.

One great thing I have to say about Melting Me Softly is that the cast is pretty adorable and they are really owning their over the top behavior. It is as if the director told them to go extra expressive so they went extra expressive.


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