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Melting Me Softly Ratings for Episodes 1 and 2

Melting Me Softly episodes 1 and 2 viewership ratings
Melting Me Softly episodes 1 and 2 viewership ratings, image Song Ji-eun

Melting Me Softly premiered this weekend to 2.5% ratings for episode 1 and 3.2% for its next episode drawing over 650,000 viewers. Though 2.5% is below average for recent first episode premieres on tvN, this is overall good news since the ratings are increasing and it is a cable show.

I enjoyed the first episode, I wasn’t in love with it but I did welcome the zaniness of it. The second episode, however, almost bored me to melting. It was practically all backstory, ugh. I kept wondering when they would melt and they never did until like the last 10-15 minutes of the episode. So 45-50 minutes of backstory, y’all.

Because of that, I would not be surprised if the third episode dipped a bit as other people who were thoroughly put to sleep by episode 2 decide not to tune in for episode 3 until they hear whether it was good or not. But if episode 3 is good, then I can see episode 4 increasing once again.

Some things I really enjoyed about the first episodes were the college life of our heroine and her relationship with her college boyfriend who is the kind guy that every woman should stay away from. He is a psychology major who is swimming in Freud quotes to help justify his poor behavior. But one swift Haek-to-pas-cal kick (scroll down to read about it) from our heroine after a paddle boat chase (yes, really) sent his body reeling into the water and his emotions melting all over the police station desk. It was funny, more of that please.

If you want to tune in to Melting Me Softly, it airs Saturdays & Sundays on tvN at 21:30 KST. We are recapping it over here as well!

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