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Melting Me Softly: Episode 9 Live Recap

Melting Me Softly Recap episode 9
Melting Me Softly Live Recap episode 9

We are over the half way mark with Melting Me Softly! Episode 8 was a nice streamlined episode focused on our main couple and their struggles with 2019 life and love. I hope today’s episode can do the same!

When Melting Me Softly ends in 4 weeks, we will pick up Crash Landing on You (with Hyun Bin and Son Yejin) as our new Saturday & Sunday morning recap spot. Check out our breakdown of the 15 second teaser while you wait!

Our recap starts at 21:00 KST!

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Dong-chan tells Miran to stop acting up. He says it again as she turns, stop acting up. Then he walks to her and says, if you keep acting up then I will – like you.

Both their watches start to show that their hearts are beating faster and their temperatures are rising. He asks her, what do you want, is something behind me? What are you looking at? How day you look at your mentor like that. Lets go. Follow me. I’m leaving!

He walks away and she trots along. he buys them both icecream and awkwardly gives one to her. Then they walk away. he tells her that he bought vanilla just in case she has an allergy to strawberry of kiwi or something. 

She says she has no allergy but she doesn’t eat vanilla icecream only. He tells her that he will eat it. She asks if she can have his? He says that he already started eating it. So she says that he is eating what she is already eating as well. So he blinks a few times and gives it to her.

They keep walking. They finished their icecreams and are walking up a tree liend street. He asks her if she is ready to go to work now? No more alcohol inyour system? She nods yes. 

Then she asks about the news director Ha-young. She used to be your girlfriend right? Are you dating still? he says tht if she asks him that now then their relationship will go faster. But then he says that they are not dating.

She smiles. he tells her not to do anything like that. She asks why. He tells her, don’t you know, we shuoldn’t be close to each other. If we are close…he takes a step closer….see, we shouldn’t be so close. We should keep our distance. if we get closer then it could be dangerous for us. So not within 50 cm. He hurriedly walks away.




The CEO talks to Ha-young about something that we don’t know about yet. She asks him if he is already doing it? he says that it is already decided. He wants her news team to be his power. he actually came up with that frozen man project.

She has her arms folded and asks if he wants to make it that he came up with that project? He says that everything has changed, it is not my plan, the political party came up with it for me. You know they have their own writers, everything is planned.

Ha-young asks if he knows why she moved from announcer to news? Why I became a reporter? To find Ma Dong-chan and investigate where he is without you knowing about it.

The CEO asks if that is why she is a news director now? She says that she could not direct anything because a big mountain was blocking all that she tried. Are you sure that people will forget that you were the mountain? That no one will be interested in Ma Dong-chan’s disappearance?

The CEO says that the big mountain is an even bigger mountain now. I am still the mountain. She tells him that the world has changed. He says that is why he is stepping out in good timing. To make sure that Ha-young can be a bigger mountain. The news director usually becomes CEO. I will block all the issues and you will be the first woman CEO. Sounds good right?

He smiles and walks away. The camera sticks on Ha-young who looks seething.


The three PDs talk next to the copier about all the applicants. They think it is all because of Ma Dong-chan’s comeback. Then they ask where the intern is.

Cut to Miran and Dong-chan walking up and checking out the applicants on their cell phone. He asks if she knows who controls them? The cell phone, people are so addicted to cell phones. Now I even want to make a TV program for people without cell phones for a week and human relationships. people are getting dumber as well.

Miran agrees and says that she does not even know her brothers phone number anymore. he tells her that he will remember all her family members phone numbers just in case she can’t contact her he will know theres. He has a good memory. Then he sees another PD and asks if he memorized that PDs number because I like him? It is just because I am smart.

One of the PDs talks to Hyun-ki in his office about how all the interns want to work with ma Dong-chan. Hyun-ki tells him that Dong-chan tortures his interns so much! Then Dongchan walks in on their meeting and tells Hyun-Ki to empty the room! you should sit next to me. he leaves as quickly as he came in.

In the bathroom, Miran thinks that she should not get involved with Dong-chan, but she adds more lipstick as she says it. Ha-young comes in and Miran and her have a mini stare off. Then Ha-young tells her to be careful not to get caught. people might know your backstory and ha-young does not want Dong-chan to get in trouble. She leaves.

Miran goes to the cubicles and sits at her seat. One of the writers tells her that she has a lot of power behind her. You just sent a text to me, the main writer and don’t even say hi? And where did you go, why are you showing up now?

Everyone looks at her. Then Dong-chan pulls Miran out and tells her about the writer. She only likes verbal communication, not texts. She has a serious problem in controlling herself. Dong-chan says that he is also scared of her. So Just work well. Miran says that she will try hard, she is good at moving peoples hearts. 

Dong-chan says that he knows that. Then he tells her that the writer is a good fan of BTS. Miran asks who BTS is so Dong-chan tells her that what she says and her face makes people angry. Miran is all like, huh?


Miran starts to intern all of BTSs names so when they go back to the meeting Miran says that they should hire BTS! The writer is all like, are you for real? Miran starts to name all BTSs names and says that they should call them and starts to talk and dig her hole deeper and deeper until Dong-chan holds her hand for her to stop talking. She stops right away and all the other PDs start to talk which fills up the awkwardness.

They share a moment of holding hands until the moment passes then Dong-chan takes his hand away. Miran is very affected by it.

In her office, Ha-young gets a call about a news report that she is working on with the frozen man cases. This woman is the witness that she has been trying to get ahold of. They agree to a meeting later.

In the PDs office, everyone works hard in the conference room until they all leave and only Dong-chan and Miran are left. They work side by side and give each other glances and looks until Dong-chan can’t take it anymore and tells Miran to go home, stop yawning like that.

So she heads home. She gets a text from Dong-chan saying that she memorized that taxi number so when she gets home be sure to text him.


Meanwhile, Ha-young waits for the woman witness to show up. She gets a call from her and then tells Dongchan that the witness is coming right now. She is the witness to the car explosion.

Ha Young and Dong-chan sit and chat about the evil chairman and the companies inheritance and how the old old chairman did not have a son so he put his son from an outside woman as an appointment heir.

Dong-chan flips the paperwork and sees a photo that looks like the chairman and then another photo that looks similar to the chairman but much happier. This person was beaten unconscious in 1998 and then woke up when people said he should not wake up. When he woke up he gave a lot of money to the hospital.

Ha-young asks why Dong-chan needs this information? DC says that in the doctors lab, someone looks exactly like the chairman. But Ha-young thinks that there are a lot of people that look alike. She gets up and paces a moment and then asks why he did not come to her room that night.

He tells her that she is still a woman to him. The had nothing to say so he should  not meet her at the hotel room. She asks if he thought how a woman feels who gives a man her hotel number? He says that this is why he did not go because he knows how she feels, it is different from how I feel.



Byeong-Sim happily takes a drink from his new landlord lady, Miran’s mother and chats about how he likes his place and jokes that her daughter should be home now.

But then he takes off running when he sees Miran come in.

Miran goes upstairs and thinks about Dong-chan telling her that if she keeps acting up then he will like her. She tries to lower the heat of her bodies.

Elsewhere, a woman in shades drives off quickly with her driver. But then her car gets stopped and the driver gets pulled out. Another bad guy gets in and drives off with the witness.

At the broadcast station, Ha-young and Dong-chan continue sitting and talking about the situation. Dong-chan wonders what the connect is between him and these people.

But then they get a call from the witness who asks them to save her husband!

Cut to the lady being dragged in to a warehouse. She is brought in front of the evil chairman who calls her sister in law and says that it is nice to see her. He asks her what she is going to do? Go to the broadcast company? You won’t even find secretary Jung’s body at all. Why do you think you are still alive sister in law? Where is Lee Seok-joo?

She say that she does not know, that is why she is trying to go to the broadcast company, she wants to ask the PD to save her husband. They can live as if they do not exist, so please take him out of the frozen capsule.

The man tells her that she should not have given him a taste of money and power. The former chairman should not have made Lee Seok-du the heir. if he comes back alive, where should I go?

He tells her to live like Lee Seok-du, I will make it that way. He tells her that she should have come to him! Not the broadcast company. Whoever wakes up Lee Seok-du will die. I will kill anyone who makes me back into myself. Anyone who reveals that will die.

Meanwhile, Ha-young thinks that they should call the police. Dong-chan says not right now. But don’t worry, this is my problem. She asks if he thinks she is doing this because she wants a big news story? She is doing it because she worried about him. Just in case he is in danger and leaves her again.

He tells her that it is late, goodbye. But she says that she did not bring her car. he tells her okay, I will take you home.

In her home, Young-sun looks at her divorce paperwork and then looks at her son who is sleeping. She hears a beep on his phone and checks it to see that the background is Miran and her son eating icecream.



Cut to Dong-chan drivinG Ha-young home. They are driving quietly. But she changes the AC and tells him that she can change her temperature for him. They continue sitting quietly after that.

They get to her place.

He tells her that he is sorry as they sit in the car. She asks, for what? He says he is sorry that he could not spend 20 years with her. 20 years was just like one day to me. But it was really 20 years. I can’t do anything for the 20 years spent alone. Our timing does not match anymore. We flow separately and my heart does not pound anymore when I see you. I do not love you anymore.

He tries to say this softly and with heart. He tells her that he thinks this is their end. She asks if it is because he likes someone else? he thinks about it but does not answer. She goes inside and cries herself to sleep.

He goes home and lays awake. Miran is also laying awake in her home.


In the morning, Byeong happily makes his place look nice and walks around thinking that it is perfect. Then am-tae and the Doctor come in to say hello. Byeong cannot believe that Nam-tae is so big now and mentions that he ruined his first kiss. But he is happy to meet him again. He also asks who the doctor is so Nam-tae says that he lost his memory and is trying to get it back in their place.

Cut to Hwang ji-hoon getting word that he passed the intern application and can start work. He is happy and asks if he can work with Ma PD? it seems like they said yes so he is super happy.

He goes downstairs to see his mother on her third bottle of soju. She tells him that she is okay, don’t worry about umma. I am really okay. he tells her that he is a summer intern for the broadcast company.

She asks how he knows Ko Miran? She saw it on his cell phone on accident. He asks how she knows that noona? Youngsun says she is not a noona, but then she sighs and tells him goodbye.


Miran is working happily at her desk with someone when DOng-chan comes in. She might be talking to the writer? Dong-chan sees a note tht says that if he has something to tell her, just write it there. So he writes a note on her notebook and gives it to her.

Note – Come to the editing room

She goes to the editing room when she is done and sits across from him. He asks, do you really want to be an entertainment PD? She says that it is a late dream but she really wants to be good at it.

He tells her okay, then lets work hard on the GoGo project. You told me that your dream was just to make money. She says that he told her the same thing. he thinks that they are similar.

She asks why he is an entertainment PD? he says that when you are born, you want to make the world better. I hope people laugh more with my program. If today is better than yesterday and you can laugh more, then that is the best thing. I am confident that what I do is as valuable as building a country or going to war.

He continues and says that she makes people happier. The beginning of your dream is the GoGo 1999 project so it will be more than just making a living. he happily leaves. She stays there dreamily as a soft song plays and she smiles.



In the restaurant, Dong-sik says that his sister is not receiving phone calls anymore, he asks his mom if she might be dead somewhere? Umma says that she does not care. But Dong-sik is worried so he calls Dong-chan to tell him that noona left home. But he did tell her ex husband who is the police officer.

Dong-chan tells him to wait until the evening, she will come back. he hangs up and then asks the CEO and Hyunki what a 50 year old woman can do all night. Why does she live like that?

Hyun-ki says she might be post menopausal, you should understand. He says that he can’t raise his voice to her because she looks older than him now. HK tells him to do the same to him. Then the CEO brings the conversation around to why Dong-chan wanted to see him.

DC asks if the chairman guy is sponsoring him for his politics? If you see him, can I see him also? The CEO is so happy to hear this and thinks it is a great idea! Of course! He is very interested in you and the frozen man project actually.


Dong-chan makes it back to the desks where Miran is working hard. She tries to duck and ignore him as he sits across from her. He tells her that blocking him with books wont matter. She mentions keeping their distance to 0.5 meters.

He tells her that blocking things does not change the distance here. This is childish to draw a line. She says that she can’t work well with him in front of her. He smiles and asks why? She says that she told him that she does not focus well.

He says that putting books here are suffocating me. she says she will do what she wants so he says that he will do what he wants and removes all the books.

Elsewhere, the doctor gets a makeover at a hair salon. he is with Nam-tae and Byeong.

In the broadcast station, Don-chan tells Miran that he will leave early today. He asks if she wants a ride home? She says no. he says he can. So she stands up and yells at him YOU SAID KEEP THE DISTANCE WHY WILL YOU TAKE ME HOME NOW WHYYYYYY!

But it was all in her mind. She says that she has to work. He asks if she is the type of person that wants to study hard after the exam? Lets just go home.

So he drives her home. They sit quietly, though she looks happy to be there. He asks if it is too close for her to sneak peeks at him? She says that she did not. Then she asks if he is a playboy? he is like a traditional player. He tells her that she has never seen any so that is why she does not know any.

Then she gets a call from Ji-hoon who tells her that he is an intern now and he misses her. She is all like, um, yeah, I miss you also. We will see each other often. He says they should and he will see her tomorrow. She says that same and hangs up.

Dong-chan asks if he should ask who that is? Is it a man? Younger than me? handsome? She says yes to it all. He asks why a young handsome kid calls her during this time of the day? I heard young kids don’t spend time on women that they are not interested in.

She asks why he thinks that she does not like him? DC says, becuase you like someone else. You know, a woman who can’t focus well like you can like two people at once. She asks who she likes?

So he pulls the care over and looks at her softly. Then he says that he is just talking abotu nonsense things, so why are you responding so seriously? She says she is hungry so he says that she can go home and eat with her family and he will do the same.

So he drops her off and they both get out of the car. he walks around and tells her that he has a family dinner. Thenhe tells her that she is angry because he is not eating dinner with her today. She says she is not.

Byeong, Nam-tae, and the doctor see them talking, so Byeong goes to his place and looks up a bunch of things on his computer. Nam-tae and the doctor hang out with him. Byeong tells nam-tae to record something from him so he starts to record himself with nunchucks but one slips and hits the doctor in the head.

Byeong feels bad and gives him an icepack and then tells him that memories usually come back after big head injuries. But maybe that won’t happen now? The doctor says that won’t happen now and hen they chat about ma Dong-chan and how Byeong hates him and will never forgive him!

Meanwhile, Dong-chan eats with his family. They chat about the sister and who she is hanging out with. it looks like she is hanging out with another man. They hope she won’t get married again. DC asks why she became like that?

The niece takes a photo with DC to show her friends that her uncle is the frozen guy. Then they chat pleasantly about how the niece will be when she is older. he says she will be like a girl he knows that is pretty.

Cut to Miran cleaning with her Dyson.


Miran asks what her brother is reading. he starts to talk about Freud and how Freud said that how you looki show you are. The father says that it is good to have the professor upstairs. Nam-tae likes him so much. The mother says he is handsome and polite.

Miran asks, is the professor our schools psychology teacher? they are all like, how do you know?

So Miran sneaks up to the floor and looks in at Byeong looking at his computer. She starts pacing outside and thinks that this guy is psycho. She calls Young-sun and tells her that she thinks that she should know that Byeong-sim is in their house. they rented their octapang out and he is living there now.

Young-sun is super shocked and enraged. She walks to Miran’s house with a passion then goes inside to introduce herself to the parents and says that she will borrow their pan and head upstairs in rage.


In the broadcast office, somehow the PDs see the nunchuck video that Byeongsim made about not touching his woman. They all wonder what this means. Dont touch my woman?

Dong-chan gets to the office and everyone looks at him as if they know a secret. 

Hyun-ki finds out as well and hurries to show the video to Dong-chan. He asks him what woman he touched and why they have this type of mail? Are you dating an already married woman?

Everyone keeps whispering about it. Though Miran does not know what they are talking about.


The doctor tells DC’s mother that he will go back to the lab. Even if it is dangerous, he wants to go there and regain his memory. Then your son can have a normal life.

Byeong goes to work with some kind of black feathered stetson hat on when Dong-chan comes in. he hops up and puts up his dukes to fight him but Dong-chan just asks if he wants to be on TV?

Cut to Miran looking at the video. She finds Dong-chan and apologizes. 

They end up having a drink in the lobby so Ha-young sees them talking to each other. She remembers him saying that he does not love her anymore and tries to keep herself together.

Cut to someone spreading on the company internet Ko Miran’s real identity. It spreads like wildflower everywhere. Everyone reads it. it says that she is one of the frozen subjects and got her job at the broadcast company wrongly and all the things about her are revealed maliciously.

Dong-chan runs to try and find Miran. He finds her crying alone at a desk in the editing room. 

He asks her why she made him search everywhere for her and why she is crying? She says this is nothing to laugh about. He says that he will protect her.

She asks, what do you mean?

He says that he is responsible for it so whatever it is, he will do anything to keep her from crying. So don’t worry, do what you want and live your life like that. that is it.

They have a moment where they look at each other, then he pulls her into a hug.

DC – Miran, I am sorry.

They continue standing and he continues hugging her.

Fade Out


I enjoyed this episode as well, they are pulling the story together and dropping all the other characters that were not crucial to the main storyline. Both characters emotions are building for each other and they both know that they like each other. They just haven’t brought it up seriously yet.

In the next episode it looks like we will really see how much Dong-chan cares for Miran and how much he will protect her from basically all of Seoul. Though I think Hwang Ji-hoon will protect her a bit as well.


DC – You did not do anything wrong. Be confident as Ko Miran. That’s it.

DC – You are pretty so don’t smile like that

DC – Hey, hey, hey Ko Miran

MR – Would you like to come in?

DC – No, no.

DC – Who is that boy smiling next to Ko Miran

HK – Your teams intern, sunbae

DC – Don’t look back anymore, just find a happier future for yourself

HY – What do you think will happen if I stop you from doing the experiment?

DC – I have nowhere else to go to anymore. Let’s move forward together.


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  1. Rose
    October 26, 2019 / 10:03 am

    Omg! I cant wait for tue subbed eps of this one. Maybe i just woke-up thats why im a little hazy (and im too lazy to re-read the recap 😆), is the other frozen man thats laying in the capsule is the real one and the other one whose been ordering to kill the dr and everyone involved in the frozen man project is the fake one? Did i understand that right? Anyways thanks again V! ☺

    • V
      October 26, 2019 / 12:39 pm

      Yes, it seems like that is the case! But I am kind of confused as to if they are brothers or if this frozen guy is the father.

      I think it should be the father because you aren’t supposed to age while frozen right?

      • Rose
        October 26, 2019 / 1:58 pm

        Oh yah! Thats a possibility too. Didnt thought of that. The other frozen guys must be frozen there waaay before DongChan or MiRah. All this time i thought that they were frozen almost at the same time or maybe DongChan and MiRah was frozen a few days later.

        • V
          October 26, 2019 / 2:45 pm

          Oh I didn’t think of that, he could be frozen way way way ahead of time!

  2. Rose
    October 26, 2019 / 12:03 pm

    Who do you think spread the rumor about MiRah being one of the frozen subjects? 😒

    • V
      October 26, 2019 / 12:40 pm

      I am leaning toward Ah-Young! She looked a bit jealous of Miran with Dong-chan and the rumor was spread right after she saw them together.

      • Rose
        October 26, 2019 / 1:55 pm

        I also thought of that. But they never really cleared anything who did it and showing her sipping tea while the news was spreading can also want to mislead us to think that its her. Its either her or that paparazzi guy who did it. But motive-wise, im leaning towards her too.

        • V
          October 26, 2019 / 2:44 pm

          Yeah, they could be messing with us to believe that it is her, but it could be her news person that did it!

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