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Melting Me Softly Episode 8 Review and Top 5 Likes

Melting Me Softly Episode 8 review
Melting Me Softly Episode 8 review

In episode 8 of Melting Me Softly, we find out that the kiss definitely had awkward consequences for our couple. After riding a farm tractor back to town, they hastily separated from each other without talking.

Miran then went through most of the first part of the episode trying to avoid Dong-chan. Dong-chan spent the first part of the episode trying to get Miran’s attention until he finally was able to separate her away from the crowd to ask about the kiss.

But it didn’t go as planned as she said that she did it to kiss someone before she died and would pay him for it. Is $1.5 million dollars okay? He can take it out of he $70 million that the company owes her. He was flabbergasted and felt a bit like a gigolo at the proposition. The main thing he wanted to know was if she would have done that with any man if he was not there.

She said no which sent them quickly walking away from her for the first time that episode. Enter cute moments together as he tried to find little ways to give her advice just to get close.

This episode was definitely a move up in this drama as it now seems like it is finding its footing now that the love story has really started going. I think it also was a good episode because the side stories where non existent. The family did not make an appearance today, only the father showed up because he had to interview Byeong for the octapang apartment.

The friends showed up because the shaman had to tell Miran that Dong-chan was the man she was talking about 20 years ago. Everyone had their purposed in the episode which is why everything seemed much more cohesive. Hopefully the next episode can do the same!


#1 The Farm Ride

Their awkward looks and pregnant silence as they bumped their way up the road was perfect. Add the soundtrack of an old man singing a country song and you have yourself a winner

#2 Dong-chan getting all flustered that a woman kissed him

It is the first time a woman has come on to him, y’all, so he didn’t know what to do or how to act which is why he had to talk to Miran about it. She had no clue what to say, it was her first kiss after all! So she threw out that $1.5 million sum to make things right, which just made things wrong.

#3 The Wifi Lie

I loved this because it is so 1999 to talk about the limits of bandwidth with wifi. He pulled this lie out of his sleeve so that Miran will work at her desk instead of on her phone in the break room or somewhere else in the area. She fell for it hook line and sinker and he had a chance to look at her face a bit more.

#4 Dong-chan not accepting Ha-Young’s invitation to her hotel room

It was a big move for Ha-young to call Dong-chan and let him know that she was at his hotel. And an even bigger one for Dong-chan not to go see her and also not offer up an excuse as to why he didn’t. He just didn’t show up, which speaks volumes.

#5 The fishing scam

I completely forgot that fishing scams have not always been a thing since they are so prevalent now and everyone knows about them. So it was pretty funny to see Miran get a clear fishing scam via text and think that it was her friend who really needed money. Poor thing. That really helped remind me that she is really not use to 2019 yet and one day in Hongdae is not going to do it. Though a month in Hongdae might!


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