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Melting Me Softly: Episode 8 Live Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 8 Recap
Melting Me Softly Episode 8 Recap, image tvN

We had a kiss! But it must have sent Miran’s heart rate up again because she promptly fainted. Though Dong-chan remained awake and will probably have to carry Miran back to the car. Hopefully the rain continues on to keep his body temperature low because we don’t need anyone else passing out!

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Miran and Dong-chan are riding in the back of a tiny farm tractor as they head back to civilization. An old man in the front is singing a country song and Dong-chan and Miran are amazingly awkward as they bounce along.


Dong-chan and Mirana get back to his car and head out. But it is quiet and awkward inside the car. Dong-chan tries to break the silence first and mumbles something about next time. She says okay. Then they touch the radio at the same time. So they both pull their hands away.

Dong-chan manages to touch the radio and turn it on, but all the songs are kissing love songs so he turns it back off. The situation kind of makes him smile.

They get back to her place so she is about to run out. He asks if she has anything to tell him? She says nothing and quickly runs away. He is left wondering about her.


Meanwhile, Ha-young is upset that Dong-chan and Miran went to the location alone. She is talking to Hyun-ki about this. He asks her if she still likes him. She mentions that this is not the problem, she always liked the way he acted and thought. Hyun-ki says that the real problem is not that.

Dong-chan gets to work and answers a call from Miran, though he clears his throat a few times before answering. he tells her to rest a bit today. She says that she is sorry, she thought she should apologize. He asks about what? She says, the kiss! I am sorry. I thought I was dying. I thought that before I died I should at least kiss someone. But I am not dead, I am alive.

He mumbles that they are alive, yes, but maybe we can talk later? She wants to just end it right there and for him to accept his apology. He says that she does  not have to accept it. So she is bummed and asks why he isn’t accepting it? I thought I was dying. He asks what she wants? She tells him that she will wait for his decision, whatever you want, bye.

She hangs up quickly, he is left wondering what she wants. At home, she frets in bed and kicks her legs back and forth as she buries her head in her pillow.

Then Dong-chan’s cop brother in law calls to meet. They meet to he tells him that Nikolai died last year. The other political party murdered him. They found Nikolai’s journal. But in that journal, when he killed the American guy the assistant was also murdered. So he thinks that he killed the old professor and the doctor on the same day. 

While they are talking the bad guys secretary watches them. Dong-chan and the brother in law think that they need to find out who is behind Dr. Hwang. Dong-chan walks off and goes to look at the remaining people that are frozen.


Byeong looks at his bank account on a bench at school and thinks that he needs to find a tiny apartment. he needs to create his own future. He searches apartments and finds a super cheap place and realizes that it is Miran’s octapang! Is it for rent now? This is fate! They are helping me!

He calls to rent the octapang and Miran’s father answers. He says that he wants to give it to a female college student. how old are you? He says that he is 44. The appa says that it is for college students. He says that he is not a college student, but he is a professor and he wants to investigate the effect of living in an octapang. Can I visit you?


Meanwhile, Dong-chan gets a call from the CEO to have dinner together. When he gets off the phone we see that he is meeting with the former CEO in his office. He tells the CEO not to bluff around him, they both know that Dong-chan doesn’t listen to anyone. We have to be nice around him. This is very important for our line. You should not have politics without money, money is the most important.

Meanwhile, Dong-chan is thinking about Miran while driving. he thinks she is the root of all his worries. He wonders if this was really her first kiss? It shouldn’t be.


At home, Miran also thinks of Dong-chan, but it makes her hot so she goes to the kitchen to get some ice. Her appa is there so they chat for a moment about dinner and then how they will have a renter for the octopang, want to interview them together? She says no, she thinks she is trash and starts to walk out for some fresh air.

Byeong walks up right at the perfect moment to miss her walking away.



Dong-chan meets with the two CEOs for dinner. The older one mentions that he remembers when Dong-chan first started working at the company, everyone mentioned that he was so handsome. The CEOs both talk about how handsome Dong-chan is.

The menu comes so Dong-chan tells the that it is too expensive for him since he is just a salary man. But you two should eat a lot, go ahead. he heard that they cannot eat more than $30 do to the law so he will pay for his own meals. He also mentions that he will not work on politics with them.

They both sigh, but then the big baddie comes in and shakes everyones hand. The CEO’s look like they know him. Dong-chan shakes his hand hesitantly and they all sit back down. Dong-chan thinks back to one of the frozen person int he tank and realizes that this guy looks just like him.


Miran’s father tells Byeong that his daughter goes to his college. he also has a son and is renting the octapang for his son. Byeong is so happy to hear anything. He even starts to call Miran’s father, abonim. 

Suddenly Miran walks by the office, so Byeong ducks to hide.

Miran heads home and while at home she thinks that tomorrow she will have tomorrows sun. She gets her cell phone and is about to call. 

At his home, Dong-chan thinks about calling her as well, but he knows that they are a bit awkward. he decides to text her and tells her that she does not need to take the fever medicine. He only had enough for one a day. He mentions that he was also not himself today.

She wonders if he wasn’t himself because of the kiss? She imagines his smiling face saying that he was not himself and wonders about it.

At home, Dong-chan thinks that he should sleep and plops into the bed.

In Miran’s place, the doctor snores himself awake and then gets up like a zombie to walk around. But he trips because he is connected to the brothers foot. This sends him right back to sleep.


The female PD offers Dong-chan an ice coffee while they sit at their desks. She isbachful about it. He smiles and tries to say that they should get back to work. Miran sees this and sinks into her desk quickly. She avoids eye contact with Dong-chan and tries to busy herself while he tries to make idle chat with her.

Then Hyun-ki comes in and tells them all about their harassment policy. He says he is telling them all because Dong-chan is old so he has to make sure he tells him specifically. Then he starts to talk about all the things that you should not say and that a PD kissed someon and was about to go to jail.

Miran and Dong-chan starts to get uncomfortable as the other PDs ask about all the different ways a person can kiss, like is it the same if a woman kisses a man and all that. Miran wants to melt into the ground.

At the end of the meeting, Miran sneaks to the editing room and sends a text to Dong-chan letting him know that she is there.


Dong-chan goes into the editing/break room where Miran is standing looking apologetic. She tells him that she is sorry that she touched him without his permission. he tells him that he is the only woman that says sorry for kissing a man. 

She tells him that she can give him 1.5 million discount. Your company owes me 70 million so I can do that. He is confused, that much for one kiss? She says yes. 

He is baffled and asks if he is like a joke? Why dont’ we do it 10 times so you can give me a 15 million dollar discount. She tells him that she does not want to do it anymore.

He tells her that she is making him crazy? is this like you are selling sex? She says that she is also not happy, she lost her first kiss like this. Please accept my first offer, I think that is enough.

She hurries away, he quickly catches up to her and tries to pull her by the shoulders off to another direction. He tells her that she should pretend that she is playing it cool after harrassing him but that is more like you are hitting me or violent, not kissing me. that has your heart involved right?

He says that it is the first time he has been kissed first by a woman, so he does not know what to do. But you are taking it so lightly, are you harrassing me right now? She says that she is not taking it as a joke, she is just embarrassed, that is why she is saying it like this. It is kind of weird to apologize. Sorry.

He sighs and tells her not to brag about it. She tells him that he should not brag about it. So he says that it is nothing to brag about, a woman just did it to me without me being prepared, it is a shame in my life.

Hyun-ki and the CEO walk up and look that them from a distance with a tsk about the two of them and then go inside their offices.

Dong-chan asks Miran one thing, you said you had to kiss once before you died. So, would you kiss someone else if they were there instead of me? She says it does not matter. But he says that it is important because it decides if he will accept her apology or not.

She looks at him softly and he looks at her softly. Their heart rates start to go up. 

She tells him no. If it were someone else, I would not.

Their heart rates continue to beat harder and their temperatures rise.

He tells her, okay, you don’t have to apologize to me. Then he blinks and walks away.


Miran’s shaman friend and her friend Yong-sun talk about how Miran was in a frozen capsule, but it is a secret. Then Young-sun gets out her phone to do a live chat with her shaman friend. 


Ha-young is told to pick up her phone, after their news yesterday someone wants to report something. it does not sound like a joke. She picks up the phone and a woman says that she knows who did that thing. But it is difficult to talk over the phone. 

Ha-young wants to meet her right away. The woman has a condition though, she wants to meet with Ma Dong-chan PD as well.

In the PD room, the PDs are all busy bustling around. Dong-chan asks Miran if she will be able to do her work? She says yes. So he walks over to her and tells her not to surf the internet too much. The data plan is limited so if you use too much wifi then people cannot use the internet here (this is a 20 year old thing). Dong-chan tells her that she only has a daily limit of so much.

Miran asks if there is a limitless plan? He tells her no that doesn’t happen, just do your work on the computer. The computer is fine. Our company is not that good recently, wifi is expensive. Miran says that she should help out the company. Dong-chan says yes, that is good, so don’t go anywhere and get all the lists. fighting.


Dong-chan gets a call from ha-young and tells him that seh has something to discuss about Dr. Jo. Dong-chan goes to ha-youngs office. She made to freshen her make-up before he came.

Ha-young then shows the video she has to Dong-chan. The video is of Dr. Jo’s car burning after the explosion. She says that this person wanst to meet with her and him. She hung up on her, so she will have to call again. It sounded like a middle aged woman.

He asks if she can find anything on the chairman? Something that everyone doesn’t know. She asks why he needs it. He says he is not sure about it yet, so he will tell her when the time comes. He is about to leave, but she tells him that it is strange, he feels like the first time she met him. her heart is still fluttering.

Dong-chan is not as moved and tells her that if that person calls her again, set up a meeting right away.


The CEO meets with Miran to see how her work is going. She says that she is working hard so the company will be successful and he can pay her.

The CEO asks if she doesn’t work that well with Ma PD? Should I change the PD you work with? Miran says no, he is the best as a PD. He has passion, I have accepted that. I want to learn from him. The CEO asks why? You fight all the time? She says she is not marrying him, just working with him.

Hyun-ki asks Dong-chan the same thing in another room. Dong-chan says that she works well, she will be good if we nurture her well. This is just work. She has variety shows ingrained in her DNA. She has a soft heart even though she looks like a bright person, take care of her so no one will know her age.

In the hallway, Young-sun is filming for her Instagram account of YouYube page and then catches Dong-chan walking in the background. She thinks this is a big score! You saw him right!

Downstairs, Miran meets with her shaman friend. They hug but then the shaman friend sees Dong-chan and tells her that he is the man she told her she would meet after 20 years upon becoming cold. It is him!

Miran looks over her shoulder and sees Dong-chan walking to them. A soft song starts to play.

Miran goes back to the PD cubicles and looks at Dong-chan. She tries to get back to work, but then Dong-chan asks her if she can go to Hong-dae and find out the trendy things for Kids nowadays. She should also have that kind of life.

She is a bit quiet. He says that he will stop by the lab so she nods okay and tells him goodbye.

He walks off, but then he comes back and tells her that she has to make sure she brings the fever medicine and goes to cool places only. She nods. He tells her not to get sick and walks away again.



Byeong cleans and straightens his octapang and tells Miran’s father that he will bring in books and make it look  nice, but untl then, don’t move anything. Miran’s appa is all like, okay.


At home, Nam-tae tries to take good care of the doctor so he puts some medicine on the spot where he hit his face. The doctor tells him that he hopes he started studying the frozen man project for people like Nam-tae, not for another reason. Nam-tae tells him he has a good heart, so of course he started it for that reason. The doctor looks at the puzzle they were working on and thinks that is how his brain is now.

Meanwhile, Miran talks to Ji-hoon on the phone about how she has to go to Hong-dae to see what is trendy for young people. Ji-hoon tells her that they can go together! She says okay, but he has to guide her around.


Dong-chan meets with Dr. Jo in the laboratory and asks why they have to get the injection? Dr. Jo says that they might start to have a tolerance to the medicine. They need to fix the root cause. If not then they could die. Hopefully your temperature does not increase.

Dong-chan tells Miran that she can only take the temperature medicine once a day, you got it once taday, so dont take it anymore. Miran looks at her medicine chest and wonders if he gave his fever medicine to her?

She thinks back to him telling her that she did not need to apologize to him. her hearts starts to race so she holds her chest to calm it. Dong-chan’s heart races in his car as well, so he holds his chest to calm it. He is also thinking about Miran.



Ji-hoon and Miran walk around Hong-dae happily and try out all the fun things on the street. They look at clothes and play darts and she tries out a lipstick sample. They try on hats and take photos and look at street performers and have a good time. Ji-hoon helps her ride a skateboard as well.


Elsewhere, Ha-young talks to Hyun-ki about how it is secret that they are talking about this. She says that she also does not want him to know about it.


While walking around, Dong-chan sends Miran a photo of a possible location spot. She thinks it looks perfect. She sends him a photo of her happily smiling in Hongdae. he looks at it and thinks that she should live her life happily smiling like that.


Dong-chan goes to his hotel and we find out that Ha-young goes to this same hotel. She looks out the window of her room and thinks that she really must love Dong-chan.

In his room, Dong-chan talks to the writer and tells them to talk to his assistant PD, she is only 24 and is still an intern in college. He hangs up and gets another call, this one is from ha-young. 

Ha-young tells him that she is in the same hotel as he is. She tells him that she is there for investigative reporting and gives him her room number.

They hang up. Dong-chan sighs as he thinks about this. The night passes and he does not go to her room. She lays awake in bed waiting for him. finally, there is a knock on her door.

She goes to open it and Dong-chan is there.

He goes inside and kisses her right away. They share a pretty long back and forth passionate kiss.

But this is all her fantasy. She is actually still in bed, tears start to fall.

Cut to Dong-chan sitting on his couch looking like a statue deep in thought.



Miran goes to work looking hip and then gets to work calling volunteers for the GoGoGuGu tv show. 

Ha-young gets back to work and sees Dong-chan calling people happily. She is super bummed about it and is about to cry. She has to breathe away a few angry tears springing forth. He does not notice her.

Dong-chan sees a gift from Miran on his desk, it is a neck fan. he also has a mug. So he put on the neck fan and thinks that it is really good.

Miran comes back in and tells him that the wifi thing he said was all a lie. She knows all the trendy things in 2019 now. She is as fast as 5G. But you don’t know 5G now hug? Swag! This is how young kids dress now. Swag.

She walks away with all her hip self as she walks on the phone happily. She gets a text then from her friend who asks if she has $5000. Miran asks why they need it and texts her back to call. her friend says that her cell phone is broken. she can call her as soon as it is fixed. But you can send it to this bank account.

So this is clearly a fishing scam to everyone who lives in 2019, but this is new to Miran so she texts back that she can get some money and send it to her.

She goes to the bank to get the money and sends her $800. Her friend calls right then and tells her to look at her YouTube page. Miran asks when she got her phone fixed, she just sent her money. Kyung-ja is all like, um, why are you sending me money?

Cut to Miran at the police department telling the cops about her scam. They have to tell her that this is voice fishing.

Miran is bummed so she decides to drink shots of soju alone. She goes through two bottles and passes out.

Dong-chan gets a temperature notification for Miran and runs to where she is. She is fine, though she is drunk and sitting outside. She tells him that she can’t run away.

He asks her if she drunk? She says that she thinks this world is too much for her, she pretends like it is nothing but she falls and gets humiliated. Yes she can’t go back.

He asks if that is why she drunk? She says yes, she took her shot first and then she drank. She wanted to do what other people do. He asks why she is torturing herself so much. He is having a hard time because of her. She tells him not to have a hard time because of her. This is her choice. Just ignore me and live your life. Don’t look at me with your sorry eyes. Don’t worry about me from now on PD. Even if something foes wrong, I won’t blame you.

She gets up to leave. He says, Hey, don’ act up! She stops. He tells her, hey, don’t act up. Then he walks to her and tells her that if she keeps acting up then I will like you.

She looks at him stunned as she takes in his confession yet not a confession. Her heart starts to race and her temperature climbs.

Fade Out


There were many things to love in this episode. I felt like pretty much every scene today was moving the story forward in some way which was fun to watch. Even the scene with Byeong moved the story forward because you know that Dong-chan will not like him to sleep in Miran’s old home and especially not so close to her new house. Hmm, I wonder if Dong-chan will decide to move in instead?


MR – PD, you are a playboy

DC – No!

MR – You are the stereotypical playboy that plays with women’s hearts

DC – You make people happier in the world

DC – The beginning of our dream is this GoGoGuGu project (GoGo1999)

HK – You are saying that because you never worked with him, he tortures people so much!

DC – I am sorry that I could not be with you for 20 years

HY – be careful not to get caught, I really hate for Dong-chan to be in trouble

DC – Miran, I will protect you so don’t worry



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  1. Rose
    October 21, 2019 / 5:25 am

    Wow! This was way much better than episode 7. Not because of that hot, hot, hot kissing scene (although it helped 😆), but the whole episode itself. Hope this kind of flow will continue. That wifi thing was legit real. Not sure about it in korea but here (im sure you know it) that the “unlimited” wasnt really unlimited. That after you reached a certain gig of data usage, your internet speed will slowdown, especially if you live in a city where theres more traffic with internet usage.
    What i also love about this episode was the semi-confessions of both DC and MR. They didnt confessed directly but they are hinting it. 😊
    Thanks again for the recap V!

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:35 am

      Yes! this episode was so much better! And yes, the internet usage!!!! That was such a blast from the past. I hope the episodes continue like this!

  2. RevSparklyAndroid
    October 21, 2019 / 1:30 pm

    I am enjoying this drama a lot. Confused Dong Chan makes me smile and Byeong is super deluded. I can’t wait to see that whole arc unfold.

    Thanks for the recaps, V. They filled a few blanks for me.

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:43 am

      So glad we could help! This drama has slowly grown on me. Episode 8 was great.

  3. emma
    October 24, 2019 / 9:24 am

    Thanks for posting about this one. I was on the edge because I usually don’t like celeb memoirs but this one sounds great and thought provoking. The reality is that there are a lot of us brown skinned women who grow up isolated and I am happy to read about the experience others had in similar situations.

  4. Emma
    October 27, 2019 / 12:34 am

    Not because of that hot, hot, hot kissing scene (although it helped 😆), but the whole episode itself. Hope this kind of flow will continue. That wifi thing was legit real. Not sure about it in korea but here (im sure you know it) that the “unlimited” wasnt really unlimited. That after you reached a certain gig of data usage, your internet speed will slowdown, especially if you live in a city where theres more traffic with internet usage.


  5. March 4, 2021 / 3:54 am

    Wow! This was way much better than episode 7. Not because of that hot, hot, hot kissing scene (although it helped 😆), but the whole episode itself. Hope this kind of flow will continue. That wifi thing was legit real. Not sure about it in korea but here (im sure you know it) that the “unlimited” wasnt really unlimited. That after you reached a certain gig of data usage, your internet speed will slowdown, especially if you live in a city where theres more traffic with internet usage.

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