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Melting Me Softly: Episode 7 Live Recap

Melting Me Softly Recap Episode 7
Melting Me Softly Episode 7 Recap, image tvN

I have accepted this show into my life. Bring on the wackiness, I am here for it! The love story should be in full swing this episode, or at least start to be in full swing in these next two episodes, so I’m interested to see how that will shake things up.

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We see Dal-gun swimming at a swimming pool. He is swimming laps as other people also exercise around him. He likes swimming because his body still stays cool. He checks his watch and makes sure that his heart rate and everything is okay, but when he turns around he sees a lot of ajummas happily dancing and looking at him so he runs away to the locker room.

Later, he thinks about Ha-yoon’s confession to him about being together again at least for a little bit. If he dumps her, then that is okay, but she does not want to end things like this.

He asked if she thought they could get over the 20 years they jumped? He hates her because of what she did to him and she will hate him because he disappeared. You became an adult after 20 years, but I lost that chance. I am only a selfish guy that only thinks about myself. I can’t trust this.

Cut to Miran walking, she remembers walking in on Ha-young and Dong-chan. She thinks this must be his girlfriend. But at least he made a girlfriend before freezing, but what about me!

At her home, her mother argues about all the things that are being defrosted at home and wonders what is wrong with Miran. Why is she defrosting all of this! Appa thinks she might have a problem.

Meanwhile the brother is doing the doctors hair.

Elsewhere, Young-sun tells her son Ji-hoon that she will divorce his father. he asks if she thinks she can live without him? He thinks that she can’t let him go, even if they fight all the time. But a happy divorce is better than a miserable married life, so if that happens then I will agree with it. it is y’alls life.

He leaves and goes to sit on a bench to work on something. What he is working on turns into the title.



Dong-chan looks at a profile for an older model when Hyun-ki comes to see what he is doing. He gives him the poster and tells him, good for you she is pretty. Then Miran comes in so tells him that she wanted to give him an updated proposal yesterday but that wasn’t the time. I can give it to you slowly.

He asks why she came there if she can give it to him slowly. She wonders why he is asking questions like that to her. So he says that he always asks questions like this. He wants to tell her that she can stop him or ask him about something at anytime. Even if he is in a hotel with a woman. It is better to talk to him then have a fever and pass out.

Then Miran sees Hyun-ki with his poster and asks if that is his style? He says no, he does not like like Korean woman and walks off. Miran is confused and wonders if he likes Korean men?


The mom is happy that their son is becoming more social after living with Dr. Hwang. Then umma and appa start to talk about putting their old home on the market (or some house). When they are about to leave, the son shows off his hairstyle for the doctor. he gave him two buns on top of his head like mickey mouse. it is a half up and half down look.


Meanwhile, the young scientist only just manages to get away from his car before is explodes suddenly.

Back to the doctor, he is being driven to the restaurant and remembers that a certain medicine can increase the body temperature. Never give that to Miran! They are all surprised that he remembers that.


Dong-chan reminds Miran not to increase her heart rate. he tells her all the things that she should not do, if she wants to do anything exciting then she has to take a cold shower and do it. She gets a call so she says she will be there. Dong-chan asks if it is her pretty friend? She says yes, so he asks if she always takes the Tylenol shot with her everywhere?

She says yes. he also tells her that her proposal was not bad. She is happy about that and says she thought she was a natural. But he tells her not to be too excited, all the other proposals where trash. he walks away.

Miran goes to meet her friend Young-sun in a cafe. it is a bit awkward of a meeting as neither one knows what to say. They both say, I’m sorry, at the same time. Miran is sorry for hiting her husband. She says that he deserves it. Young-sun explains that they got married when she got pregnant, that is it. he was super drunk one night on a vacation from the army.

Miran thinks it was not like her to make a mistake like that. Young-sun says that it wasn’t a mistake. She used to like him, before he dates Miran, she liked him. back when they were in hogwan together. She liked him because he was handsome and unpredictable and needed taking care of.

Miran says he was like that, before we knew what a man was (I still don’t think she knows?). Young-sun says that he does not love her though. it is like they never started their relationship so it is hard to end it.

Miran writes in her homework that she wonders where love starts? The begining of love is hard to find. When does love start? Ji-hoon reads this on his tablet.

In the cafe, Young-sun thinks that she will end her love with Byeong-sim. She just needed an event to do it. How can you live with someone who doesn’t love you at all. Luckily, I still have my own pride.

VO – Love does not have a definite end, because when it ends, it does not mean that it has ended.


At work, Dong-chan makes himself a coffee and then gets a call. he runs to the scientist and asks him what happened? Your car exploded? The scientist says that God helped, if he was ten seconds later with turning off the car, he would have been inside.

Dong-chan wonders who would do this? Nikolai has no reason to kill you. Perhaps someone wants to blame Nikolai?

Cut to the big baddie standing on a rooftop with his secretary. he is upset that this scientist is still alive. Then an assassin comes and tells him that he will never make that mistake again. The big baddie pulls out a gun and points it at the assassin. He already gave him money so he has to keep the promise or kill himself. The assassins says that he understands.


Miran sits looking at her desk in a daze and then opens her computer. There she sees a note explaining that the scientists car exploded, he went to see about him. he will give her more information when he comes back.

Then Miran gets a phone call about hitting the police offier. The woman on the phone says that they cannot take this lightly as a profession. A student cannot hit the professor, this is serious!

Meanwhile, Dong-chan drives off and wonders about the person that wants to kill the scientist. But then he thinks that he has the answer when he thinks about the other frozen people in the lab.


Dong-chan stops his car and calls Dr. Jo to ask if the other people are still frozen and if he has data on them. Dr. Jo says no, Dr. Hwang is the only one that knows about it.

The camera zooms in on the rich man who is frozen. The image changes to the big baddie who looks just like him. The big baddie talks to his secretary about their mole and information they have. Who are they protecting? Only Dong-chan knows.


The former CEO of the broadcast company comes to the company so Hong-seok has a meeting with him in his office. This former CEO is now a senator. The senator thinks that Dong-chan gave them a new card to play with medical science. We should make a story about that. He hand him a form and says it is for my political party, it is an application to apply for my political party. You can follow my way.

Hyun-ki listens in from outside.

Miran leaves a note saying she is going to school because she hit the professor.

Inside the CEO’s office, Hyun-ki and Hong-sim talk about their situation right now with Dong-chan, then Dong-chan comes in so the CEO tries to take a photo with him and tells him to smile. Puts your thumbs up! 


Miran and Byeong-sim have to sit in front of the review committee to find out about why she hit him. Byeong says that he deserved it, he should be hit even more because she is my first love. The three panelists are all like, what?

So Byeong has to explain that they promised their future to each other but fate separated them and he had a married life that he does not want. This is about man and woman, not student and teacher affair. Sigmund Freud said that I studied my entire life but the one thing I cannot answer is what women wants. i am looking for the answer of what my first love Go Miran wants, like Sigmund Freud. I am done.

He leaves and Miran runs out after him. The review panelist is so confused. Outside, Byeong-sim tells Miran that he will clean up everything quickly, wait for me.

He goes to his office where his TA gives him his clothing and things. he thanks him and asks if his ex-wife was angry? The TA is all like, huh? Already ex-wife? You are not lawfully separated so you should not say that yet. Byeong says that he just wants to get used to saying it right now.

He opens his bag and says that the TA didn’t bring his blue stripped pants! Those are my favorite!

Elsewhere, in the broadcast company, Ha-young and Dong-chan bump into each other. Then they start to talk. Dong-chan tells her about the scientists car that exploded and how he is looking for information on it. We have to publicly announce that Dr. Jo has death threats, so he will be safer. He thinks that Ha-young would be quicker at this. Can you investigate this case and make it a special story?

She says that she will. She will get the case file from the police. Don’t worry. He thanks her. She tells him that she will protect him so he will not be in danger again. He says that he will protect himself. help me protect all the people that are related to this case. Starting with Ko Miran.

Outside on the yard, Miran is stopped by Ji-hoon to chat. They chat about the homework so he says that he read part of hers. Then they see Young-joon talking to a girl. Ji-hoon says that he has some with her, they aren’t dating yet. He has to explain some to her and wonders how she can’t know that. Where you in a different world? 

She tries to explain her situation but can’t really. So he starts to talk about some. It is if you like someone but you aren’t sure if they like you so you spend time with them. that is some. Have you had some before noona?

She says yes, but he was super bad, he married my friend and gave birth to a kid. Lets just call him a crazy guy. She answers her phone right then and tells Dong-chan that she is still at school. He tells her to come to work for their meeting so Miran has to leave right away.

he tells her that he hopes he works with her when they announce who will be the intern. Then they say their goodbyes.



Miran gets to Dong-chan who tells her that he told her not to run, you should control your temperature better. She argues that it is okay to run this much. So he asks her if she ate, she says no but she is okay. He tells her not to skip her meals, then the temperature will increase because you will be angry when you don’t eat. So, let’s go.

They both go eat and talk about her issue with the professor. But she doesn’t want to get into it so she asks about the car explosion, he says that now is not the place to talk about that.

She starts to eat so he moves her hair behind her ear in a heart fluttering move. He says that it was about to hit her food. She asks him if he has ever had some? he does not know what that is. She asks him if he has ridden on some (like riding a car). Lets ride it.

He thinks about it for a moment then the scene changes to their broadcast meeting where they are showing Miran’s plan to all the PDs.

Her plan is all about turning back the heart. A doctor gathered 70 year old people together but made the environment like it was 20 years ago and made them do the same activities that they did 20 years ago and their bodies became like it was 20 years ago. So Miran had this idea to take people in their 40s back to their 20s. 

One of the PDs says that it is a good idea, but it is a bit unfashionable to do it now. Dong-chan says that is the most important part, to be out of fashion. Our job is to make unfashionable things fashionable again. All those working hard tired people in their 40s will go back to their 20s again and will live younger and will send the message that we will decide our own age. The title is Answer Me 1999.

They tell him that this was a big hit on cable already. So Miran says, how about GoGoGuGu (Lets go to 1999). they all like that so Dong-chan says that they should do it. they can do this with normal people and entertainers also. Dong-chan mentions that they will scout locations and things so he tells Miran to go with him.

Dong-chan also gives orders to the other PDs. One of them wants to do his plan, Dong-chan says he read it and will 100% fail. Then he tells Hyun-ki to make the budget. Hyun-ki is all like, um, I am the director. Dong-chan tells him that if your life means nothing because you have done nothing then working hard is the best thing. Hyun-ki thinks that he shouldn’t have told him those things when he was drunk, now he is punishing him.



In the broadcast area, ha-young works with her team on the car exploding story. She wants one of the reporters to go to the scene so they can mentally pressure the killer person. Then she goes off to look out the window and wonder if she still loves Dong-chan.


Meanwhile, Dong-chan’s sister tries to hit someone with a bottle. it looks like this is her 2nd husband? The first husband gives her all her money in installments but the 2nd husband did not give her any money so she is about to hit him with a bottle. Both husbands are here. 

The niece walks in as well and looks at this scene with interest. The 1st husband has to try and protect his ex from her crazy actions.

VO – 100 degree love can go out to -10 degree Celsius, you have to pay the consequences. It can be cheap or expensive

Cut to the brother praying for a lot at a buddhist temple. he wants his brother to not get angry in this world and his daughter to grow up pretty and his sister to not be an alcoholic anymore and his mother to be happy and to sell the hogwan and lots of prayers. he finally leaves.


Then we cut to the shaman from 20 years ago who is at a church with the two friends. She prays for them both while in the church. it feels comedic, but Young-sun is serious. 

VO – The temperature cooled down can be different. The woman is still hot but the man is cooled.

They show Byeong-san going to a hotel room.


Dong-chan tells Hyun-ki not to drink today and make mistakes, you are the same as 20 years ago when you drink. Then they all go out to drink. While leaving, they pass Ha-young. Dong-chan does not say hi to her even though he just asked this big thing of her, Miran sees her and looks apologetic.

They all go out to Dong-chan’s families place to eat. But Dong-chan won’t let Miran drink. he might also not drink. So she makes a coke and sprite drink for them both to toast to. They have a fun time toasting their non alcoholic drink and eating. He gives her food on her plate and they eat some more. Then they start to karaoke and dance all around.


It is a big karaoke scene, Miran gets up and sings and dances. Dong-chan  gets up and sings a soft quiet song. the song sings about how he does not know a person anymore even though his heart still beats. The face he misses just passes by…

This song is all about Ha-young. Miran watches him singing it and looks like she knows what he is singing about.

Dong-chan drops Miran off but tells her to be careful before she leaves. There is a person who wants to kill the scientists, they need to find it out. he tells her not to think too much about it or her temperature will increase.

But then he hops when he sees Miran’s brother glaring at him from the window. Miran tells him to say hello and that this is the frozen man she works with. So the brother loosens up and walks off with Miran.

Dong-chan goes home and sits at his desk to work. He starts to think about Miran and how she signed up for the experiment so easily because she wants her brother to be fixed. Then his niece comes in eating a snack so he asks how she can be up and eating snacks. She says that she got 70 in Korea. 

He tells her that she should get 100 next time. she says that it does not matter, she wants to live her life happier than a person who scored 100, that is what is most important. He asks how her work is. She says it is okay. He asks her to explain some to him. She tells him that Snow white has some with the 7 dwarves.

He is all like, huh? Maybe she would have some with the prince? His niece says no, it is with the 7 dwarves!

The brother comes in and tells his daughter to go to bed and then sits on Dong-chan’s bed and complains about knee pain. He also tells him that he prayed for him a lot. Dong-chan gives him a hug and asks when he became so old. The sister comes in and says dont’ just take care of him, take care of me too! 

He tells her to come in also, where are you sick? She says in her heart, the world does not treat me well. So he gives them both a hug.

VO – There is also not just man women love, there is love among family as well. The love between family, you can love each other only with 36.5 degree temperature.

Miran packs her bag but forgets her fever medicine. Then she goes to bed.



Dong-chan and Miran go to the location to look around. it is a woodland location so they walk around the woods and look at their cell phone to take photos and all those things.

But then it looks like they might have gotten lost. Miran thinks they should look around more and continues walking. He asks why she is not afraid of anything. He catches up to her and tells her that they should go back.

So they both start to walk back and they both are super hot and sweaty. 

Their temperatures start to go up little by little. DOng-chan says that he really thinks they are lost. He tells her to wait there, he will find the way back and then come to get her. But he makes sure that she has her medicine. She says that she did. they cna go together.

So they start to walk together, but Miran is faving a hard time. Bothe their temperatures are 32.5. But Miran collapses so he tells her that they need to take the shot.

He gets his out. She looks for hers, but doesn’t see it. Her temperature hits 32.6 and she passes out. 

Dong-chan’s also hits 32.6 but he manages to stay awake. he holds his syringe in his hands and looks at her and wonders what to do. He decides to gives it all to her. Her temperature goes down. His temperature goes up to 33.0, he passes out.

Miran starts to slowly wake up. She sees Dong-chan passed out on the ground and cries as she tries to wake him up.

Then it starts to rain.

The rain starts to lower his body temperature. He opens his eyes and looks at Miran crying over him. he sits up and she leans in to kiss him.

He is very surprised at the kiss.

Then she passes out in his arms.

VO – The temperature of my love is 31.5, it should not go over that temperature. Can I even kiss someone before I die? I want to die after at least kissing someone, because I was born human.

Fade Out


It did feel like todays episode took a lot longer to get through. This episode leaned a bit heavier on trying to be heartfelt with Miran’s voice over about love that was sprinkled in throughout the episode. I think it was her homework assignment? But that fell flat with me because it was a hard left turn from comedic moments to serious moments. It was also sooooo annoying that Miran wanted to go further and further into the woods when their life was on the line. Though I get why the writer did it, they needed that rainfall kiss, y’all!


HY – Dong-chan and that girl went there alone?

MR – I am sorry.

MR – PD I really screwed up, I will wait for my punishment. Do whatever you want.

DC – Was it really your first kiss?

DC – Hey, don’t brag about it to anyone

MR – What? What? Was it good?

DC – You are really crazy?

HK – They fight that much, so why does he want to take care of her?

DC – he looks like him, height, body…

HY – Someone wants to see Ma Dong-chan PD

DC – In that situation, if someone else where there, would you still kiss him.



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  1. Rose
    October 19, 2019 / 10:58 pm

    Thanks for the recap V. I do really think that the one that wants the dr dead was the doppelganger or a double of the one frozen. As much as i love JCW, this episode was a little dull if you ask me. There are some funny moments but somthing was lacking, like its kinda bland. I am also in for its craziness, but even that part was kinda lacking. But still i’ll continue watching this and reading your recaps. I dull eps doesnt translate to a dull series 😄

    • V
      October 20, 2019 / 10:21 am

      I wonder if the frozen guy is the real millionaire and the other one is an imposter who had plastic surgery? Tell me how you liked episode 8, I thought it was pretty fun!

      • Rose
        October 20, 2019 / 10:44 am

        Havent watched or read your recap yet for eps 8 yet, but i do know that the kissing scene of DC and HY was just an imagination so im happy for that 😄 (im team DongRan 😄). I’ll let you know what i think of it after i read your recap and done watching it later. Thanks for all the recaps you’ve been doing! 😊

        • V
          October 20, 2019 / 6:07 pm

          When I saw it I thought, oh wow, is this real? This has to be fake. Is it real?

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