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Melting Me Softly: Episode 6 Live Recap

Live Recap! Episode 6 of Melting Me Softly
Melting Me Softly Live Recap Episode 6, image tvN

Dong-chan has just told the world that he is the first frozen man. And, in this case, I think everyone will believe him because he is a 52 year old who barely looks like he is out of his 20s.

Miran is lying in the hospital after fainting due to heat stroke. But I have a feeling she will be okay. That doctor just needs to get some sense back into him and make their special formula already!

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We start with the broadcast. Na Ha-young says the first news of the evening is with Ma Dong-chan PD that disappeared 20 years ago. There are a lot of rumors around what happened to him. He said that he will answer all our questions right now. What would you like to tell us Ma Dong-Chan?

Dong-chan looks around and hesitantly says, I am – the first frozen man, Ma Dong-chan. In 1999 I was a producer and planned the frozen man reality TV show. I decided this without the permission or consultation of the company. It was successful because I woke up after 20 years. But this product needs more research because there are unexpected side effects.

This is a low temperature problem. Frozen men should be 31.5 degrees. I will do my best to make this research complete. This is all I can say.

He gets up to leave. Ha Young looks at him, shocked and yet reserved. His CEO and his director friend look like they might have a conniption. 


Dong-chan goes back to the hospital to check on Miran, but when he sees her happily walking with her family, he turns and leaves. She sees him and smiles.

Dong-chan talks to the young scientist about the side effects. But he thinks that they cannot rely on Dr. Yong, he will find another way. He drives off determined.

Meanwhile the frozen news goes global as CNN reports on it as well as North Korea and of course all over Korea.

Miran’s friends all her and asks if she was a frozen person? I know it, you did it together right? Miran’s eyes grow wide. Cut to a lot of politicians wanting to talk to Dong-chan as the first frozen man. The Blue House also wants to invite him in.

The scientist gets interviewed for defrosting Dong-chan. He says that he had to wait 20 years to find out that formula to defrost him. The reporter says she heard a rumor of another experiment. The young scientist says no. 

Cut to the evil mystery man who says that a certain person should not wake up. They need to wait until people are not interested in this anymore and talk about how the PDs mother has a restaurant.


The brother is playing is heart out in front of their restaurant as they promote their store and Dong-chan as the first frozen man. It is a fun event as the brother plays light happy music on an electric piano with balloons and streamers all around him.

Dong-chan comes out and looks around at all the loud things. His mother tells him that the chance has come, so they need to make money on it. They will be how they were before soon! Dong-chan thinks they might go to the police if he is so loud on the street. But the brother is just happy to play.

Dong-chan looks off to the side and sees the flyers they passed out for him. He asks his mother if she ever thought he was dead. She said never, she thought he had an accident and lost his memory. He will eat pork ribs that he likes the most, so maybe he will come to our restaurant. That is why she started this business. But she knows that this store and her son don’t match well.

He hugs her and thanks her. She tells him not to think anything of it and he looks so handsome, who are your parents? Dong-chan smiles, then he tells his sister to stop drinking and his neice to read some books and stop watching YouTube.



The thugs are at the police department telling the cops that they did not know who their client was, they just talked to him on the phone and were given all cash. It looks like Dong-chan’s ex brother in law brought them in.

Just outside the room, Dong-chan talks with his brother in law about this case. They think this is done by someone who still knows that the doctor is alive.

Elsewhere, one of the college students, Ji-hoon, thinks that the frozen man PD is Miran’s girlfriend. But then his mother comes in, it is Young-sun! So this kid is Myeong’s kid! OMG, lol. 

Now, everyone is putting two and two together about Miran and how she is most likely a frozen person. her friends and her ex both think this is the case.

The two college kids go to class and sit right next to her happily and start to talk about the internship with a broadcast company. he is going to apply for it. They ask him about that frozen PD guy and if he is her boyfriend? She laughs and says no, she has higher standards than that.


The CEO and Director talk about how Dong-chan should not have any stress because he does all that he wants to do. They are fretting about it all though. They bicker a bit back and forth about regret and shame and all that when Dong-chan comes in.

Dong-chan asks Hyun-ki why he is there all the time, come out. Hyung-ki follows him outside and tells him to do some menial labor for him with his computer, assistant style work. Hyun-ki tells him that he isa  director now, not an assistant. You need to fix your memory. Dong-chan is all like, oh no this upstart didn’t. The look he gives Hyung-ki is enough for Hyung-ki to tell him that he will do it.

Dong-chan walks off and runs into Ha-young. she asks him how long he will avoid her. He says that he will protect the woman that he once loved, in case he knows more than he should know, this is the only way that he can protect her. It is the best he can do right now.

He starts to walk off, she calls after him and says that she will wait for him. I will wait for you until you look at me. That is what I do the best.

Ha-young walks off and sees Miran walking in. She takes a deep breath.

Miran is headed to a meeting with Dong-chan. They meet in the conference room where he gives her an ID. She is so happy and says that she will prove heself and make it as a regular. He says that she needs to do well so she can be promoted. Then he touched his hand to her forehead to see if she is hot. 

Everything stops for Miran as she tries not to gasp while his hand is there. he tells her that she is okay and then starts fiddling with her watch that will check her vital signs. he tells her that it will alert her when her temperature increases. If it increases, then you need to take a shot.

He gives her a shot that he got from an American company. She doesn’t want to get an injection but she says she will take it. he apologizes and says it is thin so it will not hurt that much, also tell me where you are all the time. Check your temp and heart rate every two hours and tell me if you are about to collapse. Because our fate is tied right now.

She does not like it when people matter in her life, he says that same, but it is like this right now. He can’t really say he is sorry anymore so he tells her that they can meet again after class. he heads out.


She looks at all these things and thinks it is a burden of her life, but she also smiles as she leaves.

Dong-chan walks off and is stopped by a reporter who asks if it is true that he has a special ability after defrosting, the ability that everything gets cold after he touches it?

Dong-chan plays along and asks, how did you…the reporter gasps. Then Dong-chan grabs his face and asks the reporter how he feels? If I hold you for three minutes like this then you will die. He walks off annoyed. The reporter runs after him and asks if it is true that there were other people who were frozen with him? Dong-chan tells him not to write his report on suspicion alone.


Byeong wastes no time to find Miran at school and says it is me, your first love! he tells her that he was not sure it was her at first because she looks the same. She is so annoyed bordering on disgust as she tells him that they should not see each other anymore, I knew your class was so boring.

He tells her that he never forgot about her! Let’s go back to 20 years ago! Lets go back and finish the love that we could not finish! she asks how he can not change at all? Are you crazy? He says that he is not crazy. I don’t smoke or drink. I am married, but I will divorce because you are with me. She tells him to leave before she kills him.

But he pulls her into a hug. She yells and hits him off and starts beating him with her bag as several people run up to them.


Dong-chan gets a call that Miran is at the police department. Cut to Byeong all beaten up like he was previously with a bloody nose and everything. He tries to tell them that she is 44! Don’t prosecute her!

Dong-chan shows up and sighs. He tells Miran that she will go to jail at least once if she was a man. Do you think people in jail go there voluntarily? They go there because they cannot control themselves. DOn’t use your age when it suits you. 24 when you want and then 44 when you want. 

He continues and says that he hates a woman and hits people and curses at people, so don’t do it. She is all like, what are you talking about? he asks why she hit him, this is not the first time I saw you hitting someone. Miran says this is the same guy! He was hitting on me and told me that I should continue the love! Ugh!

Dong-chan changes his tune and tells her, GOOD JOB! Ah, you should have just killed him! Where is he right now! he stands up with determination and then goes back to the police station to confront Byeong.

Dong-chan asks Byeong why he is hitting on Miran. Byeong says that his life was all screwed up because he took Miran away from him. Dong-chan pull the age rank and tells him, I am 52! He pulls out his ID and says that he is his sunbae in college! 

Byeong thinks he is only 52 on paper! You did not live those 20 years! I ate way more rice than you. Dong-chan tells him he will hurt him if he hits on Miran again. He has responsibility for her. 

They glare at each other and then start pulling each other by the collar like tis is a judo match. Miran comes in to break it up and the police finally snap out of their slumber and hold the two men back. Dong-chan tells Byeong not to make Miran angry. yeong yells something at Dong-chan. Miran yells at them both to just stop. She can take care of herself.

Dong-chan pulls Miran away and tells her that they should go eat. The cops all think that this is that frozen guy!



The mystery Chairman goes to the restaurant to find out answers. The doctor is there but has a flashback to the dead dolphin when the little girl parades a stuffed dolphin in front of him. he runs off and bumps into the mystery man who is eating. that sends him into a memory of one of the frozen people who is still frozen.

Dong-chan and Miran go to another restaurant to eat. They settle into their seats and start to talk about broadcast things as their food comes. But Dong-chan changes topic to the ex boyfriend and says to tell him if he bothers her again. He also does not want her to smile in front of men. She asks if she is cute when she does it? He scoffs and says not to him. 

They finish eating and go to the broadcast building where they scare the director who is always on edge around them. Then they go into the PD offices. Miran is so happy to look at her name tag.


Elsewhere, the friends meet for yummy drinks at a new place that the influencer friend is taking photos of. Then they talk about how they want to buy their youth back. it would have been nice for them to do the experiment. One of them wants to be frozen with Brad Pitt. The other wants to be frozen before she met Byeong-sim. The friend says she wouldn’t have her son then.

But then she gets a call from her son saying that appa got hit by a student. So the friends have to leave to settle this. They think they can call Miran because the are in the area.

Miran gets their call but we don’t know what is said, we only know that Miran agrees to it. Dong-chan is busy working at his computer. So she left him a note saying she will go home on time because her friends came.

So Miran goes to tell her friends that Byeong told her that he wanted to date her again! So I hit him! But why did he change his name and his face is also a bit different. Was it surgery? Where you surprised? I don’t know who the wife of Byeong-sim is, but I feel so sorry for her.

Yong-sim excuses herself to the bathroom. Kyung-ja breaks the news that Young-sun is married to Byeong.  Miran can’t believe it.



The doctor is sitting in the back thinking though he is supposed to be working on a leak. The mother wants him to make her son live without side-effects, she will forgive him if he can do that. he says that he will try. Dong-chan comes up and tells him that the police will protect him. But you need to be careful. 

The doctor looks like his memory might be coming back a bit, he tells Dong-chan that he thinks he did something that he should not have done. Something dangerous.


Byeong gets home looking all broken and busted. Young-sun tells him to get out as soon as she sees him at the door and tells him that if he does not want to be in the school newspaper then he should leave!


Dong-chan’s niece tells him at dinner that he is a super duper famous person now. She introduces a new word to him and says it is the opposite of outsider. He smiles and asks if she is reading the books he got for her?

She says that no one reads those things, they are so problematic, prince rescuing princess and changing their life. The brother says that his daughter lost all her youthful thinking. They ask what she learned from 3 little pigs. She says that the house is the most important thing, without a house, you suffer. Cinderella tried to go home at 12 but the glass shoes broke and cut her feet and blood was everywhere so the CSI went there and found out who did it. The prince did it!

The stories are all messed up, possibly because of YouTube and everything that is on there. Dong-chan looks like he just accepts it and then gets a call from the director who is drunk and asks, how long should I be your assistant!

Dong-chan meets with the director at a drinking cafe. The director asks him if he can take him as dong-sang today? I have lived more life than you have! he then starts to drunkenly talk about the emptiness of life and how he is getting old without doing anything and how he does not want to die but he has not lived so it is so embarrassing. He thinks he will have a more difficult life in the future, when I die I will be ashes so I should just live whatever way I want.

He keeps drunkenly talking. But then the news comes on and Dong-chan is on it as Captain Korea as the first frozen man int he world. Dongchan does not understand what Captain Korea is so the director tells him he is like fake Captain America, like a knock off!

The news starts to talk about whether they should take his age as his age on paper or his physical age? Let’s talk about this. Dong-chan looks at the TV like – seriously? This is wha they are talking about?

A woman is on the panel and says that age does not matter if he did not think. He should not have gotten old. Another panelist says that he did not exist even though he was frozen. The woman says that a ten year old that is frozen and wakes up 20 years later is still 10 or 30? Of course he is ten. 

The two panelists start to argue about this. She says that getting older in time is not important. Physical time is important. Getting old is not physically, it is from the mind. So he is 32. The director is all like, yeah! You are 32!

He panelists continue to argue about it. The woman says that MacArthur said that the will determines your age. The argument continues between the two panelists. Cursing starts so the moderator tells them not to curse because they said you ate your age with your a-hole, lol. 

The moderator decides to call the viewers. So they take a call from a woman who says that it does not matter how old that frozen man is, the government should support this man. Dong-chan thinks that this person sounds like Ko Miran?

Miran is chewing on something and making her voice sound different and starts to say all the things about how this man is categorized as a married man so the government should support him for his lost time and change the law.

The argument continues, but now people all around Korea are having this argument in their living rooms. All the people in the cafe also start to notice that Dong-chan is the frozen man so his friend has to stand up and says that this is not the frozen man! Ha ha, it is not him!

Dong-chan leavs to call Miran and says that she knows that that caller was her! remember that no one should know that you are a frozen man too. She says that she cannot hide this forever. He asks why she is married about his marriage. She says that this is not only his problem, it is her problem too, she will have to go on a blind date with a divorced man.

Dong-chan says okay and then asks if she is sick? Are you taking care of your health? Call me if something happens.


Byeong goes to Kyung-ja’s place and asks if he can stay there a little bit to warm his cold heart? She is all like, um, no. But he lets himself in. Her place is so cute. They sit and talk but Kyung-sim does not really want to talk to him. He asks if she can connect him and Miran? I love Miran.

Kyung-ja thinks he is crazy, what about your wife? he says that she is rich, but I love Miran. I also understand Miran, she has the feeling of being betrayed. Kyung-ja does not understand how Young-sun lived with him for 20 years without killing him.


Cut to Ha-young who is getting ready for bed. She thinks about the ring that Dong-chan gave her all those year ago. She still has it in a drawer in her desk, so she pulls it out and puts it on.

At her home, Miran goes to sleep for the night. 

meanwhile, the doctor is super snoring with Miran’s brother Nam-tae, he can’t sleep because the doctor is so loud.


Ha-young’s boss has information that there is another female frozen person. He wants to release this story. ha-young does not think that they should do it, there are some breaking stories that you should not publish. This information should not be out at all.

She then goes to meet with Dong-chan to tell him to tell “that woman” to be careful. Dong-chan thanks her for making a difficult decision because he heard about it. Then he sees her ring and asks what it means – your ring.

She walks up to him and says that she wants to do it again from that point. Our love did not end yet.

They look at each other but then Miran comes in right then and interrupts the mood. But she feels the mood right away so she stops talking and looks at Dong-chan. Dong-chan looks back at her.

Fade Out


This episode was pretty funny. I think I have fully accepted the absolute absurdity of everything this show is about from beginning to end and am just going with it at this point. It is definitely the kind of drama where you have to just turn your brain off and enjoy.


MR – He at least had a girlfriend back then. But what did I do! *bumps her head*

DC – Our company’s variety show will be different because Ma Dong-chan is back *speaking with his team of PDs*

DC – Did you have soleni? (like a pitter patter of the heart)

MR – What the? is this a hormone problem with him?

HY – I will protect you so you wont be in danger anymore

JH – Noona, have you ever dated anyone and had some?

MR – have you had some?

DC – I will protect you, but help me. *kisses in the rain*

DC – Ko Miran, first.

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  1. Rose
    October 13, 2019 / 9:06 am

    Wait….i was reading the preview…did DongChan and Miran kissed? Did i read that right?? 😍😍😍😍

    • V
      October 14, 2019 / 10:49 am

      Yes! They kiss in the preview!

  2. Rose
    October 13, 2019 / 11:11 am

    Btw, thanks again for the recap! This is one of those dramas that you have to throw logic out of the window and just enjoy it. Maybe im just bias since im a JCW fan but i’ve watched other dramas like this that logic is almost not a factor and if you accept that fact, you’ll realize that the drama is entertaining enough. 😊

    • V
      October 14, 2019 / 10:50 am

      Yes, I am going with it now! I think they are going for a more Fiery Priest tone.

  3. Koreanlover
    October 14, 2019 / 2:00 pm

    Hello 👋
    This is my first time here and I must say I love your recaps, they are detailed and well laid out. Kudos 👍🏾
    I just wanted to say… uhm is it possible to add pictures to the recaps for easy digest, you know…so we can picture it😊

    • V
      October 14, 2019 / 2:54 pm

      Thank you, Koreanlover! I completely get it with adding pictures. We would love to add photos to our recaps but we are only a two person crew over here so that would mean we would have to recap a lot less dramas.

      We tried it in the past. It took me like 3 days to find the images, screencap then, make the size small enough for uploading, arranging them properly in the right spots, etc. So I decided that it was easier to just say what happened for people that might be watching raw or who might just want to skim for a quick overview to see if the show is worth checking out.

      (PS. We also want to spell check a lot more too!)

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