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Melting Me Softly: Episode 5 Live Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 5 Live Recap
Melting Me Softly Episode 5 Recap

The zaniness continues but now it looks like it might be fully concentrated in the broadcasting building as Miran clearly wants a job and does not look like she will take no for an answer. The side stories are building as well as we see that the doctor is awake, though he is a few cookoos shy of a coco puff. His protege is trying to get him together with any method possible. Which is important because he is the only way that Dong-chan and Miran have a chance at happily ever after. That is when they actually start to like each other.

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Dong-chan walks up to Ha-young and asks if she knew. She feigns ignorance. He tells her that she knew about it, but she did not look for him just like everyone else in the company. 

She tells him that he does not deserve to ask this question. You are the one that disappeared. My world ended. Did you think about me being left alone? One day, I waited for the news that you came back, another day I waited to hear that you lived in another country, but after one year with no news at all and then two years and then three years.

Dong-chan understands, but still thinks that he she should have looked for him. The most surprising thing after looking at the police report was that you did  not say anything about the frozen man project. You should have.

She says that she did not talk about it! She lived with that sin for 20 years! Do you think I had a happy life? I thought if I heard news that you were dead, I would at least feel better!

He asks, so, you were disappointed that I came back? Yes, it iwas my fault, no one asked me to do it. I volunteered, I should not be this way to you. Let’s stop here.

She wonders what she did? What should I do to make you happy? Do you know why I am still not married?

Cut to Dong-chan walking along the rooftop courtyard and looking over the edge. We see a flashback of Ha-young as a younger woman who asks him to please come back alive from the experiment. He sighs as he looks out over the  city from the rooftop.

Everything fades to white.

The scene opens again at Miran laying in grass in an all white dress. It is a pleasant scene until her frozen machine falls on her from the sky. She yells and wakes up in bed at home. The water from the AC was dripping on her. 

We also see that she has several fans around her to keep her cool. It is so hot though, so she puts herface in the freezer to cool off.

In his place, Dong-chan does the exact same thing. They both think it is way too hot.


In the company, Hong-seok is incredulous that Miran wants them to find her a job, maybe she will want them to find her a hisband later. This will never end! She wanted 70 million dollars! But maybe if we get her a job then she won’t talk about the 70 million anymore?

Dong-chan says that this is not a joke, getting a job here would be super corrupt, it would be so bad, it would be against all of us and if we keep looking at her here, it woul dbe more difficult talking care of her. But, of course I can’t convince her. 

Dong-chan stands and starts to explain that they will have a super crazy Miran who will have an itnerview with the media and talk about how she was trapped in a frozen capsule for 20 years and the broadcast company tried to hide it. If she fails what she is doing, she will always curse the company because we made her like that. For two years, she will try and get a job. Whenever she fails, she will talk about us angrily in the media.

Dong-chan thinks that she is a Chinese major so all the Chinese media will interview her and it will be a huge problem, so I will talk to her. Don’t look at me like that.


Cut to Dong-chan talking with Miran. He wants to give her a 3 month intern because she has not graduated from college yet. He thinks that she does not know if their company is good for her unless she tries it out. She says she will try it.

He asks what she wants to do. She wants to be an entertainment PD because her life was ruined due to it. So this is her own way to get over her trauma and face it. He tells her okay, do it, lets see if you will have more trauma or if you will get over the trauma.

They agree to it. But then Dong-chan pauses and asks, are you sick by chance? She says that she just feels hot. It is hard to sleep without a fan. he tells her, listen to me carefully. When we were defrosted, our normal temperature is 31.5. If we cannot maintain that temperature then we are in danger. 

The doctor should regain his memory, but until then, if our temperature goes up then it is dangerous.

She asks if they have to live like this? he says no, he will work on it. But until then, be careful. Also, I’m sorry. She tells him to be careful also.


The two heads of the company fret and argue in their office about how they wish he did not do that frozen man project. Oh why why why! Hyun-ki says that the root of the problem is their sin because they hid the case for themselves. I was such a coward. But if I go back, I would do the same.

In the break area, the other PDs wonder if the rumor is true? But how can he be the same after 20 years?

Dong-chan walks down the steps, the PDs look at him. The woman PD says that he looks a lot more cooler with his background story.

At home, the repair man says that the motor to the AC broke because it is working to hard. The mother looks around at all the fans and worried. 

Later on, she sits at the table and tells her husband, who is fixing the fans, that she is so worried. The father thinks that they need to see the man’s parents, who was frozen with Miran. But the mtoher thinks that they might be angry, thought he father says that they should be angry because it was his idea. Umma thinks that is true, where do they live?

Dong-chan goes home and starts to clean his room. it is a huge PPL moment.

Dong-chan leaves his restaurant home and looks back at the sign and sighs. Then his sister asks if he is going to work? He tells her to stop drinking, you will die if you keep doing it.

He drives off in his very old car. His brother comes out yawning. His sister asks him if they think that is really their brother? Maybe they should do a DNA test. The brother tells her to stop drinking.

While driving, Dong-chan sees someone followingn him. he pulls a very quick U-turn and then does another U-turn to get behind this car. The people in the car wonder what he wants? 

Dong-chan cuts this car off to force them to stop and hops out. Then he walks to their window and asks why they are following him.


The men talk to him casually and say that they are cleaners. He asks why they are following him, he has no laundry to give them. Where did you go to deliver? They go back and forth about this for a minute. Then the man gets out of the van to talk face to face.

The delivery guy wants to see Dong-chan’s idea because he is talking to disrespectfully. So they change IDs and Dong-chan is way older so he tells him, if I see you again you will go to jail. The man bows and leaves.

In their car, the man tells his client that the man found out that they were following him, and he is 52! how can he be 52!

The secretary hangs up and tells his mysterious boss that they should not have these little thugs handle this. They need bigger guys to take care of it. But the boss thinks that they need little thugs to do it so no one can trace it back to them.

The mysterious man says that their work is the same. They need to kill Dr. Hwang or destroy the frozen capsule.

Dong-chan drives to the hidden building in the woods and goes inside to meet the protege doctor. he tells him that someone was following him and asks where the doctor is.

KB takes him to the lab. The doctor is walking around looking lost. Dong-chan thinks it is too dangerous for the doctor to stay there.

Meanwhile, Miran’s parents go to meet with Dong-chan’s parents. They have a heated meeting where the mother is so upset that this family did not contact them and let them know that their kid was alive and lived with that hope!

Miran’s mama says that she did not know if she was alive, she just knew that they were frozen and they could not talk to anyone or they were told they would all die. They keep argue about this.

They argue for awhile.

But then the doctor shows up to their cafe and everyone pauses.



Byeong looks for Miran in class, but she is not there so he asks his TA about it. There are really only a few students left in his class. He starts to walk off outside and sees her walking toward him. So he asks the TA to ask Miran if her mother is Ko Miran.

The TA runs off to do this. Byeong hides behind a tree and watches. The TA runs back over and says that her mother is not Ko Miran, she is Ko Miran.

Byeong holds his heart and falls to the ground. He wonders, what is this situation? Time travel? Or, was she reborn?

A storm suddenly shows up as he is sent to a fantasy world of ice and snow as Miran kneels with a sword in a field by a tree and Byeong runs up to her. She is freezing. He asks if she did this to see him! Stand up!

She tells him that she was reborn because of him, only to see him. He tells her that he is nothing. Just forget about me. She tells him that she loves him, only him, then she falls over, frozen.

Byeong comes out of his fantasy and passes out frozen himself on the floor. Another professor runs up to him and asks what happened to the professor? The TA says that he might be shocked because a lot of people cancelled his class. 

Elsewhere, Mran’s friends talk about Byeong and how he collapsed at school and needs new pants. His wife doesn’t really want to know the reasons why. Kyung-ja asks if she is sad that he is alive? Yong-sn mentions that he is so strange right now he says he sees hallucinations and all that. 

Kyung-ah thinks that it might have something to do with Miran, she went back to school right? Byeong changed his name and had a lot of plastic surgery so she might not recognize him, he might recognize her though. 

Young-sun did not think about this. Kyung-ah thinks tha they need to go to the school and check on him.

Meanwhile, Miran goes to class with notes and pen case and a cassette player. The two male students who like her look at her strangely because they all have tablets and cell phones and things like that.

Yong-joon thinks that she might be a retro maniac. His friend looks on as well. They start to talk to her about how they saw her in another class, did you cancel it? She says yes, it was so boring. They tell her that they should be friends and then see her school book with 96 on it and wonder if she was born in 96?

She tells them to call her noona (because she actually went to school in 96). They think that they can use Katalk to communicate. She tells them that her cell phone has a bit of limitation. they tell her that they can get a room (a Katalk room) but she takes is as a literal room and wonders why they have to get a room.


The protege doctor and main doctor meet with the two parents and families and talk about how they need to take care of this doctor. But they are pretty upset at him for doing this to their kids. he tells them that they shoul dnot talk like this in front of someone and asys he is hungry.

The families agree for one to take care of the doctor at night and the other to take care of him during the day.



Dong-chan sits with Hong-seok and tells him that they did not have a choice. The doctor was dead so they could not defrost him. Dong-chan is upset and tries to leave, but Hong-seok holds his arm for him to sit and tells him that everything is connected. The current senator right now was the director back then, he was the decision maker. Everyone above us agreed with it.

Dong-chan says that this does not work for him. You forgot what kind of person I am. Hong-seok tells him to forget about the past, lets try to find a way to pay for what happened. We will give you your 20 years of your salary and another $500k for the accident. It will be a lot of money. And, I can give you my car keys.

He puts his car keys into Dong-chan’s hands. then he says that Korea is so noisy about him. The PD that disappeared 20 years ago came back to life. It is a big issue!

Dong-chan asks what he should do? The PD chief tells him that he should have a press conference and tells everyone that he is sorry that he left so irresponsibly. Dong-chan wonders why he should do this? the PD tells him to think about his family. How long will you make them rely on the restaurant? Just face reality.

Dong-chan leaves and gets into the chief PD’s car. It is super fancy so he Ooo’s and Ahhh’s about everything. 

Later, he goes to get something to eat and we cut to Miran trying to do something at school. Dong-chan and Miran end up talking on the phone while she is doing this. She tells Dong-chan that she is at the schools restaurant so he says he will be there. 

While she is talking to Dong-chan she also gets help from one of the students that likes her about how to use the food machine at school. They start to eat together. The kids ask her if she came from North Korea? she says no. So they ask her if she is going to get a job? She says that she is going to work at the broadcast company.

They think this is great. Then they tell her that their professor graduated from the broadcasting company. They think that she is 4 years older that then since she was born in 1996, so she can be comfortable with them.

She says that she will and asks to eat his bibimbap, so they switch and she asks their names. The boys are smitten.

Dong-chan gets to the school and smiles. But we also see those bumbling thugs following him again.


They scope out Dong-chan with their binoculars and wait. Dong-chan looks around and then sees Miran sitting outside and chatting happily with her new friends.

DC -Why is she so happy?

he walks up to them and asks if he can have a moment. So the new guys says that they will text her later about the homework. She waves them off.

Dong-chan asks how old they are. Aren’t they your kids age? She says that he should not add years to her life that she did not enjoy.

But then a man comes up and starts to chat abto Dong-chan about old things and starts dancing and all that. He says he saw his article about how he came back 20 years later. They catch up for a moment while this man says he married and divorced and married again, he has a grandson now. But he also says he has to go to class and invites him to their class reunion.

While walking away, he wonders how someone cannot change at all, that is so strange.

Miran asks if Dong-chan graduated from there as well? He did and says that is why he is paying her more money.

They go to the side where he gives her a new cell phone that fits in with 2019 society. Then she gets a call from her friends who say that they are at the school now. So they head out to meet them.

The friends love meeting Dong-chan and smile happily and sheepishly in front of him. he excuses himself with the prospect of work and hurries away to his new car. While inside, he gets a call from his ex brother in law that explains some critical information about the case.

The brother in law is sitting with his ex wife and eating, so they chat for a moment. he tells her to stop drinking so much. the mother tells them to get back together, just take her.

The sister reveals that the doctor is in their house right now. Cut to the doctor peeling onions in the back. The ex peers in on him suspiciously.


Back on campus, Miran and her friends talk about old people things like how they are getting old. Young-soo talks to her husband on the phone so Miran asks why she is so angry at her husband? Did he commit a crime or something? Do be angry at him for passing out in the street.

The friend says that he ruined her life. Miran tries to explain how some people just lose their minds sometimes. She gives an example of her and Byeong and how he is super crazy now that she thinks about it. She definitely lost her mind when she was dating him and thinks that her husband should at least be better than him. Both their eyes go wide.



Meanwhile, the thugs are still peeking at Dong-chan with their binoculars and bumbling around as they wonder about why they have to do this and who Dr. Hwang is and why Dong-chan went to the bookstore.

Dong-chan comes out of the bookstore, so they start to follow him again.

Meanwhile, Miran gets dropped off at the broadcast company. Her friend wave her off and think that they should also keep her relationship with Byeong a secret.


Dong-chan is at the company as well, chatting happily via text to Miran when he runs into Ha-young. His face falls as he talks to her. She asks if he is busy tomorrow? Let’s eat dinner together. he tells her that he wants to go home early and get used to his family again.

He walks off and meets with Miran in an empty conference room. She does not notice him walking up because she is so engrossed with her cellphone. This is basically a cell phone commercial as she finally notices him and starts to show him all the cool things that the cell phone can do. Then they look at each other and hav a moment as their eyes meet.

He clears his throat and asks to see her proposal to be an intern. She nods and bites her lip as she gets it.

Cut to him looking it over. He tells her that he will say no to her proposal, but she is still hired as an intern. She says that is corruption. He asks her if she thinks it is that easy to be an entertainer? You cannot make a proposal in one day. But she has convinced him with her passion.

She asks why he is using banmal? He says that she is an intern which means she is a staff member now that works for him, and he is older to her. He cannot use jongdaemal with a hubae. She accepts that.

So he tells her, let’s go, Dr. Hwang is at my house now. He has to explain things to her which is why he wants he to come with him. Dr. Hwang wills tay at her parents place at night and his place during the day. This is news to her as she follows him out.

Ha-young sees them talking to each other and looks jealous.

Cut to Dong-chan and Miran in the parking garage. One of the thugs comes up to him with a knife and puts them in a freezer. They are so relaxed and happy in the freezer of the truck as they are kidnapped. 

They casually talk about why they are kidnapped as they relax on the floor of the truck and use an ice box as a pillow. They think these thugs are super stupid.

Cut to the thugs looking super stupid int he front seat. They think that these guys might already be frozen to death in the back of the truck. 

But in the back, we see that they are perfectly happy and would actually be happier if they had something to eat. Lucky them, there is meat frozen in the truck.

But then the truck stops abruptly. The thug goes to the back thinking that they are already dead. He gets a surprised when he sees that they are perfectly fine. They both tell him that they don’t know where Dr. Hwang is or who he is for Miran and when they will let them out.

The thug starts to get so cold and asks why they aren’t cold. Miran wants to go to the bathroom. Dong-chan tells the thug this. But then Miran and Dong-chan starts to bicker back and forth about how they are kidnapped and Miran is always so angry, she says he is the reason for her anger.

The thug is about to freeze to death and asks where Dr. hwang is. they successfully attack him and take their cell phones away in a comedic fight where Dong-chan pulls the thugs wig off and Miran kicks him in the jewels.

They are able to escape from the freezer and lock him in. Outside, they think that this is not a joke now, at least they can go home. Dong-chan then goes to the front and casually asks the driver if he stole this car? I am going to call the cops about it. The other thug quickly drives off.


Dong-chan and Miran are left to walk home in the outskirts of Korea. They both sweat a lot. Miran starts to feel faint. She tells him that it is too hot.

He piggy backs her and starts running. While running he tells her that she has to wake up, stay awake! 

He gets to a main road and sees a car driving toward them. He is able to stop it and get to the emergency room where doctors and nurses run to aid them. he tells them not to measure her temperature, just lower her fever!

The doctors are all like, um, no. So Dong-chan has to yell at them and says that he will be responsible! She is a special patient who cannot have a high temperature!

Then he goes to the bathroom and cools himself off in the sink. When he comes back out, he sees Miran sleeping. he looks remorseful as he watches her sleep. 

Cut to him sitting outside as he thinks about when he asked Miran what her dream was. She said it was to be confident and happy. He starts to think about Miran in all her happy moments and then thinks about her passing out. He feels horrible about it.

Then he gets a phone call from ha-young who tells him that time is up, he should be ready. The scientist doctor shows up right then.

Dong-chan goes to the broadcast station to give his speech to the world about why he was gone and showed up 20 years later. Everyone gets ready for it, Ha-young is the person to do the interview.

She holds his hand to see if he is okay, he removes her hand from his and straightens his jacket as he gets ready.

On Air goes up on screen. Ha-young starts talking and says that their first news of the night is about Ma Dong-chan who disappeared 20 years ago. There are a lot of rumors about what happened 20 years ago. Well, he is here and he will answer all these rumors. She turns to him and asks, you have something to tell us?

He looks around and thinks.

DC – I am the first frozen man in the world, Ma Dong-chan.

Everyone starts to murmur.

In the hospital, Miran eyes pop open.

Fade Out


I don’t think they are even trying to make anything make sense. I have accepted that.


VO – [You] stand out from a distance but you try to pretend like I didn’t see [you]

DC – Do you really think I did not know who ordered it?

VO – Why don’t we put it on the news first.

MR – I will do a good job with my own ability as a full time employee

HY – Do you know why Ma Dong-chan PD wants to protect Miran so much?

DC – I will look after her forever because I owe her

DC – If you hit on Ko Miran one more time, I will kill you.

HY – Lets start over from that point. Our love did not end yet.

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  1. Alexis
    October 12, 2019 / 11:00 am

    Thank you so much for recap! I was excited for the preview and was expecting more scenes with Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran but I think that’s not the case. I want to love this drama but I’m not really looking forward to watching this episode :/

    • V
      October 12, 2019 / 2:36 pm

      You’re welcome! Hopefully they give us more scenes with the two of them together because I love it when the two of them are on the screen.

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