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Melting Me Softly: Episode 4 Live Recap

Episode 4 recap for Melting Me Softly
Episode 4 recap for Melting Me Softly, image tvN

I think this show is starting to find its footing now that we have started to step out of flashback land and into the actual storyline of this drama, which, to me, is firmly footed in 2019. I also like how we have a way for our duo to have a happily ever after if (most likely when) the doctor wakes up again and makes his signature cocktail to stop that frozen death problem. And also, um, he-e-e-ll o-o-o you probably should have mentioned that to your participants before this trial started!

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Dong-chan goes to the broadcast company and looks around at everyone, like at all the Kpop talent. He is amazed that the Kpop guys can be on TV looking like that. Then  Ha-young comes up to him and says she has time, would you like to see each other? I have to be brave to say this.

He says yes, lets see each other. You pick the place. She agrees and walks off.


Outside on campus, Byeong-sim is dumbfounded that Miran is walking up to him. he can’t talk. She asks if he needs anything? He just starts making a strange gasping look but without the gasp. She looks at him strangely and walks off.

He runs back to his office and thinks that this can’t be happening! It can’t be happening!

At home, Miran gets a computer and checks her mail, she has hundreds of emails. Her friends emailed her a lot and asked about her a lot. Flashback to tem finding out her email address (which was new back then) and sending her an email. Miran thinks that she misses her old friends.

Cut to her old friend Young-sun who is agrily staring at Byeong-sun at home making himself medicine. He says he is not dealing with a new woman, she does not believe this and gives him an angry candy.

In Miran’s place, she happily eats with her family as they talk about her going back to school slowly. But Miran wants to go to school so she can get a job. it is even harder now. He rmother says they are rich now so she doesn’t have to try too hard. You don’t have to worry about being kicked out and making money.

Miran reminds them that this is 20 years for them, but only one day for her. She still feels like she should work hard and make money and get a job. When she thinks about sleeping for 20 years she can’t sleep. they all laugh.

She goes to school with her makeup done like 90s style. A boy goes up to her (Baek Young Joon) and gives her something to drink. He then goes to his friend Hwang Ji-hoon and tells him that this girl really doesn’t care what other students think of her, look at her look. 

Byeong-sim changed his name to Dongh-hyuk, so he enters the room as the professor and starts to greet the students, but then he sees Miran and does that strange gasp and yet not gasp as he stumbles all around the front of the room. His teacher assistant shakes his head.



Dong-chan takes a seat in the directors office and is immediately approached by someone who thinks he is a parachute person sitting there. He tells him that it is difficult to be an entertaining PD, it is a war, you should reconsider. It is so hard to get money from outside. Dong-chan is all like, huh, PDs get money?

The guy says yes, of course, so work somewhere else. You are a handsome guy. Then Hyun-ki walks in and his eyes grow bright with shock as he sees this other guy talking down to Dong-chan. Everyone stands up when Hyun-ki walks in and bows a greeting.

Hyun-ki just stands and asks like the boss and starts to tell Hyun-ki that he doesn’t train his people well. Then he tells this person all sorts of things about how he shoud work and all that.

A meeting is called where Hyun-ki yells at all his people while looking at Dong-chan every now and again for confirmation. Dong-chan tells him that they became like this because the head is giving all the orders. You need to hire someone with more creativity. he keeps talking about those kinds of things.

Hyun-ki asks him if he has any ideas. Dong-chan tells him that they can put a hidden camera somewhere, it is like documentary plus entertainment. Then they can go to an island with entertainers and make their own meal each day. Everyone looks at each other because this show already exists.

So Dong-chan looks around and says they can do one where singers put on a mask and compete with each other. That will always work. They all look at each other again. Dong-chan wonders why they all look like this. Then he takes a drink from a soda and wonders why there is no sugar in a mountain dew, but it is actually a sparkling water.


Miran tries to stay away in class as her boyfriend fumbles through his lecture. She thinks that Byeong-sm should look like him after 20 years. Finally it is the end of class so all he students leave. He wants to get ahold of Miran, but another student asks for the syllabus so he misses the chance.


Hyun-ki says that they need to keep their roles at work, but he can treat him the same as he always did privately. Dong-chan tells him that he is all grown up now. I will tell you this comfortably, whenever people say BS, it makes me mad. Hyun-ki says he is the same as always, but this is for him. I thought about this, while your head was frozen, your feeling was also frozen. Your sense is frozen.

Dong-chan asks, are you done yet. Hyun-ki tells him that he told him to say things comfortably so I am being brave. You told me that in this fast changing world you have to work on your feet, not at your desk. i just want to tell you that too. Or you won’t survive here. You know? 

Dong-chan tells him, okay okay okay, I will work hard. I am Ma Dong-chan. then Miran calls Hyun-ki so he starts stuttering a lot. Dong-chan tells Hyun-ki that his cell phone does not work so he gave her his number. She tells him that she wants to have a meeting in one week. You and everyone involved in this frozen program.


Hyun-ki runs to Hong-seok to tell him that Miran wants a meeting! Hong-seok thinks about a memory where he had to convince someone on the phone about Dong-chan and how if it is successful it will also be successful to your politics. Then Miran comes in to tell him that she is really doing this. Dong-seok thinks that this will help her a lot to get a job in the future. 

She tells him that they need to write a promise letter. In the present, Hong-seok stressfully gasps.


The doctor is in the middle of a Vidal Sasoon commercial as he flips his long hair around the room. His protege walks into the room to talk to him about if he remembers anything about the last several years. The doctor does not and only says that he wants to drink cold water. So the protege tells him that he will make his memory come back.

Cut to the protege doctor and another doctor trying to work with Dr. Park to get his memory back. they put something on his head and tell him to hold it properly and try all sorts of other things, but nothing is working.


Dong-chan has an icepack on his head and Hyun-ki is super bundled up as they look at a video that Hyun-ki made for him to catch him up on things. he asks if they can turn up the heat. But Dong-chan says that he will not. 

They start to talk about the first female Korean president is in jail and the US president used to be in real estate agent and how his last girlfriend is on the video doing a tetris dance. Dong-chan tells him to just be quiet.

In the PD area, the PDs all talk about how this new guy was hired by the director. But he has no basics. You saw him talking about 3 meals and secret singer, but the director couldn’t say anything in front of him, he should be hirer than the director. They talk about the rumor that one of the PDs disappeared 20 years ago.

Everyone has heard this rumor. One of the PDs says that he is that guy. But they think it couldn’t be him, he should be in his late 40s. The lady says no, after he disappeared, it was on the news but then the news was all blocked. he is the missing PD. they tell her that she will get fired if she talks about it and they hear her. She thinks it is him.

She also thinks he is so handsome, she wants to be on his team. The men think that is why he is a parachute. 


Outside, Miran hops on the bus. She sees that someone touched their but on the bus machine, so she tries to do the same but it does not work so she adds money. Then she sits and pull sout her cassette recorder to listen to her music. A guy thinks that is pretty funny. But she ignores him and listens to her music. (the singer is Leslie Chang).

Leslie Changs music stats to play as we cut to the long haired doctor tring to remember things and Miran looking at a $50 bill and Dong-chan finding out aout drones and Miran hanging out with her brother and then being surprised to see a dog in a stroller as well as just all on the street with their owners.

We finally cut back to the doctor trying to tells Doctor Park about all the different types of ojino. but he doesn’t remember anything. He takes him into the freezer area and asks them if he remembers anything? The doctor looks at two of the chambers that opened. Ki-beom tells him that he must remember. If he does not, then those people will be in danger.


Miran goes into the broadcast company meeting with Dong-chan. Hyun-ki, and Hong-seok. She walks in like the boss and presents her letter. She introduces herself as 44 years old Go Miran. Hyun-ki smiles and says that he is 48. She tells him to read what is there.

Hong-seok says that he understands what happened. he is really sorry about it. Miran tells them that she is not there for an apology, she does not need that! She wants payment. She gets out an old calculator and starts to calculate all the money that she is owed.

In 1999 she got $5,600 for 24 hours. Isn’t that right PD? lets just say 5,000 for 24 hours. She starts calculating how much that would be per hour and how much that would be for the last 20 years. But the number disappears.

Dong-chan thinks thebatter might have gone out? He looks at it and tries to get it to work. The other two start using their phone to calculate it. It is 35 million dollars. She tells them that when they consider an increase in currency and how the bus price doubled, and all that, then it is $70 million. So give me $70million!

They say that they understand how she feels, but how can they give her that much money? Even if they sell their company, they can’t make that much money. She tells them that she understands that this is a lot of money, BUT IF I DIDN’T DO THE EXPERIMENT!

They all hop to ask her to lower her voice. She tells them that she would have a normal life right now without that experiment. The PDs tells her to have common ground. Dong-chan wants the room to be cooler. The PDs tells her that she is reborn into a better world, you know, you are alive now, you know. She asks them if they would like to be frozen for 20 years? Try it first and then talk about those things.


The PDs walk out of the meeting looking stressed and tired. they wonder how a crazy person like that was picked but then think that only crazy people like her would apply for it. So what should they do? Reveal it all? Would that be stupid? 

Miran and dong-chan come out. He says he can take her home, she says that she will walk. But he is insistent, so he takes her home in his super old car. She tells him that her Leslie Chang Oppa would not have died if she was not frozen. He came to Korea a few days after that experiment. if I met him back then, then Oppa would have a purpose in life and would not die like that.

Dong-chan asks her what she is talking about, in that case, she could have been dead instead of being frozen. he says, in following her logic, it could be true. You never know what could have happened to you in the last 20 years. They start to argue about luck. She asys she could have won the lottery, he says he is talking about the probability. She says she could have married Leslie Chang or met a handsome man.

But he thinks she has a higher probability to meet a strange guy, not a handsome guy. they keep bickering about this back and forth. he thinks that she would meet someone like her ex boyfriend. But then the car stops in the middle of the road. Dong-chan think the AC might have been too high. He tells Miran to hop out and take a taxi.

At home, Byeong-sim sits in his living room and thinks about Miran. In the classroom, he imagines calling her name after class. She turned around and appraoched him like an angel. She tells him that her mother told her, Ko Miran is my mother. Byeong is all like, your mother? She tells him that her mother died in a car accient on the scene when she was 11, she left a will saying she missed only one person in her entire life. Her only love in her entire life was Hwang Byeong-sim.

He starts to ball in front of her, Ko-o-o Mi-Ra-a-a-n. If she died at the scene, when did she leave the will? Then it gets all smokey and we are taken out of this fantasy by all the smoke in Byeong-sim’s house as his wife yells at him.


Cut to Kyung-ja getting a message from Miran. She wants to meet with her. So she calls Young-soo and says that Miran contacted her! She wants to meet her!

In her home, Miran gets a pancake from her brother. He also gives her a hot pack and tells her to hold it because she was cold for a long time. She tells him that she will always hold it. he smiles and leaves and she checks her email. She is happy to see that Kyung-ja answered and told her that they should see each other right now!



Dong-chan and Ha-young eat together in spacious cafe. he tells her that it is nice to eat like this. It feels like 20 years ago. He starts to eat and tells her that he did not change at all. She thought he would do that experiment and be cold as ice. But he actually did not change. She is the one that changed. She should be different because she lived the last 20 years.

She asks him if she is still a woman to him? He nods and says she is.

In another cafe, Miran goes to meet with her friends. They all go in and immediately see Miran. They run up to her. Though it takes Miran a moment to see them as their old looks. They are amazed, how did this happen that you did not change at all? They all do a lot of hops and hugs all around.

Then they sit and talk about what happened in the last twenty years? it is catch up time as they find out who is married and who had kids and all that. Young-sun tells Miran that she will be surprised to findo ut who Kyung-ja married.

But they don’t tell her and just talk about how Miran disappeared all those years ago. How are you just the same? Miran tells them that they look the same as well. they are like yeah, but you are different than us, you did not get old at all. She says that she slept for 20 years. But they think that even if that happened, you would still get old. what did you do? America has those stem cells right? What is your secret?

Miran leans in but tells them that she is happy that they have a good life. She will use the restroom for a moment. She walks off and her friends wonder if she just ate preservatives for 20 years. it can’t be plastic surgery. She has to be hiding something. She is like a vampire or a frozen person. They both look at each other, but think that can’t be the case.

Cut to Dong-sik playing the piano. His daughter calls her umma and says that their father might be having a hard time, he is playing the piano alone. Her mom thinks he should be having a hard time since his brother came back after all this time.

In the restaurant, the family members serve food to al their guests. The mother thinks that her daughter needs to work instead of make faces at all these customers and thinks that she should stop putting on so much lipstick.

In the back, Dong-ma’s brother stops playing the piano and almost passes out. He tells his daughter that appa is like this when he puts his all into his music. She tells him that he has to work and he has to stand up. She tries to get him all straight and tells him that she will go out. be sure to get your dignity together as a teacher.



An article turns up showing that PD Ma has come back after 20 years of being missing, looking exactly the same. Was he kidnapped by aliens? Was this a human experiment?

Dong-chan is still sitting with Ha-young as he reads this article. He wonders if anyone will be in danger if they know that he is back after 20 years. She asks what happened.

Kyung-ja talks on the phone to Young-suna nd says that this PD is back after 20 years, maybe this also has something to do with Miran. I feel it, I also felt this with my ex-husband. Young-sun tells her that the important thing is that he came back safely.

In the background, we see Byeong-sim walking around the library area wondering why Miran is appearing in his dreams.

Ma Dong-chan’s family also sees the news and flip out about it. They wonder if they should go to the broadcast company. The mother really wants to go, but the granddaughter says that they should calm down, if samchon (uncle) becomes a celebrity, then it is good for them.

At the laboratory, Dong-chan meets with Doctor Ki-beom and asks him about all the people in the capsule. Ki-beom says that only rich people got into the capsule. They had some funding from outside sources. Dong-chan asks about the body temperature. Is 31.5 C common for frozen people? (37.5C is normal)

The doctor says yes and that 33C is a dangerous level. 

Dong-chan jumps scenes to an investigator who shows him photos of the person who tried to kill Doctor Johnson and says that he is the prime suspect. But he is a senator in Russia so it is difficult to do anything. the guy he is talking to is his sisters ex.

The ex says that they ned to investigate a suspicious chaebol in Korea.

Cut to a suspicious looking chaebol getting filled in by his secretary who tells him that a PD reappeared that disappeared 20 years ago. This might have something to do with Dr. Hwang. What should I do?

This suspicious person tells him to find out if Dr. Hwang is still alive and find out everything about the PD. If the doctor is alive, then kill him. he also asks if the Russian is still the Killer of Dr. Hwang? The secretary says yes, so he starts to laugh.

Cut to a frozen man that looks just like this mysterious man who is still inside the capsule.


Back to Dong-chan, his sisters ex is amazed that Dong-chan still looks the same. So you were a part of this experiment? that is how you met the doctor? Dong-chan says yes and the doctor is still alive. It is a secret though, but I am telling you. he also asks to borrow his phone.

On campus, Miran thinks that she needs a new phone. Then she gets a call from Dong-chan. They make small talk for a moment, then he asks if she is okay. She says there are no normal places.

He apologizes and tells her to be careful not to stay too hot. If you have a fever, then call me right away. Let’s talk about this later when we meet. he hangs up, she looks at the phone and curses what this call was all about. How can she call him when he doesn’t have a cell phone?

Dong-chan talks to his sisters ex again and mentions that he was talking to another person that was frozen. he is still wrapping his head around Dong-chan being frozen.


On campus, Miran walks around while Byeong-sim secretly follows her. But he gets clocked in the head bu a baseball and falls to the floor.

Miran goes to a booth and tries to sign up for something. But the man sees that she is like 44 years old. He looks at her in amazement. He also sees that she worked in the 90s. Um, but you want a job as a newcomer? I don’t think so. What did you do all this time?

Cut to her sitting at a bench and yelling, I WAS FROZEN. Then she starts punching and kicking the air. those two guys from her class see her and think that she is super cute.


Dong-chan grips Hyun-ki by the collar and asks why he covered all this stuff up 20 years ago! HK mentions the CCTV everywhere and says that he can’t use violence now. then he apologizes and says that he had no choice. Dong-chan asks him if he threw away all the video footage? Tell me everything that you know that I don’t know.

Hyun-ki says that the project was cancelled, you know I was just an assistant PD, I just did everything that they asked me. Dong-chan tells him that he is still the same, you are a director that is following orders only? We spent so much time together, how can you just ignore me disappearing. You are not human. 

Ha-young is listening as well and bows her head.

Dong-chan starts to leave, but then sees Miran walking up to him. She asks, PD, can you give me a job? He asks, job, where? She tells him, here, at your company.

Fade Out


The editing in this show throws me off at times. Like, with the ex husband making his appearance telling Dong-chan about the Russian guy and then flipping out that he looks the same as always. Shouldn’t he flip out first as they introduce the character and then tell him what he needs to know? Or did I miss that part?

Still enjoying the zaniness of this show. I’m going with everything.


MR – So, you want me to intern for 3 months?

JH – this noona is strange, there is something about her

HS – Dong-chan, don’t make this a big issue

DC – So why did you lie!

DC – You also new! Just like everyone else in the company. Why didn’t you look for me.

MR – Do we have to live like this forever? *new cell phone* this is really strange.

MR – Why did they put us in a frozen car?

DC – Are you okay? Ko Miran, wake up!

DC – I am sorry.

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