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Melting Me Softly: Episode 3 Live Recap

Episode 3 (5 & 6) Recap Melting Me Softly
Melting Me Softly episode 3 (5 & 6) Recap, image tvN

How cute is that photo? I am still on the fence about this show. On one hand it is adorable and wacky and basically off the wall, which I can get behind. On the other hand, it is inconsistent in its internal logic which takes me out of the moment. Like, how did they get to the streets of Seoul when they first woke up? They were in the Seoul suburban mountains, right? But of course, I’m thinking that this is a show that I shouldn’t think about too much, so I’ll just go with whatever.

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Dong-chan looks at the streamers and flyers and posters in the lobby at the hotel and sees that it is 2019. He cannot believe it. Hyung-ki and Hong-seok come up to him and he asks if they are the people he thinks they are? They say yes.

He quickly asks where his girlfriend is. They tell him that she is the director now! He is all like, huh? Direcor?

Cut to the college where Mi-ran is having a crisis as she looks around at all the college kids and the signs that it is 2019 and how this is all so strange. She stops someone and asks what year it is. The girl says it is 2019. She is all like, OMG, IT IS 2019????


Hwang Byeong Sim walks out of his office. He is a professor now and was her old boyfriend who cheated on her. He hears her name and thinks that he has not heard that name in a long time.

In the college office, Miran’s parents are asking for her over the intercom. But her brother is so worried that he runs out and starts screaming for her in the crowd. He remembers that he should blow on the whistle and noona will come running. So he starts to blow on the whistle that is around his neck and runs all around the campus yard with it.

She hears it and starts to stand up, though it is belabored. They finally get close enough to see each other. She looks at her brother as if figuring out if she knows him and then sees him as his younger self. They both smile and cry. She tries to walk to him, but collapses. He runs to her side and they have a heart felt hug it out reunion.

Nam-tae says he will give her a piggy back ride because he grew up this much. So she takes a piggy back ride from her and we see a flashback of her giving him a piggy back ride. He asks her why she came so late, he waited for her so much. She asks him when he grew up so much? He says that he grew tall now, he ate a lot to see her.

In the hospital, Dong-chan walks around in a daze as he tries to take all of this in. His company people walk with him and try to explain everything. Dong-chan just can’t believe that he lost 20 years of his life. He sees his family and then flashes back to what they looked like 20 years ago.

He asks his team, again, what happened with Go Miran? They don’t know and say that he should know. But then Dong-chan’s family runs up to Hyun-ki and starts to pull him back and forth by the collar as they yell at him.  Dong-chan tells his brother to take mom, but he gos back and forth from banmal to jondemal because his brother looks so much like his father. The family takes their mother away.

Dong-chan then tells Hyun-ki to find Miran’s phone number. Hyun-ki says that they cannot do it, they already tried. The doctor died and not only him, Michael Jackson died, Kim Jung-il from North Korea died, and Whitney Houston died, and one of our guys died and my mother in law died, this is all that happened. 


They keep talking about all the unnecessary things like, I have two kids now, one of them had an affair and got divorced. Dong-chan gives them his phone and tells them to charge it. But they say that this phone won’t work. So he gives them his phone but there is no keypad so Dong-chan does not know how to use it. 

They take a minute to figure out the phone number and we find out that Dong-chan memorized Miran’s phone number because he has a great memory. But his sister comes and says that Oppa should go home with them. She tells him that she divorced her husband but they still keep in contact because she gets an installment for the divorce.

Finally, Dong-chan finds Miran’s old address and goes to her home. But no one lives there anymore. So they leave. But they leave right when Miran walks up the street to their new house which is only a few houses away from the old house.

They go inside this new house that is so nice, as if they are rich. Miran asks what happened, did you win the lottery? Her parents say that it is almost like that. It is all because of your bank account. The money you sent us, we opened a business and we are rich now. It is the money that you risked your life to get and now we are this rich.

Flashback to Miran talking to Dr. Jo to send something to her family. This was her checkbook and password which was Nam-tae’s birthday. it looks like she opened an account under Namtae’s name and had a lot of money in it.

In the present, they show Miran to her room, which is pretty huge. They put up all her old posters and video and pictures of her friends and boom box and all the things that made up 1999 Miran’s life.

Miran looks at it all and thanks them all. She is very happy. Umma tells her that they are the ones that are thankful that she came back alive.

Cut to Dong-chan with his family, he is looking at a restaurant with his face on it. He wonders why he is there? It turns out that they live in a restaurant? So they might be poor now. They go inside this restaurant where a kid yells at the top of her lungs that this ajusshi stepped on my t-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-y!

His brother gives him something to wear. Dong-chan stumbles over banmal and jondaemal to talk to him. they tell him that his things are in storage, they can get them tomorrow. He sees all the flyers that the family used to look for him and asks where their father is. Then he sees the photo on the wall and realizes that he died.


Scene change to Byeong-sim and Young-sun who is one of Miran’s friends. They are married now. Byeong-sim got home and is immediately  confronted by Young-sun about somthing stressful. They go to their rooms and we see that they sleep in separate beds. He asks Young-sun about his first love Ko Miran. he heard her  name today and wonders if she lives well in AMerica, did you contact her at all?

Young-sun does not want to talk about Miran and says that her father works hard trying to save his job. They keep bickering. he wodners where his life went sideways. She says that if he didn’t get drunk and make a big mess and create that incident when Miran dissappeared….

The boyfriend thinks, I miss you Ko Miran. The friend thinks, bad girl.

Cut back to Hong-seok and Hyun-ki talking about how they are done if anyone remembers that he disappeared for 20 years. They need to ignore it! The people involved in that broadcast are already quiet and the doctor disappeared. But will it be easy to quiet DOng-chan? he is super crazy. And where is Ko Miran? She is the real headache. Is she alive? Who woke them up?

Meanwhile, Dong-chan’s family circles up and wonders how he can not change at all? He is the same. The sister says that Oppa looks a bit different. Cold and with no manners. The other family says that he was like that all the time. The sister thinks it might be an imposter. She starts to remember an experiment that he was supposed to do, but thinks that this experiment was cloning.

The mother tells them not to ask Dong-chan anything until he says something.

In the living room area, Dong-chan flips through the family album and apologizes to his father about not keeping the promise to send him on a cruise. But then he looks to the side and sees his father smiling at him.


But it isn’t his father, it is his brother looking at him in his pajamas and asking why he is not in bed. Their mannerisms are totally different. His appa was polished like James bond, but his brother is a rolled up wet newspaper.

In her home, Miran reads the brothers journal and sees that he still prepared her meals every day. She starts to cry.

In his room, Dong-chan reads the texts that his girlfriend left for him. 


Miran eats breakfast with her family pleasantly. It looks like she will still go back to school. Her family thinks that she should wait a bit, but she says that she waited 20 years so she really wants to. Her mother extended her university time every year because she knew that she would come back.  Miran tells them that they should do everything that she did not get a chance to do for the last 20 years, but before that, I have something I need to take care of. She stabs her food and looks off determinedly

Meanwhile, Dong-chan has gone to the old research facility and sees Ki-beom, the old researcher. He asks him what happened and how they can wake up after 20 years. Ki-beom opens a door to a secret room that has the doctor laying in a hospital bed. Another doctor is with him. 

Dong-chan asks if he woke them up? Ki-beom says that it was dissociative amnesia. he woke up and then woke you all up. He starts to explain that back on the day of the experiment, the car blew up. Someone tried to assassinate him. if they know that he is alive, then they will try to assassinate him again.

Dong-chan thinks this is related to the frozen man experiment. Ki-beom says that he could not tell anyone about this, because he could not trust anyone. The doctor then takes him to the area where their frozen tanks where. it looks like they are all in the hidden room area of this building.

Ki-beom says that he told Miran’s parents that she was still frozen, but he could not tell his parents just in case it got leaked. I am sorry about that.

After that, Dong-chan goes to his girlfriends company (or maybe jus the broadcast company). He sits in a large open cafe waiting for her. She walks in and sits at another seat. Someone asks for her signature so he looks at her. She then looks at him after pleasantly giving the signature. They lock eyes and look on in shock.

Dong-chan stands up slowly and starts to approach her. They are both stunned. They both sit at the table with their coffees and try to make conversation. he asks how she was, 20 years has passed. I am late, if I knew this would happen then I would not have done the experiment.

She tells him to forget about it. He apologizes for not keeping his promise. She starts to lose her cool and tells him that she told him not to do that experiment! You said you wouldn’t regret it, but see what happened. He apologizes. She tells him, at least you are alive. I am happy that you are alive. 

She wipes a few angry tears away and tells him that she has to go back to work. I will talk to you later.

The stays in the cafe and she goes to her car and they both sink into all their feelings as they sit alone.


In the lab, the two scientists talk about the low body temperature problem. They look at the video of the dolphin which shows that it died. Ki-beom says that the doctor came up with a product to take care of the low body temperature problem. He is the only one that can save them.


Dong-chan goes back to the broadcasting company. Which is right when Miran goes to the company as well, and she is on a revenge mission.

Kill Bill music plays as she walks with purpose up he hallway, her fists clenched, her rage on. We even see a flash of her in Uma Thurmans yellow Bruce Lee-esque Kill bill attire with a sword in her hands. She also has a flash of a wonder woman outfit on. Hyun-ki sees her and starts to quietly scream. But she passes right by him.

She goes right up to Dong-chan and slaps him like thunder right in the middle of the lobby. Every head turns. She yells at him GIVE ME MY TWENTY YEARS BACK YOU A-HOLE!

He looks around and sees all the eyes on them and then says that they need to go somewhere else to talk. Hyun-ki walks out and pretends like this was a good rehearsal! Good job! Then Ha-young comes up and asks if that woman was in the same experiment?

Miran and Dong-chan go to chat and spend time going crazy together at the loss of their 20 years. Dong-chan tries to tell her about the accident that Dr. Chan had and how a one day experiment because a 20 year experiment. She asks how she can live now like this? I didn’t see my brother grow up, I didn’t get married, I didn’t get a job! I was sleeping for 20 years.

She starts to sob. He starts to sob as well and says that he is the same! I am 52 years old! *sob sob* How am I 52 *sob sob* But we are alive now, it is great actually. We are the first in history of human life. We are the first frozen people, so lets be happy with this glory. Lets get over it together. huh?

She sobs even more and asks why he is using banmal to her?

In his office, Hong-seok listens to the news about Dong-chan missing and takes a lot of pills. Then Hyun-ki comes in and says that another frozen person showed up! The woman that he got frozen with! What should we do-o-o-o! Should we hold hands and run away together?

Later, Miran tells Dong-chan not to run away from this. He says his passport is expired so he can’t. She tells him not to joke and angrily walks away. He thinks this is driving him crazy.


Dong-chan then goes to meet with Ha-young again. They see each other near the steps. She tells him that she is glad that that woman is okay. Then she walks on by Dong-chan. He takes a breath and calls Ha-young’s name. She turns around. he asks if they should see each other tomorrow? At the restaurant we met each other last time? She says that restaurant is gone, 15 years ago. 

She also says that she has a meeting tomorrow, so she cannot. She walks away hesitantly again.


Miran goes back to the school, htough she feels a bit dizzy. She tells them that she would like to come back to school. She is actually the class of 96 (entering class). She smiles.

I another room, Byeong-sim got a letter. Though he had changed his name, so the student asks him if his name was Hwang Byeong-sim? He reluctantly says yes and snatches the letter.

Byeong-sim then walks out to the hallway and sees Miran walking up the hall. he wonders, is this Miran!? He starts to follow her all around the campus and almost grabs her arm but she goes into the women’s athroom, so he has to wait for her.

When she comes out, he gets a good look at her face and realizes that THIS IS MIRAN! He almost hyperventilates. 

Miran goes outside and looks at all her text messages of her friends asking if she is really in America? Why can’t I contact you? She tries to call them but the number does not exist anymore. Then she looks at Byeong-sim’s text who said he is sorry. Did you go to America? Is this about me? You shouldn’t not contact me. You shouldn’t do it.

Miran just shakes her head in rage and walks off.


Meanwhile, Dong-chan sits with Hyun-ki and Hong-seok to discuss his future. They are looking for a job for him. But they want him to take some time and then come back. Dong-chan says he is coming back right away. I know your job is difficult, I know it better than anyone else. i was almost dead doing this TV thing. But I rested for 20 years. DO you want me to rest more? I want to finish up my program that I could not finish. 

They try to convince him not to do it, it was cancelled 20 years ago. Dong-chan asks who cancelled it? Hyung, be honest, are you afraid? Hong-seok says no-o-o-o-o-o. Dong-chan says that if anyone knows that the PD that disappeared 20 years ago has come back, then the people will think that the company tried to hide it. They both say n-o-o-o-o-o-o. Dong-chan tells them that he will go to their rival companies, they will want to hire him. So they both run off and grab Dong-chan. Noooooo!

Cut to the doctor waking up from his sleep.

In Dong-chan’s house, the brother is dying his hair when the littlest in the house kicks him out from the bathroom. Dong-chan comes up to use the bathroom so his brother asks him to dye his hair. His sister comes by to tell him that he can eat breakfast. Dong-chan is so confused.

But then his mother comes out and he gets a flash of what she used to look like. She smiles and tells him, let’s eat.


Dong-chan eats with his family where they fill him in on how Umma gave up on everything when Dong-chan disappeared. Umma says that she didnt want to live back then. The youngest asks why her appa calls him hyung but he looks like he could be appas son? Could you be under the charm of a vampire? I watch a show on Youtube about vampires and this one guy never gets old because he is under the charm.

Dong-chan asks what Youtube is. So they explain that no little kids watch TV anymore, they all watch YouTube. They explain that their kid watches a lot of TV on Youtube. they then talk about how their sister is not coming back. then she comes stumbling in all drunk and wearing her clothing from yesterday. 

Later on, Dong-chan goes to the cemetery to lay flowers for his father. he apologizes to him and we cut to Miran who is still on campus. She sees three girls taking a photo and thinks about herself with her friends.

Then the old Chinese mambo song comes on so she smiles and goes to a record store to ask if that Chinese artist has any new albums? The owner says that he died 16 years ago. She is all like, what? He died? She walks out and A Better Tomorrow soundtrack starts to play as she cries OPPA-A-A-A-A, Jang Koo Young Oppa!


Hyun-ki walks Dong-chan around the company as he tells people that this is not viewership, it is all about heart. Dong-chan is all like, huh? Viewership is the most important thing. And this is not an army, why are they saluting?

At the same time, ha-young thinks about Hong-seok asking her to cover everything up and she will be the head news anchor. She thinks that she had no choice in the matter.

On campus, Yeong-sim stats to follow Miran around. He tries to get her attention. She flips her hair around like she is on a beach and walks up to him. 

At the same time, Ha-young walks up to Dong-chan and says she has time tomorrow, would you like to see each other.

Miran continues to walk up to Byeong-sim until she is right in front of him.

Fade Out


This episode might be my favorite so far. They explained how all that frozen equipment could be moved to a new area so quickly because they had a secret room that they moved it all too in the same building. Okay, I will take that. 

Though we are still living in flashback mode, at least it is not for the entire episode. I loved the Kill Bill scene and am ready for Miran and Dong-chan to spend a lot more time together.


VO – Ah, new face! I haven’t seen you. Did you move here from somewhere?

HK – what the F?

DC – Why don’t we have a 3 days meal? (this show already exists)

HK – I think, while you were frozen, your senses were also frozen

DC – How dare you say that

MR – Ko Miran?

HK – Go Miran wants to see us

MR – I want you to pay for what I suffered

MR – Quiet, quiet!

HK – Aren’t yoy feeling cold sunbae?

Friend – You didn’t even get old at all!

MR – I was frozen in a freezer!

MR – PD, can you give me a job?

DC – Job?

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  1. Rose
    October 5, 2019 / 11:13 am

    Thanks for the recap V! I watched it while reading this, and you’re right, this is much better than episode 2. They explained a lot of stuff here and though there are still flashbacks, its a necessary one. I cant stop laughing about DC keeps on getting confused about his brother and his father 😂. And i like it how they mix drama and comedy here. I need this since i decided to watch My Country w/c im pretty sure is going to be heavy and i need something light, and this drama will help me balance my emotions 😂

    • V
      October 5, 2019 / 6:35 pm

      Yes, this is a nice light complement to My Country and Vagabond as well 😋

      • WPB
        October 6, 2019 / 2:57 pm

        Thanks for the recap! Tough choices among all these three. The things is, they are in different categories so it’s not fair to compare among the three. I will give My Country more chance because there hasn’t been any good period drama that drew me lately.

  2. nissa
    October 7, 2019 / 4:05 am

    Hi, Do you have an idea which song is playing in the background in CAMPUS section when Byeong Sim recognizes Miran.

      • V
        October 9, 2019 / 9:48 am

        Yay, so glad you found it!

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