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Melting Me Softly: Episode 2 Live Recap

MELTING Me Softly Recap Episode 2
Melting Me Softly Recap episode 2

The first episode of Melting Me Softly was like a dip into an 90s pool filled with jello. It was a bit wacky, but it was also fun. I’m not too sure about this drama, but we will continue recapping it to see how it goes! We might change our minds when My Country comes out next weekend though.

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We open in a field with the police everywhere. They are looking for something. A man tells them to tell him if they find anything strange.

Then a family runs into the police station and a mother asks where her son is! Where is my son? Hyun-ki is there and says he does not know. the mother passes out.

In the directors office, the head PD tells Hyun-ki that if anyone knows about this frozen experiment, they will be buried alive! Hyun-ki whines. The PD tells him that he must do what he tells him. You did not see Dong-chan, you were editing alone and Dong-chan was doing his thing alone! 

Hyun-ki says tht is nonsense! But the PD says that they are broadcasters, they make the impossible possible! Okay! Who knows about the experiement in our company? They start to list the people, its only like 5. One of them is Ha-young.

So the head PD goes to meet Ha Young and tells her that everything disappeared about the project. The scientist is gone and the assistant is gone also. We have to cover it all up. It is an order from our boss. We cannot do anything. The nine oclock news anchor will change. She looks at him strongly.

Cut to Na-young on the nine Oclock news. She starts giving the news. A woman in the background asks how she can become the main news person? This is nonsense. And look at her, her boyfriend is gone but she is still doing this? What a cold blooded woman.

But she grows quiet when the head PD comes in to watch her. The next news was on Dong-chan who was missing for 50 days. There was no evidence and no reasons so they are having trouble finding him. She looks at the PD for a moment, then says that Ma Dong-chan PD was the best entertainment PD.

While she is talking we see the family members of Miran looking at the news, worried. She also shows up on the news as they are talking about Dong-chan.

Cut to some guys bothering Dong-chan and asking him for money. They try to take it from him, he says it tickles. then his sister shows up and pulls one of their hair and holds up a spray that she says is poison that makes you bald! Do you want some! She piggy backs her brother back home and asks if he is okay? He says he is okay.

She asks him when he grew up so much, he will be bigger than his sister one day. He asks her if that stuff will really make you bald? She tells him that you have to threaten guys like that with things like that. Then she tells him that noona is always next to him, don’t forget that. He offers a bit of his food to her, she says it is okay and tells him that he likes bread so much, so he should be a baker. Make bread for noona okay, promise?

In the present, Nam-tae sits outside their house and calls for his noona. He continues to think about her. One day she gave him a whistle. She told him to blow that whistle and she would come. So he starts to blow this whistle while sitting outside the house


Scene change to Na-young standing in an empty news room. She thinks back to meeting Dog-chan for the first time. He walked in, in slow motion and dusted his shoulder off and tussled his hair and he called her name and walked toward her. She looks gripped already.

He tells her that it is nice to see her and introduces himself but apologizes for being so dirty. They continue talking and we see how their relationship progressed from there.

One day she was practicing in her room. He went in to tell her that this should not be like how you are reading the news, you should read it rhythmically so that people will wonder what the result is. they are in close quarters here and have eye contact which leads to a moment between them. But she snaps out of it to continue telling her how to make people curious with her melody of narration.

In another scene, he is sleeping and she showed up for her narration appointment. She looked at him for a moment but did not want to wake him up. So she turned to leave, but then he asked her what she was doing tonight. Her face brightens and they both smile.

In the studio, she keeps thinking about him and starts to softly cry, though it turns into a pretty big sob soon after.


The policeman goes to the laboratory, there is nothing there. There is no record of the scientist in this place as well.

Cut to the doctor in some kind of hidden shop. He is not yet dead, though he might be in a coma. All the frozen people are there as if the lab moved all their equipment to this building.

Meanwhile, Dong-chan’s family looks at photos of him in a photobook and cries. they think back to the fathers 59 year old birthday party where the brother played the piano and a woman sings soprano at a formal dinner.

The mother starts talking about the soprano and then says that Dong-chan should date her. the parents start to talk about how genetics is important and who the kids look at. The father thinks the kids look after him but the mother says that the mothers brain goes to the kids. They keep bickering about this at the birthday party. It seems as if the mother might not be the brightest bulb, but she also might wear her heart on her sleeve. It also seems like the father is very smart and they love each other even though they bicker.

The mother wants Dong-chan to marry a smart woman. Dong-chan starts to talk about Na Ha-young and how she is a broadcast announcer. But the father says that she is from a poor family so maybe she is self conscience about growing up poor. Dong-chan says none of that matters. If he marries, he wants to marry her.

The mother tells him he will freeze to death. The sister says not to do that. The father mentions that no one dies like that. The brother keeps playing the piano dramatically. A new song starts to play that is more of a waltz. The mother mentions that the brother is too good at the piano to stay in Korea, she wants to send him to America.

They keep talking about the announcer woman and say that their son will soon be 30. You need to keep the announcer as backup, but go on blind dates. Dong-chan asks if they are going to Alaska for her birthday? Then the brother dramatically stops playing the music. Everyone claps.

But then the brother trips and falls over a table. He is so drunk. He tells everyone that he was so into playing, but he is okay. He starts to walk again, but trips again and thanks eveyrone for catching him.

Later on, everyone dances outside. Dong-chan looks at the fireworks and then throws a paper plane over the water. the camera follows the paper plane that is trailing a cruise ship.

We hear Nam-tae yelling about the cruise ship from a rocky coast area so Miran says that she will make a lot of money and send him on a ship. then the family catches a fish, so Nam-tae is so happy and tells him that he caught a fish. He says he caught a whale! But then he whispers to Miran that it isn’t actually a whale. She smiles. The family eats the fish happily on the coast, under the fireworks.

Cut to Miran’s mother praying at the temple. then she goes home. They get a letter saying that their daughter is still alive. they give her the exact time that she has been frozen and send them images of her frozen. The parents cry over the pictures. The person writing the letters says that Miran is sleeping in the frozen capsule, but dont tell anyone because she can be in danger. 

The camera scrolls to Miran who is still sleeping in the frozen capsule.


Miran’s friends graduate. They look at their graduation photos which also has photos of Miran in it, so they look at each other sadly. they start to think back to hanging out on the grass in a picnic and talking about what they want to do when they grow up, like be a ballerina or be in LA or other things.

Miran says she will send her friend to Russia to train. What Miran wants to be is the owner of a 5 story building. her friend says that is too materialistic. Miran says that the first floor will be her brothers backery and they will live on floors 2,3 and 4, and they will rent the th floor.


Miran’s friend tells the other friend that Miran was so innocent and nice. the other friend agrees and says that she should rent all the floors, her family shouldn’t live there alone.

But then Miran’s cheater boyfriend shows up in his military clothing and starts drinking and wailing that Miran disappeared because of him! I gave her too much of a memory! that is why she left Korea, I am so bad!

The friends think that something is strange. Why did Miran go to America quietly like that? Maybe she had an affair with the PD and left? You saw that he also disappeared right? Miran’s mom is hiding something from us. You know, like when she said Miran went abroad. After being betrayed by this guy!

She points at the boyfriend. The boyfriend imagines Miran leaving Korea with Dong-chan, dressed like they are in a western from the 50’s. Dong-chan tells them that they can ride a camel in Arizona and raise cactus and hunt buffalo. Miran tells him that she is actually a vegetarian so he tells her that they can eat cactus. She mentions that he is weird, but I like you like that. Sigmund Freud says that the body and mind can be separate. Physically I am with you, but my heart is with my boyfriend. He tells her, okay, I will only have your body! No, no, I will have half of you and you can have all of me.

She lets go oh his hand and says that she does not like easy men. Oh, and she is pregnant. The boyfriend wails out of his imagination and starts to call for Miran! My love Miran! He takes another sip of his soju.

Montage of Dong-chan’s family looking for Dong-chan and pasisng out flyers to find him as well as Miran’s family moving. The brother doesn’t want to move. he sits at his desk and writes a letter to his sister saying that he misses her.

Then time passes and we hear his voice as more mature, he is still writing letters to his sister and says that he made bread for her.

The other family members keep passing out flyers on the street. Time has passed, so this might be 20 years later. 


Kim Hong-seok is in the broadcast station, he is now the president of the company. Hyun-ki is in front of him getting yelled at because his show’s ratings are so low.

We also cut to Ha-young and see the new actress playing her She is still a broadcaster. She talks about women freezing their eggs and then melting it many years later and giving birth to a baby boy. It is the longest record of frozen eggs. So, soon, peoples dream of freezing people will be real.

This news hits her so she pauses a moment.

Cut to a conference on people getting frozen. Freezing people is not the future anymore because they have more than 600 frozen people aorund the world now. But then the young assistant sees an alarm go off in his secret lab, so he gets up to go to it in a hurry.

In the lab, the doctor has gotten up from his bed. His hair is as long as a yeti and he is tumbling around the science lab.


The doctor continues to stumble around the lab. He finds some chemicals and mixes them all together by hand. Then he goes to one of the frozen people and looks at them with deep breathes.

The assistant scientist rushes through traffic to get to the laboratory.

The head scientist starts to defrost all the capsules. The temperature starts to go up in all the capsules. It is going up super fast.

The assistant scientist gets a speeding ticket and has to stop.

The capsules open in the laboratory. Th scientist injects his serum into Dong-chan first. Then he injects it into Miran. But he collapses from the effort soon after.

Meanwhile, the assistant doctor is still trying to get to his lab. He is stuck in traffic now. So the assistant calls another doctor and says that he thinks their doctor is awake!

Back in the lab, Miran and Dong-chan’s hearts start to beat again. Their neuro cell network starts to fire once again and they start to breath once again. Miran takes several deep breathes and is able to step from the capsule.

She walks around the lab, not knowing where she is going, and looking like several buildings smacked her along the way. She collapses.

Dong-chan wakes up next. He takes several deep breathes and holds his chest.

In the Seoul streets, we see Dong-chan walking around with a white shirt and dress pants. he is all sweaty. (Um, how did he get there?). He looks like he just swam the Atlantic and is trying to stand up. Then he collapses. Several people gather around him to see if he is okay.

Back in the lab, Miran wakes up once again and starts to wander around the lab as well.

The assistant scientist gets back to the lab and runs inside looking for the doctor. He sees that the medicine and chemicals where mixed to make the formula. Then he sees that two test subjects where woken up. As he frantically whips his head around the room, he sees the doctor passed out.

In the city, DOng-chan has been wheeled to the emergency room. the doctors start to work on him, they say that his pressure is normal and pulse is normal, but his body temperature is 31.5C. They have never seen that low of a body temperature. The doctor says to measure it again!

Somehow, Miran found clothes and her way to the streets of Seoul. She is also walking around like a diseased snowman. She goes to a bus and gives him money to get in. She asks him for change. the bus driver is all like, no, the price is this much. So Miran just goes and sits in the bus and looks around at Seoul. 

She looks like she wants to throw up and rests her head on the window.



Dong chan wants to leave the hospital, he has filming to do, but the doctors say that he can’t leave, your body temperature is crazy low. he passes out again. The nurses use a different thermometer to check him, they all say 31.5. the doctor thinks that is nonsense, how can someone live with the temperature.

Dong-chan wakes up again and says that this is from biotechnology of Korea. the doctor wants to know about the temperature and asks for his contact. He is about to give it, but passes out again. He keeps waking up and passing out as he gives one or two numbers at a time to the doctor and nurses. he finally manages to give them the name of Son Hyun-ki.


Cut to Hyun-ki yelling at his staff about their ratings and how fishing gets more ratings than them! Someone tells him he has a phone call, so Hyun-ki yells at him as well. SO the assistant talks to the phone people about Ma Dong-chan. Hyun-ki overhears this and grabs the phone right away.

The doctor tries to say that he is looking for Hun-ki, but then DOng-chan answers and says, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU, WHY DID YOU STOP FILMING! Hyun-ki asks if it is really DOng-chan sunbae? Dong-chan says yes you jashiga, filming is not over yet! Why aren’t you there!

Dong-chan’s family arrives to the hospital in a hurry. they rush in as DOng-chan tells Hyun-ki to come to the hospital and film him! The family members look on at DOng-chan in alarm and surprise and joy. But they all look different to DOng-chan. I think I am You Angel and You are My Man is playing? I am not sure though.

Dong-chan looks at his family slowly approach him and then he passes out again when he says appa? The appa yells HYUNG!!!!!! And the sister yells as well and then they all pass out. It is pandemonium as people trip over each other.

In the studio, Hyun-ki runs to call the president and tells him that he is alive! The president is on the phone playing golf and runs off in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Miran makes it to her old home, but it is empty. it also looks like no one has lived there in some time. She leaves and sees the neighbor who says that no one has lived there in awhile. Miran tries to call her mother, but her cell phone is not charged.

She goes to a cell phone place that tells her that his phone is so old now, no one uses it anymore. She is all like, it is only 3  months old. Then she goes to the police station and slowly tells them that her family moved somewhere, do you know where they went? They vanished. 

The police ask how they can just disappear? When did you see them last? She says yesterday. The police are so confused. They lived there yesterday but they are gone today? Miran says yes, maybe they did not pay rent and were kicked out. The police ask for the address.


Cut to the assistant scientist in the laboratory. he has the scientist back in bed. He also calls someone and says that the frozen people are back to life.



Miran is still talking to the police. they ask what her family phone number is. She does not know. So they ask for her ID. She pulls out a 1999 diary, an old cell phone, a FINKLE thing and then gets her ID. The police see that she was born in 76, so that makes her 44????

Everyone hops up and is so shocked. they cannot believe that she is 44 years old. they are able to get her mother on the phone, or at least the voice mail. She tells her mom that she is at the police station, but she didn’t do anything wrong, dont worry.

She gives the phone back to the officer. The woman policie officer asks her what kind of makeup she uses.

Cut to the mother looking at her cell phone. She checks it because it is from the police station. So when she checks it, she hears the exact same message and starts to cry. Her husband and son come running in. She tells them that Miran is back! They all starts to cry and rush to the police station!

But the officers tell them that Miran left. She said that she had to go to school to meet her friends. The family runs off to see Miran get in a taxi. they quickly try to flag one themselves.

Elsewhere, Hyun-ki is frantic as he thinks that Dong-chan is back, what if he finds out that we buried this project? The Head PD says that they have to be quiet about it! If anyone finds out, then we are dead!


The doctors are still amazed that Dong-chan’s temperature is so low. He is still passed out. But then he wakes up and sees his family there. He thinks his brother is his father and his sister looks so different, he is all confused. What is going on? What is today’s date?

Then Hyun-ki runs in crying so much about Sunbaeeeeee. Dong-chan is all like, who are you ajusshi? Hyun-ki wails that he is sorry sunba-a-a-a-a-e-e-e. It is me-e-e-e-e Son Hyun-k-i-i-i-i-i-i.

Outside at the school, Miran is barely surviving as she rests on a bench. She sees a kid sit next to her that starts to talk contemporary language that she does not understand. So she looks around and sees a sign that says 2019 Hanguk University.

She sees someone riding by her with the same 2019 Hanguk University image on his back. She is stunned.

In the hospital, Dong-chan tries to run away from all the crazy and runs to the lobby where he sees huge signs that say that it is 2019. He can’t believe what he is seeing, all the signs say 2019 on them.

At the college, Miran is similary struck with the realization that she is in 2019?!

Fade Out


Oh boy, I am still not sure about this show. The ending was good, but we had to suffer through an hours worth of backstory and flashbacks to get there. I-t w-a-a-s s-o-o sl-o-o-o-o-o-o-w.

But once the family and friends showed up in 2019, the drama started to pick up a lot. I think we might try and continue recapping this one next week, but our priority will be to do My Country and see how that show will be. I’m excited for it!


Yes, we did not have time to translate it though.

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  1. WPB
    September 29, 2019 / 2:49 pm


    I totally agree with you I had a hard time watching the storyline from 20 years ago. The ones I found cute were around Mi-Ran, her cheated boyfriend, etc. There is no explanation how in the world everything could disappear with no trace and how all of a sudden they came back in the middle of Seoul. That’s not the main draw for the show but I wish the writers worked a bit harder to make it a little convincing.

    • V
      September 29, 2019 / 5:50 pm

      Yes, I loved pretty much all the Miran scenes, the boyfriend ones where funny so it will also be funny if they show us him in 2019. I really like her in this fun role as opposed to her Life role where she was so serious all the time.

      Yes, the continuity of scenes and how things can happen is so off so far! But like you said, that isn’t the main draw so I’m willing to overlook it. Not forever, but for now. 😎

  2. Summer
    September 29, 2019 / 8:56 pm

    Agree. It was so slowly painful to get to the “it’s been 20 years” reaction part but I have high expectations with the next episodes. I love the cast and the script has been fun so far. I really enjoy the main characters personalities and would love to see how they develop.

  3. sss
    October 3, 2019 / 8:36 am

    anyone knows the very catchy song playing in the background during the scene where mina and her friends graduate and they talk about their future? i cant find it anywhere and shazam gave me a wrong song

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