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Melting Me Softly: Episode 16 Live Recap FINAL

Melting Me Softly Recap episode 16 Final
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And here we are at the Melting Me Softly finale! I foresee an episode where Ha-young’s wish comes true and Dong-chan has to spend time alone as his lover, Miran, is frozen. The question is, how much time will they be separated? It has to be at least one year, right? But could they continue it to 2? Or, dare I say, 5 years later? That might be a bit overboard.

Though this show had me scratching my head a lot, I definitely did like recapping it with everyone here! Hope to see you again when we recap Crash landing on You (whenever they settle on a premiere date!). We might try and pick up a couple episodes of Drama Stage 2020: Color of My Life in the interim. The first episode, Ogre, premieres November 23 at 21:00 KST on tvN.

Our recap starts at 21:00 KST!

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Dong-chan’s family eats quietly. Dong-chan stays sleeping. the niece checks on him, but doesn’t both him.

Miran’s family sits quietly as Miran is frozen.

Dong-chan hears Baek say that Dong-chan would be dead if Miran did not protect him. He wakes to his phone. Miran is calling but it is Miran’s little brother. He tells him that he called becuase in the cell phone it said “My Love”. You sound like the frozen man.

Dong-chan says he is. The brother says that he is not the frozen man anymore, it is my noona that is frozen. The mother comes up and apologizes to Dong-chan for calling. Then she hangs up.

Dong-chan thinks about Miran and changing her name on his cell phone. So he wants to know if she changed his name as well. Let me see it. But she won’t show it to him and says, later.

Dong-chan goes into eat and everyone looks at him. he says he has to tell them something. I have to leave home for awhile. It looks as if they all knew that might happen.

Dong-chan then goes to Miran’s house with a suitcase. He lightly bows to Miran’s mother and they embrace. It looks like he is moving in there?


meanwhile, a team of doctors and scientists work hard to find a solution to Miran’s problem. Dr. Hwang says that they have to make everything new because they froze a person with an already low temperature. Dr. Jo tells him that they can do it.

Dong-chan goes to work and everyone greats him solemnly. Dong-chan tells Ji-hoon that he can work on what he wants, he can also join another team if he wants. Ji-hoon tells him that he wants to continue learning under him.

Elsewhere, Ha-young is packing a suitcaes at home. She calls someone and tells them that she is sad that she cannot see a criminal get caught, but we have to catch him Reporter Park. She hangs up and sighs.

In a cafe, Miran’s friends fret over news and articles on their phone. They wonder if something might happen with Miran. They want to think about positive things and no negative things. Then Byeong-sim calls Young-sun and tells her that he is getting punished at school because he asked for a private meeting with a student. That student is Ko Miran. How can she be a student, she was my first love. No one believes me that she is frozen again. You are the only one that can defend me.

Young-sun says that he will get fired soon, not just disciplined. So, I do not care. They do not know that you went to that female students octapang and stalked her. Listen to me, I cannot help you, I can destroy you. If I move forward you are not just fired, you are dead. Click.



Ji-hoon goes to lunch with the rest of the PDs, but Dong-chan decides not to go. They are all worried about him and mention that it looks like this is taking longer because a frozen person was frozen again.

Dong-chan goes to the editing break room and stares at nothing. But then we see that he is imagining that Miran is sitting across the couch from him. She is smiling brightly at him.

He starts to think of Ko Miran and goes back to his desk. He flips through the little notebook that they used to chat back and forth with and we here their voice overs as he looks at each note.

Then Ji-hoon brings him something to eat and tells him that he should be healthy so he can protect his girlfriend. he also says that noona will wake up like a miracle and take over everything.

Cut to the police getting a tip on the assassin. They all hurry off.


Dong-chan eats with Miran’s family, they are happy to have him there. then he goes to Miran’s room and looks around. he tells a photo of her that he is sorry to leave her in that cold place. He looks at the essay book she is in and starts to read it. the Title of her essay is “The COld Woman’s Hot Heart”

VO – I am a 31.5 C cold woman who started my first love at 45 years old. In this big universes, there is only one person I love. We fell in love, it was so natural like the sun coming up in the east and going down in the west. I feel like all the stars in the universe worked for us to fall in love. It was our fate that we became frozen man and woman. So, I don’t regret my decision 20 years ago, but it is difficult to have 31.5 degree celcius woman life. ut I like my current life now. Even though it is difficult, I think it is a miracle that I can live with him. Because after living with him, I know the real meaning of life. I like him so much that loving him feels like the reason I came to this life. He became everything in my life. If I can keep loving him, then I am okay to die.

Time passed in a montage as Dong-chan read the essay. Dong-chan got better and everyone continued working and living.

Cut to Dong-chan coming out of his room and making his coffee and telling Miran’s family that he has a lot todo today. He is amazingly comfortable in their home and everyone is happy.

Ha-young comes back from America and reads an article that says that the CEO is fired.

Byeong-sim has a clinic where he talks to one of his patients and telsl them that they are walking barefoot. But the client says that she will not walk. She is actually laying on his couch and says that she will not walk around. He tries to tell her that she needs to pretend to do this for her treatment. She starts to tell him that he is  afake doctor as he twitters Voodoo fingers at her.

Meanwhile, Kyung-ja complains to Young-sun about her marriage to Hyun-ki. They also mention that Ji-hoon is out of the military. So it must have been 2 years.



Hong-sim complains to Hyun-kii that he was fired for no good reason. Hyun-ki also got demoted.

Dong-chan goes into a conference room and has a meeting with his team. We see him go through this meeting with his people of PDs who are all a little older and wiser. He does not like any of their ideas and is basically his old self.

We cut to an article about him that says that he kept working for the broadcast company and is still waiting for his girlfriend.

Nam-tae reads this article as he bakes food in his baking cafe. The Doctor goes to his cafe and Nam-tae and he happily hug. the doctor eats Nam-tae’s bread and says that it is the best bread ever. Namtae asks when his sister will wake up.

Dr. Hwang says that they are testing everything on a dolphin or whale. Namtae tells him that he misses his sister.


The sister meets with the police officer in a cafe. They both look very nice. It looks like their divorce has finally ended? I’m not sure. They eating together and the brother-in-law asks how Dong-chan is. She says that he will probably wait for her forever.

The sister also tells the ex that she will not go back to him even though Dong-chan is pushing her to. He tells her that she is always confident and looks attractive like that. She tells him that he is bad when someone lives with him. No one knows that unless they marry you. My brother does not know about you. The ex smiles.


Elsehwere, Ha-yong drops some files and is helped by a man to pick them up. This man is Dr. Jo! he asks ehr if she lives there? She says yes, he says that he also lives there too, for the last couple months.

So they go sit at a bench outside. She says that she was in America for 2 years. It was only a two year plan, but stays one more year. (Okay, so it has ben 3 years?). Ha-young asks if Miran is okay and says that she prays for her everyday. Please take good care of her.

Dr. Jo says that she is okay, they just have to go through several rounds of clinical trials because this is the first time they have done this with a re-frozen person. he tells her not to worry and smiles reassuringly.

Cut to Dong-chan about to leave Miran’s family’s house. The mother tells him that he should go to his home, he does not have to be there with them. Dong-chan tells her that he goes home every weekend and he has his brother and sister with his parents, so she does not have to worry. Then he hurries off to work.

At work, he sees Ji-hoon back from the military. Though he looks pretty much exactly the same. They talk a bit. Ji-hoon asks how Miran noona is. Dong-chan corrects him and says she is emo. He says she is fine. he is getting older but she stays in the same time period.

Ji-hoon says that she will still love him even if he became a grandpa.


Dong-chan’s mother tells the family that everyone has the same time. The brother says that she has learned poetry now and is very cool. The mother tells them that they need to pray for Miran to wake up. 

They all pray and start to eat and chat. The brother bought a new house and is in graduate school and is composing again. The niece is in 4th grade (but she looks exactly the same, lol). The sister-in-law asks when he is coming home? There will be more empty rooms here when we move out.

Dong-chan says that he will move back after he gets married. That is why he bought a big house.



Hwang and Jo start to work on the last test. They tell Dong-chan that this can be dangerous because they are melting her and she has to undergo surgery.

Dong-chan writes in his journal (or writes a letter).

VO – If I can turn the time back, I should have made you get the injection first. Whenever I think about it, it drives me crazy. I pretend like I am okay, but I miss you so much.

At the company, Hong-seok wants to do the frozen man thing on TV again so he wont’ get fired. Dong-chan tells him that he is fired, just leave. He walks out of the office.

While he is walking out, he sees Ha-young. They meet in the lobby and chat pleasantly. He tells her welcome back. She tells him that she heard that 6 frozen men already woke up, so now it is Miran’s turn. She will come back. I know it is difficult, Miran will overcome everything.

She walks off pleasantly. He smiles as he watches her leave.

Later on, Dr. Hwang calls Dong-chan and tells him that the clinical test was successful. Dong-chan relays this good news to Miran’s parents. They know that this can be difficult for her body because it takes 7 days to be normal.

In the laboratory, the team of doctors, Miran’s parents, and Dong-chan starts to talk about the surgery and what they need to do and the steps they need to do it in. They all agree.

The defrost starts. Then we cut to the surgery table with a defrosted Miran. The surgery starts.

Miran’s parents and Dong-chan wait outside with Dr. Hwang and Dr. Jo. Then the doctor comes out and says that it is taking longer than expected for her to wake up. He walks off.

Everyone frets and waits. Dong-chan goes to Miran’s room again and looks at her photo. She remembers him tells him not to be depressed, fighting.

Cut to Miran in her hospital room, her finger starts to move a little bit so the nurse hurries and calls the doctors. They all run into the room. Dong-chan is there as well and gets the news that Miran’s eyes are responsive so they have to wait on the will of the patient. But he cannot see her just in case an infection spreads.

Dong-chan goes to the octapang he lives in. Kyu-tae walks to the room and gives him Miran’s cell phone and then gives him a hug. they talk about how much they love Miran.


Dong-chan looks in Miran’s phone and sees an app called Love Diary. So he clicks on it and we relive many of their special dates where they had heart fluttering moments. Like the day they kissed and the day he said she was pretty at the park and the day they became a couple and the day they went on their first date…

He also sees that she put his mothers birthday in her phone. He starts to cry.

At work, the PDs find out that Miran has eye response so they hope she will wake up again.

Then Dong-chan gets news that Miran’s temperature is dropping from normal. it is 35.4 C which is critical.

They all fret about that. Dong-chan worries in the hospital hallway.

At home, Miran’s mother packs Don-chan’s clothing for him (lol! She really wants him gone) and says that they really need to have him leave. He has done enough. Thre are no nice and truthful men like this. that is why Miran likes him so much.

Dong-chan comes back and asks what they are doing? I asked you to take my clothing to the dry cleaners, why are you do ing this? Don’t try to kick me out, if you do this again then I will get angry. Lets eat together, I am hungry.

The parents leave and say, okay, lets make his dinner. They hurry  out.

Dong-chan sits and holds himself.

Then we see him sitting on the bed and we also see him sleeping. While sleeping he hears Miran say that her temperature went back up. he wakes up and calls someone to tell tham that he is going to the hospital. he feels like he should.

Dong-chan goes and sits in the hospital. The doctors all look at Miran, it looks like good news.

Dr. Hwang comes out and tells Dong-chan that she has a normal temperature, she is recovering!

Cut to Miran’s parents talking about Dong-chan happily as they clean and read the paper. Then the mother gets a call and starts to cry from the good news about Miran. She is awake!

Dong-chan gets a call that she is awake while at work. He tells the team that Miran is awake. But they are on Jeju island so he cannot just leave right now. They need to find the fastest way to go back to Seoul.


Dong-chan gets back to Seoul and asks Miran’s mother if she really woke up? The mothe says yes, she is walking as well. Do you want to talk to her? he says no, he will talk to her when he gets there.

Dong-chan walks to the hospital int he snow. He ses her sitting outside and playing in the snow. No one isi around her and she has no jacket or anything on. She looks at him and stands up. So it isn’t a vimage? Why is she alone after just waking up?

I think this is real. He alks to her and she walks to him. they slowly walk to each other and stop right in front of each other. They both stare at each other quietly.

DC – Are you okay?

MR – How were you?

DC – Mmm…it was difficult but…

MR – You still look cool, Ma Dong-chan

DC – I missed you so so much.

MR – I am cold. Please melt me.

He hugs her and they stand in the snow hugging together. They both cry.


Cut to Dong-chan yelling at everyone at the company about something work related. He also asks Miran if she wants to be an intern again? You don’t work as well as a regular employee. Your ideas are all frozen. She tells him that she was frozen and melted and frozen and melted so she is not fresh right now. He tells her that is not a good excuse. Then he yells to everyone that they have one week!

But later they both sneak away to the editing break room and have a drink together. Miran asks him if her brain might really be frozen. He says no no no no, I just had to say that in front of the other, are you mad? We have to separate our public and private life at work.

She says that she knows, but she needs a change. he says that she does because she aws frozen for 23 years. He gives her something hot to drink.

Later on, Miran and Dong-chan meet with Dong-chan’s family again. Miran says that she still does not want to get married, she is only 24. The mother says that was a long time ago. 

Miran says that she is not marrying, she actually wants to go abroad, she is applying at work. Dong-chan asks, what about me-e-e-e-e-e-e. I waited for you for 3 years when you were in the capsule. Now I understand about girlfriends waiting for boyfriends int he army. But that is only 1.5 yours. I waited twice as long! Are you joking?

She says that she is not joking. She wants to be a good PD and broaden her horizon and go to graduate school and then after graduate school, that will be 5 years. Dong-chan tells her that he will be 40 years old. The sister says that he will be 60.

Miran tries to smile and tells them that they should eat first. Umma tells Dong-chan that he should also study abroad first. He says that he has so many projects to work on. The umma says that they need to have kids, her daughter can raise them and they can study abroad. They all start to bicker about how that does not make any sense and how the mother wants grand children and all that.

Dong-chan tells them that they need to eat first. The sister in law says that it looks like Dong-chan wants to get married. He says that he wants to, of course. I will. 


On the drive back, Miran asks Dong-chan if he is angry? He says he is not angry he is just thinking about something. He also tells her not to pretend like she knows him. He pouts.

When they get to her house, he gives her the journal that he kept while he waited on her. Just in case she wondered what happened while she slept. He tells her that he believed in their fate and that everything will go with fate. So let’s let fate decide.

She goes to her room and starts to read the journals. As she reads it, she starts to cry.

VO – if I can turn time back, I should have let you take the medicine first. Whenever I think about that, I go crazy. Miran, I really really miss you.

Miran goes to work and meets with ha-young. They both tell each other welcome back. Miran thanks her for worrying about her. Miran bows and walks off.

Cut to Miran and Dong-chan holding hand and walking along a river. He says that she can go study abroad. She says that she read his journal and does not want to be separated from him. So he says he will wait for her and she says that she will not go.

He gets a text at that moment and says that he thinks they have a solution.

Cut to two months later. We see he niece looking at a Youtube post that is all about Dong-chan and Ko Miran’s frozen tour around the world. They have like 300,000 people following them. The title of their channel is Melting Me Softly.

Flashback to Dong-chan looking at his phone. The niece is the one that sent him the message and tells him that he should not think so much, he can just be a YouTuber.

In the video, they mention that they are traveling in Seattle.

MR – it is so cold!

DC – Everyone live your life enjoying your hot time with the person you love. While realizing how important it is to share your time and with the person you love. Goodbye.

MR – Goodbye!

They both wave. 

VO – Like this, the frozen man Ma Dong-chan and Ko Miran live happily every after.



Oh my gosh it is finally over. This show was one big mess of nothing for me. Definitely definitely definitely not for me. I just don’t understand how it got everything so wrong. I mean, how did she wake up after 3 years of being frozen and get major surgery and make national news and yet they just let her walk outside in the cold with no jacket or anything around and her parents don’t even follow her to make sure she is okay? How can she even walk? The first time she woke up she could barely walk, yet now she is super strong? The sense, it does not maketh.

Hopefully everyone following along enjoyed the recaps. See you on the next recap!

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  1. Asty
    November 17, 2019 / 6:14 am

    They separated for 2 years. On opening episode 10 we can find Mi Ran on capsule display date December 21, 2021. So i think Doctor Hwang need 2 years to complete injection for Mi Ran.

  2. shannon
    November 17, 2019 / 7:47 am

    I would pretty much watch anything with JCW. This script was ridiculous and frustrating. The whole 3 year delay …UGH! SMH. 

    • V
      November 17, 2019 / 8:33 am

      Ridiculous and frustrating is right! It was all the script. I have no complaints about the actors or cinematography or anything. 100% the script!

      • Eka
        November 18, 2019 / 2:38 am

        Definitely the script cause I know how hard JCW, WJA and the other casts worked these few months and the writer wasted their talents with messy writing 🙁
        I haven’t watched the last 2 episodes but watched a major spoiler when miran has jus been thawed and met dongchan.. and I was like, what the hell… I know the cinematography was beautiful and it was emotional, but she’s perfectly fine after 2 years being thawed? And no kiss at all???

        • V
          November 18, 2019 / 9:58 am

          Right!!! That made no sense at all.

          • Eka
            November 18, 2019 / 6:36 pm

            But anyway.. still a good show, I had fun watching some episodes, and love both the leads.
            So, thank you so much for recapping! Hope to see you recapping again on my other favorite show! 🙂

  3. Noor
    November 17, 2019 / 10:28 am

    So they just never catch Terry Kim?? And all those hints about them finally being able to do everything together? Ugh this finale was such a letdown 😭

    • V
      November 17, 2019 / 1:51 pm

      I think they might have eluded to catching him in one very very brief link and you’ll miss it scene where they announce inside the police station that they have a location to Terry Kim and everyone runs off.

  4. Sharan
    November 17, 2019 / 10:42 am

    Appreciate your patience!! I have already dropped !!no fault in actor side .. script issue .. 🤦‍♀️

    • V
      November 17, 2019 / 4:48 pm

      *nodding along…*

  5. madongchanpd
    November 17, 2019 / 11:03 am

    really really disappointed with the last episode. i was expecting more romance from the couple and the ending of the killer, but nothing. i cannot feel the climax of the last episode, there’s nothing special about this eps that will make me remember about this drama. 100% script failure

    • V
      November 17, 2019 / 4:47 pm

      Yep yep yep

  6. Asty
    November 17, 2019 / 12:50 pm

    I need more on this final episode but i am not got it. I am Disappointed??? I said Yes I am.
    But its OK. You are hard work and well done for this drama. We will appreciate it. And for author Thanks to recaping last episode. I am not watching drama yet. I still need 7 hours to waiting play on Viu.

    • V
      November 17, 2019 / 4:48 pm

      So happy to help out, and yesssss, they should have had more cute scenes in the finale.

  7. Anonymous
    November 17, 2019 / 2:25 pm

    I am just wondering if you didn’t like it so much why did you not stop summarizing it. I really love “My Country” and think it is much better than this one but you gave up on that one… Is it because the language was too difficult as you mentioned in your last translation. I think it is a powerful show of the Joseon time period…

    • V
      November 17, 2019 / 4:43 pm

      Hi! This show was super easy to recap on Saturday morning for us so we kept going with it. We like to try to keep going with recaps because we know that others like the show and it is always nice to hear that we helped out with understanding certain parts. I mean, I have loooooved shows that other people have hated. So unless we just absolutely loathe it to the point of a mental health break (I’m looking at you Live) then we try to continue.

      As far as My Country, we stopped all our overnight recaps so I can work on my none Kdrama job. We had to stop Catch the Ghost too. But both are shows worth checking out!

      • Anonymous
        November 17, 2019 / 9:52 pm

        Yes. I love “Catch the Ghost” and watch it when I want something “light” with a bit of reality (social issues) and romance mixed in. Though as you said it has its sudden dark and scary moments.

        I also love “My Country” for the different perspectives on the story and time period. I am as attached to some side characters as I am the main. However I can only watch it when I am ready for death, drama, sadness and no resolution (ongoing melodrama and action until the finale and possible extreme sadness then) Just like Arthadal Chronicles and even Hug Me.

        Anyway I love those shows and wait for them to upload on sites so it was sad to see them disappear from your sight.

        I understand though and truly appreciate all you do. I also understand this is NOT your full time job and you need balance and to draw the line somewhere.

        Thank you for letting me know what happened to the recaps of my favorite dramas. I couldn’t continue Vagabond for its absurdity or start Melting Me Softly. I watched bits of Extraordinary You but don’t have to time to commit to catching up from beginning to end (same with Camelia Bloom) and no time/interest for VIP. I do watch Nokdu for a lighter version and comedic version of “My Country” so I will keep checking back here to see what new shows you take on.

        Thanks again for everything.

        • Anonymous
          November 18, 2019 / 12:27 am

          Thanks also for deleting them from you recap line-up after my post. Because they were listed there, I kept checking back.

          • V
            November 18, 2019 / 9:57 am

            You’re welcome!

        • V
          November 18, 2019 / 9:56 am

          So happy you stop by Brittney! And hopefully we actually can do this job full time one day and never have to drop a show again! 😘😘😘

  8. Tee
    November 17, 2019 / 6:55 pm

    Thanks again for the recap. Finale was not that good but no surprise. At least we can enjoy watching JCW pretty face 🙂

  9. Weng
    November 19, 2019 / 9:29 am

    The final episode was a total disappointment. Instead of many unnecessary scenes, they should have focused more on MDC & KMR reunion after KMR got well. I was hoping for more sweet, memorable moments of the 2 together even if it were fast paced instead of just a lame goodbye. The writer really destroyed such a promising storyline. I hope JCW will have a new show with a better script ASAP…Thanks for hanging in there even you don’t like the show 😉

    • V
      November 19, 2019 / 10:35 am

      happy to hang in there, Weng!

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