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Melting Me Softly: Episode 15 Live Recap

Melting Me Softly Recap Episode 15
Melting Me Softly Recap Episode 15, image tvN

And we are in the final stretch! We did not get a chance to watch the preview from last week so we are going into this recap blind as to what might happen which is pretty exciting. I have a few guesses though, I think the assassin guy will come back and perhaps that will cause Miran to have to be put inside the capsule again for one year which will fulfill the finale separation trope (because this show collects tropes like cracker jack prizes).

Though nonsense to its core, it actually is an easy show to watch when you know that you don’t really have to pay attention and are only really focused on cute moments. I could totally fold my clothes to it, which is rare with a Kdrama!

Our recap starts at 21:00 KST!

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Miran drives in the car with ex-husband police officer, Young-tak. He tells her that Ma Dong-chan is meeting with Dr. Hwang today. Miran wonders if he is trying to go before her to get the shot. 

But then he stops his car because he sees another officer driving behind them and says that there is no support today. Wait a minute.

He gets out to see why this officer is following them. But then he gets attacked by the assassin bodyguard person.

In the laboratory, Dong-chan feels a lot better. The doctor says that he will give him the next shot in a little bit.

With Miran, the fake officer tries to open the car door to get to Miran, but she tasers him and takes off driving.

Ha-young gets a call from someone and asks if Ko Miran is okay? She thinks that is good, okay, I will give you a call later. So it looks like she is okay. She then calls someone and says that she will have a special about the police.

Cut to Miran at the police station. They tell her that Young-tak’s stab wound was not big so she is in stable condition.

Meanwhile, Dong-chan drives back with Ji-hoon. 

In the station, Miran gets a call from Dong-chan. He asks her why she called him, what happened? She asys that nothing happened. Are you okay? Why do you sound like that? he says that it is nothing, if nothing happened then I will see you. They hang up.



In her office, Ha-young tells her team about Terry Kim, the assassin. That is their main target for the news. Her team gets to work.

Elsewhere, Miran gets a call from the doctor. He tells her that he is sorry that he could not keep his promise, Dong-chan tried first, he asked me to do it. Miran asks if he is okay right now?

Cut to Dong-chan in bed looking miserable. He gets a call from Young-tak who is also looking miserable in the hospital. He tells him that the assassins tabbed him and pretended to be an officer. Dong-chan miserably tells him to catch him.

Young-tak tells him that that guy tried to attack Miran. Dong-chan sits up quickly. Young-tak says that he failed because Miran attacked him back. Dong-chan runs off to find Miran.

He finds her in the police station kitchen where she tells him to eat something, then they can argue. He tells her  not to go to work until they catch that guy. She tells him that she is not the one that should rest, he is the one that should rest. he sys he is okay. But he is a bit queasy and says that he can’t eat anything yet.

She asks why he got the injection first? he tells her that she does everything first, so he decided not to tell her and to just go first. He mentions that she even took a day off of work to go first. He tells her to pause her job for a bit until they catch that guy.

But she says no, I am going to catch him. She pulls out mace and says that she will spray this on him if he targets her. Dong-chan tells her that the police will take care of it. She says that the police are the victim now. You focus on getting better. I threw the first punch with electric shock.

He tells her not to do too much. Just let the police take care of it. Dong-chan tells her not to do too much. He is a professional killer. Let’s go home, I will take you home.

But he barely has any strength as h stands and starts to fall to the ground. Miran quickly grabs him and helps him out.



Dr. Jo asks Dr. Hwang if he is going to give the medicine to the other two if Dong-chan is successful? Dr. Hwang tells him that he has to wait with the chairman, but he has to do it to Miran quickly before she develops a tolerance to the body lowering medicine.

Cut to Miran looking over Dong-chan. He is happy that she is with him as he lays in bed and tells him that in a little while they will be able todo everything together. They can go to parks and drink hot Americano’s. She tells him that she has to wait 2 weeks for the injection. He says that is good and goes back to sleep.

Dong-chan wakes up and sees food next to his bedside. A note on it tells him to eat even if he feels nauseous. He smiles and takes his medicine. Then he goes to record himself and tells the video camera how his vitals signs are. There is no change in his temperature and he wants ice water and his heart rate and all that. He is still a frozen man right now.

He wakes up again and looks around. It looks like he feels a lot better. He checks his temperature and heart rate, it looks like it is getting warmer? he immediately starts to text Miran. They say good morning to each other via text and talk about seeing each other at the octapang. he says that his families bathroom is not fixed yet. She tells him that she used it yesterday, it was already fixed.

He talks to the video again and tells them that his temperature went up. Then he talks to the camera on the 3rd day and says that he feels good. His body gets hot and cold, but he feels like the medicine is working. His little niece comes in and tells him to eat so he goes to eat with everyone in the kitchen.

He asks his brother if he is going to keep going to work int he restaurant? His brother says that he has to, he has nothing else to do. So Dong-chan mentions that he should make a singing place for men where they can take classes. The brother says that men will only sing when they are drunk, so they would all go bankrupt.

Dong-chan tells his sister to think about getting back with her ex-husband. She tells him not to say it like that. He says that she looks stable now so he is just telling her that her ex is the best person for her. he is in the hospital now, he got hurt so go to the hospital. She is reluctant to go, but she looks like she cares.

He tells them that he will not get married. They tell him that he is 52, he should get married.


Dong-chan goes to work and smiles at Miran. Miran and the other team are circled up talking to Hyun-ki about their next broadcast with GoGo 1999, they don’t have to focus only on 1999. So she shows them a photo of an idea she has.

Hyun-ki tells them an idea as well, but everyone tells him that it is bad. Dong-chan has to come into the meting and tells them that he tried to ignore them but their ideas are all bad. You should bring the 1999 thing to 2020, like using an app int he library o 1999 or something like that.

He walks way and Hyun-ki starts to talk about what he wants to do so Dong-chan comes back and basically yells not to do what you want to do! Do it for the viewers! Hyun-ki almost hops out of his skin.

Cut to Dong-chan talking to the camera again about his side effects. he says that everything is better and the most important thing is that he has started feeling cold. Ji-hoon asks him why he did this experiement, did you regret it? WOuld you do it again if you turned the time back?

Dong-chan says that he would. he is doing it because no one else was doing it. That is what a PD does. Ji-hoon asks if he can call him hyung? Dong-chan tells him that he is older than his father. So Ji-hoon asks if he can call him old man? Dong-chan says yes, this old man is going to the bathroom.



Elsewhere, Ha-young asks if she is going to Washington, DC? I thought I was quitting. Hong-seok says that he knows, you don’t deserve this, just think about it as taking responsibility. Stay there for two years, it should be good for you also.

She sighs and leaves. Then she runs into Dong-chan int he hallway. They both take a deep breath and look at each other.

They go to the editing break room where she tells him that she is going to Washington DC. She tells him that she hopes that she will see him as friends when she comes back. He says yes, lets have a drink as friends when you come back. Goodbye, take care of yourself well. Be healthy and happy. She says that she will be happier than him. he tells her that he hopes that happens.

Cut to the sister meting with her ex-hubsand in the hospital. he is happy to see her but wonders why she is there. She tells him that oppa told her. She takes a selfie with him and says her brother told her that he would give her $500 if they took a photo together. So smile. They take the photo.


Dong-chan wants to put the Killers face in an ad, but hong-seok says that that is nonsense and expensive. Dong-chan thinks that they need to catch him, he is targeting them and he is targeting Miran. You ned to have a conscious! But then he tells him to wait, my body temperature is not going up, my heart rate increased, but my temperature did not.

He runs off and tells Miran that his temperature does not go up, even if he is angry. So it is good news. Miran goes back to the offices and starts working on the new variety show. Everyone leaves as time passes and Dong-chan takes her home.

On the drive home, Dong-chan starts to feel cold. he tells her it is amazing, right? She wants to take the medicine tomorrow. He tells her to wait, he still has to take the last shot and wait for the result. She thinks it is amazing that he feels cold.

Cut to Dong-chan talking into the camera about how he feels cold. That is the most dramatic change. he says his temperature and then turns off the video to sleep. While he sleeps, his temperature increases to 35. (normal is 36.7).

Miran also sleeps, her temperature is still at 31.5.

Meanwhile, her two best friends talk about Miran and how she loves Dong-chan but she needs to grab him to her more. Then Kyung-ja gets a call from her boyfriend and talks cutesy to him.  Young-sun jokes with her about it.

Ji-hoon comes out and greets them both. Jyung-ja jokes with him about how he calls Mom, emo, and noona to the three friends. That is strange, right? She smiles.

Ji-hoon then talks to his mom about the frozen capsule and if she would want to do it. She says no, even though she is divorced, she is happy and she has her son. She is happy to see him grow up. She would not see that 20 years later. She asks him if he would? He says no. He is happy to spend the same time with her. She tells him that she raised him well.


Dong-chan goes for a run and then tells Miran about it. He says he feels fine after running and asks her what she would liket o do on her day off.

They go to the sauna and end up talking between the window of the Ice Room an the hot room. But the ajummas tell him that he is too loud so he bundles up with blankets and goes into the cold room to be with Miran. But now he is shivering so much. She tells him that he might get a cold. You should leave. But he says that he still wants to stay. he tries to hop around and generate heat. She tells him that they can go somewhere else.

So they go ride a bike together. She holds his waist as he peddles. they also talk about what else she wants to do, they can do it all.

After that, he buys her a cold coffee and he drinks a hot coffee. She envies him. He tells her that she will be able to drink hot things soon as well. She tells him that he can go home, she has to keep working for GoGo 1999. She also has to buy drinks for everyone. So DOng-chan buys cold drinks for everyone and they leave.

He drops her off and tells her he will pick her up. But she says that the police will pick her up. He tells her to go home before midnight. She asks, am I Cinderella? he gives her a kiss but her temperature rises so he tells her that they can wait. Like a high school senior waiting for the SATs.

She hopes out and he happily watches her go inside.

Then Dong-chan goes for another run outside. he feels fine. He also runs up the steps at work and feels fine. That night he goes home to sleep and feels fine.

VO – On the 5th day, my temperature does not go up anymore.

He goes to see the doctor in the laboratory. The doctor tells him that he should be fine, don’t worry.

Cut to Dong-chan shivering at home under the blankets. He gets a call from Miran. She tells him that she regrets it now, she should have followed him and been with him right now. He tells her, even though you miss me, don’t worry. She tells him to tell her if he is sick. He says he is not sick at all, just sleepy so I will take a nap.

She tells him to call her if he is having a hard time.

Then she gets a package at work. She opens it and sees a book inside that says, Everything About Love. It is the book that has the essay that she wrote in it. Her essay is titled: The Cold Woman’s Heart.


Elsewhere, Dong-chan’s brother and sister mention that Dong-chan sleeps all the time now, like a litle new born baby. Do you think he will get old all of a sudden like the movie (Forever Young)? It shouldn’t be right? they continue to worry about him.

Dong-chan wakes up to a normal temperature at 36.5. He is so happy. he immediately calls Miran to share the happiness. She is happy for him.

Dong-chan and Miran sit at a bench under the stars. he tells her that he is sorry and thanks her. She tells him, at the begining, she was mad and didn’t know what to do, but there are some good things. Like you, PD. Because of that, we share our own time and started to love each other. he puts his arm around her and tells her to wait a little bit. We will be like others soon.


Dong-chan gets his results, everything is normal. They congratulate him and tells him that he is really a normal person now. Miran can start getting the shot as well. Dong-chan says that he will tell his family members.

His family members give him seaweed soup and tell him that he is reborn today (you get seaweed soup on your birthday). He tells his mom that it tastes really good. All his family members congratulate him.

Dong-chan goes to his room and puts on a normal watch instead of his temperature watch but then puts on the other watch again. Then he meets with Miran. He wants her to take the injection right away. But she says that she is pretty busy right now. So he tells her that he will be her bodyguard until that criminal is caught. 

She notices the watch and asks why he still wears it? he says it is their couple watch. they can take them off together when she is normal.

Then he goes to Miran’s family to tell them how he is doing. They are worried about Miran taking the shot but they are also overjoyed that he is warm again and are looking forward to Miran not being a frozen woman. they apologize to him for everything.


Dong-chan goes home and thinks about his journey from waking up until this point. he recounts all that he has been through as he sits on his bed and checks his watch.


Miran gets ready to go. She also prepares a packaged delivery to Ma Dong-chan.

Then Miran goes to set to give instructions. Dong-chan is there as well looking around and mutters to himself that they are doing the teaser so early.

Miran sees him so they go hug. But then the situation turns dark. Cut to Miran noticing the assassin right before they hugged so she ran to Dong-chan in fear rather than love and spun herself around. the assassin stabbed her instead of him and runs off.

Everyone starts to scream as Miran falls to the ground. Dong-chan yells for help. Miran is hurried to the hospital. her wound looks pretty deep.

Dong-chan waits to hear news. Her parents run in as well.

The doctors talk to each other about Miran’s wound, she will not be able to have the injection right now. She needs a week to be normal temperature. 

The doctors see that her temperature is 31.5. They tell Dong-chan that she cannot take anesthesia because she already has a low temperature. Dong-chan says that this is urgent. But the doctors says that they cannot give her anesthesia because she might not survive. She can last 24 hours right now, but her heart might stop.

The doctor tells Dong-chan that they only have one solution. they need to decide.

Ha-young gets the news and falls into her seat.

Ji-hoon and the other Pd’s worry in their seats at work.

Dong-chan talks to Miran’s parents about Miran going back inside the capsule. that is the only way to save her. They can stop the bleeding if the blood freezes. But when they defrost her, the bleeding will start again. So they need to stabilize her for immediate surgery after defrosting.

Her temperature still wont be normal though so we will develop a medicine to make her body normal again. I will make it happen. I will do it with all that I have. Miran’s parents cry and tell him that they trust him.

So they go freeze Miran again. We see her being frozen over as Dong-chan and the doctors watch.

Elsewhere, ha Young asks what happened? her person says that Miran is frozen again because she can’t undergo surgery. it is a bitter sweet moment for Ha-young.

Dong-chan looks destroyed at home as he sits on his bed. He takes her watch from his pocket and thinks about Miran. She told him not to go into the capsule again if she does, just protect her from the outside. he told her that he would not.

Dong-chan gets the package that Miran sent to him. He opens it ad sees a suit jacket. A letter says, For You. he starts to cry. teh letter says, You are no match to me because I like you more. He starts to cry once again.


He goes to watch Miran as she is frozen in the chamber.

Fade Out


I think my predictions at the top happened! I will count that as a celebration. Though it is pretty easy to predict this show since not a lot of thought goes into anything story wise.

We have one more day to go! All the commenters on this show are lovely so hopefully they give us a great final episode!


DC – I am sorry to leave you alone in that cold place

HY – How is Ko Miran?

MR – I like him so much that I feel like liking him is the reason I am in this world and that it completes me.

DC – If I can take time back, Miran, I really really miss you.

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  1. Tee
    November 16, 2019 / 7:45 am

    Thanks for the recap. So sad for the last part. I hope they have a happy ending tomorrow.

    • V
      November 16, 2019 / 7:47 am

      I think they will have a happy ending! ☺️

  2. Rebe
    November 16, 2019 / 8:48 am

    I going to miss this drama because the couple was very sweet and romantic thank you for your job and see you tomorrow for the last episode.

    • V
      November 16, 2019 / 12:51 pm

      See you tomorrow!

  3. Rose
    November 16, 2019 / 12:50 pm

    Thank you V for recaping! I know this is not a popular drama for everyone, for some reason nowadays, everything has to be logical just to be justified as good. What happemed to the good old fashion light, fluffy, not so serious kdrama that people likes to watch just to relax? Anyways, we really do appreciate it! Thanks a bunch!

    • V
      November 16, 2019 / 1:04 pm

      Yes! I want that again! But with a bit more story continuity than Melting Me, but YES I completely agree with you! Also, can the second half super depressing trope in dramas end?

      • Rose
        November 16, 2019 / 1:08 pm

        I know right? It started with a stress free story, can the rest of it be like that? Everyone knows it will be a happy ending anyways, so why cant it stay in the happy, fluffy story all the way? 😄

      • Aika
        November 16, 2019 / 2:02 pm

        Thank you for the recap. Melting me softly is 👍

        • V
          November 16, 2019 / 3:51 pm

          Hi, Aika! I always love hearing when a Kdrama is loved!

  4. Asty
    November 17, 2019 / 3:00 am

    A few episode before i saw Mi Ran on capsule and that date December 21,2021. It means Miran melting for 2 years from now. Pointly she will be fine. Thanks for your recap. Like it.

    • V
      November 17, 2019 / 8:34 am

      You’re welcome, Asty!

  5. Asty
    November 17, 2019 / 3:11 am

    Please give review to me if this drama already play. I need 12 hours to waiting this drama play on Viu. And i need 20 hours to waiting translate to my language. I really2 like this drama. Simple but unforgetable.

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