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Melting Me Softly: Episode 14 Live Recap

Recap Melting Me Softly episode 14
Melting Me Softly episode 14 recap

This show has the feeling of being wrapped up. I am not sure what else we will have for next week or even for today. Perhaps more GoGo 1999? Or maybe Miran will be frozen again because the serum does not work on her? We shall see.

Our recap starts at 21:00 KST!

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Miran goes to the rooftop and sees Ha-young and Dong-chan in an emotional embrace. She quickly hides and then hurries away. She goes back to her desk looking bummed and grabs her bag to leave.

Dong-chan stays on the rooftop looking at the city and says, please have a good life. Ha-young has already left.


Dong-chan goes back to the cubicles and does not see Miran. He heads out as well. The PDs see him and wonder if he really quit. They heard that a lot of people want to recruit him and are offering him a lot of money.

Later that night, Miran walks around outside. Dong-chan calls. She does not pick up. She calls her friends instead and has a drink with them at Kyung-ja’s place.

They both drink wine but Miran drinks juice. She tells them that she may have met the person of her fate 20 years ago, but she is  not sure if she is the person of his fate. So she asks them for advice since they lived longer.

They ask what happenened. She tells them that she saw him with his ex-girlfriend. Young-sun says that men cannot forget thier first love. You might need to quit him. Is she pretty? Miran says yes. She is pretty and cool and successful, i am not a match to her at all.

Kyung-ja says that whatever she has, you are younger than her. Miran is worried that Dong-chan only treats her well because he feels responsible for her. the friends starts to talk about tortuting that woman and torturing Dong-chan. Love is war so keep that in mind.

Meanwhile. Dong-chan asks Nam-tae if his noona has come home. So Nam-tae calls her and says that she picks up her phone. But she is not picking up for Dong-chan. He wonders if she is only not accepting his phone calls. Whats up with that?

Miran starts to walk home. A man in all black starts to walk after her. This might be the missing assassin. She starts to run and runs right into Dong-chan. He asks what is going on? She tells him nothing. The man disappears when he sees Dong-chan.

Dong-chan asks why she is not answering his calls. She says that if she tells him then they will fight and she will lose so it will make her mad so she does not want to tell him.

They go back and forth with him telling her what happened and her saying she doesn’t want to tell him. She tries to leave, but he stops her and asks what is going on. She tells him it is because she likes him more than he likes her.

So he holds her by her shoulders and asks what happened. She tells him that she will think about it tonight, she is not herself tonight so she might make a mistake. She goes to her room.

When she sits at her desk she cries because he didn’t even hold her.

He goes to the octapang wondering why Miran is angry with him.


The doctor comes in so they start to chat. Dong-chan tells him that they can find him another place to stay. The doctor says he likes staying with Nam-tae for now. Though he will need to find another place.

Dong-chan tells him that he will take the injection first. He knows that Miran wants to take if first because she is fearless. But just give it to me first. The doctor says that they are both the same, him and Miran. That is why they are a good match. But he agrees that he will give it to Dong-chan first.


The next day at work, Miran looks up things about Ha-young. Of course they all say that she is super cool and successful.

Meanwhile, Ha-young talks to her team. Someone started a crowd funding link for the frozen man project and it reached 10 million in one day. The people who are working on the frozen man project do not want to be funded by big companies.

They think that the frozen man project will be a new era when the serum is created. He asks if she can do an interview with them. But Ha-young tells him that they said they don’t want to do any interviews about it.

In an awkward moment, Miran and Ha-young ride the elevator together later on. Miran asks Ha-young why she did not get married yet. Ha-young tells her that she is a very rude person. Miran apologizes. Ha-young tells her to just ask directly if I did not get married because of Ma Dong-chan.

Miran asks if she still likes him? You are cool and pretty and most of all you still love Ma Dong-chan. You both me. Ha-young asks, are you really not that confident? She leaves.

Ha-young walks around the corner confidently but stops and sighs like her balloon got deflated.

In the garage, Dong-chan drives his company car to work and starts to walk to the door. But he has a feeling that someone is watching him. He does not see anyone though.

In the cubicles, Dong-chan shows up to work again and tells Miran, lets talk. All the PDs look at them as they leave to talk. One of them says that Dong-chan might not have quit yet, see.

Dong-chan and Miran go somewhere quiet to chat, he tells her to tell him what happened. She says that she saw him with Ha-young on the rooftop. He asks, is that it? That is why you didn’t pick up my calls? Miran wants to know what happened with them? Dong-chan says that he has his manners toward her. They just resolved their misunderstanding.

Miran asks if he even likes her. I thought about it, you don’t even get jealous about my ex-boyfriend that lived upstairs. Dong-chan says it is because he does not deserve his jealously. But it was difficult not to look jealous. I tried to be a cool boyfriend, but my head was in a mess. I am honest. I didn’t even like you at first sight.

She asks why he likes her. Even if you are not attracted to me? He says that is the strangest thing. i don’t know, I just like you. I am from a past generation so it is pretty cheesy. I can’t say anything else anymore.

She says that she likes him more than he likes her so she is always controlled. He tells her that she does not know anything. Did we measure how much we love each other? H changes her name in his phone to Gob (someone who you always have to listen to. For instance, Eul would be the big company and Gob would be the small company so the big company always has to listen to the small company.) She said that he is Eul and she is Gab. he saves his name as Eul in her phone. then he tells her to smile, you are cute. Why don’t you laugh. I am Eul okay?

She tells him that she is hungry, she hasn’t eaten since last night. She he pulls her away to eat something.



Miran asks Dong-chan why he quit. He says that he has to take responsibility for what he did. She asks if he has to leave? The company wants you. We still have not finished that dream that we talked about when we first met. You started here and you should finish here, YouTube is the next thing you can do.


Ha-young looks at a news article that says that the fake chairman is out of jail because there is not enough evidence. Her assistant tells her that the assassin assistant was not arrested yet, he ran away. he is a professional killer and does not have finger prints or passport number.

Ha-young says that he should have a Korean name, so find that name.

Cut to the assassin eating at a cafe. He remembers the chairman tell him that if he wants to get his money then he has to kill Dong-chan or at the least, Miran.

Meanwhile, Dong-chan calls Young-tak (the cop) and asks about the fake director. The cop tells him that he won’t do anything or he will get arrested again so don’t worry.

Then Hyun-ki comes in complaining about something.


The two doctors talk about Dong-chan coming to the lab. But then Dr. Jo says that a young guy came to the lab, he wanted to be in the frozen capsule.

Cut to a young handsome man walking to the lab with two other people behind him. he looks like an important person.


In the broadcast company, a girl tells Miran that a super famous guy wants to see her. She does not know why, but he is waiting in the meeting room.

So she goes there to meet him. They introduce each other and she asks why he wants to see her. So they chat. He says that he met Dr. Jo. She asks why. He says that he wants to get inside the frozen capsule. He has a woman that he really loves, they are dating secretly. But she is very sick. It is incurable, so I don’t want to leave her frozen alone. He wants to be with her together.

He came to see her becuase he wonders if she would be okay to be cold for a long time. Would she get hurt or anything? I wanted to check that with my own eyes.

Miran says that nothing about it hurts. You can think of a better world. He asys he is relieved. Thank you.

She asks why he wants to get in together? You can wait. he says that he wants to share time and space with her. He can’t think of anything else. He leaves.

Miran thinks about this.

Later on, Hyun-ki asks Hong-seok what he can do, Dong-chan is still in the company. Hong-seok says that they want to put Dong-chan as director in the variety department.


Hyun-ki complains that Dong-chan is only 32 years old. How can they make him the director! 

Dong-chan comes in right then. They ask him why he comes there so often, you quit. Dong-chan asks them if they go to the restroom to work at the restroom? Hyun-ki asks why he came there. Dong-chan tells them that he will finish what he started 20 years ago and then leave. The CEO thinks that is a good choice. Hyun-ki thinks that doe snot make any sense.

Meanwhile, DOng-chan’s mother gets home and tells them that the doctor told her that Dong-chan has a girl a frozen woman. The other frozen lady. They all start to talk about whether they can have kids together. But the mother is not concerned with that, she just does not want him to date that frozen woman.

Cut to Dong-chan talking to Ji-hoon about Miran. Dong-chan tells him to date someone else. Then he telsl him that he has a new project, so can you join me as an assistant? Ji-hoon says that he is doing GoGo 1999 with Miran. But Dong-chan says he is not anymore. Ji-hoon asks him why me? Dong-chan smiles and asys it is because he likes him so much.

Then he gets a call from his family that tells him to bring his girlfriend to meet the family.

So he gets Miran and they drive to his parents house. It is super awkward. They talk about DC living in her place. She says he lives in their octapang. The brother is happy that they don’t sleep in the same room.

Dong-chan wonders why they called them? The mother asks if they are dating to get married? Miran says that she is only 24, so she is not thinking about marriage. The mother says that is good. You should never marry. Miran asks why she says that?

The mother says that she is not a good match for her son. Miran says that she is actually not bad. I work hard and eat well and have a nice personality and I am rich. I have 70 million paid by the company. Your sons salary is coming from my fund. And not that many women can take his personality.

The mother tells her that she is so straight. Miran says that in these kinds of stories you start with an envelope with money. I am not asking for one now. She starts to laugh. The mother asks if she can joke? Miran says that she has to joke to make them happy. When she gets paid she will give them a party. What do you like omoni? The mother starts to smile.

Elsewhere, Byeong-sim gets home. His wife and son ask why he is there. How dare you come here? Byeong-sim runs and lays on his couch. He says that he thinks a ghost lives in his office. Every midnight he hears a shower in the bathroom. he thinks it is a woman.

Byeog-sim wonders why he thinks the ghost is a woman also. Young-sun tells him that that is not a ghost. You miss women, you pervert. He tells them that he is scared, can I stay here tonight? They tell him to leave. You need to go through the proper steps and then come back. Byeong-sim tells his son that he is so cold. Did you learn this from that 52 year old frozen guy?



Dong-chan and Miran drive back to their homes. He asks if she felt bad about her family. She says that she understands his mother. Your son is the coolest person in the universe to you so no woman is good enough. Dong-chan smiles.

The killer follows them.

At home, Dong-chan lays awake in bed. Miran also lays awake in bed. he asks her if she wants to come up. She replies for him to wait for her. So she sneaks upstairs.

They happily enjoy secret time in the octapang as they lay in bed and stare at each other. She asks him if he knows who she saw today? he asks who? An Idol? She says that a man came to see her whose girlfriend has a terminal disease. He wants to go into the frozen caluse together with her. he wanted to see her because she is a woman that did it. He wondered if it hurt or anything like that.

Miran tells Dong-chan, if I go back into the capsule, don’t go with me. He asks her why that would happen? I don’t want to think about it. She tells him, if that happened to me, protect me from the outside. He tells her that he is not going into the capsule. She jokes that that does not sound too good.


Ji-hoon talks to Hyun-ki and tells him that he is working under Ma Dong-chan now. Hyun-ki starts to tell him all the things he shold not do. We see a flashback for all of it.

Cut to Ji-hoon walking with Dong-chan. They are about to inerview people who ant to be frozen. 

#1 – a woman whose cosmetic surgery failed. she wants to get even prettier in 10 years

#329 – a woman that is super depressed

#556 – a man who does not want to take the college exam. 

#678 – a man who thinks he has no future

#1117 – a woman who does not want to give her wealth to her sons or daughter in laws

They go meet with someone at a cafe. These are the parents of someone. So they both sit and talk to them. The father says that his son has incurable disease that is incurable and their support from the government ended so they want their son to be in the frozen capsule. 

Dong-chan says that eh understands them and would like to help them. But, you never know how long this might tike for the medicine to be created. You would lose all your memories with you son then. He might be so sad after he wakes up. The parents say that they know that something could happen to them and he could be alone but they cannot just watch him like this so they want to give as much time to him as possible.


Afterwards, Dong-chan tells Ji-hoon that it is a dilemma. But this is why Dr. Hwang started the frozen project to begin with. A lot of people take this frozen project too playfully. They need to find the right people. Ji-hoon says that he will help him. It is an honor to him to work with him.

Miran gets a call from Dongchan and says that she will wait for him. She goes to the garage. Ha-young yells her name because a motorcycle comes barreling towards her. Miran dodges it. Dong-chan hears about it and says that he will be there right away.

Miran waits in Ha-young’s office. ha-young lets her know that they are checking the CCTV. Then she gets a call that says that the motorcycle was under a fake name. She tells Miran that she thinks this was not an accident. It could be the man that kidnapped Dr. Hwang. You should be careful.

Miran thanks her. Ha-young tells her that she shouldn’t thank her.

Cut to Dong-chan and Miran talking in his car. He asys that he needs to ask for protection request for her. Miran says that she would be in trouble if it was not for Ha-young. Lets eat something refreshing.

So they go to eat papingsu. He gives her a taser to carry. Whoever is around you, just taser them right away. She pretends to taser him so he jumps back. Then he gets a call from his brother telling him that it was supposed to take a week for the bathroom to be fixed. But it only took three days. So you can move out of the octapang.

Dong-chan says, huh, it will take more than a week. Ah, how come. His brother is all like, no, it is fixed. Dong-chan hangs up and wonders why it is taking so long. He smiles at Miran. 

His mother tells her kids to hurry up and tells Dong-chan to come home. Man and woman should not be together like that. They start to bicker about it. Umma thinks that they might die by their temperature increasing. The niece says that uncle got a gold button from YouTube as soon as he started it. He will be rich soon. They talk about him going back to work.



Dr. Hwang works diligently. The serum is complete so he calls Dong-chan and tells him that they will have a normal life. Dong-chan thanks him. 

That night, Ha-young drives off thinking about Miran telling her thank you. So she calls her to meet for a moment.

At home, Dong-chan talks to his niece on video chat. She tells him that the family is arguing about him. Dong-chan tells her that he will get the normal temperature injection tomorrow. But it is a secret between you and me. 

The niece thinks that is great and then tells him that she has a boyfriend now. he is all like, um, okay, so what is his dream? To be a judge? She says that of course he wants to be a YouTuber.

Elsewhere, Ha-young and Miran meet. She tells her that she made a deal with Lee Hyung-doo about her and had to go to the prosecution office for it. Miran asks what she is talking about. So Ha-young tells her that she made a deal with Chairman Lee for him to put her back inside the capsule.

Miran asks why she did that? How can she do that? Ha-young says that it was because of her jealously to the woman that her ex-lover loved. She wanted to put him in pain and to give him the same pain that she felt. He does not know about it, but he will know it soon.

She stands to leave. Miran tells her that she hopes that he does not finds out about it. It can stay a secret between you and me. Ha-young looks at her and then leaves.

DC texts her right then to ask if she is sleeping? She says no, she is out. So he tells her to come back, its dangerous. She says not to worry, she is close to the house. She will be back soon.

Ha-young drives home thinking that it is all over now.

Miran sits in her room thinking. Then she goes to Dong-chan’s room and sits on his bed. He wakes up and asks her where she went. She says that she met her friend.

Dong-chan gives her a gift. She opens it and sees couple watches. He tells her that they don’t have to wear those heart-temperature watches anymore. Just wait a bit. Then he asks her if she really does not think about marriage? She asks if he wants to marry her? then wait, until I become thirty. he says okay.



Dong-chan lays in bed to have the injection. The doctor tells him that he will have a completely normal temperature in one week.

Meanwhile, the ex-husband cop takes Miran to work. But they have a cop following so the ex stops the car to talk to the other officer.

With Dong-chan, something starts to go wrong, his temperature starts to rise. His heart rate goes up as well. he grips his chest in pain.

Ha-young looks out her window and then gets a call from a source that says that he is driving a police car around.

The assassin gets out of the car and goes to Miran’s window. he looks at her and her eyes grow wide.

Dong-chan grips his chest.

Fade Out


Things happened and then more things happened. See y’all next week for the finale!

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