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Melting Me Softly: Episode 13 Live Recap

I think I missed this show? Which is strange because I usually forget about it until Saturday rolls around. Maybe because I did not have my dose of weird with Vagabond on Friday so my mind is looking forward to the nonsense maybe? I have no idea.

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Our recap starts at 21:00 KST!

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GoGo 1999 just started airing. Everyone watches happily until the static starts to cut in and the video changes to a completely different video where the car explodes and a woman says, Don’t kill me, don’t kill me.

VO – In 2019, What happened to that woman?

The PD thinks they should stop the video there, but Dong-chan says that they should keep it going.

VO – What happened to us, who were waiting to be defrosted after a 24 hour experiement? In the middle of these two cases that do not look related, this person, Lee Hyung Doo who is chairman Le Seok Doo’s brother…*cut to everyone looking stunned*…

The doctor recieves a call on camera from the twin brother of Lee Seok Doo. He says that defrosting needs consent from the guardian, I cannot defrost him.

VO – Dr. Hwang who recieved the phone call was in an accident.

The video turns on Lee Seok Doo in his hospital bed talking to the camera. He says that he is the real Lee Seok Doo. 

VO – Our current chairman, Lee Seok Doo is actually Lee Hyung Doo who is the twin brother. The chairman is not the real Lee Seok Doo.

Cue so many shocked faces around the broadcasting station. Their phones starts to get a lot of phone calls.

Miran remembers Dong-chan telling her that when people are born, we should make a better world.



Miran meets with Dong-chan and asks why he can’t tell her at all that he was going to make that big of trouble? he though she would stop him but she says she would have supported him. 

He tells her not to make big trouble like that. This is my advice as a PD. They agree to talk to each other about things now. Then Dong-chan lays on his couch to sleep.

He is at home now so his family looks at him and wonders how he can sleep after making that huge issue.

Outside, there are so many camera men taking photos of the brother. But they leave when they realize it is not Dong-chan. His daughter thinks that this is a big big big issue. Dong-chan is just being cute.

Cut to the bathroom where Dong-chan is shaving. He says, okay, it starts now! I am Ma Dong Chan!

He goes to work and his disciplinary hearing. He says that he will be responsible for everything. But he has no regrets about it. I don’t want to live my life hiding the truth only because I am scared. I did what I have to do. You said I privatized the broadcast? I think that what I did was the most public thing ever.

Meanwhile Hong-seok and Hyun-ki are fretting about the video footage and how Dong-chan found it. Hyun-ki says that he forgot the video camera on the ceiling. There are no full secrets, we will definitely be there when they investigate. This won’t be done until we die. They both sigh.

Dong-chan comes in and says that he needs to discus something with them. He says that he did not forgerise anything. Lee Seok Doo is awake and I hid him. there are a lot of rumors going around so are you wondering which one you should believe? When the police conduct their investigation, just tell them everything you know. Don’t be embarrassed later.

If you don’t say that you hid his death, then the envestigation will not continue. But dno’t worry, you will not go to jail. The statute of limitations ended. Fighting. He pats them on the leg and heads out.


The Fake CEO is told that they have an urgent board meting. he goes into the board meeting where a little over a dozen people are arguing to each other around a huge table. They grow quiet when he comes in to address them all.

He tells them that the TV show was fake. So that is causing us a lot of issues. One of them asks if he has any evidence that says that the TV show is fake? How can you prove that you are Lee Seok Doo? he asks where the evidence is that he is not Lee Seok Doo? 

He continues and says that his little brother is in the frozen experiment, but he is Lee Hyung Doo. Someone asks where Lee Hyung Doo is.

Then the door opens and a little bit younger looking Lee Hyung Doo comes in. Though he actually looks almost identical. Everyone looks at him. He says that he is Lee Seok Doo. But the fake CEO says that his brother is not normal yet, I am the real one.

He is with his son so his mother told him that the blood transfusion side effect made his father turn to the frozen experiment. My mother told me and then she died right after that. you killed mom!

The fake CEO says that what his mother said is all lies. She had depression and abused drugs. The son says that he is a liar. One of the board members stands up and tells them that he is the company lawyer who was at the scene when the previous chairman gave the chairmanship to Lee Hyung Doo. I was the lawyer.

The former chairman told Lee Seok Doo a very important thing as the owner of the company. An unforgetable thing. Can you tell us what it was?


Everyone looks at him. Lee Seok Doo says, Even though we lose money, don’t sell our pharmaceutical company to foreign companies. Whatever happens, keep the pharmaceutical department.

Everyone beleives he is the chairman now. The police show up right after that and arrest the fake Chairman.

This makes the news. In fact there are a ton of news articles about it. And, Dr. Hwang gets rescued from the wharehouse. he tells his protege that he found the solution to the frozen problem.

While driving back, Dr. Jo tells him that he should rest. But Dr. Hwang says no, he must find a way to make their temperature normal. For Lee Seok Doo and Miran and Dong-chan.


Ha-young is being interviewed by the police. they are her what the recording was when she asked to put Miran back insid ethe frozen capsule? they ask her why she said that? if you dont’ say then you will be disadvantaged.

Later on, she sees Dong-chan while walking up the hallway.

Dong-chan then goes to his interview with the police officer. he says that he will deliver to them the evidence that he could not show on the TV. he leaves to get it and thinks about Ha-young walking by him.

Ha-young is looking out her office window and wonders why she has to be shaken by one word? Why am I being destroyed like this? Ma Dong-chan, I want to be out of your control.

Meanwhile, the twin brothers talk to each other while the fake twin is in jail. The fake twin basically says he was not acknowledged by their father which is why he wanted to steal his life. he thought that he killed him 20 years ago. Me and your son who matched your blood type. But he was too young. If I did not show up then you would die. I did not expect sister in law would put you into a frozen capsule.

It was okay though because I was already Lee Seok Doo, but after Dong-chan woke up it messed everything up. You should have slept forever.


Dong-chan goes to work. Everyone says he is super cool and hey order CHinese food for lunch. he smiles at Miran. He sends her a letter to ask Jangpon or jajangmyun? She says Jajangmyun.

Then they continue to pass notes to each other.

Note: Sould I print out the file or look at it on the monitor?

Note: I need to go to the restroom, 2nd floor or 3rd floor?

She motions for him to follow her.


They walk to the break editing room where she tells him that he is resisting. What she said is not like this. he is talking to her for everything now. Why aren’t you saying anything? 

He asks for his honest opinion? Or something nice to say. She says to just tell her, dont’ ask. Then he kisses her and says that she told him to just not ask. Their heart rates start to increase again.

They leave the break room and tell all the team that they are dating.

Meanwhile, Hong-sim thinks he bragged about his relationship with Le Seok-doo too much, this is even more than a drama. Dong-chan comes in and asks if they are still together? You should get married. Then he asks if he should quit or get fired for what he did?

Dong-chan also asks the CEO when he is going to quit. The CEO is all like, why should I quit! Dong-chan tells them that they should quit on their own. Here is my resignation letter. He hands it over and gives them his ID. They yell for him to come back.

He tells Miran that he quit. She asks why he did not consult her? Where is your middle ground?! he tells her not to get angry. She asks if he has any plan? He says that his niece told him to be a YouTuber. She says that he never lisents to anyone, but you are listening to your primary school niece?

He says yes, she is smart, would you like to do it together? She think, and says that she is pretty old fashioned so she still thinks TV is the best. At least one of us should have a stable job. You can just quit yourself. he tells her that it might be because she is a frozen woman, but she is so cold.

Cut to Hyun-ki telling someone on the phone that he is not moving anywhere, he is staying there because all his troubles are gone now. Then he tells the PDs that GoGo1999 will broadcast this weekend. And Dong-chan is leaving. It will hurt me but I should let him go.

They ask if he quit or if he was fired? They say that he made that big trouble, so he should get fired. So give him your condolences. But Dong-chan comes in and says that he quit, who dares fire me? I am Ma Dong-chan.

Then he tells the PDs that he knows that he is 50 years old, but I want to do something new becuase the world changed. People should do things that others don’t do so the world can continue changing.

Hyun-ki starts to pack up DOng-chans things. he says he will do it as a hubae. he will pack it all up so you will never have to come back. Dong-chan is all like, really?

He goes home with his white box filled with his desk things and sleeps on the couch.


GO GO 1999

The show premieres to nice fanfare. All the friends watch and enjoy it.

Byeong-sim watches his show and then Go Go 1999 comes on. he calls someone and tells them that he recorded his show for 6 hours but there are only 2 minutes that are shown?

The news shows that GoGo 1999 broke the record. It was the return of the genius PD> Where is he now? Ma Dong Chan?

Ma Dong-chan is eating at home with his family. It looks like they are eating breakfast. He tells his niece that he will start a YouTube channel. The sister tells him that she will giv ehim advice. You should know that your life is precious. Think about tiny an long life, not a big and short one. So don’t put your life on anything. Live a long life. A low alive soldier is better than a dead Napoleon. Listen to the person that has lived longer than you, okay?


GoGo 1999 is picked up for future shows because the show did well. Then Dong-chan shows up looking sheepish. As if he wants his job back. Though he asks where Miran is.

Miran is walking around outside with Ji-hoon. he says to treat him like a friend. But she says that he is her friends son. I am the same age as your mother. That is important. He says that she should just live with that braveness of going into a frozen capsule. That is why I like you.

They end up going to eat together even though he chides her that he will not eat with his mothers friend. They run into Dong-chan back at work. Dong-chan is a bit hysterical as he talks to Ji-hoon about being older than him. Miran tells him to stop being so hysterical. 

She pulls him to the side and tells him, you look like an old man. He tells her that she is an ajumma as well. 

Cut to Hyun-ki and Hong-sim. The board members do not want to let Dong-chan go. So they need to let him rest a bit and then bring him back. 

In the family restaurant, the doctor eats with the brother. They talk about Dong-chan and how he quit. then Hyun-ki walks in with Kyung-ja. They have a couple meal together. She asks if he wants to eat ramen? he tells her that this is an unlimited bouffet? why eat ramen? he smiles and then they start to laugh.

On another table, the family members squabble about things. The doctor asks the sister-in-law why she calls her agasshi? The sister-in-law says the sister wanted her to.

Then the doctor turns his head and sees Hyun-ki being fed by Kyung-ja. He remembers him so he goes up to talk. Hyun-ki spits out his food.


The next morning, the mother goes to pray because her son has no job at 52. The family talks about this at breakfast. But at least the sister is doing well now. They all wonder where each one is going. Dong-chan says he has nowhere to go. Am I an ostrich? Where should I go? They say that he should go to his friends house.

But the little girl says that he did not contact his friends for 20 years so he has no friends now. He is jobless and friendless. Dong-chan gets a call just then and asks, go where?

Dong-chan goes to meet two men in a cafe. Cut to him almost spitting out his drink as he asks them, h-how much? They tell him that this is not all, they also have incentive. You will be at the executive level.

Dong-chan tells them that he is sorry, but he will do what he wants to do. if I am tied to this big salary, then I have to be moved by this money and logic. Actually, I am not good at following orders. Thank you for your suggestion.

They tell him that they will give him all the freedom. If you change your mind then please contact us.

Meanwhile, Ha-young tells Hyun-ki that she will quit. he tells her not to, there is  no evidence that you were in the case. We can bury everything else like before. But she says that she wants to be different this time around. She made an irreversible decision in a moment.

Hyun-ki thinks that she can regret it. is this about Dong-chan? He quit.

Elsewhere, Young-sun and Byeong-sim get a divorce. They walk out of the court and talk about their divorce settlement. She tells him that he has to work hard to keep his job now because no one is supporting behind him anymore. Though she tells him that he is not the worst guy. She waves goodbye. He tells her that she is pretty with a hat. Like a Royal family member in England.

She goes to a cafe to meet Kyung-ja. Then she immediately denies that she outed Miran and asks why her boyfriend did a background check on her. KJ says that the IP was this cafe. But she says that she did not do it. How can you suspect your 25 year old friend and only listen to your boyfriend. I am disappointed. I just go a divorce. Kyung-ja is all like, waaaaaah!



Dong-chant ells Miran that another broadcaster wants him. Right now he is looking for a place to stay. She tells him that their octapang is empty right now.

So he moves in and talks to her parents. He tells them to treat him comfortably. Miran tells him that it is clean upstairs. So she shows him up.

Dong-chan makes himself comfortable in his new place and meets with the doctor in the octapang. It looks like the doctor might have gotten his full memory back so he talks to Dong-chan about things. He tells him that he is about to be pretty busy now. They talk about the promise from 20 years ago about how they will use Korean money to make the frozen mad project real. Soon it will happen. They just need to recover the proper body temperature. 

Dong-chan asks when they will be normal again? the doctor says soon.


Dongchan and Miran text each other back and forth. He asks what she is doing? Can you sleep with me upstairs? She asks if she shuold go up there? So she sneaks up there. She tells him it is a little warm are you okay? he says that he missed her. She says yes.

So he pecks her on the cheek. She is a little nervous about it. Then he leans in and lays a big soft kiss on her lips. Both their watches start to beep again.

He hops back and asks what she is thinking? She says his watch rang first, what were you thinking? he says that they should go outside, lets not be in this place.

So they go to a frozen sauna? it looks like a frozen sauna. He tells her that he wants to do everything that others can do. She repeats me too. He tells her to say thing, don’t just repeat. two more ladies come in and says that it is so cold in there. So they leave again. But then they say want to go back inside later, so they go back insid and are amazed that the couple stayed in so long.

Cut to a public search for a murder suspect (the fake CEO’s assassin).


Miran and Dong-chan text to see each other outside in a few minutes. Dong-chan heads out but is pulled to sit with the family. The brother then starts to talk about the professor that he misses. He wonders how he is doing. It is a bit awkward.

Cut to Dong-chan driving Miran away. He asks her if she puts all her lovers in the octapang? But it is a joke as he says that that professor is a crazy guy. Miran tells him that Byeong-sims son is Ji-hoon. Dong-chan is amazed and wonders what happened to the people in that house.

Miran tells Dong-chan that they should go to another frozen room later. Thank you for the ride. But he gets out as well and goes inside the company. Hyun-ki asks why he is back? Why quit? You are here even more now!


Cut to Hong-seok looking at how the pharmacy company stocks dropped a lot. He thinks he is bankrupt. Hyun-ki talks about how Dong-chan is here again. He is big trouble. Hong-seok wants to bring him back. Hyun-kii tells him to accept it, he wanted to quit! they keep arguing about it.

The camera man comes into the broadcast building and says to himself that he has not been there in awhile. Then he passes right by Ha-young and turns to look at her.

He goes to Dong-chan’s office where Dong-chan is making a YouTube channel. The camera man asks him why he is not doing this at home? Why are you doing this at the company that you quit? Dong-chan just says that he has plans.

The camera man then says that Ha-young came to the camera man after he disappeared and wanted to go to the police together. Lets investigate Ma Dong-chan’s disappearance. No one was helping her. But he was too scared and refused it. Sorry.

Dong-chan is surprised to hear this and thinks about it for a long time until he finally calls Ha-young to meet.

He goes to the rooftop where other PDs are there, but he is too much in a daze to greet them. The three PDs go back inside and mention thta Dong-chan is like a ghost in a girl highschool. he exists but he does not exist. Then thye tell Miran that Dong-chan is on the rooftop.

Ha-young walks to Dong-chan. He asks her, why dont’ you say everything that is in your heart? Okay, you were always like that. But why didn’t you tell me everything? if you told me that you went to the police, I – I wanted to wait for you to tell me that someone was sick and you could not wait or something like that.

She tells him that she hates herself for not looking for him until the end. He says that he thought she abandoned him. The most difficult thing after waking up for 20 years was that she did not look for him. It was so difficult and painful for him. She says that she should have been stronger. but she couldn’t do it. She traded him for her success.

She hugs him and tells him not to forgive her. 


Miran walks to the rooftop happily but then hides when she sees them hugging. Dong-chan looks like he wants to cry and Ha-young is crying and Miran looks like she might start crying.

Fade Out


I have gotten my nonsense fix. Off to Vagabond for more!


MR – he is the man of my fate, but am I the woman of his fate?

MR – You bother me

HY – You are not that confident?

MR – Do you still like him?

DC – What happened to you?

DC – Why is she like that?

Man – Kim is not arrested yet, he ran away.

HY – Search for him. We will find something.

DC – Can you give me the injection first?

HY – Ko Miran!

MR – If I go into the capsule, do not follow me.

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