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Melting Me Softly: Episode 12 Live Recap

Recap Melting Me Softly Episode 12
Melting Me Softly Recap Episode 12, image tvN

In the last episode, Dong-chan collapsed after his gene mutated or something. I am not exactly sure, but it had something to do with the frozen man experiment timeline to death if things are not corrected. I think it is the same thing that happened to the dolphin, but I’m not actually sure. Whatever the case, it does increase the stakes for our couple and doctor to figure out just what the heck to do moving forward.

It is the end of daylight savings over here in the U.S. Which means that the recap will start an hour earlier for us, but it should start at the same time for everyone who does not follow daylight savings time. SoOoOo there might be more typos than normal…😅.

Our recap starts at 21:00 KST!

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The fake CEO gets out of his car in front of the mountainlaboratory. He says that he was looking for this place so much, and now I am finally here.

Inside, he holds a gun to the doctors head and tells him to bring the CEO out if he does not want to die. But then the doctor gets a call from his protege. He says that he thinks that the variation is starting. The doctor tells him that he will only rely on him, M34.

The fake CEO tells him to tell him where the frozen man is. He cocks his gun and points it at the doctors head again as he ask where the guy is. But then we see a flashback where Ha-young told the fake CEO that he cannot kill Dr. Hwang, otherwise he will be in trouble.

So the doctor does not kill him.


Dong-chan is at the hospital sweating profusely. He tells them to call Dr. Jo Ki-beom. So they do and he hurries over.

Miran is also running full force up the street to get to Dong-chan. But her heart starts beating too fast so she gets a taxi.


Ha-young gets a call from the fake CEO, he is upset and says that the CEO disappeared. They already snuck him out so find him! They hang up and Ha-young gets another call alerting her that Ma Dong-chan is in the hospital.

When she gets to the hospital, she sees Miran running to the hospital room.

Inside the room, Dr. Jo tells DOng-chan that he gave him something to break up the toxins accumulating in his body. But this will happen again. He has 24 hours until it happens again. This will happen to Miran too. Dr. Hwang knows about it and Dr. Jo is studying the notes, but he cannot do this without Dr. Hwang.

Dong-chan asks where Dr. Hwang is right now. Then Miran runs in and asks if he is okay. he asks if she is okay. Then he notices a bruise on her arm and asks what that is. Dr. Jo says that is not a bruise, it is the protein variation. It has started on you as well.

She asks if that means that she can die if something goes wrong?

Dong-chan says that he will go to Dr. Hwang right now. Dr. Jo says that he cannot contact him at all anymore and he told him something strange the last time they talked.

Everyone discusses whether they shuold find him or go home and rest. Dong-chan wants Miran to go home and rest. She does not want to go. Ha-young watches this from the door.

When Dr. Jo leaves, Ha-young talks to him outside. She asks if they are really in danger? Dr. Jo says they need to find Dr. Hwang. he is looking for the solution. Ha-young asks where Lee Seok-doo is.

Dr. Jo asks why she is asking him that. Ha-young says that the real Lee Seok-doo is in the frozen capsule. So can you explain things to me, we are on the same side.

In the hospital, Miran stays in Dong-chan’s room. He says that it is nice that they are together, but he does not want to be sick together. So she agrees to go home and they decided to video chat from home. They tell each other that they like each other so much and then stare lovingly at each other.

Miran leaves to catch the bus and takes a call while waiting. It is a woman talking about the essay. It looks like this is Miran’s professor asking her about writing the essay. Miran tells her that she does not have time for that right now, sorry.

Then she looks to her right and sees everyone coupled up. it is a lonely site for her.

In the hospital, Dong-chan calls Dr. Hwang. But his phone is off. he hangs his head and thinks about Miran’s bruise which means that she is starting to have the variation.

At home, Miran notices more bruises. She opens her phone and looks at a photo of Dong-chan. Then she calls the professor and tells her that she would like to do the essay. The professor asks her why she changed her mind. Miran says that she has someone that she likes, but they are in a strange situation so they don’t know what will happen. She feels like she should at least leave their story like this.

Essay – I started my first love at 44. Maybe…it can be my last love.

She gets up and runs off. As she runs outside her house, she sees Dong-chan running up the street to her house. The both stop when they see each other and look at each other.

He walks to her and asks where are you going. I told you to stay home. She tells him that she told him to stay at the hospital. He asks why she is out she says because she missed him. He looks at her arm. She says it is okay. Then she holds his hand with both her hands and asks if he would like to have a drink with her?


They go to an outdoor drinking place. The kind with the orange water proof curtains. She starts to drink about how it is so harsh that she cannot hug the person she loves. God is so harsh to me. Then she asks Ma Dong-chan why he is in her life. Why do you make me love you?

She tells him that she has a big love 20 years later and meets the man of her life. She met him but they tell her she will die. He says who is dying? She tells him that they will die soon with the variation.

She gets up and walks off.

He asks why they need to die? We will not die like this! We will hug every day and we will go to Africa! I will do everything with you!

She starts to cry so he holds her close.

DC – Why are you crying?

She keeps crying as he holds her.


Dr. Jo goes to the laboratory and sees that all the cameras have been broken. Dong-chan runs up as well and they both look at the laboratory together. Dr. Jo says that Dr. Hwang has been kidnapped. The fake chairman wants the real chairman. 

Dong-chan says that they need Lee Seok-soo to protect Dr. Hwang. But we need the person flying in tomorrow to protect Lee Seok-doo.

Dr. Jo tell shim that Na Ha-young asked where Lee Seok-doo was. Dong-chan asks if he told her?

Cut to the frozen Lee Seok-doo still sleeping in a hospital bed somewhere. The fake Lee Seok-doo is drinking and thinks that th real one has been defrosted.

Ha-young comes walking in at that time to meet with him. he tells her that they do not have a lot of time, Ma Dong-chan is up to something. Find out what he is up to. Ha-young asks if he is ordering her? He asks what she thinks? Who wants the most?

She tells him not to forget who she is. I can reveal the truth that is hidden or bury the truth. I have facts that can shake Korea if it is on the news. Who do you think is scarier for you than me?

He tells her that she has Ma Dong-chan, his achilles heal. He has Dr. hwang. Without Dr. Hwang then Dong-chan will die. So what is your suggestion.

Cut to a man showing up from the airport. Dong-chan goes to meet him and says his name.


Dong-chan and this man drive off. The young man asks how “he” is. Dong-chan tells him that he is barely surviving. Then the sisters ex-husband calls and fills in important information about how one of his poeple told him that the fake chairman met Ha-young last night.

They hang up and Dong-chan sees that they are being followed. But they expected that to happen so there is a car chase. Then a third car shows up. Dong-chan slams on the breaks. The third car is the ex-husband. He is able to pin the following car so Dong-chan can get away.

They go all the way to the hospital where the frozen man is. This young man is the son. Dr. Jo tells him that the blood transfusion is almost ready. if you were a little bit later then he would be in critical condition. The son starts to cry next to the bedside.

Dong-cahn goes to his car and calls Miran. She is at home getting ready. he asks her how she feels. She actually doesn’t look that good. He tells her not to come to work. Just rest at home today.

Meanwhile, the fake chairman is in his office when Dong-chan bursts in. He tells the fake chairman that he has to make a deal and he can’t reveal that he took Dr. Hwang. I will give you a suggestion. Why dont we exchange Dr. Hwang and your brother? Each of us needs the other one. Think about it.

Dong-chan then goes to his car and calls Dr. Jo to ask how the recovery is. He also tells him that that won’t be able to hurt Dr. Hwang, so dont worry.

Dong-chan gets a call from Hyun-ki right then about the show GoGo GuGu. It is airing today so he needs to do final edits. Don-chan says he is too busy at first, but then he goes to work.


He goes inside the PD office, Miran is there talking to the intern and Dong-chan looks amazingly jealous. he sits at his desk looking so pouty and hears that they might go eat together. 

So Dong-chan talks to the intern and tells him to not hang out with Miran, you won’t learn anything from another intern. Jihoon says they were friends before he started working there. Song-chan asks, what? friends?

Miran says that he is her friends son. So Dong-chan says that he should not call her noona, you should call her ajumma. Jihoon wonders what he did wrong in this situation.

Then Dong-chan and Miran go to the break room where they inspect each others blue marks. Hyun-ki bursts in and catches them holding hands so they pill their hands away quickly and mutter that they are working.

Cut to Hyun-ki walking with Dong-chan. HK has the IP for who revealed Miran’s information. You told me you wanted it. DC says okay and then asks if Ha-young is in her office. HK has to tell him that he is not his secretary!

So Dong-chan walks off to meet with Ha-young. They met outside her office. He asks what she has been doing this morning and that night. She asks, that night?



Hong-sim tells the senator that he does not have to worry, Dong-chan is just a PD. But the senator says that the CEO does not like Dong-chan being around so send him on an overseas project. 

Hong-sim tries to say that he is not a guy that takes his orders. But then Dong-chan comes in so Hong-sim has to hang up. DC tells Hong-im that he is trying to figure out who is on his side. Do you know Lee Hyung-doo? Do you know that Lee Hyung-doo and Lee Seok-doo are twins? The twin brother is pretending to be the brother now. The real Lee Seok-doo was in the frozen capsule.

Hong-seok asks if other people were in the capsules? DC tells him that Lee Hong-doo is a fake chairman and he is really really bad. He is also your sponsor. Hong-sim is so confused. Dong-chan tells him that the director is holding Dr. Hwang hostage, do you really not know? Hong-sim does not know and is just completely lost. Who are these twins? Who is the doctor? What is all this?

Meanwhile, Miran keeps working at her desk. She has even more blue marks showing up on her arm. She also looks exhausted. She talks to Jihoon a bit about him wanting her to take him and his father as two different people then she gets a call from Young-sun. 

So Miran goes to meet her at a cafe. Miran tells her that she has someone she loves.

Elsewhere, Hyun-ki is looking for the IP person who is in a cafe right now. So he walks into the cafe and wonders how he can know who that person is. But then he sees Miran talking to her friend and figures out that she probably sent it. So he hurries out to call Dong-chan.

Song-chan starts to look around the office for Miran. He sees her in the hallway and pulls her away to talk.


They talk outside where Dong-chan tells her that they should go somewhere. Hyun-ki sees  them and wonders if they are dating.


Meanwhile Dr. Jo is in his lab trying to figure out a solution to this mess. He is reading the notebook and using the microscope and mixing things together when Dong-chan and Miran come in.

Dr. Jo tells her that she came early. DC asks if she was going to come here already? She nods and then shows him that DC has the blue marks also. The doctor looks surprised. 

Dong-chan leaves and goes to meet Ha-young. He asks why she is all up in his business with the CEO and why she has not broadcasted this case yet? Don’t do anything shamefull to yourself and stop here. She tells him that he should experience it. You are already old but the person that you love is still young. But that person ignores you. The love has already ended but your heart still pounds when you see that person. You should know the pain of it.

She tells him to leave. He says that he has to find Dr. hwang right now, he does not have enough time. Help me.


Hyun-kii and Hong-sim talk about how theyboth found out something that they should not know. They wonder what each other knows but then think that they dont need to know.

In her office, Ha-young thinks about helping Dong-chan and calls the fake CEO. She tells him that if he wants to find Lee Seok-doo then h needs to bring Dr hwang to her. I will do the news on Dr. Hwangs disappearance soon. If you release him then I will not release it. But I want you to put Miran back inside the frozen capsule. That is the deal. He recorded her saying that and says that he will spread it.

Elsewhere, DOng-chan thinks about what Ha-young told him about how he should experience being old when the one he loves is young and that lover ignores you. You are old, but your heart still pounds toward that person, you should know how painful it is.

But he is pulled from his thoughts by the video camera guy who gives him a USB.


Dong-chan goes to his computer and starts working on the usb videos. But he closes it when Hyun-ki comes in. Hyun-ki tells him that the person who posted the information about Go Miran is her friend who runs the cafe. Dong-chan is all like, ah, okay. But he acts like it is not a big deal.

Hyun-ki asks if that is it? Are you worried about his girlfriend? I did not know that you were dating. Dong-chan tells him not to tell Miran about it or he will tell everyone about how he is dating Miran’s friend Kyung-ja.

Cut to Kyung-ja and Kyung-ja meeting outside and discussing how Dong-chan and Miran are dating. She thinks they will have an ice baby. He also tells her that Yong-sun revealed the information. Kyung-ja thinks that does not make sense.

Yong-sun calls at that time so Kyung-ja tells her not to live her life like that and even though she might hate Miran she should not do those things! Dont’ call me! She hangs up. Yong-sun wonders what is going on.

Then her staff member talks to her. She is about to head out. She also mentions that she stopped thinking about going to the broadcast company, it is a dirty place. While leaving, someone tells her to release the automatic log in. But the girl says that it is not her ID. She heads out.

At work, Ha-young frets about the fake CEO having a recording of her saying that Miran should go back in the capsule. She thinks that she needs to find Dr. Hwang. She calls Dong-chan and tells him that Dr. Jo is in danger. After the explosion, police are around Dr. Jo all the time so he could not do anything. But now he knows that no police are in his lab. She knows this because she told him.

She hangs up and cries.

Dong-chan calls the ex-husband police officer to go to Dr. Jo right now, hurry! Then he frets at his desk.

Miran is with Dr. Jo at this moment. They are all alone looking at the microscope and vials of things.

An assassin walks up to the lab but the police show up right then as well. So the assassin hides somewhere.

In the lab, Dong-chan texts Miran to not go anywhere, stay next to the doctor. She looks at the doctors notes and asks him what something means. The Doctor explains it and then says, M34….M34. Something might have clicked in his mind. He grabs his notes and says, Mighto Magic 34?

Cut to Byeong-sim apologizing to his family at home. Young-sun tells them both that they are really father and son, in love with the same person? I am so embarrassed that I cannot tell anyone. Byeong-sim tells his son that he thought that fathership to him was more important than his first love. So the son says, Yay, so I can date her now? She is just my style.

Byeong-sim is all like, you should say something cool like I just said something cool. YS tells him that she is her friend, though. He says it doesn’t matter, it is better than dating a friends mom. Jihoon gets up to leave. YS tells him that Miran is dating someone. He turns around, shocked.

In the laboratory, Dr. Jo looks like he might have found the solution. He is looking happily at yellow liquid. Dong-chan gets to the lab right at that moment so Dr. jo tells them both to go home, he will finish things up and have it ready in the morning.

So Dong-chan walks Miran home pleasantly. They tell each other that they can live like normal people and then say goodnight.


Miran thinks about Dr. Jo telling her that he has not tested the medicine so one of them should take it first. Miran says that she will take it first. After she takes it and there are no sideeffects, then inject it in him.

Cut to Dong-chan calling the doctor to tell him that he is on his way. He tells Dong-chan that Miran took the injection first. So Dong-chan runs to the lab and sees Miran strapped up to the drip. 

Dr. Jo tells him that two hours have passed, so it looks like the medicine is successful. Dong-chan asks why she took it first. She tells him that she wants to live first. But its a joke. He asks her why she always has to be first.

Cut to him taking the medicine as well. They lay side by side on their individual beds and look at each other while the medicine is dripped into their veins.

Dr. Jo tells them that it reminds him of 20 years ago when he first saw them. Even though they just woke up, he has been looking at them for 20 years, so it feels to him like he knows them well. 

Miran tells him that they have fate to lay next to each other like this. She extends her hand, Dong-chan takes it. 

They hold hands as Dr. Jo tells them that this is a detoxification, but not a complete cure. They still have to maintain 31.5. They both look at each other and grip their hands closer.


they both go to work happily together. They look at each others arms and see that the blue marks are gone.

Then they go to their meeting where Hyun-ki tells them that the GoGo GuGu pilot will air soon. But Dong-chan is not there becuase he is still editing the pilot. Hyun-ki mutters something and then that you have to be careful with internal dating. Everyone looks at Miran.

Cut to the intern asking Miran if she is dating Dong-chan? I will wait for you. I have a lot of time and we only have 4 year difference.

In the bosses office, Hyun-ki and Hong-seok asys that they will watch the pilot together. They talk about how Dong-chan is so good and meticulous and has been editing for days.

Cut to the production room. Dong-chan calls them and apologizes for it being late. he has sent it.

They air it and everyone watches in the building. FinKL music kicks off the show and the variety show starts to air.

Everyone is happy looking at it, but then it starts to static away to blackscreen and the car explosion comes up.

VO – 2019, on that night, what happened to her.

The PD asks if they should stop it? The other PD says no, keep going.

VO – that night in 1999.

The frozen experiment show up on screen.

VO – In the middle of these seemingly unrelated events, this person, the twin brother of chairman Lee Seok-doo, Lee Hyeok-doo was there.

Everyone is shocked to se this. Then we cut to the real Lee seok-doo in his hospital bed.

LSD – I am the real Lee Seok-doo. 

Everyone is shocked.

Dong-chan walks outside and turns off his phone. Then he walks away triumphant.

Fade Out


Watching with my brain off. Though, the biggest question is why the chairman didn’t have a drastic age change like everyone else.


(Thank you for the link Rose!)

Preview translation for episode 13

DC – It starts now! I am Ma Dong-chan!

VO – The urgent board meeting has started

DC – I will provide all the evidence

Man – As a disciplinary act.

MR – you quit?

DC – I know, 52 years old is too much to start a new life, but I will start

HY – I made an irrevesible situation because of my decisions

Camera man – 20 years ago, after you disappeared. She came and visited me.

DC – I thought you abandoned me. It hurt me so much.

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  1. RevSparklyAndroid
    November 4, 2019 / 2:19 am

    I’m actually finding the way this drama deals with ‘adulting’ quite interesting. Many of the characters are so flawed it almost seems like they’re just as frozen in some aspects of their lives as the leads used to be, case in point, DC’s siblings and the two first loves. Trying to recapture/hold on to your youth or feeling like life is tracking on without you or your consent can be tough.

    I couldn’t believe I felt my first spark of sympathy for Young-doo when she made that speech about wanting Dong-chan to suffer the pain of longing for someone you’ve lost. So sad.

    • V
      November 4, 2019 / 8:29 pm

      These characters are definitely flawed and stuck in their younger selves!

    • BeOptimistic
      November 6, 2019 / 8:01 am

      It is a breath of fresh air though, seeing these veteran actors act like children

    • V
      November 6, 2019 / 10:20 am

      Just posted! 😘

      • Rose
        November 6, 2019 / 10:39 am

        Thank you so much V! Mwah! 😘

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