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Melting Me Softly: Episode 11 Live Recap

Recap Melting Me Softly Episode 11
Melting Me Softly Recap Episode 11

Last time on Melting Me Softly, we had some passionate kissing in the shower which might have led to some other things happening in the shower because they couldn’t really take it to the bed now could they, they might die! So, will we wake up with them sleeping cuddled up in the shower or have they moved things to a more comfortable location, like the freezer? Or perhaps kissing in the shower was it? I am actually pretty interested in finding out.

Our recap starts at 21:00 KST!

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Dong-chan dries Miran off as they sit outside on a balcony by the swimming pool. She asks if they can live like normal people? He tells hr that it will take some time. The doctor is being threatened. Ii didn’t want to tell you this way because you would be worried

She tells him not to do everything by himself. Lets do it together because it is our problem.

She takes his hands.

Miran – I want Ma Dong-chan to be happy.

DC – For me, difficult, scared, broken hearts, I hope you don’t know any of that. i just want you to be happy. That is the best way for me to be happy.

They look at each other longingly and their watches start to beep again.

DC – Lets dry our clothes in our own rooms. Good night.

She smiles and tells him goodnight as well.

Dong-chan walks away and thinks about the conversation he had with the doctor. Dong-chan has a small secret camera in his cell phone and tells the doctor to tell him everything.

So the doctor tells him that he was threatened. Those people that tried to kill me wanted to meet me before the experiment. (missed a little bit of this).

Cut to the doctor at home talking to Miran’s brother. he is reading a book and shows it to the doctor. he is actually reading this book because he found his fathers name in it. 

The doctor asks him if he would like to be a frozen man so that he can read books like other people? he says no, I don’t want to be frozen and not see my mother and father. Even though I am not smart like others, I think it would be horrible to live without my parents. When my sister disappeared, it hurt my heart so much. you are the best because you brought my noona back.

The doctor tells him that if he had family he would not have done this experiment. He never thought about the family members. Nam tae tells him that he will hug him and leans in to give him a hug. He tells him that he can be his family.




Dong-chan tells Ha-young that she needs to highlight that the informer that was dead is the wife of the chairman, he is behind this. I told you the chairman Lee is a frozen man for 20 years. Ha-young asks if they are twins? Dong-chan says yes, that means that one of them are fake. the current one should be fake.

Ha-young says that she didn’t find out anything about a twin. DC thinks they erased that there is a twin. Ha-young wonders how this could happen. Who made you wake up? DC says it was Dr. Hwang.

Cut to the fake COE talking to Hong-seok on the phone. Ha-young is in his office. They make a meeting to meet. Ha-young tells him to find out why the chairman wants to see him.


Miran shows up bashfully to her desk and can’t stop smiling and looking at Dong-chan as she works. Dong-chan is the same. But DC is interrupted from his gazing by Hyun-ki who tells him that the interns come today, so do a good job. You need to have a successful program.

DC asks if he found out who used the ID? if there is no evidence then they cannot search for this person so they argue over that. DC wants Hyun-ki to prove that he did not write the article.

But then Hwang Ji-hoon comes in as their intern. He waits to be greeted. Miran is the first to talk to him which makes DC jealous.

Later on, DC has Miran sit at the group desk and check something for him so that she will be close to him. He holds her hand under the table as he talks about work with the team.

The female PD sees this and holds her gasp.


Hong-seok and the fake chairman meet. He apologizes for not going to the funeral. The fake CEO asks Hong-seok if anyone said that the voice is his wives? It sounds like her, but I don’t want any rumors to spread. Close this case. I will be angry if you ruin my late wife’s dignity. Your political future will be in danger and we are already in the same boat so if you don’t decide well then you will die. Think about going to parliament, not anything else.

Hong-seok goes back to his office and calls Ha-young. He tells her that they did not get the informer that called them. That is their public word. Ha-young asks, what if I help you, what is the return?



DC tells Jihoon that he accepted an intern but he actually does not need an intern right now. Then he gives him advice and tells him not to be too nice and keep a safe distance from the other employees, especially the female employees. Just work as if you don’t exist.

He says that he will work hard. DC tells him, no no no, you don’t have to work hard. Jihoon asks if Miran can teach him something? DC tells him  not to be stupid, interns will not teach interns. 

Jihoon smiles at Dong-chan soo much and tells him that it is his dream to work with him. His professor told him that he was special since he was young. Like the poster he made in college that changed all the student hearts. You are my role model in life. I will work really really hard.

So this kind of makes Dong-chan like him a bit more. he softens a bit.

Then Dong-chan walks out and pulls Miran into the break room to chat. He wonders what they should do tonight. But then Hyun-ki walks in on the phone so they hide quickly.

Hun-ki tells the person on the phone that he wants to move. Dong-chan is all exaggerated so he has to teach him from the basics and has to work so hard to cover up all his mistakes, I want to start my life in cable.

Dong-chan wants to punch Hyun-ki. But Miran holds him back.

Hyun-ki leaves after telling the person on the phone that he will bring his ideas to their station. He leaves and Dong-chan thinks that he wants to kill him.

Later on, Miran and Jihoon talk and look at Hyun-ki who is still on the phone. Jihoon says that DC told him to learn a lot from Hyun-ki. Miran thinks that he can’t possibly learn anything from him.

Elsewhere, Dong-chan’s mother has a drink with the doctor in their place and asks him to please make sure that her son lives. She took care of her health a lot because she wanted to see her son being healthy. After he disappeared, I never had a good nights sleep. I mistreated you so forget about it all, I am sorry. 

The doctor says it is okay, I understand. The mother offers her services for the experiment and says that he can keep it a secret from her son. Don’t do the experiment to my son first. We should have similar genes.

The doctor looks touched.



At the broadcast station, Hyun-ki and Dong-sik bump into each other and then give each other a closer look because they think they know each other. The brother says that he wants to see Ma Dong-chan, I am his younger brother. Do you know him?

Hyun-ki says I am his hubae. Dong-chan comes out as the two of them are looking at each other. Then DC and his brother go to talk about his sister who is getting into trouble again.


They go to a place where the sister is and yank the door open as she tries to keep it closed. They are at her home possibly? Her newest boyfriend is there so they introduce themselves to him as they sit on the floor.

DC asks him what his job is. So the boyfriend tells him that he sells all these things in the room on the highway. They wonder if he can make a living doing that? He says it is illegal so he makes a lot of money.

They keep asking him questions and it keeps getting more and more shady. Though he seems like a nice and pleasant person. he is like the male equivalent of their sister.

He uses a lot of dialect as he talks and tells him that he is having a good time with her. DC wants to beat him up. She runs in and says that she will not go home! So they argue with her about how old she is. She says that she is old enough to do this so just stop! 

DC yells that her becoming like this makes him mad! The other brother says that she took a lot of  money already! They keep arguing about money. DC tells them to stop, let’s go home and talk. She says she is not going! But then the boyfriend looks at her lovingly so she decides that she can go for him.

On the way home, they argue about her finding love and loving herself. She is depressed about life. Then she tells him that if they want her to die then she can die and starts to hit her head on the back of the seat. DC wonders what she could possibly like about that guy. She smiles and says that he is strong.


Miran and Byeong meet at the broadcast station and talk about rules that he has to follow during the GoGo1999 program. She tells him that he has to follow them and that his son works here now. Byeong is impressed and then asks if he knows about the two of them? Don’t tell him, just accept my love. She basically tells him to go away.

Byeong leaves wondering how Miran got so tough, she used to be Bambi and now she is a Tyrannosaurus rex.

But then he sees his son in the hallway so they go talk about Miran. He asks if he dated Miran? He says yes, she defined my youth. She was my first love. But you should not know about this yet. His son says that he knows about it and wonders why it has to be Miran noona.



In her office, Ha-young thinks about what Dong-chan said about the wife of chairman Lee. hen Miran comes in so they sit and chat. 

Miran says that she wants to thank her. Ha-young asks what she wants to thank her about? Miran says that when the world talked about me in whatever way they wanted, you corrected it for me. So I learned the power of the news, thank you.

She says that is her job, you don’t have to thank me. I just delivered the facts. Miran thanks her anyway. ha-young says okay, if you came to say that then you did enough.

Miran excuses herself. But before she leaves, ha-young tells her to protect Dong-chan. He is the kind of man that anyone would want to steal. Miran bows respectfully and leaves.

Elsewhere, Dong-chan finally gets a chance to confront Hyun-ki about being difficult to teach. He softly rubs Hyun-ki’s face and says that he came back after 20 years. But then the woman PD comes  up and says that she will not be in GoGo1999 and that she is so disappointed in him! she storms off. 

DC has to go talk to her about how they should do the show together. I will put you on the list. he walks off. She thinks that she shouldn’t have liked him, she liked him more because he is not mine. Argh.

Miran goes to her desk and sees a notebook. She opens it and sees a cartoon girl that says, “My name is Miran. I am 44 and currently dating.”

Jihoon comes in and asks if she can buy him something tonight? She says that she is busy this evening and apologizes. He says that he wants to honor Ma Dong-chan. Miran tells him that he is super cute.

Byeong goes home to his octapang, thinking about his son. He starts to pack up.

At his desk, Dong-chan looks at his little notepad. There is a cartoon on it that says, “I am 52 year old single Ma Dong-chan”. It might have said that he has Ko Miran. And it ends with her asking him out on a date tonight.



Miran brings her brother on the date with them. it looks like the date is ice skating. So Dong-chan introduces himself to the brother and they go get ready to skate. 

Dong-chan happily looks at Miran making sure her brother is all set. Dong-chan says that if you only count the years, then we are the same age. nam-tae thinks that is great, he has a friend now. Then he happily takes off ice skating.

Miran and Dong-chan watch him and start to talk to each other. She introduces herself as 44 year old Miran and says that she will work hard. Then she ells Dong-chan that she wanted to show the person she really likes to her brother. He says that he hops Nam-tae likes him. 

They both talk about showing he best to each other and their family members and then go out figure skating together.

They hold hands with Nam-tae and skate around the ring.


Dong-chan gets home to his sister drinking on the table. he pulls it away. She whines that she can’t sleep, so she is drinking. He sits and tells her that when she was a sophomore in college, you spent the night with my friend and I almost killed him. You are a very precious Dong-sang to me. If my friends said that you were pretty then they weren’t my friend anymore. Because I did not want to give you to any of my friends. Why don’t you think anyone loves you? I love you so much!

He tells his sister not to be with that guy even though he is super strong. Because you are precious.

Later on, DC’s brother talks about his wrist pain with DC. He says that it is difficult to forget about getting old because my body hurts. My heart is young but my joints hurt.

DC asks him if he would like to go on a trip with him?


Everyone shows up to the bus to drive them to the set, including all Dong-chan and Miran’s friends and family members who are making the trip.

DC and Miran sit together on the bus though they tell everyone that they have to in order to use the AC together. Hyun-ki ends up sitting with Yong-sun who throws him several winks.

Miran and Dong-chan happily secretly hold hands on the way there as the others sing and have a good time.

In the city, the sister gets a makeover because she is precious. Then she goes home and straightens up her place.



Everyone groups for the shoot. The camera crew and news crews are there as well as all the people who are in their 40s now.

So all the people play all the games they used to play when they were 20 years younger. Dong-chan makes sure that they film it all.

it is almost like they are all college student again as they drink and chat and sing and do all the fun things. When it gets dark, they all sit around a fire and sing together.

Slowly, Dong-chan looks around and sees everyone as their 20 year old younger self.

That evening, Dong-chan walks Miran back to her place. She tells him that tonight was the best 199 and 2019 together. het ells her to rest so she goes inside the building.

That night, Miran tosses and turns and can’t sleep. So she texts Dong-chan. he says that he can’t sleep either and tells her to come out.

While outside, Dong-chan sees  Young-sun and his Hyun-ki having a fun time.

He continues on and meets with Miran by a very pretty lake with fall foliage. They talk about what they might be when they grow old. he says she will be cranky and loud. She says that if he becomes like that, then she wills till love him.

They keep talking about growing old. She asks if she can be a 36.5 degree Celcius person? He tells her that he will make her that way, so don’t hurry. They hug warmly.


Cut to Ha-young meeting with the fake CEO. She is meeting at his place and tells him that there are a lot of eyes at her company. She has two cards to play here, either broadcast the truth that she knows or not.

Then she tells him that she knows that 20 years ago the Lee Seok-du got hurt and the company needed a replacement. You are not Lee Seok-du.

He laughs and asks what she is talking about. She says that he is the hidden twin brother. This frozen man case is personally related to me so I investigated it thoroughly. You don’t want the frozen man experiment to be revealed because you are the twin brother. The first target was your sister in law. the next should be D. Hwang that you tried to kill but could not.

He says to tell him what she wants.

She says that she wants Ma Dong-chan.



Nam-tae tells Miran that the octapan guy is gone, he just left this letter. He gives it to her.

In the broadcast station, Byeong-sim talks to the camera about getting old and how it is nonsense and all the psychology things. He tells them that age is nothing but a number. So how should we live our life.

He takes a long time to speak. Dong-chan comes in and asks if they are not done yet? He is really good for variety shows.

Byeong finally ends with BRAVO YOUR LIFE!

The show wraps. Byeong tells DC that he is sorry he took so long. Then they chat about Miran. Byeong wants to know if they are dating. He thinks it does not make sense that they are dating and he invited the ex husband.

DC agrees, it does not make sense, but I don’t care about women. Then he suggestively touches inside Byeong’s jacket and asks him if he knows why he cast him? He takes his mic off. Byeong gasps in realization.

Dong-chan walks out and calls his friend, he says that he saw the text, he will be there soon. 

Dong-chan goes to his old friends home. It looks like the friend has the original film for the experiment.


A man shoots out all the video at the laboratory. It is the chairman’s assassin. The chairman is with him. Dr. Hwang tells him that he cannot do this in his lab. The CEO says that he wants to find someone here. You should cooperate with me.

He pushes him to the side and looks for his twin brother, but his twin brother is not there. So Hwang is threatened to bring him in front of him if he does not want to die.

Cut to the man in a hospital, defrosted and resting.

Elsewhere, Miran and Dong-chan chat on the phone. He says he just likes to hear her voice. She asks him if he wants her to sing? He says no and suddenly feels dizzy. Then he starts to grip his chest and looks at his watch as his heart beat increases. Miran wonders what is giong on.

In his laboratory, the young doctor looks at the cells of frozen people. He says that their LAP (low pressure activation point) is changing.

On the sidewalk, Dong-chan is struggling to stay alert as he falls to the ground.

Dr. Hwang calls De. Jo and tells him that the change will come for them. I trust trust you. he also says something about M34 or something like that.

Dr. Hwang then gets a gun put to his head.

Miran continues to ask for Dongchan and then gets up and looks for him.

Fade Out


This episode was all over the place.


Translated preview for episode 14 of Melting Me Softly

MR – Please save him, whatever it takes.

HY – Are they in danger?

DC – I like to hold hands with you and look at you and spend time with you, but I don’t like getting sick with you.

KB – Miran, your change will start

MR – Does that mean we can die if something goes wrong?

DC – We won’t die like this.

DC – Why did you meat Lee Young-doo. Just stop here please.

HY – You should experience it. The pain of your heart that still pumps only for that person.

DC – Why are you out?

MR – because I missed you

MR – because we are in a unique situation, we don’t know when or how something will happen.

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