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Melting Me Softly: Episode 10 Live Recap

Melting Me Softly Recap Episode 10
Melting Me Softly Episode 10 Recap

Someone sinister leaked Miran’s identity online and made her into the next most famous person in Korea. I have a feeling that this entire episode will be Dong-chan trying to protect her. Though that college kid might get in there to do some protecting of his own. Not enough to ruffle feathers, just enough to make Dong-chan perk up.

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Our recap starts at 21:00 KST!

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2012 DECEMBER 21

Miran is frozen in the machine againe.

MR  – People ask me if I regret participating in the frozen program. But I don’t regret it.


In 2020, Miran reads the internet article that says she is the frozen person. She looks at her phone and then looks around the room at everyone who is also looking at her.

So she leaves quickly. But everyone outside the room is looking at her as well.

Dong-chan sees the article and sees that Miran is gone somewhere, so he runs to find her.

He finds her in the editing room, crying alone. So he comes in and asks her why she makes him search for her each time. And why are you crying, this is not like Go Miran.

She tells him that it is nothing to laugh at. He says he will protect her. So she turns and looks at him. What do you mean? He says that he is responsible for it. So whatever it is, he will do anything to make her smile. That is it.

He pulls her into a hug.

DC – Miran, I am sorry.

MR – Don’t be sorry to me.

DC – Don’t you regret it?…Straighten your shoulders

MR – I am all straight

DC – When you leave this room, be Ko Miran from 20 years ago. There is nothing wrong with you. I will solve the problem as Ma Dong-chan so the two of us should do the best for us. Okay?

MR – Yes.

She leaves happily and thinks about what they said. He stays in the room happily and thinks about it.

In the office, Ha-young looks at an article about the extra frozen man. Someone asks if they should put Miran on the news? She says that they can think about it.

In the PD room, the PDs think that something was fishy with Miran. So she got this company to quiet her. They wonder what Dong-chan will do and think that he can’t do anything, this is a big problem.

Dong-chan comes back in so they all quiet down. Dong-chan says that they can start their meeting again. But the writer wants to talk about this issue with Ko Miran and how she was hired as a PD.

The writer asks if her ability does not matter? She was only hired because she participated in that frozen program?

Dong-chan says that she participated in all his old projects 20 years ago. As a variety show PD, the most important thing we should have is a spirit of the challenge. They should dream in ways no one else does and go ways no one else goes. If there is another frozen man project, then who here would participate? Anyone? To me Ko Miran is a special person that cannot be found in a broadcast company.

The lady says that you cannot just pick someone without considering other things. He says that is why she is an intern. The writer says that variety shows are super trendy, hw can a person frozen for 20 years participate in a variety show?

He tells her that the writer said she trusted him and would only participate in this project only because of his name. he was also in the frozen capsule, he is far away from the trend. So why trust me? I picked you as a writer among all those famous writer. I am very particular in picking my own people to work with. If I thought that she was not good at all, then I would not even give her a job.

If you said that you would trust me, then start trusting how I pick people as well. Then you can say something. If anyone else talks behind my back, then you will be in trouble. I am very good to giving people a hard time who works for me.

Another PD asks if she is a sunbae or a hubae? Dong-chan asks if that is important? This is a field based on results. Just think about what you can do to be better than a 44 year old with no resume. Let’s continue the meeting.


Miran sits at the cubicles and calls someone about the location for the project. then she looks up and sees Dong-chan sitting across from her and lookin at her earnestly. 

But then Hyun-ki comes hopping in and tells her to talk to him. So she goes out to the hall to talk to him. He says that before they publicly announce it to the world, what do you want me to do? She says that she will take care of it. Since she is 44, she should not ask someone else to do it as a 44 year old woman.

She tells him not to worry about what she will say and all the issues that he committed before. I will solve everything.

Hyun-ki goes back to the CEO who is equally frantic. They want to know what she will say. he says that it does not look like she will make herself rich off of it.

The CEO is worried and this huge crowd on his career and how this can mess everything up and starts to ramble about that to hyun-ki about all the things they did to get to the positions they are in now. They will be in huge trouble.

Cut to someone using a flashlight to walk around the frozen tank room. It is the doctor. He opens a security safe and starts looking through his experiment notes. he finds the notes on the 36.5 degree recovery formula.

But then he is startled by the young scientist who showed up behind him.


Hyun-ki runs in to whisper something to Dong-chan. But no one is in the room so he says that he can talk to him normally, Hyun-ki says that they followed the ID for who posted it. It is a girl in middle school. But she was in class while it was posted. So it looks like someone stole her ID.

Dong-chan thinks that it had to be someone who knows this project so well. Then another PD runs in and says that there is a big thing on SNS!

VO – Hello, this is Ko Miran. 20 years ago I signed up for a 24hr experiment. But do to an accident I woke up 20 years later and went from 24 to 44. No one gave a job to someone like me. The company and me had to find common ground. I became an intern at the TVO broadcast company. This opportunity that did not pass normal procedure is proper payment for the years that I lost. it is not a corruption case. But what I got is only opportunity. I am not a regular. Ii am a normal intern and have to prove my ability. With this opportunity, I will try my best to catch up on the 20 years that I lost. Please give me a chance and watch me. You all have a warm interest on me at 36.5 normal body temperature will support me a lot. Ko Miran who has 31.5 degree Celsius frozen women.

Everyone reads her post on her SNS.

Cut to her friends clapping for her at a cafe and mentioning that she is great at solving problems. But who posted about this? I will kill them. Then they start to talk about Byeongsim. Young-sun says that she will not divorce him. 

Kyung-ja asks why he went to her house? YS doens’t know and mentions that she is not so pretty, why does everyone like her. Then she mentions that her son likes her too. Yong-sun coughs up her drink. father and son with the same person? That is super makjang.

Kyung-ja asks if Young-sun wrote that thing on the home page. Young-sun says that she is not like that.


Meanwhile, Miran’s parents try to listen to Byeongsim as he kneels in front of them and says that he was Miran’s first love! I will get a divorce! I want to take her back!

The mother wants to rip his head off and tries. But then the brother comes in and tells them that the internet knows about noona. But the internet supports her. She has thousands  and thousands of likes.


ha-young finds out that the chairmans wife died of a heart attack. She is sitting with Dong-chan and thinks that it is strange that the person that Dong-chan wants to background check wife has died. It is strange. It was a sudden death but there is no police investigation.

Dong-chan tells Ha-young to leak that persons voice on TV. They need to keep it from being secretive and find out who that person is.



The young scientist asks the doctor if he has his memory back. He says he got a partial memory. He remembered that he has his notes but that is it.

They are both sitting in the laboratory and talking. The doctor gives the notes to the young scientist and says that he should take them just in case something happens to him. Then he looks at the frozen chairman and starts to remember a bit more about the accident.

He turns to the young scientist and tells him to please keep it secret that he is there. Only tell Ma Dong-chan PD. He has to tell him about who tried to kill him. The young doctor asks if he got his memory back now?

Cut to the fake chairman. One of his people informs him that the doctor is still alive. He eavesdropped on the conversation with Dong-chan and Miran who were talking about it. he used to live in Ko Miran’s house.


Miran goes back into the PD offices and receives a standing ovation from the team. The writer gives her more work to do and kind of apologizes in her own way. So, it is all settled.

Dong-chan also wrote her a note telling her good job. Miran is happy and opens an applicant list and wonders if it is the person she knows so she opens it and sees Byeongsim’s picture. So she jumps and everyone stares at him.

Meanwhile. Dongchan is working and heads out after getting a call.

Miran looks for him but then runs into Hwang Ji-hoon. So they happily chat. Dong-chan sees them chatting and grows jealous. he wonders if he should find out that guys ID. But Hyun-ki comes up to him right then so Dong-chan asks about Hyun-ki.

Hyun-ki says that he talked to the middle school girl and never heard so much cursing in his life. She said that she will catch that guy. Dong-chon nods along and then hurries off.


Hwang Ji-hoon and Miran go to the cafeteria to chat about her being a frozen lady. He says that he will still treat her as noona. He also says that his mother knows her. You were a trio with Kyung-ja, but then you disappeared.

Miran puts two and two together and is all like, so you are Young-sun’s son? That mean that you are Byeong-sim’s son? he says that is his fathers old name, do you know him? She has to take more of a sip from her drink.


Hyun-ki calls Miran over to his desk to talk to her as a sunbae. He tells her that as Dong-chans assistant PD, you should not be honest all the time. If he asks if you are having a hard time, (flashback to him as an assistant to Dong-chan, he said he had a hard time so Dong-chan tells him to just quit and watch TV at homt) never ever say it is difficult. 

2nd…(flashback to him asking about the ratings, everyone else is quiet, so he says 15%? everyone is still quiet. DOng-chan is all like, only 15%? We have 3 months of filming and you only want to make it 15%? You work with me to make this a 15% show?) you have to just say that it will be a super high viewership which doesn’t make any sense, but he will be happy in that moment.

Also, you don’t have to respond to his question every time he asks because he does not know the answer himself. His questions are like a sphinx question. he doesn’t know the answer but if you answer incorrectly then he will kill you.

Miran says okay and asks who recruited the professor? Hyun-ki says that Ma PD decided to recruit him with that nonsense footage that he put on their homepage. Variety show PDs should recruit all those crazy people.

Hyunki asks if she knows him? She is about to explain it but Hyunki gets a call about the stock market and has to step out.


Cut to Dong-chan meeting with the camera man from the secret project. He is a well off man now and gives Dong-chan a super big hug. 

They sit and chat so he tells him that he wondered what happened to him, but the Director told him to keep it a secret. they chat for a moment then Dong-chan asks him if he still has the footage from back then.

At work, Miran starts to feel faint.


Ha-young mentions the news about Miran and how it became huge news. She hid her idnetity because he life was in danger. Then Ha-young shows the car exploding from the researcher. Ha-young mentions that they kept this secret and did not even ask the police to investigate it. But now we will reveal the voice of our witness.

The voice is revealed on the news.

Ha-young says that the informer does not have contact information, but if you know this voice then call us.

Dong-chan listens to the news and then calls Ko Miran. She is not answering so he wonders why he cannot contact her.

In the company, Ha-young heads home and runs into Dong-chan in the elevator. it is a bit awkward. he thanks her for the news broadcast. She asks if this is a greeting? if I stopped you from doing the experiment 20 years ago, what do you think would happen now?

He says it does not matter. He asks what matters now? So we only talk about news and nothing else? The one thing I regret in my life is that I did not stop you from doing that experiment.

He tells her to not look back and to find a happy life from now on. Then he steps out of the elevator and heads off.

While walking, he calls Miran again. She is sleeping in the broadcast rest area. Her heart rate is very high.

Dong-chan searches for her everywhere in the broadcast area and wonders where she could be. He picks up the note book that they often communicate on. On it she wrote that she thinks she has a little cold so she will take a break.

He hurries off.


Dong-chan opens the door to the break room and sees her sleeping in one of the bunk beds. He walks to her side and looks at her. He thinks about checking her forehead but stops himself. She slowly opens her eyes to see him sitting there.

He checks her forehead then and asks if she took her injection? She says yes she did it. He tells her that they can get cold like other people and can die like other people but you should not get sick. I told you not to get sick. You really don’t listen. 

She tells him that he is too close to her, he should be 50 cm away. 

DC – I…have nowhere else to be anymore….lets just go this way together. We should not pretend like we don’t know anymore.

MR – PD…then can I like you?

DC – if I say no then you wont?

MR – *shakes head*

DC – You always say things first, what should I do.

MR – What you do is just like me also. That is it.

He lightly touches her cheek. His heart rate and temperature starts to climb. So he pulls his hand back and they look at each other for a long moment.


Meanwhile, the doctor walks up the street and feels like someone is following him so he takes off running.

The person following him catches him and pulls him away. He drops his bag.


She tells her son all the history between his father and Ko Miran. He wants to divorce her because of Ko Miran.


Dong-chan takes Miran’s seatbelt off of her while they are in the car. He tells her not to look at him like that. He is a healthier man than she thinks.

She leans toward him and he backs away and tells him that she is pretty so don’t smile at me like that. He hops out quickly.

She gets out also so they smile at each other. He tells her that he will take her to the location in the morning so remember to bring your shot again. Goodbye.

He drives off and she smiles thinking that he said she was pretty.

But as he drives off, the bad guys drive up. One of them gives the doctor a burner phone and they leave him there with a blind fold on.


The doctor starts to think about what happened when he had his blindfold on. He was tied up and blindfolded in a warehouse. The fake director tells him that the frozen program should fail, otherwise you will die. The two frozen people Ko Miran and Dong-chan will die as well.


Dong-chan picks up Miran for their trip. They head off happily.

While driving, Miran gets a call from a communications professor. She hangs up and tells Dong-chan that she submitted a report. the professor told her that it was a good report.

DC mentions that the professors are good to give her a phone call just for her report. Miran says it isn’t just that, the professor will publish an essay and wants to include hers. Her essay is about love.

He says that she does not know love, she has never kissed anyone. Miran says that is she did kiss him. But he says that was not a kiss to him.

They get to the location happily and look around the hotel where this event is taking place. It looks like she goes to her hotel room, but this hotel room is huge. Dong-chan tells her that he will meet her later to go location hunting.

They kind of linger at the door as they both talk to each other about when to take showers and hen he tells her not to look at her like that. He walks off.


The doctor looks at the frozen director when the young doctor comes in. He tells the young doctor not to come back there, you are fired starting today. I will control the lab now.


Ha-young gets a phone call from an information who tells her that he knows who the voice is. She says to tell her.


Miran meets with Dong-chan after changing. He asks her if she is going on a picnic? Then playfully says that her hat has eaten her face. Lets go.

They go to the location spots and take a lot of photos as they steal glances at each other and smile.


Dong-chan gets a call as they are at the lake, it is Ha-young. She tells Dong-chan that three people reported that they know the owner of the voice and they are all the same person, the wife of the chairman.

Dong-chan says that he will be right there. He calls Dr. Jo can tells him that he found something. D. Jo tells him that he think Dr. Hwang regained his memory.

They hang up and DC tells MR that he has to go to Seoul. She asks what happened. He says that a lot of things happened. But she can stay at the hotel and rest until he comes back. Never open the door to anyone.

She says that she will continue looking at locations alone. But he says that she should never ever look around alone.

He drives back to Seoul and speaks to Ha-young. he tells her that the one thing he did not tell her is that Dr. Hwang is still alive. 

He also thinks about Dr. Jo telling him that Dr. Hwang is a little strange and does not want him to come to the lab.

In the Lab, Dr. Hwang unplugs all the frozen people. But the backup power turns on so they are saved. he goes to the main emergency cutoff, but thinks twice about cutting it off.

As he is about to pull the switch, Dong-chan tells him to stop. He asks what he is doing. Dr. Hwang says that he needs to remove all these capsules. It is a big failure. You also cannot have a normal life. It is all a failure, it is all done.

Dong-chan starts to stamper and cry and tells him to please save us. Her and me, please just let us live as normal people. We just want to love and sleep like normal people. Please.

Meanwhile, Miran paces in her huge hotel room as she looks at her phone. her doorbell rings. She asks who it is and then opens it. It is Dong-chan looking miserable.

DC – I told you not to open the door for anyone.

MR – What happened?

He walks in and starts to kiss her and then stops as both their bodies get too hot.

So they go to the shower and start to kiss passionately while under the shower and fully dressed. 

They keep kissing passionately.

Fade Out


Okay, that is a pretty passionate kiss, but I think that is a bit too much for Miran? She has only kissed one time in her life and it was just a peck for a second. Now she is going to town in the shower? Um…I’m not that comfortable with that. Though she looked like she didn’t mind at all.


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