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Melo to Death Poster for Come and Hug Me

Come and Hug Me poster with all three leads
The Come and Hug Me broken picture frame poster is complete and it is about as melo as you can get. Y’all, this show looks so beautifully depressing, which is good because I might tune out the storyline and just enjoy the cinematography. That is, if the cinematography holds up to the photos.

I was trying to explain the storyline for Come and Hug Me to someone who only watches romantic comedies and they looked horrified in a hilarious way. It might be my delivery, but I think it is more the premise of a serial killer father having anything to do with the romantic storyline for anyone. I am also left questioning who the phrase “I will protect you, definitely,” on the poster applies to. Is it the father wanting to protect the son from the pain of loving a woman he definitely should not love, or is it the son trying to protect the woman he loves from his serial killer father?

Honestly, I can’t even believe I am writing “serial killer father” when I describe this. The writer who plays the serial killer didn’t even want to do the show at first because the character is so bad. But I guess it would be a flip if the father is actually a really good citizen and wonderful daddy to his kids, but has this other life of being the worst serial killer that Korea has ever seen.

I mean, is he really a super evil serial killer, though? Argh, I just can’t get past it!

Come and Hug Me premiers May 16th at 22:00 on MBC. We’re adding it to our Wednesday/Thursday recapping spot tentatively because I’m not sure if I can handle the serial killer creep factorness. I’m going to try though!

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